This is the twentieth episode of Season 2.

Won't Go Home Without You
Won't go home without you
Season 2, Episode 20
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Air date December 9, 2013
Written by Derek Roiter
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If I Lose Myself Long Way to Happy


Scott is faced with a difficult decision when he has to risk his personal happiness or being a good person while Ethan returns to school again looking for personal redemption. Has he had too many chances? And Olivia is happy to show off her new boyfriend, but are her friends lying when they say they approve of him?

Main PlotEdit

Scott is ecstatic to be on the verge of his first real relationship with Dex, but when an obstacle obstructs his chances, will he fight for what he wants or be a good friend? 

Sub PlotEdit

Ethan is back after healing from his injuries obtained at the shooting and some are less than enthused. He wants to show everyone that he's a new person, but when he's provoked, will he throw it all away? 

Third PlotEdit

Olivia is happy to be dating Troy and he seems to be all she talks about. What will she do when she learns her friends don't like him?

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Olivia: Isn't that cool?

Danielle: No?


Scott: She ruined everything!

Eliza: It's not my fault!


Ethan: I need just one more chance!

Mr. Hanson: I don't know...


Troy: I don't think they like me.

Olivia: Then we'll just have to make them...


Dex: You're perfect...

(Scott picks up a pill)


Chloe: You're too nice!

Scott: I don't know about that...

(Scott takes the pill)




  • Scott: "Like you actually had a chance with him…you don’t have a chance with anybody…"
  • Moon: "The truth. It’s the easiest thing…"
  • Olivia: "He was nervous about what you would think of him, so I told him you guys would love him. Guess I was wrong."
  • Angel: "Who wants pretzels? I want a pretzel!"
  • Scott: "Eliza and Dex are dating…and it’s because I let them."
  • Eliza: "I know you like Dex and all…but he doesn’t like you…he likes me. He asked me out and…well I didn’t want to say yes without asking you first. Best friend rule!"