The fifteenth episode of Season 1 of Clearwater. 

Want U Back
Want u back
Season 1, Episode 15
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Air date April 28, 2013
Written by Derek Roiter
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What You Waiting For? The Change


Jeremy tries his best to make things work with Jamie, but he finds it harder than he thought. Meanwhile, Danielle tries to find a solution to end Devon's newly found attraction towards her and Brittany is surprised when Levi asks her out, but wonders how her religion will affect their relationship.

Main PlotEdit

Jeremy wants him and Jamie to work out, but finds temptation in an old attraction and might make a mistake he can't take back.

Sub PlotEdit

Danielle is Devon's new crush and she wants to get the point across lightly that she's not interested, but will lightly work?

Third PlotEdit

Brittany is asked out by her crush, but is upset when she realizes her new religion might get in the way of that.

  • This episode is named after the song "Want U Back" by Cher Lloyd.
  • This episode marks the end of the Jeremy-Jamie relationship.
  • This episode marks the start of the Brittany-Levi relationship.

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Supporting Cast



Danielle: Am I just that popular?

Jeremy: Life is good.


Brittany: This is so messed up…

(Jamie looks shocked)


Ethan: What a psycho!

(Danielle closes a door and looks scared)


Julia: You came back…

(Brittany starts praying with Levi)


Jamie: You’re just a douche bag!

(Jeremy takes a hand and closes the bedroom door)




  • Jamie: "You fucked my best friend?!"
  • Scott: "I’m fangirling hard right now."
  • Alicia: (referring to Brittany) "Devil worshipper, hello?"
  • Scott: "you know how some Christians are. They have to bring god into EVERYTHING."
  • Jamie: "I hope you’re okay with a PG 13 relationship."
  • Alicia: "Run away…far, far away. Don’t look back, girl."
  • Isaac: "You’re seriously breaking up with a girl because she won’t have sex with you?"
  • Jeremy: "Malady, I would be honored to be your knight."
  • Trey: "Alright, let’s bring the testosterone down here."
  • Jeremy: "I’m tired of being sad, Julia."
  • Julia: "I can’t believe I slept with you…"
  • Danielle: "I don’t like you Devon, so please stop trying so hard. I’m never going to date you."
  • Jeremy: "From now on, just sex, no commitment."