This is Gospel (1)
Season 5, Episode 18
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Air date May 1, 2016
Written by Derek Roiter
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Roses This is Gospel (2)

The eighteenth episode of Season 5.

Summary Edit

Angel has been secretly hanging out with Felicity despite her mother's wishes and when they see Candace and Tripp together at a party, Angel is brought back into a manic episode. Will she cause further destruction in this state? Meanwhile, Keith has secretly been working at a clothes store to pay for Hank's car and is shocked when Scott is also hired there. And Jamie finds herself circling the drain yet again when she re-connects with a surprising person.

Main Plot Edit

Angel has been struggling with her emotions again recently, so Felicity decides they should have a fun night partying to clear her mind, but when she sees her crush, Tripp there with another girl, will she go on another emotional meltdown?

Sub Plot Edit

Keith has been secretly working at a clothes store to pay for Hank's car that he crashed in the previous year and is not happy when Scott starts working there as well. Blaming him for his misfortunes yet again, will he try and sabotage Scott for the upteenth time?

Third Plot Edit

Jamie is all alone in Clearwater with the departure of all her friends and surprisingly starts talking to Eliza again, but the two only bring out the worst in each other. What mistakes are they bound to make together?

  • This episode is named after the song "This is Gospel" by Panic! At the Disco.
  • Jeremy's bar is under investigation as of this episode.
  • It is revealed that Keith has been secretly working at Pac Sun to pay for the damage he did when he purposely crashed into Hank's car back in Glitter in the Air.

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Supporting Cast



Felicity: This is going to be a party to remember…


Angel: That party was a huge mistake!

Felicity: What you did is on you, you can’t blame me!

(Angel is seen defacing a car)


Keith: Of course Scott would get a job at the same store as me! He’s obsessed with me!

Scott: Stay out of my way!

(Keith is seen stuffing clothes in someone’s bag)


Jamie: Maybe she deserves a second chance.


(Jamie and Eliza are seen in a cop car)


(Jamie and Eliza are seen running away)

(Scott and Keith are seen facing off)

(Angel is seen splashing coffee on Candace)




  • Mrs. Stellar: “This is a very weird period of your life, Jamie. You have one foot in your childhood and one foot in adulthood. There tend to be growing pains that come with it.”
  • Brendan: “People are going to flip when they see this…”
  • Keith: “It’s not something I’m proud of, having to pay for something myself.”
  • Jamie: “She did a lot of awful shit, are you really just going to write it all off because she has a mental disorder?”
  • Wyatt: “I may or may not have spit in that coffee.”
  • Mrs. Rossen: “What’s wrong, Keith? You’re looking at your cereal like it just stole your boyfriend.”
  • Keith: “Of course Scott would get a job at the same store as me! He’s obsessed with me!”
  • Eliza: “It’s not your fault my brain is so messed up.”
  • Candace: “You’re disgusting and deserve every nasty word people say to you.”
  • Scott: “No matter what you do, you can never bring me down because I have the greatest boyfriend on earth and amazing friends that mean the world for me. That’s all I need and you couldn’t ever take those away from me. So you can take my job and my home and my family…but you will never shatter me. Never.”