The first episode of Season 3 of Clearwater which premiered on June 16, 2014.

Summertime Sadness
Season 3, Episode 1
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Air date June 16, 2014
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As summer comes to an end and the upcoming school year is less than a week away, we see how everything has changed since school let out. Alicia's friends reach out to her after not hearing from her all summer and discover that she's changed immensely since the start of the summer. As they try to figure out what happened to make her this way, Alicia is forced to relive her rape from the day after prom and starts to look at it in a very new light. Meanwhile, we catch up with Dex who is now the center of a very tight group of friends which includes his girlfriend Eliza, Scott, Angel, Brad, and Jamie. When he gets bad news from home, he tries to be the strong guy that everyone sees him as, but how long can he fake it for? And Ethan finds a new recruitment for his lacrosse team when a guy named Micah moves next door, but he'll have to compete with a girl named Candace for his attention.

Main PlotEdit

What Alicia has been trying to avoid all summer is brought back upon her when her friends won't let her new attitude go and keep prying to figure out what happened. Is she ready to tell people what happened? Or will facing the reality of it send her spiralling down a bad path?

Sub PlotEdit

Dex likes that people can depend on him and he has a stable group of friends, but when his brother gives him bad news, how long can he hide it from his friends to stay the strong guy? And how long before all those built-up emotions explode?

Third PlotEdit

Ethan has practiced all summer for his lacrosse team, but wonders if there will be enough people involved. When a sporty guy moves in next door, Ethan jumps at the chance to befriend him and make him interested in his team, but when new girl Candace also fights for his attention, will Micah choose the girl or the team?

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  • Dex: "My brother is being sent off to the military…and it scary because I don’t know if he’ll come back…"
  • Candace: "One of the biggest misconceptions is that girls won’t like guys who have a soft side. We eat that shit up."
  • Danielle: "Baby…did you…get…raped?"
  • Alicia: "If I say it out loud…then that makes it real."
  • Scott: "Sure, you’re our rock, but even the hardest rocks chip sometimes."