Shout Out to My Ex
Season 7, Episode 3
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Air date July 6, 2017
Written by Derek Roiter
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The third episode of Season 7.

Summary Edit

Caylee has been having a very successful summer with her restaurant becoming massively popular, but she gets thrown for a whirlwind when Jeremy and Liam return to Clearwater. Meanwhile, Peyton moves out of the group home and back into Danielle's, causing tension between the girls, but also showing Danielle just how messed up Peyton still is from what happened with Lily. And Mary-Beth decides to go back to college when her new boyfriend insults her education, but realizes just how hard it is for an older woman in society.

Main Plot Edit

Caylee has been focusing on her successful restaurant, while also fighting off Jamie's advances to rekindle their friendship. But they might just have to when their exes, Jeremy and Liam, return to town together.

Sub Plot Edit

Peyton finally is able to leave the group home, but her friends start to see that she's still not okay after accidentally killing Lily. With her obsession on who Lily Aldridge really was, her friends realize that she needs some serious help.

Third Plot Edit

Mary-Beth has been seeing a new man who happens to be a doctor and makes her feel small about her average job and education. Wanting to prove to herself that she can do it, she decides to head back to college, but realizes it's not as easy as it seems for a woman her age.

  • This episode is named after the song "Shout Out to My Ex" by Little Mix.
  • This is the first time a parent has ever had a plot.
  • This is Liam's first appearance as a recurring character.
  • Hunt and Julia are revealed to still be in a relationship.
  • Caylee's restaurant, Amy's, has opened.

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Julia: It’s return of the exes…


(Jeremy and Liam are seen walking into Caylee’s restaurant)

Caylee: What are you guys doing here?

Liam: I’m done with training and back for good.

Jeremy: Caylee, Liam cannot find out what happened between us.

Jamie: Caylee, you need me. You know you do.

(Caylee looks stressed in the center of her restaurant)


Danielle: It’s official…Peyton is my adopted sister.

Angel: You don’t seem as thrilled as I thought you would be.

Peyton: I’m not okay, Danielle. I don’t know how much longer I can pretend to be.

Danielle: She’s really messed up…I have to help her.

(Peyton is seen looking horrified)


Mary-Beth: I thought going back to school was going to be good for me…

Kat: It is good!

Mary-Beth: It just has made me feel more insecure than I already did.

(Mary-Beth is seen at college being gawked at by students)




  • Maddie: “That’s just the way the system works. We’re not people, just bodies taking up space. But there are too many bodies and too little room, so the bodies they can ditch, they jump at the chance to.”
  • Peyton: “Last time I checked, you never killed someone, so I really don’t want to see any of this judgmental bullshit from you, okay?”
  • Liam: “In high school, everything seems so much more inflated, like every little thing is the biggest deal. But getting into the real world, you realize that petty shit never even mattered.”
  • Mary-Beth: “No one takes an older woman seriously. Everyone just expects her to be in the kitchen or staying at home with the kids. But an older man? He’s a noble, hard-working guy. No one cares how big your beer gut gets or how far back your hairline recedes.”
  • Peyton: “If I never fought that uphill battle when I came here, I wouldn’t have any of the things that mean the world to me now.”