Sadie Carroll
FULL NAME Sadie Carroll
NICKNAME(S) Director (by Isaac)

Saddie (by Scott)

D.O.B. 1994
RELATIONSHIPS Tim Sharpe (ex-boyfriend)
Josh Yeldman (former attraction)
Jeremy Litten (former attraction)
Scott Taylor (former attraction)
JOB Unknown Internship
SCHOOL(S) Clearwater High School

Hidlen High School Clearwater Community College

FIRST Anything Could Happen (101)
LAST Dark Horse (2) (315)
REASON Left town after overdosing.
PORTRAYER Saiorse Ronan

Sadie Carroll is a graduate of Clearwater High School and was a Freshman at Clearwater Community College. She is very needy and draws constant attention to herself with her many crazed antics and fits of anger. She is interested in directing and started a YouTube club that she lead for a while before a very dramatic departure from the group. It was revealed in the first season that she has anger issues and she has many bursts of aggression and anger when she is tested. She is constantly obsessed with finding a boyfriend and goes to great lengths to find one, eventually starting a relationship with Tim Sharpe which is ruined after Scott gets annoyed when she constantly rubs it in everyone's face and sabotages it. She is very whiny, devious, and manipulative which leads many people to dislike her, but can also be very kind and caring at times. After she gets addicted to anxiety meds during her time directing the school play and overdosing, she decides to leave Clearwater for good and get herself together. 

She's best friends with Lauren Nessner and Isaac Mantis and good friends with Sophie Clark, Tori Hamilton, Caylee Daniels, and Trey Nitt. She is now very close with her formal rival, Jamie Stellar and has recently befriended Jeremy Litten again following an extensive and intense hatred following a break in their friendship. She was enemies with former friend Scott Taylor after he sabotages her relationship, but patched things up before she left. She was portrayed by Saiorse Ronan. 

Character HistoryEdit

Season 1 Edit


Sadie talking to Isaac and Jeremy about their senior year.

In Anything Could Happen, she is standing at Jeremy's locker as the first day of their senior year begins. They start reflecting on their years at the school and Sadie mentions that she wants to leave her mark before she leaves. Jeremy tells her to put a paint handprint on the wall, but she has something more serious on her mind. Isaac comes and they start to brainstorm ideas when an announcement for drama club comes on the PA. Jeremy says they should start a club which Sadie thinks is promising. Then, Jeremy remembers the video they made for a project the prior year that Sadie remembered had 1000 views. They decide that they should make a comedy YouTube group and make their own videos. Sadie changes her mind however and wants to make hour-long productions, which the other guys do not like the idea of. She and Jeremy start arguing over which idea is better and when they can't come to an agreement, Sadie says that they should make separate clubs and walks off. Sadie later realizes she decided everything too quickly and apologizes to Jeremy and Isaac for her bossiness. They forgive her and she gets on board with the original short comedy videos idea. She has Jeremy at her house that day and are coming up with ideas for videos when Jeremy gets the idea to call the group FilmFridayz. Sadie tries to get off topic and asks Jeremy to watch a movie in her room, hinting that it's going to turn into a date. Jeremy quickly leaves once he gets uncomfortable and Sadie is upset he left and rejected her.

Sadie talking to Mr. Hanson with Jeremy.

In Let's Get it Started, she is printing out flyers for FilmFridayz and hands them to Jeremy and Tim to give out. She is working on it more with Jeremy in the library when Mr. Hanson comes over and tells them that they need an advisor to watch over the kids which is school board policy. Sadie and Jeremy don't know who to ask and are worried they might not find anyone, both rushing off to talk to people. Without any luck, Sadie decides on asking Mr. Stein, who they convince to do it. Sadie gets together a skit that Sophie and Alicia are going to perform to draw more attention to the club, but it backfires when the students start throwing things at the girls. Sadie pulls them into the bathroom and away from the crowd and is extremely embarrassed, not wanting her club to be the laughing stalk of the school. Isaac checks up with her on the time of the first meeting, but she tells him that she isn't going to go and be made fun of again by people all over the world. Isaac convinces her not to care what others think and she changes her mind, deciding to go again. As they walk into the first meeting, they are surprised to see 20 people there, more than they guessed. Sadie is then proud to have created something at the school and leave her mark.

In Fuckin' Perfect, Sadie asks Trey if she wants to be the lead of the next FilmFridayz video and Trey says no because she doesn't want more attention on herself. Sadie asks her if anything is wrong and Trey starts asking her about how her hair and boobs look. Sadie is confused as to why Trey wants to look like a guy and hints that she thinks it's weird. She then tells Trey that she should see a therapist to figure out what all of her new feelings mean and Trey gets upset that Sadie basically calls her crazy. Sadie tries to take it back, but Trey leaves in a rush.


Sadie talking to Lauren.

In Keep Holding On, she is in the computer lab with Lauren and talking about the new FilmFridayz members, but that she wants more people to join. Lauren tries to tell her it's easier to work with a smaller group of people, but Sadie insists that she wants more attention towards the group and is going to come up with a plan to get it. She decides on making the next video scandelous to create a lot of buzz about the group and tells this to Jeremy. Jeremy tells her that's not the image he wants for the group, so to settle their disagreement, Sadie plans on making two separate videos and having everyone in the group vote on which one is better to post for the week. She is working on the script when Alicia walks by and starts to read it. She is shocked to find Sadie writing both death and sex scenes for the video and thinks that it's crossing a line. Sadie tries to stand up for it and says it'll be more authentic material, but Alicia says no one will do it and decides to work on Jeremy's video instead, making Sadie even more discouraged. At the meeting and after both Sadie and Jeremy have filmed their videos, they take a vote and only one person votes to use Sadie's video. Jeremy says that they will put his on the page and they all head out. Sadie is upset and refuses to post Jeremy's instead of her's, so to sabotage his footage, she smashes his camera after not being able to get in with the password.

In This Is How I Disappear (2), she interrupts Jeremy and Jamie's flirting to ask him for help with a video.

In You Da One, she is looking at Homecoming dresses in the computer lab with Lauren and is discouraged that she's never had a date to Homecoming, refusing to go this year if she has to go alone. Lauren encourages her that she'll find someone, but Sadie tells her that she's tried to find someone many times, but they choose other girls over her and that maybe love isn't for her. She then notices Tim walk by and decides to try to go after him. She sees him while with Isaac and before she can think if she wants to ask him to Homecoming, Isaac pushes her into him. Tim is visibly uncomfortable talking to her and quickly rejects her when she asks him, telling her that he doesn't go to Homecoming at all, but refuses to explain why. Sadie tells Isaac this, but is confident that she can convince him to go with her anyway.

In Dancing On My Own (1), she is with Julia, Sophie, and Lauren at Homecoming without a date, failing to convince Tim.

In Dancing On My Own (2), Danielle drags Sadie to her locker when she thinks she has missed her period. After realizing she's three weeks late, Sadie starts freaking out that Danielle is pregnant, but after seeing Danielle is scared, Sadie starts to tell her it could be something else. She later hugs and comforts Danielle after they witness the fight between Brad and Ethan.

In Eyes Open, she tells Ken that she heard Jeremy and Jamie's romance is over and she wants to make her move on him now, trying again since he last rejected her. Ken is skeptical, but Sadie is sure that if anyone could like the dorky tech girl, it would be the dorky tech guy. She rejects Devon's wishes to be the lead in the new FilmFridayz video and gives it to Jeremy and Isaac. Sadie approaches Jeremy and asks if they could be in a scene together. He agrees, but while she is explaining the scene, Jamie interrupts and asks if she could be in a scene with Jeremy instead and he chooses Jamie over Sadie. Sadie is upset that he still isn't over Jamie, but thinks she can help him get over Jamie and more interested in herself. After hearing rumors about Julia being a slut, Sadie goes to her to seek advice about her situation. Julia tells her that she needs to show Jeremy she's interested in him and that they have a lot in common so that he becomes interested back. At lunch the next day, she sees Jeremy eating with Jamie and wants to talk to him, but doesn't want to interrupt his conversation. Her friends convince her to go over and do it anyway since Jamie interrupted her the day before, so Sadie decides to show Jamie that she can play dirty as well. She interrupts Jamie's sentence and invites herself to sit down, upsetting Jamie, but Jeremy tells Sadie she can't sit with them anyway. Sadie becomes upset over this and argues that she should be allowed to sit there. Jamie calls her rude which gets Sadie even more upset and she asks to talk to Jeremy alone. He goes to avoid more conflict and they go to an empty classroom. She tells him that he and Jamie were very rude to her and she wants an apology, but when Jeremy tells her she doesn't deserve one, she loses it and starts throwing things. Jeremy calls her insane, so she screams for him to leave and rips a poster off the wall in anger.
Eyes Open

Sadie upset with Jeremy.

The next day, she tries to talk to Isaac who she asked to talk to Jeremy for her, but he refuses to tell her anything he said. It is then revealed that Sadie has anger problems and Isaac won't tell Jeremy's secrets to Sadie just like he wouldn't tell Jeremy about her problem. Sadie reveals that she is completely done with Jeremy and doesn't want to talk to him ever again, even to patch things up. To push his buttons even more, Sadie challenges Jeremy's answer about feminism in class and tells the whole class that Jeremy asks for sex from every girl in school. Everyone, even Isaac, is annoyed by her and when she is sent to the office, she flicks off Jeremy on the way out. When her friends start to tell her how stupid she's being, she is upset that she's seen as the bad guy yet again and runs off. While sitting outside the office, Trey walks up to Sadie and tells her that everyone is mad at her now. She tells him that she tries to turn everyone against Jeremy as revenge for rejecting her, but it didn't work. She then reveals that she is going to take charge of FilmFridayz since it was her original idea and that she's ready to start a war.

In What You Waiting For?, Sadie offers to tutor Tim in physics after he fails his test. She uses this as a chance to get with him again following her rejection by Jeremy and while she is tutoring him, she asks him if he ever pictured them together since she has and thinks they could be good together. Tim is very uncomfortable by this being brought up and tells her he doesn't want a relationship. Sadie is upset by this and goes to the bathroom, crying, which makes Tim feel bad. She later arrives at Scott's house along with Tim and Sophie to film a video for Scott's project. After Tim and Sopie drive off to pick up Jamie and Moon, Scott talks to Sadie about why she asked out Tim again and she says it's because she thought she had a chance. They are interrupted by Scott's friends who he starts fighting with and Sadie is very uncomfortable. Scott gets a call from Tim saying he and Sophie crashed his car and Sadie starts freaking out, running to the accident along with Scott. At the accident, she is there for both Scott who dumps his girlfriend after realizing he's gay and Tim who decides he's going to quit FilmFridayz, much to Sadie's disappointment.


Sadie in the first season.

In The Change, she approaches some members of FilmFridayz and they tell her an idea they have for a video. She dismisses the idea and tells them hers, which she says it better. She then tells them that the group needs to get stricter since people goof off a lot now. This leads many group members to start to hate her for being so bossy. When no one listens to her at the meeting, she screams at everyone very obnoxiously and tells them they have work to do and to stop goofing off. Liam speaks up and tells her to only yell at the people causing the problem instead of everyone and Sadie tells him that she's leader and can do whatever she wants. This leads to him along with a few others to leave. Jeremy is watching and tells her that she's losing her troops. Sadie is upset that she's failing at showing Jeremy she can be leader. When Jeremy calls her out in front of everyone and calls her a horrible leader, she is shocked and tells him she's doing the best she can. They continue to fight in front of everyone until Jeremy has had enough and leaves, saying he's quitting also.

In Give Me All Your Luvin', she listens to Sophie when she talks about her horrible home life and offers advice. She is skeptical when Jamie tells her that Sophie was lying about everything. She is filming a video for FilmFridayz when Olivia and Scott get into a fight, so she also comforts Olivia afterwards.

In Two Kinds of Happiness, she bumps into Jamie and notices that something is wrong with her. She tells Jamie that she is a good person who deserves the best which surprises Jamie since they have fought so much in the past. Jamie seeks out Sadie's advice again when everyone is calling her crazy and Sadie tells her that she isn't. She then reveals to Jamie that Tim is into her and that is the reason why she stopped pursing him.

In Force A Smile (1), she walks into the nurse's office and only sees Caylee in there, so she asks when the nurse will be back. Caylee asks her if it's weird she gained 10 pounds in a week without doing anything differently and Sadie tells her that it is and that she should just eat healthier and exercise more.

Season 2Edit

In I Knew You Were Trouble, she is walking with Tim and they see Scott crying by his locker and ask him what's wrong. After hearing he had his heart broken, Sadie tells him that it happens to everyone and looks at Tim, who broke her heart.

Sweet Nothing

Sadie watching the group go on without her.

In Sweet Nothing, Sadie is extremely excited as she runs in the hallway, knocking a guy over and barely apologizing. She catches up to a few of her friends and tells them that she got an internship at a big budget movie being filmed downtown. They are excited for her, but Jamie asks her if she can do that and FilmFridayz and Sadie is confident that she can do both, despite how busy she will be. She walks into FilmFridayz with Scott and both are surprised to see many new people, which makes her nervous that they won't behave. She tries to control them, but no one listens. Mr. Stein leaves and expects her to keep things under control, but she starts to get frantic as she doesn't know what to do. She starts going around and rudely telling people to shut up, which does not go well with everyone. After the meeting, she informs Scott that she is done with the group and that she will be disbanding it. When Scott gets upset because he doesn't understand why it has to end just because she's leaving, she tells him that the group is nothing without her and that she will be deleting the channel and all the footage. She then says it's everyone else's fault for acting brats and laughs as she walks away. At lunch the next day, Scott and Danielle approach her and her friends and tell her that they won't let her disband the group. She is embarrassed that it's being brought up in front of her friends, who also disapprove, so she gets upset and tells them all she's doing it anyway before spilling her food on the ground and stomping off. Sophie walks up to her later on and Sadie rolls her eyes, telling her she doesn't want to hear another word about FilmFridayz. Sophie threatens her to not delete anything and Sadie says that it's her group and she can do what she wants, insulting Isaac's leadership when he was right behind her. She feels bad after realizing he was right there and gets upset when both Isaac and Sophie leave, angry with her. She throws a tantrum since no one is happy she got her internship. Mr. Stein pulls her aside and tells her he will have her suspended for sabotaging a school function if she deletes any of the footage. At a dead end, Sadie is upset she didn't get her way and storms off. At the next meeting with Jamie as the new leader, Sadie is watching from outside and is jealous that they are having fun with Jamie when they had no fun with her. Jeremy comes by and reminds her that she was an awful leader, so she tells him that she didn't need the club now that she has the internship, but her expression says differently.

In Knock 'Em Out, Scott wants to use Sadie in his plan to finally get his first kiss and asks her if she would ever do an LGBT video with him as the lead gay guy. Sadie jumps right on board and wants there to be a makeout scene, which Scott finds perfect. She then tells him that she'll find someone who would kiss him and get back to him. She tells Scott later on that Brad would kiss him if it was for the sake of the video and Scott is excited, but doesn't want to kiss his friend Danielle's boyfriend. Sadie informs him that she's okay with it, although the video is never created since Scott realizes he doesn't want his first kiss to be scripted.


Sadie watching Lauren talk to Scott about her.

In A Year Without Rain, Sadie is at the mall with Caylee and Lauren who keep talking about their boyfriends. Sadie starts to feel very jealous and alone and tells them to stop, bringing up when she will find the right guy, which annoys her friends. She is later FaceTiming Scott and bring up how they're both single. Scott tells her to enjoy it and have fun, but Sadie can't enjoy it because she just wants to know someone is out there who loves her. She then says it's hard for her to find someone since she isn't attractive, but she will find a guy soon no matter what. She is FaceTiming Sophie later and doesn't understand how her life could be bad when she has a boyfriend. She then reveals to her that she wants to date Scott, which Sophie doesn't understand since he's gay. Sadie says that she's going to change him so that he likes girls and Sophie tries to explain that she can't change his sexuality, but Sadie doesn't understand and is hellbent on making him her boyfriend. She tries to show him his interest in girls by FaceTiming him and changing outfits while on camera. He tells her to stop, but instead she starts moving her boobs around in her dress which gets him even more disgusted. He gets angry and tells her not to change on camera the next time they FaceTime and hangs up on her. Realizing her plan backfired, she starts to cry. Her next plan involves Lauren giving him cookies since she is his neighbor and asking what he thinks about Sadie. Instead of doing that, Lauren just tells Scott Sadie's whole agenda. She comes back and tells her that her plan didn't work because he doesn't like girls. Sadie finally gets it and starts crying since she lost yet another chance with a guy. He FaceTimes her later that night and apologizes that he can't love her, but she understands and tells him that she's just lonely. She then decides to move on by ripping up a picture she drew of a broken heart.
Sadie s2

Sadie in Season 2.

In Panic Station (1), she is walking with Sophie in the hall and sticks up for her when Olivia makes a rude remark towards her. She tells Sophie not to listen to Olivia and that she won't leave her side. She then gives her advice on how to make everyone forgive her and says that she has to apologize and actually mean it, and that's all she can do. She tells her that she's going to community college across town after graduation and will always be right there when Sophie needs her.

In Long Way to Happy, she is excited for her looming graduation and says they shouldn't blow up the science lab and ruin their chances at leaving when Trey jokes about doing it. When she meets Tori, the new girl who shows an interest in Trey, she isn't as judgmental about her quirkiness as Tim is and worries for how Tori will see Trey after she realizes he's transgender. When she learns that Trey rejected Tori when she asked him out because he's nervous about what she'll think about him being in a girl's body, Sadie tells him that he should take a chance and see what she thinks.

In Your Love is My Drug, she helps Sophie out with her plan to get back Dex by distracting Moon and taking her to her locker.

In Waiting For the End, she walks into The Hub and sees Tim filling out an application. When she learns he wants to work there and not go to college, she tells him it's a bad idea and that he needs to go to college. She tries flirting with him again by putting her hand on his, but he rejects her yet again and tells her he isn't going to take her advice. She doesn't give up and pulls him aside on his first shift to show him the college applications she picked up for him. He sees this as a ploy to get him to date her and tells her they'll never be together since she's crazy. She slaps him across the face and walks off in anger. When she sees he finally decided to apply for college, she tells him that she's happy he took her advice, but he says he did this on his own will and not because of anything she said. She feels awkward afterwards and leaves.


Sadie getting rejected by Tim again.

In Hurricane, she is annoyed when all of her friends are talking about their Prom dates since she doesn't have one and asks them to talk about something else. Jeremy starts to act very rude to her and says he isn't surprised she can't find someone while the others encourage her to stop complaining about it and go out and find someone, which she plans to do. She formulates a plan to get Tim to be her date by getting Trey and Tori to bring up to him that she's going alone, but he says that he's not even going. When Sadie pushes for him to go with her, he refuses and walks off. Tori tells her not to let him get to her, but Sadie is still upset. During her lunch, she noticies a guy staring at her and asks him if he needs anything. When he starts to flirt with her and calls her cute, she flirts back and invites him to sit next to her. He introduces himself as Josh and comments that he can't believe he hasn't seen her around school since she is so beautiful and asks her to lunch the next day and Sadie agrees, becoming very excited when Jamie comes up and recognizes the guy from somewhere. Sadie suggests that she ask Josh to Prom, but Jamie says that she barely knows him and not to get ahead of herself and doesn't understand why she needs a Prom date so badly. Sadie explains that she thinks people look down on her because she's not in a relationship and tells Jamie she wouldn't understand before walking off.

Sadie getting locked in Josh's car.

She tells Jamie later on that Josh texted her and asked to meet her in the parking lot, but Jamie is nervous for her to meet a stranger alone. Sadie doesn't care and goes to meet him anyway while Jamie finds out that she knew Josh because he was the aggressive cult member who dated Eliza. She then runs off to warn Sadie to stay away from him, but Sadie already got into his car. He unbuckles his pants and wants her to give him a blowjob, but Sadie tells him no and that just because she flirted with him, it doesn't mean she wants to do anything sexual. She tries to leave, but he locks all the doors. Sadie starts to panic, not knowing what he might do to her, but is saved when Jamie finds them and Sadie tells her that he locked her in. Knowing he's in trouble, Josh unlocks the doors and pushes Sadie out of the car before driving away. Sadie thanks Jamie for saving her from possibly getting raped and goes back into the school with her, still shaken. She is later in the computer lab working on a project with Isaac and being bossy about how it's turning out so Jeremy steps in and aggravates her. When she tells Jeremy that she got backstabbed by a guy and he says he can't blame him, Sadie loses it after the stress she was under and throws her chair, saying she hates all guys. She then leaves Isaac to finish the project and storms out of the lab. Sadie ends up asking Sophie to Prom since she refuses to go alone and says it can be a stance against gay prejudice. Sophie agrees and Sadie is happy to see Sophie happy again. She then expresses how excited she is to leaves high school and end that chapter of her life.

In This Too Shall Pass, she is changing after gym with Lauren and Trey and comforts Trey when he is frustrated to still have to change in the girl's locker room. She then tells him that his girlfriend Tori would never leave him just because he has girl body parts. She is later talking with Sophie about why she wants to befriend Eliza, her ex's new girlfriend. Sadie says that Eliza has good reason not to trust Sophie considering all she's done because it could happen again since Sophie is still the same girl. She then is concerned when she sees Sophie's nose bleeding and asks if she's okay.

In How You Love Me Now, Jamie pulls Sadie along with Caylee out of class and tells them they are in her wedding party that they are having that day. Sadie is shocked at first to learn Jamie is getting married in a day and worries about what Jeremy thinks of her going since she and Jeremy are on bad terms. She then goes shopping all over the city for the things they need along with Jamie and Caylee and remembers that they didn't get a veil right before they were about to go to the church.

In Carry On, she is at the party for Jeremy and learns that she is going to Hollywood with him and a bunch of their friends, much to his disgust, but Jamie is happy for Sadie to come along.


Sadie realizing she needs to forgive Jeremy.

In Play With Fire, she walks into English with Tori on their last week and she is really happy about getting out early for being a senior. When she hears about the final English project and sees her partner is Jeremy, who she's had a heated rivalry with for a long time, she is very upset. She tries to trade with Ken so she could work with Isaac, but he refuses. She awkwardly sits next to Jeremy and says they should get started, rolling her eyes when Tori makes a comment about how well it'll go between them. She tells Lauren the next day that the project is not going well since they aren't talking or exchanging ideas. He hands her a chart and she is frustrated because neither knows what the other is doing with it. Lauren says she should ask Mr. Stein to change partners, but she wants to try something first. She talks to Jamie about Jeremy and Jamie tells her that Jeremy said Sadie put a bunch of restrictions on the project. When she learns this was a lie, Jamie calls him over and asks him why he's being a dick to Sadie. He says she's crazy, but Sadie says that she's changed since then. When he says that she hasn't, she says that she regrets ever being friends with him and that she hopes Jamie sees the real him and dumps him before running off.

With no other route to go, she asks Mr. Stein if she could work on the project alone because she isn't working well with Jeremy. Mr. Stein tells her he put her with Jeremy because they used to be friends and wanted to give them one last chance to patch things up. He explains that she needs to put in 100% effort to forgive and be friends with him again before he lets her work along because life is too short to hate your old friends. Sadie realizes he's right and goes off to make things right with Jeremy. She talks to Jeremy and starts reminding him of the good times they had and says she wants them to be on good terms with him for their last week of school. He agrees to work with her and rekindle their friendship, both learning that the other didn't even start to project, so they get started together.

Never grow up 1

Sadie arriving at Prom.

In Here's to Never Growing Up (1), Sadie is at the mall with Jamie and Lauren wearing her Prom dress and twirling in it, feeling like a princess. When Jamie tells her not to show so much cleavage because she's going with a lesbian, Sadie says she doesn't care if Jamie doesn't like Sophie and corrects her that Sophie is bisexual, not gay. She tells them that nothing can ruin her night because she's ready to end high school and move on. She is getting ready right before Prom with Sophie in her room and dancing, finding it awesome that Sophie dressed as a guy for the dance so they could be the stereotypical lesbian couple. She calls Tim to make sure the limo is coming and tells Sophie he's reliable, but calls anyway.

In the limo on the way to Prom, she tells Jeremy and Jamie that there's no sex in the limo when they start to kiss and laughs with everyone else, having a good time. She gets apprehensive for the first time about taking a bisexual girl to Prom when Sophie sits on her lap and Tim makes a joke about Sadie being gay as well. Sadie doesn't want people thinking this and quickly says she's not and pushes Sophie off of her lap. When she walks into Prom, she looks around and says that it looks amazing. She is dancing with Sophie when Sophie brings up that Sadie didn't wear her rainbow pin, but wore a corsage instead. Sadie tells her that she forgot the pin and asks her to go get them some punch. Lauren walks over to see how her night is going and Sadie tells her that she doesn't want people actually thinking she's gay, even though she invited Sophie to show people it's okay to be gay. She admits that she regrets that decision and that she still cares what people think about her, even though she's never going to see them again. Sadie starts drinking a lot of punch out of nervousness, despite knowing that Tim put alcohol in it. When Sophie points this out, Sadie says that she doens't care, starting to feel the effects of the alcohol. She denies being drunk when Sophie asks her, even though she really is. Sophie starts to catch on and tells Sadie that she senses Sadie is embarrassed to be there with her, so to show her she's wrong, Sadie gets on a table and yells that she's there with a lesbian to show it's okay to be gay. She then kisses Sophie in front of everyone which causes a stir in her classmates who are shocked. Sophie is very upset that Sadie told everyone about her sexuality and leaves, but Sadie is so drunk that she doesn't understand and starts laughing on the table.

In Here's to Never Growing Up (2), Sadie is getting ready for graduation that day and is wearing her robes. She calls Sophie and leaves her a message apologizing for what she did the night before and saying she doesn't want Sophie mad at her on her graduation day. She then tells her to go before hanging up and realizes she really messed up. Before the ceremony begins, Sadie is fixing Lauren's hair and Isaac walks up to them, asking if they've seen Tim who has disappeared. Sadie says she hasn't and worried about him, saying they will tell Isaac if they hear anything. At the ceremony, she gets her diploma and smiles. Following the ceremony, she is upset that Sophie never showed up. It brings up everything wrong that happened to her that year and she starts to get depressed, telling her friends that nothing went the way she wanted it to. She is later sitting with Isaac and Lauren before they are about to leave and Sophie shows up with Abby, making Sadie very excited. She jumps up and hugs her tightly, starting to apologize again, but Sophie stops her and tells her that she's forgiven her. Before everyone leaves, she's standing with the group going to Hollywood and says that she expects for them to start a lot of drama.

In Clearwater Goes Hollywood, she is one of the 8 people to go on the trip. At the Spotlight Stars premiere party at Jeremy and Jamie's apartment, she calls Jamie and Jeremy in right before Jeremy comes on screen. She is then later on the phone with Lauren the day before they leave while they both pack. The day of the trip, they are getting ready and Lauren is upset about not getting into her dream college due to lack of money. Sadie informs her that it's easy to get a job in Hollywood and suggests she try to get some money there. 

When they get to Hollywood, Sadie is very excited and wants to go celebrity hunting with Tori and Caylee. They are walking the streets when Sadie notices Lauren walking off and follows her, asking where she's going. When Lauren says she wants to get a $2000 makeover so she can be in a movie, Sadie is skeptical of the idea, but doesn't stop her. She is later having a huge pillow fight in the hotel room which annoys Lauren. She goes with many of the others to Jeremy's rehearsal and goes off with Caylee to talk to Jamie after she had a fight with Jeremy. Danielle enlists her for help when she sees her dad in an art gallery and wants to learn more about his life since he left her. Sadie feels awkward going in and asking questions about him, but does it anyway after Danielle pushes her. Sadie doesn't know what to say, but when she hears a baby crying from inside, she asks Danielle's father if he has a son and he says that he does, but doesn't want to give her anymore information after he says he's married and leaves. Sadie feels bad telling Danielle the truth, but tells her about his life. She is seen in the audience of the Spotlight Stars episode taping. At the hotel after Jamie leaves Hollywood, Sadie informs Danielle on what she missed and why Jeremy and Jamie fought and goes to her room, saying it's too much drama going on. In town, she finds a magazine with Jeremy on front saying he's hooking up with one of his co-stars, so she shows him in panic. She seems discouraged when she hears they're leaving 2 days early after Jeremy wants to go back to Clearwater to save his relationship with Jamie and doesn't want Lauren staying there alone, but lets her go along with it. She tearfully says goodbye to Lauren, who is staying in Hollywood, and heads back to Clearwater with everyone else, helping Jeremy try to get Jamie back.

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Sadie upset with Isaac.

In How to Be A Heartbreaker, Sadie returns to Clearwater and walks into the Hub, commenting that she finally feels at home. She hugs Scott and Tori and tells them that she has a new boyfriend. She informs them that they got together a week after she got back from Hollywood and then reveals it's Tim who she kisses. She is hanging out at the mall with Tim, Tori, and Isaac and comments that she's happy they are having a mini-reunion. She then tells Tim she wants to take pictures of them kissing by the fountain to officially come out as a couple. They start to take the pictures which annoys the others and then Tori and Tim both leave. Isaac points out that she's getting annoying with how she's rubbing her relationship in everyone's face and Sadie gest upset, saying she finally gets what she's wanted and everyone bashes her for it. Isaac tries to tell her it's not like that, but she finds Tim and leaves, upset. She is hanging out with Scott and Tim in Tim's apartment and thanks Scott for letting her date Tim since he likes him. Scott denies liking him, even though he did at one point, and gets annoyed when Sadie brings up all that stuff again. She then makes out with Tim again right in front of Scott and says how happy she is. When Tim leaves to take Scott home, she jokes about Scott taking her boyfriend from her and says goodbye, not knowing Scott was sabotaging her relationship by making up lies about Sadie being obsessed with Tim to have him dump her.

At the Hub the next day, she drags Tori into the bathroom and tells her that Tim dumped her last night, not knowing why or what she did. Tori tries to hug her, but Sadie pushes away and says how much she hates people. Tori tells her just because she's single doesn't mean she has to be depressed, but Sadie says that she does and apologizes for rubbing him in everyones face, she just wanted people to know it was possible for her to have a boyfriend. Later on that day, she is feeling better and hanging out with Caylee and Scott and tells them that she needs to move on and focus on her directing.


Sadie in the third season.

In Stubborn Love, she goes to the Hub to meet up with Eric, who called her there. He tells her he has a job for her and she is confused at first. He asks her to direct the school play and at first, she rejects the offer, saying she's over the high school stuff. But after Eric tells her how good it will look to other people and give her some directing credits, she decides to go along with it. Eric then asks to be the lead and basically tells her she can only direct it if she makes him lead. Not minding it since they both win in the end, Sadie agrees and applauds his manipulation skills. The first day of auditions, she introduces herself and tells everyone that Eric is the lead and he auditioned for her earlier, but no one believes it and thinks something is up. After auditions, Eric asks her how they were and she says they were awful, but that she's excited to do the play and is making a lot of changes to the script, which Eric finds annoying and starts to doubt his plan to make Sadie director.

In Clarity, she is in the auditorium getting ready for the play when Sophie comes in looking for advice about liking two people at the same time. Sadie is confused since the last time she talked to Sophie, she was into girls and she is now hung up over a guy. Sadie tells her to choose the one who gives her the fuzzy feelings inside or to pick neither since things could get messy. She then tells her how much better she's been doing since last year and knows she'll do the right thing. She then gets back to the play when Matt almost breaks a stage light. During Candace's final audition, the curtain rises and everyone sees her about to have sex with her boyfriend. Sadie finds this passion inspirational and casts Candace as the lead, to everyone's surprise.

In Dark Horse (1), Sadie is freaking out about the play which is a couple days away and enlists Sophie and Scott as backup set directors after Matt broke his leg. After making sure they're back on speaking terms, she sends them off to work after blowing off steam to them about how stressed she is. The next morning, she is still up writing changes to the script and realizes she got no sleep when her alarm goes off. She calls Eric, her assistant director, and tells him about the revisions she made to the script. Eric tells her she can't re-write a classic play and that it's too late anyway. He tells her to stop acting crazy and she insists it's just stress, but gets upset when he tells her she can't change the play, saying she's the director and can do what she wants. She goes to the Hub to get a coffee and informs Tori that she failed her last physics quiz when Tori compliments her multi-tasking skills. Tim walks in and Sadie automatically tries to leave, but Tim does instead. Sadie then starts to freak out about how he has the nerve to come back to town after dumping her and Tori starts to get annoyed. Sadie leaves ina rage and kicks the trash can. Jarrod sees and tells her that he can help, but Sadie is hesitant since she knows he's trouble. When he offers her anxiety meds and tells her they will calm her down, she decides to try it and buys some. She then takes a pill before heading off to play practice. She is painting a prop with Scott and Caylee when she tells them that Tim is back in town. When Caylee is shocked she's not freaking out, Sadie tells her it's because of the anxiety pills she's taking. When they tell her she shouldn't take them since they'r enot prescribed, she tells them she'll stop taking them after the play and needs them when she talks to Tim. Scott gets nervous when she says that she's going to find out why Tim dumped her and tries to convince her not to, not wanting to get caught for ruining her relationship. Sadie isn't sure what she's going to do and goes back to painting. Sadie gets to practice late and Eric yells at her, realizing she's high when she starts stumbling. Scott tells her that she shouldn't take so many pills and when Eric learns she's on meds, he sends her home. Sadie tells him he can't kick her out of her own play, but he says she's going to leave or he'll call Mr. Hanson. She then leaves in a rage and takes more pills.


Sadie learning what Scott did to her.

She goes to the Hub and meets Tim, asking why he dumped her. He tells her that she deserves a reason and tells her what Scott said to him about Sadie treating their relationship like a game. Sadie denies this and then goes off to find Scott and confront him about it. Tim asks her not to, but she tells him it's too late and leaves. She finds him and calls him a dick, calling him out on ruining her relationship. She tells him that she and him are done as friends and people are going to find out what an asshole he is. She then pours a smoothie on his head and leaves as Tori kicks her out. Jarrod sees her and asks if she's high, and she tells him the pills work great and buys more, saying she's a frequent buyer as she takes more.

In Dark Horse (2), she walks into her class late and sits next to Isaac, saying she was out for a morning jog. The professor tells them to be quiet and Isaac tries to, but Sadie keeps talking about the play and taking another pill, explaining to him why she's taking them. The professor then kicks them out of the lecture for not paying attention and Isaac gets upset, saying something is wrong with her when she wants to go do something fun with him. He leaves and she takes another pill. She is putting up signs for the play with Eric and Keith and wonders how many people will see it as she runs outside to put signs there. She comes back, talking about re-casting someone and Eric tells her to stop, saying if she takes another pill before the show, he will tell Hanson and get her fired. She then looks at her bottle and realize that she's been taking a lot, saying she won't take any more that day. Mr. Hanson comes up to her and starts asking her about the play, which she promises will be great. Scott then comes up to her and wants to talk and explain himself, but she refuses to hear him out at all, saying he's pathetic for trying to take her guy, who he didn't get anyway. She then tells him she never wants to see him again and calls Tim, wanting to talk. She meets him at the Hub and asks him if he would take her back, now that he knows everything Scott said was a lie. He hesitates to answer and then tells her he doesn't feel the same way anymore and doesn't want a relationship, Sadie leaves and gets a call from Eric who is freaking out about her being late for opening night. She starts to leave and takes a handful of pills as she freaks out about not getting a break from anyone and crying.


Sadie getting rejected by Tim.

She gets to the auditorium later and is moving very slowly, saying she has a headache. When Eric asks her if she's high, she told him that she only took 7 pills and almost falls to the floor. Abby says something is wrong with her and stops Eric from yelling at her, but she screams that nothing is wrong with her and goes to the bathroom, saying how she fucks everything up as she pukes and collapses. Abby finds her unconscious and vomiting all over herself, having an overdose. They call an ambulance and she is seen being taken out on a stretcher, so Eric has to give up his lead role and give it to Keith so he can direct along side Abby. After the play, Eric visits Sadie in the hospital. She is recovering after they pumped her stomach and she asks how the play was, so he tells her it went well. She then acknowledges that she's hit rock bottom and tells him that she didn't call her parents because she doesn't want them to know she OD'ed. Eric admits he feels bad for getting her into this by asking her to do the play, but she tells him it's okay, but she wouldn't have said yes if she knew this would have happened. Then then tells him not to be surprised if this is the last time he sees her because she needs to get away and do some thinking. She tells him to apologize to everyone for her for almost ruining the play and to Scott for going on off him, now realizing why he did what he did. She then says goodbye to Clearwater and vows to get her shit together as she starts to sleep and smiles.


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Sadie and Tim at their senior prom.

Tim Sharpe

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  • She is tied for the most plots in Season 3.
  • She attended and started the first meeting of FilmFridayz.
  • She is the first character to have anger issues, the second is Eliza.
  • Most of her screentime was in Season 1 due to the heavy involvement of FilmFridayz in the plots. Since the group stopped being focused on and she quit, she has not been seen nearly as often.
  • Despite being a regular character in the second season, she appeared in less than half of the episodes. She had a very small role until the final block of episodes.
  • She attended the trip to Hollywood.
  • She changes her hair a lot, both the color and length.
  • She is the second character to overdose. The first was Sophie Clark.
  • She is the only regular character on the show at any time not to appear in Season 4.
  • It is possible her character might return in future seasons, but not confirmed.


  • "Hey there, stranger." (First Line)
  • "Time to get in control of my own fate…" (Final Line)
  • "This is the perfect mark..."
  • "I’ve never had a long-lasting boyfriend. No one would want the dorky tech girl…"
  • "I really am trying to help it but sometimes…I just freak out and I can’t hold any of it in, no matter how hard I try."
  • (to Jamie)"You aren’t crazy, the crazy one is the girl with anger issues who’s running a club she doesn’t even like anymore and keeps going after a guy who likes you."
  • "We’ve all had crushes break our hearts…" 
  • "You keep saying you’ve changed…but that girl who hurt so many people…she’s still a part of you. She’ll come out again eventually…"
  • "I can be psycho at times, but I try to always have good intentions."
  • "No sex in the limo!"
  • "Attention everyone! I am here with a girl because it’s okay to be gay! Not me, but her."
  • "This whole year was supposed to be great. But I didn’t find a boyfriend, I lost my friends, I quit my group, and I just broke one of my best friends’ hearts."
  • "I wanted everyone to know that it was possible for Sadie Carroll to have a boyfriend.

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