Olivia Jerl
FULL NAME Olivia Jerl
NICKNAME(S) Liv (by everyone)
Judge Judy (by Eliza)
Livvy (by Natalie)
D.O.B. 1998
HAIR COLOR Brown (dyed various colors)
FAMILY Karen Jerl (mother)
Neil Jerl (father)
Natalie Jerl (sister)
RELATIONSHIPS Troy Steele (ex-boyfriend)
Keith Rossen (kissed)
Scott Taylor (former attraction)
JOB Student
SCHOOL(S) Clearwater High School


FIRST Anything Could Happen (101)
LAST Fucked Up World (2) (624)
REASON Faked a suicide and left town.
PORTRAYER Elizabeth Gillies

Olivia Jerl is a Senior (Grade 12) who previously attended Clearwater High School and one of the original thirteen regular characters. She is spunky, speaks whatever is on her mind, isn't afraid to upset people, and is even known to be somewhat conniving at times. She also has a side of her that is motherly, caring, and extremely protective of her friends. Sometimes, she takes her protectiveness too far to the point where she becomes overbearing or over-the-top. Her main storyline since her introduction has been about the abuse she gets from her mother and her frequent attempts to escape, which are all squashed by her extremely vindictive mother. Over the seasons, this takes a toll on her mental health and strains many of her friendships leaving her on the outs of her friend group. In the sixth season, she fakes a suicide and leaves town to finally escape this abuse.  

She used to be best friends with Scott Taylor and Eliza Bell, but they have drifted apart over the years. She is good friends with Ethan WebberBrittany Brith, Alicia Borden, and Jamie and Moon Stellar. She has a long-time heated conflict with Sophie Clark which was never fully settled and has physically fought her on two occasions. She was previously in a long-term relationship with Troy Steele and faked a pregnancy to try and get him to stay with her, which failed. She is portrayed by Elizabeth Gillies. 

Character HistoryEdit

Season 1Edit

In Anything Could Happen, Scott calls her and asks if they can hang out. She seems very excited and asks him to meet her at her locker the next day.

In Love Drunk, Olivia and Ethan both get detention when they are joking in class and when Ethan throws a notebook at their teacher's back, she is shocked at first but then finds it hilarious. She takes his seat at lunch which forces him to sit next to Danielle. Olivia tells him to date Danielle and when she asks him out, Olivia tries to tell her he has detention, but Ethan interrupts her. The next day, she tells Ethan that Mr. Tucker was mad that he skipped detention and warned him that Mr. Hanson was looking for him moments before he showed up.


Olivia, annoyed with Sophie.

In Fuckin' Perfect, she's tutoring Ethan when Sophie asks them to hang out. Olivia says she can't go and she can't text either and leaves. She calls Sophie that night and tells her that her and her dad are going to pick her up to go to the beach and won't answer her when Sophie asks why she can't do stuff at her mom's. Sophie asks her to hang out the next day and Olivia says she can't and gets annoyed when Sophie keeps asking her why. Danielle asks Olivia why she was mean to Olivia and Olivia tells her it's because her mom is abusive. Danielle asks her if she's okay and Olivia tells her she's fine.

Olivia talking to Eliza about her mother.

In Keep Holding On, Scott asks to hang out but she can't because she's at her mom's. She wants to hang out with him that weekend, but he's busy so she's sad. When she gets home she finds a note her mom left telling her to watch the kids. Her mom calls and yells at her for not taking out the trash. In the bathroom the next day, she hears Leah talking bad about her mom and explodes on her and tells her that she doesn't know what a bad mom is. Danielle asks her what happened and Olivia tells her she just wishes for a mom that cared. That night she asks her mom to sign a test she fails and her mom refuses. They start a fight which ends with Olivia's mom throwing a pan at her head. Olivia starts crying and cuts herself. She tells Eliza that she can't live with her anymore and Eliza tells her to get footage of the abuse, but her siblings would go up for adoption as a result. Regardless, Olivia sets up a camera and gets footage of her mom screaming at her and slapping her across the face. Before she can send the video to Child Services, she hears her sister cry and realizes she can't be without them. She tells Scott and Eliza that she can live with her mom as long as she doesn't touch her siblings.

In This Is How I Disappear (1), she invites Scott to join Pride with her after he realizes he might have feelings for guys. At the meeting, she is shocked when Scott comes out as bi and at lunch the next day, she accidentally tells everyone at their table. She also feels bad for him when his parents won't let him go, but is happy when he decides to go anyway.

In This Is How I Disappear (2), she tells Scott to talk to Mr. Pendar after his parents catch him going to the club and won't allow to go. After Mr. Pendar tells him to obey his parents, she surprisingly tells him to do the same thing.

In Dancing On My Own (1), she asks Scott to homecoming but he rejects her because he is going with his girlfriend. She makes him promise to save 3 dances for her and he happily agrees. Moon sees that she's devastated and she reveals her 3 year long crush on him. She tells Moon that she wouldn't tell him because she doesn't want to ruin their friendship. She finds Harley and tells her a bunch of lies about Scott trying to get her to break up with him. She tells Trey about her problem and then Scott runs up and hugs her, but she pulls him off because he doesn't really mean it and walks off. At the dance, she tries to find Scott so she can apologize and tells Eliza that she blames Harley for everything. Later on, she fake cries tells Brittany that Harley was mean to her in another attempt to get Scott.

Olivia spreading lies at Homecoming.

In Dancing On My Own (2), she is telling more people lies about Harley being a bitch to her. After Scott hears, he asks Olivia about it and she starts to lie to him but is interrupted by Eliza, Moon, and Tim. Eliza tells Scott that Olivia was lying and Moon accidentally lets it slip that Olivia loves him. Olivia runs off crying. Moon finds her and apologizes, and Olivia tells her that she can't live without Scott and Moon tells her to talk to him. She apologizes to him for lying and he forgives her and hugs her. She leaves the dance feeling better.

In Eyes Open, Eliza runs into her and she asks what's wrong so Eliza tells her about the guy begging her for nude pictures. Olivia tells him not to send him any, period. When Eliza gets a picture of his penis, Olivia asks to see it. Eliza quickly tells her no.

In What You Waiting For?, she is sitting with Jeremy and Isaac and supports Jamie's idea to wait before she and Jeremy start dating. Scott calls her and a few of his others friends together and tells them he's gay. When Gina starts saying how wrong it is, Olivia bitches at her and Gina leaves. This leaves Olivia angry that Scott now is embarrassed to be gay.


Olivia in Season 1

In The Change, she is at the FilmFridayz meeting and is acting crazy like everyone else until Moon pulls her away to help her talk Eliza out of going to visit her brother. Olivia stands by Moon's side and then goes back to the meeting to find everything in chaos. Unlike everyone else, she enjoys watching it unfold.

In Give Me All Your Luvin', she talks to Scott about his artwork and he tells her that he wants to break the rules and do something rebellious. This worries Olivia as she thinks he might do something really stupid. She tries to talk to Eliza about getting him to stop, but Eliza tells her he has to learn on his own. Olivia becomes upset and tells her she will help him on her own. The next day she hears from Abby that Scott smokes with her and yells at him, threatening him to stop. He rejects her and bumps into her rudely as he leaves, shocking her. He talks to her later that day acting like smoking isn't a big deal and she decides to treat it as a game as well and yells that Scott's on drugs to the whole hallway. Scott cusses her out and leaves, making her even more upset. While she and Scott are filming a scene for FilmFridayz on the stairs, she threatens to push him off if he doesn't quit. Scott agrees, but is furious and runs off. Scared by the fact that she went too far, Olivia wants to find him, but Eliza convinces her to let him simmer down. When Olivia asks what Scott told Eliza, she lies and tells her that he still wants to be friends even though he said the opposite. Olivia is overjoyed.

In Two Kinds of Happiness, Moon wants to hang out with Olivia, but she is too busy studying for midterms and tells her to meet new people. The next day she is confused when Devon asks to hang out with Moon and she rejects him.


Olivia and Kat watching FilmFridayz.

In Force A Smile (1), she tells Kat that her mom won't let her be in clubs anymore and when she turns 18, she's going to move to San Diego. Scott asks her where she was at FilmFridayz the next day and she tells him. He offers her to live with him, but she tells him she won't leave her siblings alone with her abusive mother. She gets home that night, but lost her key which makes her mother furious. She pushes her into the door and tells her to leave. Olivia leaves and starts crying, cutting herself. Eliza sees her cuts the next day and asks her how much more she can take. Olivia says not much and leaves. Eliza then makes a plan behind her back to tell the guidance counselor about everything. When the guidance counselor calls Olivia down, she lies and says nothing is wrong. After the leaves the office, she has a breakdown in front of Danielle and Alicia once she realizes her mom will know that her friends know about her being abusive and is scared of what she might do. That night, she plans to leave home.


Olivia, scared at the train station.

In Force A Smile (2), Olivia is at the train station to go to San Diego, but doesn't have enough money for all the trains she would have to ride. She realizes she needs to find a way to get more money. She tries to sell her necklace, but a man steals it. Her friends show up to pick her up and at first, she is reluctant to leave. Eventually, they convince her to come back home and she does so grudgingly. The next morning, her mom tells her not to do it again because it will tarnish her reputation, not even asking why she did it. Olivia realizes that nothing will change and becomes discouraged.

Season 2Edit

Midnight city2

Olivia relaxing at the party.

In Midnight City, Moon invites her to go to the mall with Eliza, but Olivia is stuck on house arrest after she ran away. She complains that he mother is only acting nice to her because the police are around and she feels sufoocated. She's home alone the next night babysitting her siblings and Eliza calls her and invites her to Tim's party, but Olivia has to reject. She accidentally knocks over her sister from her high chair and she starts screaming. The police come in and think Olivia was purposely trying to harm her sister and call her mom. Eliza and Moon come to her rescue by sneaking into her window and taking her away to the party, which Olivia is excited for. She is about to leave when she sees Liam's breakdown and is concerned for him. On the way back, she and Eliza see tons of police cars at her house and she is nervous. She and Eliza run into her father who tells her that her mom called the cops when Olivia was missing and apologizes for the extreme protection she always has. He tells her things will change once she's at his house and they go to deal with her mother.

In I Knew You Were Trouble, she's in class when Ethan comes in late and starts fighting with their teacher. She tries to get him to stop, but it has no effect on him and he flicks everyone off and leaves. She is very disappointed in him. She's still annoyed with him when he arrives at lunch and is surprised when the principal comes and takes him away. He calls her the nexy day and makes her leave school so he can tell her he's going to be away for a while on house arrest. She tells him that she's counting on him to come back and he promises her he will as they hug goodbye.

In Bring Me to Life (1), she is hanging up Pride posters with Alicia in the hall and notices that she starts acting weird when Trey talks to them. Olivia can tell she likes him and promises not to tell anyone when Alicia asks her to. At lunch, she defends Alicia when everyone keeps asking her who she likes and is surprised when she makes a move on Trey. She asks her the next day how things are going and tells her to ask her mom how she would feel about her dating a transgender since Alicia isn't sure how she feels. She supports her after her mom said she's only okay with them being friends.


Olivia in the second season.

In Knock 'Em Out, Scott comes to her for advice about losing his lip virginity in a scripted video. She asks him how he wants it to be remembered and says she wouldn't want to have her first kiss like that.

In Young Blood, she finds it weird that Jamie sleeps on the couch in her living room and kicks Sophie out of their lunch table at the end of the episode after she backstabbed Scott.

In A Year Without Rain, Brittany calls Olivia for advice since she wants to dump Levi because he is so depressing since his mother got sick. Olivia tells her not to dump him because his mother is almost dead and the whole school will think she's a total bitch if she does. Brittany doesn't care, and Olivia gives up.

In Cough Syrup, Sophie tries to talk to her in the hall, but Olivia is still mad at her and tells her to leave her alone.

In Kiss With A Fist, Brittany comes to her for advice again about Levi and Olivia says that she needs to stop pity dating him now that his mother is dead. Brittany decides to take her advice this time and hug. She feels bad for Ethan when she learns he's being held back but makes a joke about it and upsets him unintentionally.

In Panic Station (1), she calls Sophie a dirty little whore and when Sadie tries to stick for her Sophie, she calls them both losers and walks away.

In Panic Station (2), she hears Sophie talking to Ethan about how she almost killed herself and calls her pathetic for telling someone she hasn't talked to in forever. They argue again and it becomes extremely heated. Sophie urges Olivia to do something, so Olivia throws Sophie into a locker and they proceed to have a very brutal fight as Ethan tries to break it up. Mr. Hanson comes and pulls them apart, sending them both to the office. She is later mentioned by Sophie when she is in the office getting her punishment.

In 21 Guns (1), she gets dragged along by Kat to Eliza's house and is shocked to hear that her boyfriend belongs to a cult. She expects for Eliza to dump him because of it.

In 21 Guns (2), Moon tries talking to her and Keith about how she can't put up with her suicidal mom anymore and Olivia is surprised to hear she expects people to feel sorry for her over her mother. When Danielle, Caylee, and Scott come up to her and Keith and try to convince them to turn on Moon, Olivia doesn't and wants for them to avoid the drama. She helps Jamie out by unwillingly telling Moon she loves her just as much as she loves Jamie, which is a lie.

In If I Lose Myself, she cancels on Scott's party so she can go on a date with Troy and is happy when Scott lets her. She later arrives at the party late after her date is over and is happy to hear Scott might end up with Dex.


Olivia, upset her friends hate Troy.

In Won't Go Home Without You, she is making out with Troy at her lunch table since they had just gotten together which annoys everyone else who is trying to eat. They tell her to stop and she seems confused, saying she doesn't know how to act in a relationship just yet. She also brings up the fact that Troy is rich and is happy to hear him tell everyone his story. She is worried that her friends don't like Troy and asks Angel to talk to everyone about it. When Troy is worried about it as well, she comforts him by saying she'll make them like him. At lunch the next day, she is trying to get Troy and her friends to get along, but when he insults FilmFridayz, she and Angel pull him away. Their friends ditch them and when they return, Olivia is pissed that they would ditch them. She finds them in the atrium and yells at them for being so rude to Troy. She tells them that she wanted her friends by her side to help her with her first relationship, but that's not going to happen and leaves. Caylee, Moon, and Danielle apologize to her and she accepts. She walks with Moon after who asks if her mom knows and Olivia plans to keep it from her as long as she can, but if she asks, she'll tell her the truth and worries about the day she'll find out.
Long way to happy

Olivia saying goodbye to Troy at the dinner.

In Long Way to Happy, she is walking with Troy when Ethan comes up and warns them that Sophie is back. Ethan expects Olivia to do something to her, but Olivia says she doesn't want anymore ASR's. Ethan asks to study after school, but she tells him she can't since she is at her mother's. Troy asks about her mom, but she dodges the question and leaves, not wanting him to know about her yet. Later, Ethan talks to her about not telling Troy about her mom and she says she's not ready and wants to wait until she knows him better, unbeknownst to the fact that Sophie listened in and told her mother about him herself. When she gets home, her mom lets her know that she knows about Troy and Olivia starts begging for forgiveness before her mom tells her that she's happy for her and wants to have him over for dinner that night. Olivia is shocked and confused by her mother's behavior and calls Moon for advice. Moon tells her to just go along with the dinner and expect the worst and Olivia is sure her mom has some evil plan up her sleeve. She invites Troy the next day and talks to Eliza and Moon about how nervous she is, but Moon tells her to block it out of her mind and have hope, which Olivia finds hard to do. She and her father are horrified to find her mother acting nice and trying to make the house look good for Troy. They both know she's planning something and Olivia is nervous when Troy arrives. Her mother actually acts nice throughout the meal and when the awkward dinner is over, she is happy with the results. She talks to her mom afterwards and comments about how nice it was, but her mom tells her to shut up and explains that she acted nice so when Olivia tells Troy she abuses her, Troy won't believe her. She then whacks Olivia across the face when Olivia calls her a bitch and leaves. Olivia starts crying and says she knew it was too good to be true.

In Waiting For the End, Keith calls her and asks if she can come to his family's dinner party in place of Hank who he just broke up with. Olivia is hesitiant at first, but after asking if there will be food, she agrees to go. At the party, they are getting food and Olivia brings up how he's single now, saying it's better than being in a relationship since you can fool around with more than one person. Keith suddenly likes being single and she jokes that he's a man-whore, but that it's sexy. She then sticks a cookie in his mouth and he kisses her out of nowhere. He panics and quickly leaves while Olivia stands there confused. The next night, he comes to her house to apologize for ditching her after the kiss. She tells him that she has a boyfriend, and he assures her he was just emotionally unstable at the moment. She agrees to put it in the past and forget about it as long as Keith doesn't tell Troy. They pinkie promise on it.

Olivia s2

Olivia in Season 2.

In Hurricane, she is in science class and sees Sophie randomly kiss Abby. When Abby leaves to get supplies, Sophie asks if Olivia saw in which she makes a snarky remark about how fast Sophie finds new people to kiss. Sophie then questions her about if she still hates her after her fight and Olivia says that she isn't as forgiving because she knows who Sophie really is and doesn't like her very much. She then rolls her eyes when Abby returns and lightly flirts with Sophie. It is later revealed by Leah that Olivia told everyone about the kiss between Sophie and Abby.

In This Too Shall Pass, she walks by an argument between Sophie and Eliza and immediately jumps to Eliza's defense by punching Sophie in the nose. Eliza is stunned and quickly leaves along with Olivia before Sophie can retaliate.

In How You Love Me Now, she is walking to lunch with Brittany and Chloe and talking about Brittany's upcoming testimony against Devon. After Brittany starts having a panic attack, Olivia along with Chloe try to calm her down and call for help.

In Carry On, she informs Danielle that Brad and Chloe are close to becoming official and that Danielle should be happy she spent the time with Brad that she did.

In Play With Fire, Eliza tells her about the letters and appearances her ex-boyfriends have been making and how nervous they are making her. Olivia tells her to tell Dex, but when Eliza rejects the idea, she tells her that she has to tell someone. When Eliza still refuses to let anyone else know, Olivia takes matters into her own hands by asking Ethan to talk to Blake and getting him to leave Eliza alone. She tells Eliza about this after Ethan talks to Blake. She leaves along with Ethan after Dex comes by and overhears what they were talking about.

In Here's to Never Growing Up (2), she walks into The Hub along with her dad and spots Ethan, so she goes over to talk to him. After starting a conversation, she notices that he's high and starts to get very upset. After he tells her that he's been seeing Devon everywhere, she tells him that he's in jail and that if he has PTSD, he needs to be taking meds, not drugs. She then calls him a lost cause and leaves in disappointment. He calls her later that night and tells her that he needs help, but he needs someone to be there for him. Olivia tells him that she'll be that person.

Season 3Edit


Olivia in the third season.

In That's Not My Name, she and Scott are walking down the stairs and see flyers for Danielle's new band that she is having auditions for. Olivia comments how she loves Danielle, but notes how she always has to be the center of attention. They are both startled by a super loud bass drop from music playing in the other room and enter the library to see a bunch of flashing lights and huge speakers. Danielle tells them she's trying to get people's attention to audition and Olivia agrees that it's working, a little stunned by the measures she took. She leaves the library with Scott after Principal Hanson comes in and screams at Danielle.

In Girl On Fire, Olivia approaches Keith at his locker and notices his hickey, asking who it's from. Keith tells her he can't say until they are official, which he thinks is going to be soon. Olivia asks how long he's known him and he explains that they met on the first day of class since they were science partners. Olivia is surprised at how far they've gotten in 3 weeks and Keith pulls out a box of condoms from his bag, saying he expects it to go even farther that night. Olivia is apprehensive for him to have sex with someone he barely knows, but he assures her he knows him well and doesn't need permission to have sex with him before winking at her and walking away.

Olivia and Brittany see Keith the next day talking to a boy and after the boy leaves, they approach him and Olivia asks how their night prior went, asking if it was action packed. Keith admits he might have taken someone's virginity the night before and while Brittany celebrates with him, Olivia tells Keith she hopes he made it special for him and didn't just do it in a car like he did previously. Keith reminds her they don't speak of that and she apologizes and says she forgot. Keith says they're official now and gives them his name, but warns that he's not ready to be out yet, so Olivia promises to keep her lips sealed and walks off with Brittany, unaware that Keith just lied to them this entire conversation.

Olivia is later seen eating lunch with Angel and Scott and Moon approaches them, very upset and asks what's wrong with Eliza. Angel mentions how she's been bitchy ever since dating Dex, which Olivia says is odd because he's the nicest guy ever.

In Wake Me Up, she and Troy are leaving school and she mentions how their six month anniversary is coming up in three days. Troy comments that she's not going to believe the date he planned for them and she gleams with happiness due to it being a night she is at her father's, meaning she can go out. Scott walks up to them and asks Olivia if they're still on the next morning, and she says that they are and then invites Troy to join them, but he declines. He kisses her and heads off to his bus, leaving Olivia confused. Olivia and Scott watch as he talks to Brendan, which they are surprised by, not knowing they were friends. They lament how Brendan beat up Scott the previous year and is a part of a gang, which Scott mentions he hopes Troy isn't a part of. Scott leaves as Olivia continues to watch them talk and looks very worried.

As Olivia and Scott hang out the next morning, they notice Troy and Brendan hanging out again, and Scott tries to heed Olivia's concerns by saying they could have just been friends for a while without Troy mentioning it to her. Olivia's mind starts to wander and she comments how bad it would be to find out that her boyfriend is a drug dealer two days away from their anniversary. Olivia goes to spy on what they're talking about and hides behind a bush, capturing the attention of Danielle who is walking by. Danielle asks what she's doing and Olivia shushes her and yanks her down into the bush with her where she explains why she's spying on Troy. They both listen and hear Troy and Brendan shit talking Scott and how Troy doesn't want Olivia to be friends with him because he's gay. Danielle is shocked and goes to confront them. She tells Brendan off and the two then storm off, leaving Olivia with Troy. Olivia asks what his problem with Scott is and Troy explains he just doesn't want Olivia hanging out with him because he doesn't like being around those people. Olivia calls him homophobic, and he says that he isn't, he just doesn't understand why someone would want to be that way. Olivia mentions to Troy all the horrible things Scott has gone through due to his sexuality and asks why he would choose for that to happen, and Troy says it is for attention. Olivia tells him not to talk to her and storms off.


Olivia disgusted with Troy.

Later, Olivia is pulling Keith through the halls to find Troy and have him explain to Troy why being gay isn't a choice. Keith asks why she doesn't have Scott do it, and she explains it is because Keith is way more comfortable in his sexuality. Olivia asks Keith why being gay isn't a choice to Troy and Keith answers, but Troy just gets annoyed and tells her to let him have his own opinion. Olivia explains LGBT right mean a lot to her because of her multitude of gay friends, but Troy cuts her off and tells her that he doesn't have to be friends with him just because she wants him to be, using a gay slur. Olivia and Keith both leave, disgusted with Troy. Troy finds Olivia after class and tries to talk to her, but she doesn't want to hear it after he called her friend a slur. After she refuses to listen, Troy comes out to Olivia as bisexual, shocking her. He tells her he didn't want to be and didn't tell her because he didn't want to lose her. She explains she loves him more now that she knows the real him, saying the L word for the first time. He tells her that he loves her too and they kiss.

They leave the school and Troy goes to apologize to Keith as Danielle asks Olivia if she's still with her asshole boyfriend. Olivia explains he's just misunderstood and was afraid to be himself. She explains that she's so messed up, and Troy is her rock. Danielle tells her not to let him go and Olivia says she doesn't plan on it as she watches him lovingly.

In Wonderwall (1), she is at Dex's surprise party and jumps out to wish him happy birthday as he and Scott walk into his house. She later is seen being excited to start drinking along with everyone else but Eliza.

In Ray of Light, she is in science class with Ethan and Moon and is confused while combining chemicals. Class ends and Mrs. Lib reminds the class that parent-teacher conferences are that night. Moon comments how her mom is coming even though she told her not to and Ethan says his parents aren't coming. Olivia says there's no way she'd let her mother into the building, but as she is about to leave the room, Mrs. Lib stops her and asks if her mother is coming in. Olivia tells her she isn't, and Mrs. Lib explains she's going to email her and tell her to come in since Olivia is already failing the course and they can come up with a plan to get her on track. Olivia panics and tells her that her mom will be there and Ethan says in the hallway that it isn't going to go well, which Olivia agrees with, looking terrified. Olivia is walking with Troy, who wants to Skype that night since he misses her, but Olivia says she can't because her mom is coming in for conferences. Brittany and Scott join them and overhear, both shocked and scared of what will happen. She says that her father can't come in because he works Tuesday nights and knows she's going to get beat to shit for failing a class. Her friends offer to help her, but Olivia says she just has to deal with the cards dealt to her and walks off looking distressed.


Olivia in the cop car.

Olivia is later seen dragging Eliza into the bathroom and explaining that she has to end her mother's abuse once and for all before she starts doing it to her younger siblings. After saying how she can't take it any longer, she calls child services and when Eliza is scared that things could go wrong, Olivia says she'll take the risk to save her brother and sister. She then reports her mother to CPS, looking hopeful. As she leaves the school with Troy and Eliza, she is approached by a policeman who explains that an anonymous caller reported abuse in her household and she's going to have to go with them. Troy is shocked that someone would do that, and Olivia admits to him that it was her who did it and finally took control of the situation. She hugs Eliza and kisses Troy, who offer her luck and their help if needed and leaves with the policeman who explains she won't be returning home until the investigation is complete, making Olivia very happy.

Olivia is waiting in her living room as the cop comes out of the room with her mother and says they want to interview her next. After the cop goes back into the room, Olivia's mom grabs her arm and lets her know there's a recorder hidden in the room and if Olivia says anything about the abuse, she will stab her father in the head. Knowing she would do it, Olivia denies any abuse to the cop as she looks very sad and looks around the room for the recorder, but to no avail.

As the cop leaves, Olivia's father runs up the driveway and tells her that no one was supposed to know about this, and Olivia denies having any idea who called it in. The cop tells Olivia she will be staying with her father until the investigation is complete. The cop leaves and Olivia's mother exits the house and tells them they won't get away with this, showing them a paper for child custody. She explains she's going to get Olivia full-time without allowing any visits from her father. Olivia grows very upset, telling her to burn in hell and that she can't do that. Her mother tells her to shut up and says she knows it was her who called, so she should enjoy her time with her father now while she can. Her mother goes back inside and Olivia looks very scared, but her father assures her he won't let that happen and he can file for custody too. She starts to cry regardless and he holds her, looking very shaken.

She later is with her father and Troy at her father's house and they both assure her they won't let her go back to her mother and will win the custody case. Olivia doesn't seem so sure and says she just wants to be with them two forever. They hug her as she looks very depressed.

In Dark Horse (1), she is at The Hub hanging out with Scott and Angel when Sadie barges into the place and calls Scott out for ruining her relationship. She then grabs Olivia's smoothie and pours it on Scott's head before leaving. Olivia is furious and starts to get up to follow her and confront her, but Scott stops her and tells her she was right to do that because he did what she said, which calms Olivia down.

In Forget Forever (1), Olivia is at the mall with Danielle and Angel, and after Angel asks about their Thanksgiving plans, Olivia explains this will be her first Thanksgiving with just her and her father and she's excited to not have to put up with her mother for it. After Danielle complains about having to have dinner with her mother's new boyfriend and his daughter, Olivia tells her they can't be that bad, but Danielle disagrees and wants to go to someone else's dinner instead. Olivia tells her to chin up and be a good daughter and go since if he's as bad as she says he is, him and her mother won't last very long anyways.

In Do What U Want, Moon approaches Olivia and Alicia, who are talking in the hallway, and asks if it's bad if she likes a guy she barely knows. Olivia explains that she and Troy didn't know each other before they started going out and sometimes you just know when you meet a person it's meant to be. Olivia is then delighted to hear the boy she's talking about is the new foreign exchange student. Troy comes up and asks what they're talking about as he kisses Olivia and Alicia asks if he believes in love at first sight. Troy tells them he loved Olivia the minute he met her. She kisses him again and tells him Moon might have found her first boyfriend and to go for it.


Olivia having a nightmare about her mother.

In I Know You Care, Olivia is asleep in her bed and her dad comes in and shakes her awake. She awakens, startled, and says she just had the worst dream about her mother. Her dad hands her a glass of orange juice and offers to take her to therapy in order to deal with all the trauma she went through at her mother's house. Olivia denies needing it, saying she's happy to be living with him. Her father reminds her that this is temporary and after her mother gets cleared from child services, she'll go right back to her. Olivia says she understands this, and wants to spend every moment there while she can before she is taken away. As she heads for the shower, she trips over garbage all over the place and mentions that his place needs to be cleaned, but he chuckles that this is a decade worth of trash and they wouldn't even be able to make a dent. She continues to the bathroom and comments how great it is to wake up without any bruises as she happily looks at herself in the mirror.

In school, Mr. Stein stops her and hands her a letter that was delivered to the school for her from her mother. She looks at it as Chloe and Moon walk over and ask what it is. She says it pertains to her GPA and is to be given to her dad, noting that this can't be good. After class, she goes to her locker and tries to secretly open the letter, but is interrupted by Troy, who comes up and wraps his arms around her. She tries to hide the letter, but Troy sees it and reads it, revealing that it says that CPS dropped the charges against her mother due to minimal evidence and that she will be suing for full custody of Olivia. Troy reveals that the letter is from her mother's lawyer and Olivia says she's been planning this for a while, she bets. She gets very upset since she's so happy living with her father, and now her mom is going to take that away from her too. She sounds desperate as she asks how much more she is expected to take. She starts crying and Troy holds her and she vows to not let her mother win the custody case, but acknowledges that she doesn't think anyone will be able to stop her since she always wins. Troy tells her she won't win this time since Olivia has so many people on her side this time. Olivia hopes he's right, but doesn't look too convinced.

The next day, Keith approaches Olivia in class who has a videotape that she explains is her mother's lawyer's statement for court. She explains to Keith what is going on and Keith is lost as to why her mother even wants her so badly since she doesn't seem to like her. Olivia explains that her mother needs her because she does everything for her such as watching her kids and cleaning the house. Keith comes up with the idea that Olivia should let her mother know she won't be doing that stuff for her anymore if she wins the case and she should do something that would make her mother not want her anymore. Olivia ponders this idea as class starts. Olivia later is pacing the hallway alone, having memories of the awful things her mother did to her playing through her mind along with the memories of her cutting herself. She snaps and runs outside, seeing a couple of her friends around a car. She grabs the keys to the car from Angel's hands and gets in, driving off and speeding down the road towards a brick wall. She crashes into the wall and the airbag is seen deploying as her friends watch in shock.

She is seen unharmed at the police station with an irate Troy, who tells her this was not how to deal with the situation. Olivia tells him that her mother won't want back a girl who steals cars and crashes them. Troy reminds her she's going to have a criminal record and her father is going to have to pay fines for what she did, but she tells him she'll just explain it was an accident. He tells her it doesn't matter if it was an accident, since she still stole the car. Olivia apologizes, but gets very upset, explaining she was willing to do anything not to go back to her mother's house. She starts to cry and Troy holds her, telling her they'll figure it out. She tells him she'd rather be jailed living with her dad than free living with her mom. A little while later, she is sitting alone while her father and Troy are talking to the police when her mother comes up from behind her and asks if she enjoyed her joy ride. Olivia asks what she's doing there, and her mother tells her she wouldn't be a responsible mother if she didn't come check on her daughter after having a run-in with the law. Olivia tells her that she understands if she doesn't want her to come back home, but her mother sees right through her plot and tells her she won't get away that easily. Olivia asks why she wants her so badly, and her mom explains that she wants to see Olivia hurt like she is because she was fired from her job. She says she can get her job back if she wins custody and shows her boss that CPS was mistaken the whole time. Olivia tells her that she won't win, but her mom points out that her fender bender was done under her father's supervision and Olivia has never had a run-in with the law under her care. Olivia understands her mistake as her mother tells her that her plan made it easier for her to get Olivia back and tells her that she'll see her in court before leaving as Olivia cries to herself, horrified with what she did.

In Same Love, Olivia sees Eliza looking upset in the hall and asks what's wrong. When Eliza tells her that Dex is annoying, Olivia asks what he did this time, and Eliza explains that he doesn't seem excited to see her anymore like he does with other people and she had to tell him to stop talking to Scott because they were getting too close. Olivia is shocked by this and calls her a cling monster, saying that is never attractive to people. Eliza tells her she doesn't want him to leave her, and Olivia tells her he won't if Eliza stops being crazy and she can't dictate who he's friends with. Olivia tells her that guys need guy time, and Dex and Scott are like brothers so Dex is probably upset that Eliza told him to cut him off. Eliza tells her he doesn't need bro time, he needs her time and he's still not over his brother's death, so he needs her. Olivia tells her guys mourn differently and to just show him she's there for him and he'll come to her when he's ready. She tells her again not to tell him who he can be friends with and Eliza rolls her eyes as they walk off together.

Olivia motions for Eliza to join her and Alicia in class and Eliza tells them that Dex blew her off for Eric. Olivia reminds her she doesn't own him and offers for Eliza to meet her at the beach that night to hang with her while she does her community service hours from the stolen car incident. Eliza is initially hesitant, but Olivia reminds her it's better than staying home doing nothing. Eliza decides to go, but Alicia passes and Olivia tells Eliza she and Alicia are partners for the lab and to find someone else. Eliza finds Brendan and as they hit it off, Olivia watches suspiciously.

That night at the beach, Olivia is picking up trash as Eliza arrives and Olivia complains that they won't let her have electronics, so she can't listen to music and has three hours to go. Eliza jokes that this is why people don't crash other people's cars and Olivia justifies her actions by saying she thought she had to at the time. Eliza is hit in the head with a frisbee, which is revealed to be Brendan's. As they talk again, Olivia notices they want her to go, and picks up trash elsewhere. Once she notices them getting too friendly, Olivia comes over and asks Eliza to help her, causing Brendan to leave. Eliza is mad Olivia did that, but Olivia calls Eliza out for having double standards as Dex isn't allowed to talk to other girls, but Eliza is here flirting heavily with a boy. Eliza denies flirting, but Olivia tells her she wonders what else would have happened if she didn't come over since Brendan already flashed her his body. Eliza tells her she's leaving and to have fun cleaning up other people's garbage, causing Olivia to look extremely angry.


Olivia in the third season.

In Misery Business (1), Olivia is at lunch with her friends and when Keith and Scott are having a private conversation about their relationship, they are surprised when they see everyone was listening, and Olivia tells them it's what they do. As Keith plans to meet Scott's parents, he said they will fall in love with him and Olivia wishes them good luck, knowing it won't go well and gives Scott a reassuring smile as he looks nervous. She joins Scott at his locker later and asks if he's actually going to come out to his parents. Scott tells her he's not sure and is lost on what to do, so Olivia tells him Keith can't make him do it if he's not ready. Scott reminds her how ignorant they were when he tried to join pride club their freshman year, and Olivia suggests maybe they've opened their minds since then. Olivia offers to talk to Keith about it and says it's shitty of him to expect Scott to come out for him. She goes up to Keith and tells him it is a big issue for Scott to come out to his parents and he knows how homophobic they are. Keith explains he doesn't want to be someone's dirty little secret again, but Olivia asks what he would do if Scott's parents ban him from seeing Keith ever again. When Keith can't come up with an answer, she tells him he didn't think this through and doesn't care about what Scott thinks about this, as long as he gets what he wants. Keith gets mad and tells her to mind her own business for once since this is between him and Scott. He slams his locker and tells her not to test him, but Olivia isn't scared and jokes his parents might buy him a bodyguard to keep her 30 feet away. She laughs and starts to walk away, but warns him not to fuck up Scott's life, or she will fuck up his way worse.

In Misery Business (2), after learning Keith outed Scott to his parents, which resulted in Scott getting kicked out of his house, Olivia tracks down Keith at school the next morning and slams him into his locker, reminding him that she warned him not to ruin Scott's life. Keith tries to explain himself, but Olivia doesn't listen and tells him he needs to pay for what he did and won't let him off the hook for this. She tells him that she hopes one day he realizes ruining other people's lives doesn't make him feel any better about his own and leaves, still furious.

In I Write Sins Not Tragedies, Olivia looks mad and Angel walks up to her, asking what's wrong. Olivia points out Keith, who is talking and laughing with a group of people and is aggravated that Keith had no repercussions for what he did to Scott, and is just as popular. Olivia says he's going to make him pay and says she warned him she would get revenge if he did anything to Scott, and she keeps her promises. Angels warns her maybe not to fight fire with fire, but Olivia is determined. She later finds Angel before class and tells her she has the perfect plan and reveals she made a fake profile on a gay dating app and has been talking to Keith all morning on it and has him obsessed with this fake guy. Angel asks if she's going to get a nude from him and spread it across the school, but Olivia instead wants to continue to talk to him until he is in love with this fake man and then break his heart, just like he did to Scott. Angel refuses to participate, as she thinks it will make them just as bad as Keith, and Olivia gets annoyed, saying she's just sticking up for her friend, but says she will just do it on her own and leaves, annoyed.

Later, however, Angel overhears Keith lying about what happened to Kat and tells Olivia she's in on the plan after all. Olivia explains to her where she is in her plan, and Angel sounds slightly worried, but Olivia tells her it will be okay. After logging into the fake account, Angel decides to delete it and Olivia confronts her about this the next day. Angel explains this is Scott's fight to fight, not theirs. She explains that Scott is over it and doesn't want revenge, so they need to do the same. Angel then pushes for Olivia to talk to Scott about this instead of just planning revenge for him, and Olivia understands, going and talking to Scott.


Olivia looking proper before the trial.

In Almost Is Never Enough, Olivia is standing in front of her father's fireplace going over her testimony for the upcoming custody trial with Troy. Olivia grows frustrated and says it doesn't matter, since her mother will win no matter what. Troy tells her that with that attitude she will, and reminds her the evidence they have against her, which Olivia reminds him is just pay stubs. Troy is confident that if they prove her mother is never home anyways, that the court will leave her with her father. Olivia instead just wants to tell the courts she's an abusive bitch, but Troy tells her they have no evidence of that and her mother will have retorts ready to go if she brings that up. Olivia is upset since her word has to count for something, but Troy tells her it doesn't in court since they will believe a 35 year old business woman over a 16 year old any day. Olivia looks defeated and rests her head on Troy's shoulders, saying she should enjoy the time here while she can since she's about to be headed back to hell. He tells her to stay strong and they can win this and kisses her head, but she looks like she doesn't believe him.

At the courthouse the next day, she is sitting looking very fancy with Troy, Ethan, and Brittany by her side. She exclaims that she is so nervous, she can barely breathe and might pass out on the stand. Ethan tells her to calm down and that it'll be okay, but she tells him she can't calm down since this is the most important day of her life. Brittany tells her she can get through anything and asks why Scott and Eliza aren't there for her today. She tells them they're up to their own stuff nowadays, looking glum. Her dad walks over and says they're ready to start, and Olivia reflects on how after this trial, her life will either be amazing or complete shit. As everyone enters the courtroom, Olivia is pulled back by her mother who says it's good to see her. Olivia says they both know that's not true and asks what she wants. She asks Olivia what she wants for dinner later in the week since after the piece of evidence she got against her father, there's no way she'll lose the case. Olivia calls her bluff, and her mother asks if she's ever bluffed in her entire life and walks into the courtroom, leaving Olivia scared. Her father comes and asks what that was about and Olivia lets him know she has something against him and asks what it is, since she doesn't want to be shocked later. Her father has no idea what it could be and walk into the court room, with Olivia extremely nervous.

As the case begins, her lawyer sees she is very visibly shaken and pats her shoulder, telling her everything will be fine. She fills him in on what her mother said, but he says she's bluffing and he won't let her win. Olivia points out it's hard to trust a lawyer she found on craigslist, and he agrees, but then reminds her not to bring up the abuse. She tells him without it, they don't have much of a case, and he tells her to trust him and he has a plan. At the end of the first day, they are all leaving and Olivia is surprised her mother didn't bring up anything against her father and was bluffing. Her lawyer tells her not to forget there's a whole extra day and she could bring it up then. As the lawyer leaves and her friends offer their support, Olivia thinks she's waiting to play her cards until the next day. Her father tells her there's nothing for her to have against him, and Olivia doesn't quite believe him as they all go out for dinner.

The next day, everyone returns to the courtroom and Olivia's mom takes the stand, scaring Olivia. She says she has evidence that will show Neil Jerl is not fit to have custody of his daughter and plays a video of him at a party smoking weed and his friends telling him to let his wife have his daughter, which he says is a tempting offer if it lets him smoke more. Olivia has tears well in her eye as her father looks horrified. Olivia's father tells their lawyer to do something, so he asks for Olivia to take the stand, but before she can, she starts sobbing in response to the video and storms out of the courtroom. Troy follows her out and says it isn't over yet, but Olivia disagrees and says she's tired of fighting and doesn't have anything left in her. He holds her as she continues to cry over the video.

They all return to the courtroom and Olivia's friends hold her hands as the judge gives his verdict, which is custody to her mother with limited visitation from her father. Olivia immediately loses her cool and shouts about her mother's abuse, running up to the judge, but he calls the case closed and leaves as Olivia breaks down completely, her mother calling her foolish as she does so. Her father tries to comfort her, but Olivia tells him that she thought she had one parent who cared about her, but he cares more about weed. He tries to hold her, but she pushes him off and Troy and Ethan keep him away from her, telling him to get out. Her lawyer apologizes to her and she says she has two more years living in complete hell. Brittany mentions there has to be something they can do, but Olivia says she's tried everything and nobody cares about her, not the court or her parents. Troy reminds her that they all do and they all surround her in a group hug.

Troy is later dropping Olivia off at her mother's house, and she says she doesn't want to go in. Troy reminds her that in two years, the two of them can get out of here together, which she says is 730 long days. He hands her his necklace so that he can be with her and she tells him that she loves him. She kisses him and then sadly goes inside, where her mother said she assumed she was gonna kill herself. Olivia says that she unfortunately didn't and goes out with friends, leaving Olivia to watch her siblings. As her mother is leaving, she turns back around and slaps Olivia so hard, it echoes throughout the room and tells her it was for making her look like a fool in the courthouse. Olivia drops to her knees as her mother leaves and keeps repeating that she can't do it as she cries and the babies both start to cry as well.

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Olivia in the fourth season.

In Know Your Enemy, Eliza bumps into Olivia after hurriedly leaving the chem lab and in doing so, knocks Olivia's books out of her hand. Olivia is initially annoyed, and tells her to watch out, but softens up and hugs Eliza after she apologizes. Eliza asks how her break was, and Olivia informs her that she was at her mother's house every single day. She changes the subject and asks why Eliza was leaving the chem lab so quick, wondering if she was making out with her side bae. Eliza tells her she was just getting homework she missed, and Olivia asks how things are with her and Brendan and if they are still a thing. Eliza doesn't give her any details and Olivia guilts her by saying she thought they told each other everything, but sees now Eliza has a perfect boyfriend and an asshole she neglects him for. Eliza tells her she's not neglecting Dex and to calm the shade. Olivia points out she's definitely betraying Dex, which upsets Eliza, who explains she doesn't tell Olivia things anymore because she always judges her. Olivia tells her what she's doing is selfish and dumb and she should break up with Dex or end things with Brendan. Eliza tells her she loves Dex, but he's been different since his brother died and she hates having to fight for his attention with Scott. Olivia tells her to dump him, asking if she even has feelings anymore. Eliza says she does and can't live without him, and Olivia tells her it's not fair she's stringing Dex along while finding passion with Brendan. Eliza says they've only banged four times and Olivia tells her it's wrong, but that she won't tell anybody. Olivia then notices Dex and Brendan laughing and talking together and beams, finding it hilarious that Eliza's boyfriend and side piece are becoming friends. She calls it karma and laughs to herself as she leaves Eliza panicked.

In Ain't It Fun, she is walking into school with Troy, Ethan, and Candace, who brings up they should double date. Olivia explains she's not allowed out much, which Candace says is dumb. Ethan leaves with Candace, knowing Olivia doesn't want to explain her situation again. Troy mentions how unfair it is that Olivia can't do anything at her mom's, especially now since she's there every day. She tells him she's just going to lock herself in her room all summer. Troy notices a bruise on her arm and asks if her mother is hurting her again, which Olivia says was inevitable. She tells him to drop it since school is the only place she can get away from her and doesn't want to talk about her here too. Troy offers to try to help, but she tells him there's nothing he can do and to drop it, leaving very frustrated.

In class, Moon is catching Olivia up on Scott's new homelessness, which she finds very sad. Moon asks if they even talk anymore, and Olivia explains that Scott has more popular friends now, and she doesn't have time to hang out with people anymore, so they drifted apart, but she still cares for him. Their teacher comes over and gives Olivia a pass to go home early, signed by her father. She finds him in the office and he tells her he has to talk to her about something important that may get her out of her mother's house. She excitedly leaves the school with him. They go to a restaurant where Olivia hopes this is good since she knows how mad her mother will be if she finds out she left with her dad. Her dad then tells her he doesn't think her mother is actually her mother. Olivia is very confused and he explains that she knows that he and her mother had a one-night stand which ended up with her mother pregnant, which is why they married. He then explains that they lied to her, and he didn't know she was pregnant until Olivia was already born. He explains that he thinks her mother took her from one of her friends who couldn't care for her and then called him and told him it was his so he would help her raise it. He says he doesn't have proof, just a lot of suspicions he plans on trying to get evidence for. Olivia realizes it makes sense why her mother would hate her so much more than her other children, since she's not really her's and decides to look for evidence on her own.

At home later that day, she is on the phone with Troy and looking for pictures of her as a newborn, which she can't find, gaining hope that maybe her father's conspiracy is true. She tells Troy it'll be bittersweet if it's true, since it will mean her father isn't her father, and social services will take her away from them both and she could get adopted by anybody. Troy tells her at least she won't be abused and Olivia is lost on what to do, so Troy tells her to meet him and Ethan at the Hub since her mother won't be home for a little while longer. She tells him she's watching her sister, and he tells her to bring her. As she enters the Hub, Scott is angrily leaving and bumps into her and her sister. She asks him if he's okay and he angrily tells her he's perfect before storming off, confusing Olivia. Troy informs her she almost missed a fight between Scott and Keith, and she says she doesn't want to hear about it and Keith deserves to be castrated. Olivia sits down with her sister and Ethan tells her Troy filled him in and her situation is crazy. Olivia discusses how things could get way better or way worse if it turns out to be true and is scared of getting adopted and leaving Florida and all her friends. She says she's not going to social services since they didn't do anything for her last time, so she's going straight to a lawyer and plans to have her father sue her mother. Troy tells her that her father is a bit of a coward and might not do it, but she tells him that he came to her with this for a reason and is ready to fight. Her sister then starts to cry and Olivia tries to comfort her as Troy and Ethan seem unconvinced her plan will work.


Olivia confronting her mother.

She returns home and sees her mother standing there, becoming horrified as she knows she is pissed. Her mother screams at her, asking where she was and not believing she just went to get food. She asks why her photo albums are everywhere and when Olivia doesn't answer, she slaps her. Olivia tells her that she knows she's not actually her daughter, and her mother denies it being true. Olivia tells her she couldn't find any pictures of her as a newborn and her mother leaves and comes back with an older photo album, which contains these photos. Olivia is shocked and saddened and her mother calls her stupid and when Olivia gives her sass, she pushes Olivia down the stairs, hurting her badly. Her mother then tells her never to leave the house without her permission again and Olivia cries in pain, saying her last shot was just taken away.

In Glory and Gore, Olivia is talking to Eliza and Brittany when Dex comes up and calls out Eliza for cheating on him with Brendan. After Eliza starts calling out Scott for telling Dex, Olivia tries to get her to stop and gets very angry at Eliza after she tells Dex that Scott has been in love with him since they met. Olivia gets very annoyed with the amount of drama going on and holds Eliza back as she gets extremely furious. After Dex breaks up with Eliza and him and Scott storm off, Olivia tells Eliza it was very low for her to tell Dex about Scott. Eliza counters that by saying Scott told Dex about her and Brendan, asking what she was supposed to do. Olivia tells her she should have admitted to her mistakes and Scott deserves better and then leaves Eliza along with Brittany, disappointed.

In With Every Heartbeat, Olivia is in class and after their teacher starts handing back tests, Olivia says she knows she failed. After she gets it back, she sees she was right and got an F. After Sophie, Lindsay, Brad, and Wyatt all fail as well, they joke about how they all joke about how they all failed together. After Brittany gets her test back and Mr. Stein announces she was the only A in the class, Olivia calls her a teacher's pet. Brittany asks which of them studied, and Olivia and the others don't raise their hands. She is later seen at Scott's locker singing him happy birthday along with the rest of his friends.

In Elastic Heart, Olivia, Moon, and Scott all sit down with Caylee to comfort her after her relationship with her nursing teacher is revealed to the entire school. Olivia tells her that something crazier will happen.

In Bed of Lies, Eliza pulls Olivia aside in the hall and asks when everyone started to hate her. Olivia tells her it was since she became a mega bitch. Eliza asks since when she was a mega bitch and Olivia explains she cheated on her boyfriend, was awful Scott, and has treated her friends badly. Eliza admits to doing that stuff, but says she's still the same Eliza. Olivia tells her the Eliza she knows wouldn't have abused her boyfriend or cheated. She then tells Eliza people have reason to turn this against her when she can't believe she's being perceived this way. She then tells her to try and fix things. She later sees Eliza crying while with Troy and asks her if everything is okay. Eliza tells her a new problem has arose and Olivia shoos Troy away so they can talk. Eliza reveals to Olivia that she thinks she's pregnant and after Eliza lists off the symptoms she has, Olivia tells her not to freak out since she might not be. Eliza then reveals she is also late on her period, but Olivia is still confident she's not pregnant. Eliza then reveals that the father could be Dex or Brendan and Olivia says it doesn't get worse than this. Eliza and Moon then plan to take it together after school, and Olivia says she wants to be there, but can't because of her mom, which Eliza understands.


Olivia in the fourth season.

In Ain't No Rest For the Wicked (1), she reveals that she is on the dance committee to give her an excuse to get out of her mother's house and initially plans to go mini-golfing on a double date with Troy, Brad, and Alicia, but drops out due to her mother.

In Ain't No Rest For the Wicked (2), Olivia tells Danielle, Abby, and Peyton that she wishes she could come to the dance to see their performance, but knows they're going to do great. After Peyton asks why she isn't coming, Olivia says there was no way her mother would let her go and wishes them luck again before leaving.

In Glitter in the Air, she is outside after school talking with Scott, Hank, Chloe, and Jamie discussing how someone crashed into Hank's car and drove off, which Olivia finds awful. After Keith arrives and admits to it, she says this is a new low, even for him. After Scott and Keith get into an argument and Keith slaps Scott, Olivia is shocked and helps Scott, but is even more shocked when Dex comes and knocks out Keith, starting an argument between Hank and Dex. Olivia tells them all to take a breather. She then follows them all to the office when Principal Hanson comes out and tells them to come in and tell him what happened.

In All About You, Olivia is freaking out over Scott and Dex finally getting together and tells them they are the cutest thing she has ever seen. After Alicia calls them a power couple, Troy admits she's right and tells Olivia they've been dethroned, which makes her laugh and she hugs Troy, elated for her friends.

In Dream Catcher, after Eliza blames her abortion on Moon and Julia starts a protest against Moon for the abortion, Olivia approaches Moon and tells her she is so sorry this is happening to her and almost everyone is behind her decision and thinks Julia is messed up for doing what she's doing. Moon tells her it wasn't her who had the abortion and is just taking the fall, but won't tell her who it was when Olivia asks. Olivia tells her that Moon always sticks up for everyone else and it's time for her to stand up for herself.

In Ultraviolence, Olivia finds Eliza in the hallway and tells her she's on a whole new level of bitch after pinning her abortion on Moon, telling her it was leaked by Clearwater Secrets that the abortion was actually her's. Eliza tries to say it was a lie, but Olivia tells her there's texts and she's disgusting and everyone knows that now and walks off, upset by her friend's actions.

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Olivia and Troy in Season 2.

Troy Steele

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  • Olivia has had more plots than any other character.
    • She is tied for the most plots in Seasons 1 and 6.
  • Olivia lost her virginity to her boyfriend, Troy at the end of her sophomore year.
  • She was the first character to run away from home.
  • She has two younger siblings that she cares for much of the time since her mother is gone a lot.
  • She cares for her friends so much, to the point that it is sometimes unhealthy. This is probably due to the lack of love she receives, so she wants to give it to others.
  • She was the first character to be under house arrest; the second was Ethan.
  • She is the sixth character to get into a physical fight. The others are Eric Stem, Sophie Clark, Ethan Webber, Brad Craymer, and Abby Ulmer.
  • She is the first person to call Child Protective Services, the other was Wendy McGee.
    • She is the only character to call CPS on her own parent.
  • She is one of the 8 characters to appear in less than half the episodes of a season they were a regular in the whole time.


  • "I would love to, Scott!" (First Line)
  • "Yours Truly, Olivia Jerl." (Final Line)
  • "I can’t believe we terrorized all those children. I’m so proud of us."
  • (to Scott) "Congratulations, you’re gay!"
  • "A little sabotage never hurt anybody…"
  • (to Gina) "None of us give a fuck about your religious views on this because they mean shit and they’re wrong."
  • "Hey everyone, Scott’s on drugs!!"
  • (to Ethan) "We’ll still love you…but not in front of our sophomore friends."
  • "She already ruined my life, does she have to ruin my relationships too?"
  • "Sometimes when you meet a person, you just know."
  • "I’ve been so happy with my dad, but now she has to take him away too. How much more of this am I supposed to take!"
  • (to Keith) "I hope you realize one day that hurting other people doesn’t make you feel any better about yourself."
  • "I’ve tried everything. School counselors, child services. Nobody cares. Not the court, not the judge, not the jury. Nobody gives a shit about me. Not my mom, not my dad! Fucking nobody!"