Olivia Jerl
FULL NAME Olivia Jerl
NICKNAME(S) Liv (by everyone)
Judge Judy (by Eliza)
Livvy (by Natalie)
D.O.B. 1998
HAIR COLOR Brown (dyed various colors)
FAMILY Karen Jerl (mother)
Neil Jerl (father)
Natalie Jerl (sister)
RELATIONSHIPS Troy Steele (ex-boyfriend)
Keith Rossen (kissed)
Scott Taylor (former attraction)
JOB Student
SCHOOL(S) Clearwater High School


FIRST Anything Could Happen (101)
LAST Fucked Up World (2) (624)
REASON Faked a suicide and left town.
PORTRAYER Elizabeth Gillies

Olivia Jerl is a Senior (Grade 12) who previously attended Clearwater High School and one of the original thirteen regular character. She is spunky, speaks whatever is on her mind, isn't afraid to upset people, and is even known to be somewhat conniving at times. She also has a side of her that is motherly, caring, and extremely protective of her friends. Sometimes, she takes her protectiveness too far to the point where she becomes overbearing or over-the-top. Her main storyline since her introduction has been about the abuse she gets from her mother and her frequent attempts to escape, which are all squashed by her extremely vindictive mother. Over the seasons, this takes a toll on her mental health and strains many of her friendships leaving her on the outs of her friend group. In the sixth season, she fakes a suicide and leaves town to finally escape this abuse.  

She used to be best friends with Scott Taylor and Eliza Bell, but they have drifted apart over the years. She is good friends with Ethan WebberBrittany Brith, Alicia Borden, and Jamie and Moon Stellar. She has a long-time heated conflict with Sophie Clark which was never fully settled and has physically fought her on two occasions. She was previously in a long-term relationship with Troy Steele and faked a pregnancy to try and get him to stay with her, which failed. She is portrayed by Elizabeth Gillies. 

Character HistoryEdit

Season 1Edit

In Anything Could Happen, Scott calls her and asks if they can hang out. She seems very excited and asks him to meet her at her locker the next day.

In Love Drunk, Olivia and Ethan both get detention when they are joking in class and when Ethan throws a notebook at their teacher's back, she is shocked at first but then finds it hilarious. She takes his seat at lunch which forces him to sit next to Danielle. Olivia tells him to date Danielle and when she asks him out, Olivia tries to tell her he has detention, but Ethan interrupts her. The next day, she tells Ethan that Mr. Tucker was mad that he skipped detention and warned him that Mr. Hanson was looking for him moments before he showed up.


Olivia, annoyed with Sophie.

In Fuckin' Perfect, she's tutoring Ethan when Sophie asks them to hang out. Olivia says she can't go and she can't text either and leaves. She calls Sophie that night and tells her that her and her dad are going to pick her up to go to the beach and won't answer her when Sophie asks why she can't do stuff at her mom's. Sophie asks her to hang out the next day and Olivia says she can't and gets annoyed when Sophie keeps asking her why. Danielle asks Olivia why she was mean to Olivia and Olivia tells her it's because her mom is abusive. Danielle asks her if she's okay and Olivia tells her she's fine.

Olivia talking to Eliza about her mother.

In Keep Holding On, Scott asks to hang out but she can't because she's at her mom's. She wants to hang out with him that weekend, but he's busy so she's sad. When she gets home she finds a note her mom left telling her to watch the kids. Her mom calls and yells at her for not taking out the trash. In the bathroom the next day, she hears Leah talking bad about her mom and explodes on her and tells her that she doesn't know what a bad mom is. Danielle asks her what happened and Olivia tells her she just wishes for a mom that cared. That night she asks her mom to sign a test she fails and her mom refuses. They start a fight which ends with Olivia's mom throwing a pan at her head. Olivia starts crying and cuts herself. She tells Eliza that she can't live with her anymore and Eliza tells her to get footage of the abuse, but her siblings would go up for adoption as a result. Regardless, Olivia sets up a camera and gets footage of her mom screaming at her and slapping her across the face. Before she can send the video to Child Services, she hears her sister cry and realizes she can't be without them. She tells Scott and Eliza that she can live with her mom as long as she doesn't touch her siblings.

In This Is How I Disappear (1), she invites Scott to join Pride with her after he realizes he might have feelings for guys. At the meeting, she is shocked when Scott comes out as bi and at lunch the next day, she accidentally tells everyone at their table. She also feels bad for him when his parents won't let him go, but is happy when he decides to go anyway.

In This Is How I Disappear (2), she tells Scott to talk to Mr. Pendar after his parents catch him going to the club and won't allow to go. After Mr. Pendar tells him to obey his parents, she surprisingly tells him to do the same thing.

In Dancing On My Own (1), she asks Scott to homecoming but he rejects her because he is going with his girlfriend. She makes him promise to save 3 dances for her and he happily agrees. Moon sees that she's devastated and she reveals her 3 year long crush on him. She tells Moon that she wouldn't tell him because she doesn't want to ruin their friendship. She finds Harley and tells her a bunch of lies about Scott trying to get her to break up with him. She tells Trey about her problem and then Scott runs up and hugs her, but she pulls him off because he doesn't really mean it and walks off. At the dance, she tries to find Scott so she can apologize and tells Eliza that she blames Harley for everything. Later on, she fake cries tells Brittany that Harley was mean to her in another attempt to get Scott.

Olivia spreading lies at Homecoming.

In Dancing On My Own (2), she is telling more people lies about Harley being a bitch to her. After Scott hears, he asks Olivia about it and she starts to lie to him but is interrupted by Eliza, Moon, and Tim. Eliza tells Scott that Olivia was lying and Moon accidentally lets it slip that Olivia loves him. Olivia runs off crying. Moon finds her and apologizes, and Olivia tells her that she can't live without Scott and Moon tells her to talk to him. She apologizes to him for lying and he forgives her and hugs her. She leaves the dance feeling better.

In Eyes Open, Eliza runs into her and she asks what's wrong so Eliza tells her about the guy begging her for nude pictures. Olivia tells him not to send him any, period. When Eliza gets a picture of his penis, Olivia asks to see it. Eliza quickly tells her no.

In What You Waiting For?, she is sitting with Jeremy and Isaac and supports Jamie's idea to wait before she and Jeremy start dating. Scott calls her and a few of his others friends together and tells them he's gay. When Gina starts saying how wrong it is, Olivia bitches at her and Gina leaves. This leaves Olivia angry that Scott now is embarrassed to be gay.


Olivia in Season 1

In The Change, she is at the FilmFridayz meeting and is acting crazy like everyone else until Moon pulls her away to help her talk Eliza out of going to visit her brother. Olivia stands by Moon's side and then goes back to the meeting to find everything in chaos. Unlike everyone else, she enjoys watching it unfold.

In Give Me All Your Luvin', she talks to Scott about his artwork and he tells her that he wants to break the rules and do something rebellious. This worries Olivia as she thinks he might do something really stupid. She tries to talk to Eliza about getting him to stop, but Eliza tells her he has to learn on his own. Olivia becomes upset and tells her she will help him on her own. The next day she hears from Abby that Scott smokes with her and yells at him, threatening him to stop. He rejects her and bumps into her rudely as he leaves, shocking her. He talks to her later that day acting like smoking isn't a big deal and she decides to treat it as a game as well and yells that Scott's on drugs to the whole hallway. Scott cusses her out and leaves, making her even more upset. While she and Scott are filming a scene for FilmFridayz on the stairs, she threatens to push him off if he doesn't quit. Scott agrees, but is furious and runs off. Scared by the fact that she went too far, Olivia wants to find him, but Eliza convinces her to let him simmer down. When Olivia asks what Scott told Eliza, she lies and tells her that he still wants to be friends even though he said the opposite. Olivia is overjoyed.

In Two Kinds of Happiness, Moon wants to hang out with Olivia, but she is too busy studying for midterms and tells her to meet new people. The next day she is confused when Devon asks to hang out with Moon and she rejects him.


Olivia and Kat watching FilmFridayz.

In Force A Smile (1), she tells Kat that her mom won't let her be in clubs anymore and when she turns 18, she's going to move to San Diego. Scott asks her where she was at FilmFridayz the next day and she tells him. He offers her to live with him, but she tells him she won't leave her siblings alone with her abusive mother. She gets home that night, but lost her key which makes her mother furious. She pushes her into the door and tells her to leave. Olivia leaves and starts crying, cutting herself. Eliza sees her cuts the next day and asks her how much more she can take. Olivia says not much and leaves. Eliza then makes a plan behind her back to tell the guidance counselor about everything. When the guidance counselor calls Olivia down, she lies and says nothing is wrong. After the leaves the office, she has a breakdown in front of Danielle and Alicia once she realizes her mom will know that her friends know about her being abusive and is scared of what she might do. That night, she plans to leave home.


Olivia, scared at the train station.

In Force A Smile (2), Olivia is at the train station to go to San Diego, but doesn't have enough money for all the trains she would have to ride. She realizes she needs to find a way to get more money. She tries to sell her necklace, but a man steals it. Her friends show up to pick her up and at first, she is reluctant to leave. Eventually, they convince her to come back home and she does so grudgingly. The next morning, her mom tells her not to do it again because it will tarnish her reputation, not even asking why she did it. Olivia realizes that nothing will change and becomes discouraged.

Season 2Edit

Midnight city2

Olivia relaxing at the party.

In Midnight City, Moon invites her to go to the mall with Eliza, but Olivia is stuck on house arrest after she ran away. She complains that he mother is only acting nice to her because the police are around and she feels sufoocated. She's home alone the next night babysitting her siblings and Eliza calls her and invites her to Tim's party, but Olivia has to reject. She accidentally knocks over her sister from her high chair and she starts screaming. The police come in and think Olivia was purposely trying to harm her sister and call her mom. Eliza and Moon come to her rescue by sneaking into her window and taking her away to the party, which Olivia is excited for. She is about to leave when she sees Liam's breakdown and is concerned for him. On the way back, she and Eliza see tons of police cars at her house and she is nervous. She and Eliza run into her father who tells her that her mom called the cops when Olivia was missing and apologizes for the extreme protection she always has. He tells her things will change once she's at his house and they go to deal with her mother.

In I Knew You Were Trouble, she's in class when Ethan comes in late and starts fighting with their teacher. She tries to get him to stop, but it has no effect on him and he flicks everyone off and leaves. She is very disappointed in him. She's still annoyed with him when he arrives at lunch and is surprised when the principal comes and takes him away. He calls her the nexy day and makes her leave school so he can tell her he's going to be away for a while on house arrest. She tells him that she's counting on him to come back and he promises her he will as they hug goodbye.

In Bring Me to Life (1), she is hanging up Pride posters with Alicia in the hall and notices that she starts acting weird when Trey talks to them. Olivia can tell she likes him and promises not to tell anyone when Alicia asks her to. At lunch, she defends Alicia when everyone keeps asking her who she likes and is surprised when she makes a move on Trey. She asks her the next day how things are going and tells her to ask her mom how she would feel about her dating a transgender since Alicia isn't sure how she feels. She supports her after her mom said she's only okay with them being friends.

In Knock 'Em Out, Scott comes to her for advice about losing his lip virginity in a scripted video. She asks him how he wants it to be remembered and says she wouldn't want to have her first kiss like that.

In Young Blood, she finds it weird that Jamie sleeps on the couch in her living room and kicks Sophie out of their lunch table at the end of the episode after she backstabbed Scott.

In A Year Without Rain, Brittany calls Olivia for advice since she wants to dump Levi because he is so depressing since his mother got sick. Olivia tells her not to dump him because his mother is almost dead and the whole school will think she's a total bitch if she does. Brittany doesn't care, and Olivia gives up.

In Cough Syrup, Sophie tries to talk to her in the hall, but Olivia is still mad at her and tells her to leave her alone.

In Kiss With A Fist, Brittany comes to her for advice again about Levi and Olivia says that she needs to stop pity dating him now that his mother is dead. Brittany decides to take her advice this time and hug. She feels bad for Ethan when she learns he's being held back but makes a joke about it and upsets him unintentionally.

In Panic Station (1), she calls Sophie a dirty little whore and when Sadie tries to stick for her Sophie, she calls them both losers and walks away.

In Panic Station (2), she hears Sophie talking to Ethan about how she almost killed herself and calls her pathetic for telling someone she hasn't talked to in forever. They argue again and it becomes extremely heated. Sophie urges Olivia to do something, so Olivia throws Sophie into a locker and they proceed to have a very brutal fight as Ethan tries to break it up. Mr. Hanson comes and pulls them apart, sending them both to the office. She is later mentioned by Sophie when she is in the office getting her punishment.

In 21 Guns (1), she gets dragged along by Kat to Eliza's house and is shocked to hear that her boyfriend belongs to a cult. She expects for Eliza to dump him because of it.

In 21 Guns (2), Moon tries talking to her and Keith about how she can't put up with her suicidal mom anymore and Olivia is surprised to hear she expects people to feel sorry for her over her mother. When Danielle, Caylee, and Scott come up to her and Keith and try to convince them to turn on Moon, Olivia doesn't and wants for them to avoid the drama. She helps Jamie out by unwillingly telling Moon she loves her just as much as she loves Jamie, which is a lie.

In If I Lose Myself, she cancels on Scott's party so she can go on a date with Troy and is happy when Scott lets her. She later arrives at the party late after her date is over and is happy to hear Scott might end up with Dex.


Olivia, upset her friends hate Troy.

In Won't Go Home Without You, she is making out with Troy at her lunch table since they had just gotten together which annoys everyone else who is trying to eat. They tell her to stop and she seems confused, saying she doesn't know how to act in a relationship just yet. She also brings up the fact that Troy is rich and is happy to hear him tell everyone his story. She is worried that her friends don't like Troy and asks Angel to talk to everyone about it. When Troy is worried about it as well, she comforts him by saying she'll make them like him. At lunch the next day, she is trying to get Troy and her friends to get along, but when he insults FilmFridayz, she and Angel pull him away. Their friends ditch them and when they return, Olivia is pissed that they would ditch them. She finds them in the atrium and yells at them for being so rude to Troy. She tells them that she wanted her friends by her side to help her with her first relationship, but that's not going to happen and leaves. Caylee, Moon, and Danielle apologize to her and she accepts. She walks with Moon after who asks if her mom knows and Olivia plans to keep it from her as long as she can, but if she asks, she'll tell her the truth and worries about the day she'll find out.
Long way to happy

Olivia saying goodbye to Troy at the dinner.

In Long Way to Happy, she is walking with Troy when Ethan comes up and warns them that Sophie is back. Ethan expects Olivia to do something to her, but Olivia says she doesn't want anymore ASR's. Ethan asks to study after school, but she tells him she can't since she is at her mother's. Troy asks about her mom, but she dodges the question and leaves, not wanting him to know about her yet. Later, Ethan talks to her about not telling Troy about her mom and she says she's not ready and wants to wait until she knows him better, unbeknownst to the fact that Sophie listened in and told her mother about him herself. When she gets home, her mom lets her know that she knows about Troy and Olivia starts begging for forgiveness before her mom tells her that she's happy for her and wants to have him over for dinner that night. Olivia is shocked and confused by her mother's behavior and calls Moon for advice. Moon tells her to just go along with the dinner and expect the worst and Olivia is sure her mom has some evil plan up her sleeve. She invites Troy the next day and talks to Eliza and Moon about how nervous she is, but Moon tells her to block it out of her mind and have hope, which Olivia finds hard to do. She and her father are horrified to find her mother acting nice and trying to make the house look good for Troy. They both know she's planning something and Olivia is nervous when Troy arrives. Her mother actually acts nice throughout the meal and when the awkward dinner is over, she is happy with the results. She talks to her mom afterwards and comments about how nice it was, but her mom tells her to shut up and explains that she acted nice so when Olivia tells Troy she abuses her, Troy won't believe her. She then whacks Olivia across the face when Olivia calls her a bitch and leaves. Olivia starts crying and says she knew it was too good to be true.

In Waiting For the End, Keith calls her and asks if she can come to his family's dinner party in place of Hank who he just broke up with. Olivia is hesitiant at first, but after asking if there will be food, she agrees to go. At the party, they are getting food and Olivia brings up how he's single now, saying it's better than being in a relationship since you can fool around with more than one person. Keith suddenly likes being single and she jokes that he's a man-whore, but that it's sexy. She then sticks a cookie in his mouth and he kisses her out of nowhere. He panics and quickly leaves while Olivia stands there confused. The next night, he comes to her house to apologize for ditching her after the kiss. She tells him that she has a boyfriend, and he assures her he was just emotionally unstable at the moment. She agrees to put it in the past and forget about it as long as Keith doesn't tell Troy. They pinkie promise on it.

Olivia s2

Olivia in Season 2.

In Hurricane, she is in science class and sees Sophie randomly kiss Abby. When Abby leaves to get supplies, Sophie asks if Olivia saw in which she makes a snarky remark about how fast Sophie finds new people to kiss. Sophie then questions her about if she still hates her after her fight and Olivia says that she isn't as forgiving because she knows who Sophie really is and doesn't like her very much. She then rolls her eyes when Abby returns and lightly flirts with Sophie. It is later revealed by Leah that Olivia told everyone about the kiss between Sophie and Abby.

In This Too Shall Pass, she walks by an argument between Sophie and Eliza and immediately jumps to Eliza's defense by punching Sophie in the nose. Eliza is stunned and quickly leaves along with Olivia before Sophie can retaliate.

In How You Love Me Now, she is walking to lunch with Brittany and Chloe and talking about Brittany's upcoming testimony against Devon. After Brittany starts having a panic attack, Olivia along with Chloe try to calm her down and call for help.

In Carry On, she informs Danielle that Brad and Chloe are close to becoming official and that Danielle should be happy she spent the time with Brad that she did.

In Play With Fire, Eliza tells her about the letters and appearances her ex-boyfriends have been making and how nervous they are making her. Olivia tells her to tell Dex, but when Eliza rejects the idea, she tells her that she has to tell someone. When Eliza still refuses to let anyone else know, Olivia takes matters into her own hands by asking Ethan to talk to Blake and getting him to leave Eliza alone. She tells Eliza about this after Ethan talks to Blake. She leaves along with Ethan after Dex comes by and overhears what they were talking about.

In Here's to Never Growing Up (2), she walks into The Hub along with her dad and spots Ethan, so she goes over to talk to him. After starting a conversation, she notices that he's high and starts to get very upset. After he tells her that he's been seeing Devon everywhere, she tells him that he's in jail and that if he has PTSD, he needs to be taking meds, not drugs. She then calls him a lost cause and leaves in disappointment. He calls her later that night and tells her that he needs help, but he needs someone to be there for him. Olivia tells him that she'll be that person.

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Olivia and Troy in Season 2.

Troy Steele

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  • Olivia has had more plots than any other character.
    • She is tied for the most plots in Seasons 1 and 6.
  • Olivia lost her virginity to her boyfriend, Troy at the end of her sophomore year.
  • She was the first character to run away from home.
  • She has two younger siblings that she cares for more than anyone.
  • She cares for her friends more than anyone else does on the show which is shown when she becomes very hostile when sticking up for Scott and Eliza.
  • She was the first character to be under house arrest; the second was Ethan.
  • She is the sixth character to get into a physical fight. The others are Eric Stem, Sophie Clark, Ethan Webber, Brad Craymer, and Abby Ulmer.
  • She is one of the 8 characters to appear in less than half the episodes of a season they were a regular in the whole time.


  • "I would love to, Scott!" (First Line)
  • "Yours Truly, Olivia Jerl." (Final Line)
  • "People normally notice when large objects strike them in the face."
  • "I can’t believe we terrorized all those children. I’m so proud of us."
  • "Scott is as easy to play as a guitar."
  • "Congratulations, you’re gay!"
  • "A little sabotage never hurt anybody…"
  • "None of us give a fuck about your religious views on this because they mean shit and they’re wrong."
  • "Hey everyone, Scott’s on drugs!!"
  • "Just because I ran away doesn’t mean I’m some kind of criminal with a loose cannon!"
  • "We’ll still love you…but not in front of our sophomore friends."
  • "Yeah, well you broke Scott’s heart and since he won’t do anything about it, I guess I’m going to have to"
  • "She already ruined my life, does she have to ruin my relationships too?"
  • "I can’t believe I actually thought you changed. You’re just a lost cause."