Never Forget You (2)
Season 6, Episode 12
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Air date January 13, 2017
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Never Forget You (1) Hell Nos and Headphones

The twelfth episode of Season 6 and the mid-season finale.

Summary Edit

As Danielle comes back to consciouness, she realizes an active shooter is inside the bar and makes it her priority to save both herself and a very badly injured Scott. Meanwhile, Caylee and Jeremy try to deal with the guilt over leaving the bar unattended and over their indiscretion. And Peyton among others are distraught over their friends still inside the bar with a shooter.

Main Plot Edit

Danielle and Scott are trapped in a bathroom while an active shooter is in a stand-off with the police in the bar. With Scott's gunshot wound critical, she worries neither of them will make it out alive.

Sub Plot Edit

Caylee and Jeremy return to the bar after hearing there is a shooter inside and have to deal with the guilt over their hook-up and leaving the bar.

Third Plot Edit

Peyton tries to figure out what happened at the bar while picking through the chaos outside.

  • This episode is named after the song "Never Forget You" by Zara Larsson & MNEK.
  • Every regular is present in this episode.
  • This is the final appearance of Wyatt Zuckerman, as he is sadly killed.
  • This is Jeremy's final appearance in Season 6.
  • Dex moves back in with his parents in this episode.
  • Sophie's fate is not answered by the end of this episode.

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(Danielle is seen covered in blood)

(An ambulance is seen rushing through the street)

(Caution tape is seen being put up)

(Peyton is seen sobbing)

(Danielle is seen looking through the slit of a bathroom door)

(A gunshot is heard)




  • Alicia: “My heart is breaking into a million pieces right now, I just want this all to be a dream.”
  • Scott: There’s a guy with a gun out there and we’re stuck in a bathroom with no way out and no weapon. Things aren’t really in our favor right now, Danielle!
  • Candace: “I fucking had sex with Sophie last year so let us through!”
  • Eric: “You have no idea how happy I am to see you, buddy!”
  • Lana: “Stay strong, you guys. I don’t know what any of us would do without you.”
  • Scott: “I bet my family doesn’t even know or care about what’s happening right now. I can barely afford my apartment, my boyfriend has basically dumped me, I can’t afford college. My life is kinda going nowhere. You can actually be someone.”
  • Caylee: “Why does your happiness always have to be at the cost of someone else?”