Moon Stellar
FULL NAME Heather Moon Stellar
NICKNAME(S) Moon (by everyone)
Weirdo (by Jamie)
Kiddo (by Jamie)
Ms. Sourpuss (by Keith)
D.O.B. 1998
FAMILY Jamie Stellar (adoptive sister)

Kate Stellar (mother)
Todd Stellar (father)
Eileen Stellar (grandmother; deceased)

RELATIONSHIPS Maverick Zephite (ex-boyfriend)
Klaus Brecki (ex-boyfriend)
JOB Student
SCHOOL(S) Clearwater High School


FIRST Let's Get it Started (102)
PORTRAYER Dakota Fanning

Heather (Moon) Stellar is a Senior (Grade 12) at Clearwater High School and one of the original thirteen characters. She is very opinionated, easy annoyed, and extremely outspoken. She can be very harsh sometimes even to her friends. She gets herself into trouble by inserting herself into problems that don't involve her and normally ends up making them worse, even though her intentions are good. She shouldn't be crossed; however, and isn't afraid to fight back. She's known to stick up for the little guy and be somewhat of an attention seeker. After taking the backseat to her sister for the first three seasons, her storyline takes a dark turn when she learns she might have cervical cancer, although it turns out to be severe endometriosis. She also takes the fall for Clearwater Secrets for money to pay for her bills, even though it makes her the most hated person in school.  

She is the little sister of Jamie Stellar, although not biologically and is good friends with Olivia Jerl, Scott Taylor, Alicia Borden, and Caylee Daniels. Additional friends include Keith Rossen, Eliza Bell, and Trey Nitt. She is former enemies with Sophie Clark, Julia Abbott, and has a strong dislike for Ethan Webber and Jeremy Litten. She is currently dating Maverick Zephite. She is portrayed by Dakota Fanning. 

Character History Edit

Season 1 Edit

In Let's Get it Started, she is hanging out with her sister and Liam during school along with Sophie, who is making Jamie and Liam laugh. Due to Sophie receiving more attention than Moon, Moon is visibly jealous and when Sophie goes to get food, she changes the subject to something she and the others can all talk about. She asks Liam about a naruto episode and tries to give her opinion on the current season, but Sophie returns and cuts her off, starting back up her conversation with Liam and making him ignore Moon again, much to her dismay. She later walks up to Ethan and Liam who are playing on their nintendos together and asks if they are playing Mario, which they say they are. She sits down and asks them how they feel about Sophie in which they both say they love her and think she's hilarious. Moon asks if they think she's annoying at all, which they both say she isn't. Liam asks if Moon thinks she's annoying and Moon initially says no, but then says that she is because she randomly joined their lunch table, but the others are okay with her doing so, annoying Moon even more.

At lunch, Moon is getting food with Eliza and asks her why everyone thinks Sophie is perfect, which Eliza immediately senses as Moon being jealous over her. Moon tells her she isn't jealous, she just can't stand her and plans to get everyone to hate her. Eliza says that's not fair to Sophie, but Moon doesn't care and goes back to her lunch table where Sophie is making everyone laugh. Moon suddenly asks her if she's a virgin and other questions such as if she's used drugs or gotten into a fight. Jamie tries to stop Moon from badgering Sophie about her personal life since Sophie is obviously uncomfortable with it, but Moon instead decides to leave the table and sit with Eliza, making everyone annoyed with her.


Moon talking with her sister.

The next day, Moon is reading an anime outside the school and Jamie approaches her, asking if they can talk. Moon says she's busy, but Jamie grabs the anime out of her hand and asks why she was questioning Sophie about that stuff the other day. Moon says she was just curious about her personal life, but Jamie doesn't believe her, so Moon spills that she hates that she just randomly joined their lunch table and suddenly everyone is obsessed with her. Jamie then realizes that Moon liked being the newbie and doesn't like how Sophie took her spot. Moon realizes that maybe she is jealous and thought she was better than that. Jamie explains that everyone still likes her despite their new love of Sophie, but she's got to stop being a bitch to Sophie unless she wants to cause drama. Moon understands and tells Jamie that she'll try to make things better with Sophie, commenting on how intense high school drama can be and how she wants to avoid that. She ends up finding Sophie and Liam who are talking about a rapper and injects herself in the conversation, surprising Sophie who lets her. By doing so, she and Sophie decide to be friends and the three, along with Jamie, all have a good time together.

In Love Drunk, Moon heads to class and notices Eliza looks depressed, asking her what is wrong. Eliza says she's fine, but Moon can see through it and comments how she's been acting like this all week and wants to know what is wrong. Eliza says that high school isn't like last year, which Moon agrees to, but Eliza elaborates by mentioning how she doesn't see any of her old friends anymore and misses them. Eliza then mentions how she ditched Scott to hang out with Moon and is worried he might be mad at her, but Moon assures her that Scott doesn't hold grudges and that she was feeling a little lonely too, so she talked to a cute guy in one of her classes and now they're friends, trying to convince Eliza to do the same. She tells her that if anything will take a girl's mind off of stuff, it's boys. Later at lunch, she asks if Jeremy and her sister are dating and is skeptical that they'll work out as good as they seem on paper since nothing works out in high school. She then is grossed out when Ethan hits on Danielle in front of everyone and is seen the next day with Eliza and Scott discussing Eliza's search for a boyfriend. She is proud to hear that Eliza didn't want to rush into anything and is shocked when a guy comes and starts flirting with Eliza. She then leaves with Scott to give her privacy.

In Fuckin' Perfect, she brings in cupcakes and smacks Tim when he tries to take more than one. She offers one to Caylee who is trying to watch her weight and tells her she's missing out when Caylee rejects the offer. Moon leaves and Caylee takes her box of cupcakes, eating them all without her knowing. 

In Keep Holding On, Ethan tells his lunch table that he is going to ask Danielle out and Moon seems much more open to it now, telling him to just do it. When Danielle tells her that Brad asked her out and she said yes, Moon tells her about Ethan's plan to ask her out that day as well and tells her not to feel bad about it, but expects Ethan to get pissed at Brad. At FilmFridayz, she comments that Liam only liked the video because he got to kiss Julia.

In This Is How I Disappear (1), she is talking to Eliza about Blake making her stop cutting and disagrees with his views, sayign that he can't control her life. She then says that Blake probably does stuff Eliza doesn't like either, but she doesn't make him stop. They then both smell pot and find Blake smoking it. She watches as Eliza confronts him about his drug issues and then walks away with her. At Pride, she introduces Scott to her sister, Jamie and it is revealed that she is bisexual. The next day, she calls Scott's parents bigots when he tells her that they won't let him go to Pride anymore.

In This Is How I Disappear (2), she is playing video games at her house with Eliza and Jamie and asks about how things with Blake are going after she caught him smoking pot. Eliza explains how he got busted for smoking and got suspended and doesn't know how she feels anymore. Moon asks if she's going to visit or text him, finding it weird she's just going to ignore him, but Eliza says she doesn't want to act like his lapdop. Moon says she feels bad for him, but Eliza doesn't, so Moon changes the subject.

At school the next day, she helps Scott as he talks to Mr. Pendar about going to Pride despite his parents' rule that he isn't allowed do. She is walking with Eliza and says that she heard Eliza's name called over the PA earlier and asks what it was about. Eliza explains that the principal wanted to talk to her about Blake's drug use and that she covered for him. Moon asks if their drama is finally over, but Eliza isn't sure. Moon then asks her not to get mad at what she's about to say and tells Eliza that she needs to stop cutting because she's not doing it for the right reasons. Moon explains that people who cut do it to get attention or to feel emotion and Eliza is only doing it because she wants to piss off her boyfriend. Eliza doesn't see the problem with it, so Moon explains that if someone saw her scars and reports her, she'll sound so stupid when she explains her reasoning behind it. Eliza says she won't stop cutting until Blake stops smoking, but Moon says she should just break up with him instead because that's better than what she's doing now. Eliza decides to try it and see if that stops him from smoking and Moon tells Eliza she has to go deal with Scott now because he has a girlfriend now, but knows he's only dating one to hide his true sexuality. Eliza wishes her good luck and Moon tells her she's going to need it.

Moon arrives at FilmFridayz and takes Scott away from his conversation with Danielle and Harley. She asks him what the hell he's doing and he is confused as to what she means. Moon asks why he's dating Harley and Scott tells her that he has feelings for her, but Moon reminds him that 5 hours ago, he had feelings for guys. She asks if he's going to tell her that and Scott says no, which Moon thinks is wrong. Scott says that all he said was that he liked guys, not that he would ever date one, confusing Moon who asks why he wouldn't if that were to make him happy. Scott explains that he would be too afraid of what people say and what his parents would think. Moon understands, but wants him to tell Harley that he has feelings for guys so she doesn't find out some other way, but Scott refuses, not wanting to sabotage his relationship. Moon tries one more time to convince him otherwise, but he stops her and says that he runs his own life, walking back in with Harley and upsetting Moon who knows this can only end badly.

In Radar, she thinks that Sophie should stay friends with Devon because he is alone, even thinking so after he throws a tantrum at their lunch table. She asks everyone to stop being mean to him, but Jamie agrees that he's not stable and Sophie should stay away, much to Moon's chagrin.

In You Da One, she sits down by Tim in the computer lab and calls him Timothy, so he then calls her Heather. She gets mad and tells him if he ever calls her that again, he'll get a good look at his innards. She changes the subject and tells him that Sadie is going to ask him to homecoming, asking what he's going to say to her when she does. Tim tells her that he'll reject Sadie, but Moon asks how he's going to do it and he responds by saying he doesn't do homecoming. Moon asks why and Tim explains he has some bad experiences with it. Tim asks Moon if she thinks Sadie will be upset with him if he rejects her and Moon responds by saying she'll probably do whatever she can to get what she wants just like she always does, then wishes him luck.

Later, Moon finds Tim drunk in his car and knocks on the window, waking him up. She asks how he's doing and he tells her that a major hangover is setting in. She gives him some water and asks why he's drunk in his car and he tells her he's been stressed over the homecoming drama. Moon tells him not to beat himself up over it. Tim asks if she'll be his date and they can stay home and play video games, which Moon agrees to.

In Dancing On My Own (1), she sees Olivia talking with Scott and tells her to make a move on him since she likes him. When Olivia says no, Moon warns her that it will become too much for her to handle after a while.

In Dancing On My Own (2), Eliza calls Moon and tells her about Olivia lying about Harley being mean. Moon realizes what Olivia is doing and rushes to the dance with Tim. When she arrives with Tim, she tells Scott right away about Olivia's lies and then accidentally lets it slip that Olivia has a crush on him. Olivia runs off crying and Moon goes off to talk to her. She apologizes for telling Scott about her crush, but reminds her that she warned her not to do anything stupid. Moon then comforts her by saying Scott won't hold a grudge and that if she talks to him about why she did what she did, he'll understand.


Moon during the first season.

In Eyes Open, Moon is at a FilmFridayz meeting where they are trying to come up with video ideas. Devon pitches a musical about a guy who tries to find love, but can't and Ethan jokes that they aren't doing a video about his life story, enciting a roar of laughter from everyone. Moon sees this makes Devon upset and rolls her eyes that everyone is so mean to him. When Devon steps up to be the lead in the new idea, he is immediately shot down, but Moon interrupts and says that maybe he should be the lead, yet is shot down yet again. After everyone separates to work on their own stuff, Moon approaches Devon and says maybe he can have a bigger part the next week, but he says he doubts it since no one listens to him. Moon tells him that she listened and liked his idea, but maybe he could make it on his own instead of doing it in the club. Devon says it was stupid and she should just forget it, walking away looking defeated and making Moon feel worse for him.

The next day, Moon walks by the choir room and sees Ethan and Liam laughing at something, asking what's up. Ethan says that Devon is butchering some song and Liam explains that Ethan is making fun of Devon for his terrible singing voice. Moon tells Ethan to shut up and asks if he wants her to make fun of him to show him how it feels. Ethan is taken aback by her anger and tells her it's just Devon, making Moon angrier. She asks Devon if he appreciates Ethan's jokes and Devon says he doesn't, so Moon tells Ethan to cut it out. Ethan agrees, but leaves with Liam. Devon thanks Moon for stepping in and Moon tells him to let her know if they start shit again. She is later waiting for her ride home with Jamie and sees Devon pass by, saying hi to him. Devon comes and starts talking to Jamie about convincing the others to go along with his musical idea, but Jamie says no, getting more and more annoyed as Devon keeps asking. Moon tells Jamie to stop being mean to him, but Jamie says she's just trying to make Devon understand her point and that she needs to stay out of it. Moon refuses and says she's sick of everyone treating Devon like he's less than them. She says that Devon is just as big of a part of the group as everyone else and should be allowed to give input without being ridiculed. She then tells Devon she's going to talk to Jeremy and Isaac and Jamie lets her know their ride is here, uncomfortable with the situation.

At her house, Jamie has Caylee over and when Jamie leaves to finish the laundry, Caylee checks in on Moon and says she's been quiet. Moon asks Caylee's thoughts on Devon and Caylee says she feels bad for him since he tries to be a part of the group and no one listens to him. Moon agrees and says that she yelled at both Ethan and Jamie for being mean to him, but now they're making her feel like the bad guy. She asks Caylee if she did the right thing and Caylee explains that sometimes she has the right intentions, but comes across harsh. Moon knows that Caylee is right, but says she was just frustrated and angry at them for treating Devon so bad. Moon then decides to just be a good friend to Devon and focus on that, texting to to let him know he's wanted.

At lunch the next day, Moon sees Devon sitting along and lets her friends know she's going to go sit with him. Caylee offers to go with her, but Moon tells her she's fine on her own. She sits with Devon and Devon asks if she needs something, but Moon just says she just wanted to sit with him since he was alone. Devon thanks her and they start to talk about ideas for the next FilmFridayz meeting.

In What You Waiting For?, Moon runs up to Tim and Scott and asks them what's wrong with Sadie, explaining that she was sobbing through the halls like a maniac. Tim tells her that he wouldn't go out with her and now just wants to bury himself and never come out. Moon tells him not to talk like that and threatens to smack him after he says everyone would be better off without him. She says goodbye to him as he leaves and looks sorry for him, telling Scott they have to make the next day super fun for him to cheer him up. The next day after Tim gets into a car accident, Moon is at the scene and tells Tim that at least he still has his health, trying to make him feel better to no avail. Moon tells him that he needs a break from everything so he can calm down and get back to normal. She advises him to quit his job and FilmFridayz and focus on his friends, saying that with everything he's been through, some rest will do him good. She then comforts Scott after he breaks up with Harley due to him being gay and tells him he did the right thing.

In Want U Back, she walks out into her living room and sees Jamie and Jeremy cuddling, looking grossed out. She tells them to cuddle in private and says hi to Julia when she stops by. After the truth comes out about Jeremy sleeping with Julia while he was with Jamie, he asks Moon if she hates him too and she tells him that she doesn't, but that was a douche move and he's going to need luck to get out of this one. She pats him on the shoulder before walking away.

In The Change, Moon is walking to class and Eliza stops her, freaking out. Moon asks her what's up and Eliza tells her that her brother is getting a sex change. Moon is shocked and says how weird that must be for her. Eliza tells her that she has to stop him, but Moon tells her not to because this is none of her business. She asks how Eliza found out and Eliza says she heard her parents talking about it. Moon says all she can do it support him and tells her he could have been secretly wanting this his whole life when Eliza says this came out of the blue. Moon looks frustrated when Eliza says she can't let him do this. At the FilmFridayz meeting where Sadie fights with everyone over her leadership, Jamie stomps out in fury and Moon takes Olivia with her to check on Jamie. After Scott calls her and lets her know Eliza's plan to stop her brother's sex change, she immediately goes to Eliza's house with Olivia and tells Eliza not to be stupid. She keeps trying to convince Eliza to stay out of the situation, but Eliza still doesn't listen and leaves to stop him. She goes back to FilmFridayz to see the huge blowup between the leaders. The next day, she drags Eliza to talk to Trey about him being transgender hopefully to give her a new perspective.

In Give Me All Your Luvin', Moon joins Sophie at lunch and asks her how she and Ethan are going. Sophie says they are good, but Moon senses something is wrong. Sophie decides to spill and tells Moon that she made out with Abby at homecoming and that she still likes her. Moon is shocked, but understands and tells Sophie not to lead Ethan on if she has feelings for someone else. Sophie says that she can't even openly date Abby like she can with Ethan, but Moon tells her to stop caring about what people think about her. She tells her to do what she thinks is right and is dumping Ethan for Abby seems right, then she should do it.

In Two Kinds of Happiness, Moon approaches Jamie's friends in the lunchroom and asks if she could sit with them. They all seem weirded out by her question, but allow her to sit with them. She asks what they're talking about and they say they were just discussing some drama. They all stop their conversation now that she's there and there is an awkward silence which Moon notices. She tells them they didn't have to stop what they were talking about just because she's there and Caylee says it's weird for them to talk about their issues in front of her since she could just go to Jamie and tell her everything. Moon asks why Jamie wouldn't already know since they're all best friends and Liam explains that Jamie is in psycho mode due to Sophie's actions and they want to spare her more stress. Moon is confused and asks what Sophie did to her, but Trey tells her not to worry about it. Moon tells him that she's her sister and she wants to know, but no one is willing to say, so she gets up and says she'll ask someone else since they suck.


Moon during her fight with Jamie.

Moon spots Olivia studying and asks her if she wants to hang out, but Olivia says she's too busy studying for her finals. Moon asks if she could give up one night of studying to hang out with her best friend, but Olivia says she can't, annoying Moon who says everyone seems too busy for her. Olivia suggests she hang out with Jamie, but Moon doesn't want to be the annoying little sister who tags along everywhere her sister goes. Olivia then tells Moon to find some new people to hang out with and Moon exclaims they'll be way better than the friends she has now, walking away annoyed. She spots Jamie and asks if she wants to hang out, but Jamie says she has to find Julia and talk to her. Moon says that Julia is her entire life and she needs to get away from her, but Jamie says something happened that she has to discuss with her. Moon tries to pry and find out what it is, but Jamie tells her she's being a pest and asks for her to drop the annoying little sister act. Moon is upset that Jamie called her a pest and says that at least she doesn't date players like Jamie does, causing Jamie to get even more upset. Moon then says that Jamie needs to realize that her best friend went behind her back twice and can't be trusted. Jamie tells Moon that she doesn't get anything going on, but Moon says she understands everything and that Jamie has to keep everything in her life in check since she is such a control freak. Jamie is enfuriated and tells Moon to stop talking to her and that her friends hate her for a reason. Moon tells Jamie if she wasn't her sister, she would have ditched her a long time ago before running off.

She finds Julia and tells her that Jamie and Jeremy have reunited. Julia seems happy for them, but Moon tells her to keep her distance and calls her a slut. Julia is shocked by Moon's statement and Moon says that she needs to stay away from Jeremy. Julia says that Jamie is her best friend and she wouldn't hurt her like that again, but Moon doesn't believe her. Julia advises her to stay out of Jamie's life and deal with her own freshman drama and Moon retorts by saying she'd better tie her tubes or she'll be pregnant be the end of the semester, walking away in triumpth and leaving Julia furious. Devon soon walks up to Moon and asks if she wants to hang out over the weekend, but Moon turns him down, confusing Olivia who says there was a friend for her right there, yet she rejected him. Moon has a change of heart and says Devon is alone all of the time anyways and she has to focus on herself and breaking away from her sister's shadow. She promises Olivia the next semester will be different for her and that she will be different as well.

In Force A Smile (1), Jamie approaches Moon and asks for her help, surprising Moon who is upset Jamie is only talking to her now that she needs something. Jamie says she knows she was a brat to her, but that she really needs her help. Moon asks what it is and Jamie tells her they have to expose all of Sophie's lies before she ruins someone else's life. Moon asks how they're going to do that and Jamie explains that they have to catch her in a lie and asks Moon to talk to her friends and see what kind of stuff Sophie is telling them. Moon agrees, but tells Jamie that she owes her and asks that if Sophie finds out who did this, Jamie take all of the blame since Moon has some tricks up her sleeve she doesn't want Sophie knowing was her. Jamie agrees and the girls make up, fist pumping and laughing.

Moon puts her plan against Sophie into action by pulling Scott aside in the hall and asking him if someone did something bad to him if he would want to know. Scott says yes and Moon tells him a made up story about how Sophie told Eric about Scott's crush on him and thought it was funny that she did. Scott asks why she would do that and Moon explains that Sophie is a drama queen who has to start drama on her own when none is going on. Scott is freaking out about what Eric will think and what he should do, but Moon tells Scott just to leave things be. Scott walks off and Moon then grabs Eric, telling him that Scott doesn't have a crush on him, but if anyone asks him if Scott does, that he needs to lie and say yes. Eric is confused as to why, but Moon just tells him to do it. Moon is pleased with herself and comments that her plan has been set into motion.

In Force A Smile (2), she is present at the meeting of everyone trying to get revenge on Sophie. Jamie tells Moon her mission is to turn Danielle and Abby against her which Moon thinks might be tricky, but is confident she'll be able to do. During the montage of everyone sabotaging Sophie, she is seen talking to Abby and telling her Sophie is bad news. She explains how Sophie has backstabbed everyone, making Abby upset. Moon later finds Jamie looking upset and asks what's wrong. Jamie says that she's now being just as bad as Sophie and Moon comforts her.

She is later on the mission to find Olivia and bring her back home and is happy and relieved when they find her. She tells Olivia how stupid she's being to run away from home and that she needs to stop being so dramatic and come home with them. After Moon starts arguing with Blake over how rude she's sounding, Jeremy brings her back to the car so everyone else can have a chance to talk to Olivia.

Season 2Edit

Moon s2

Moon in the second season.

In Midnight City, Moon is on the phone with Olivia who is under house arrest and watch by police after running away in the previous season. She is shocked that she has police officers watching her all day and thinks they should be out catching criminals instead. Olivia expresses how she desperately wants to be set free again and Moon understands, finding it crazy they think she'll run away again. Moon asks if her mother has been better to her and Olivia says that she is, but only because the police are watching and would go back to being abusive the second they leave. Moon is then discouraged to go to the mall without her and tells Olivia to have fun on her own. She later helps get Olivia out of the house by distracting the cops while Eliza helps Olivia escape.

In I Knew You Were Trouble, she tries to help Ethan when Mr. Hanson comes looking for him, but there isn't much for her to do. She is later walking to class and Scott runs into her, excitingly telling her that Keith asked him out. She is very confused and says she thought they were mortal enemies, not understanding what has changed. Scott doesn't explain much and goes to tell Eliza as Moon goes to question Keith. She asks him what he's doing and why he asked out Scott. Keith tells her that he didn't and that Scott threw himself at him, saying how they would be together forever. Moon is even more confused as to how Scott got the idea Keith asked him out and Keith plays dumb, tricking Moon because he was too embarrassed to come clean about his feelings for Scott.

In Sweet Nothing, Caylee is crying to Julia and Moon about how Liam kissed her and then ran away when she told him that she liked him, which Moon finds ridiculous. She tells Caylee to talk to him to see what he really is feeling. Julia and Moon both hug Caylee to make her feel better, but Moon quickly moves away from Julia so she doesn't have to touch her.

In Bring Me to Life (1), Moon is revealed to be in one of the stalls while Julia and Caylee take a pregnancy test and find out Julia is pregnant with Jeremy's baby. After the girls leave, Moon steps out and looks shocked by what she heard, saying how screwed Julia is and laughing to herself.

In Bring Me to Life (2), Moon grabs Jamie while she is kissing Jeremy and pulls her aside, saying that she has to tell her something big. Before she tells Jamie, she asks her not to tell anyone she was the one to tell her, which Jamie agrees to. She then tells her that Julia is pregnant and that Jeremy is the father and she found out by hearing them in the bathroom. Jamie is very upset and Moon rubs it in her face that she told her Julia was a bad friend. Jamie finally believes her and says she has to find her, scaring Moon as to what she's going to do. Jamie says she's going to tell her what she should have told her a long time ago and Moon is proud of her sister and happy to see Julia get her karma.

In Young Blood, she walks by Keith who is sitting on the ground by his locker and asks what's wrong. Keith asks what he should do about sleeping over the house of the guy he likes and Moon asks if Hank asked him, but Keith tells her that he's over Hank and Eric actually asked him. Moon says she doubts Eric is into guys and Keith says he knows that, but he really likes him. Moon advises him to stay cool and everything will be okay, but Keith isn't sure.

At lunch while Jamie is talking about how she didn't sleep well the night before, Moon starts oversharing and tells everyone that their grandmother won't let them stay in the guest room at their house and Jamie gets upset that she's telling everyone, but Moon tells her that they're friends and deserve to know. Jamie tells her to keep her big mouth shut and Moon gets upset, going to sit with Scott and telling Jamie she is since they'll treat her like a human being.

She gets home the next day and sees Jamie waiting for her, saying they have something serious to discuss. Moon gets worried and asks what it is, so Jamie tells her that their grandmother is kicking them and their parents out of her house the next month. Moon is shocked, but Jamie asks her not to let anyone know they know since she doesn't think they're supposed to. Moon doesn't listen and immediately runs into her grandmother's room, asking if she's kicking them out. Her grandmother says that she is and Moon is terrified, asking if she loves them at all. Her grandmother says that she does, but if they continue to stay there, she will start to hate them and that it's for the best. Moon gets furious and says she knew she was selfish, but that this is inhumane and that she's not her grandmother anymore, going as far to tell her that she's dead to her before leaving the house in tears.

The next day, she tries to escape the drama in her own life by helping Scott who was backstabbed by Sophie who kissed his crush, Tim. She tells him that she'll keep hurting him if he sticks by her and when Sophie comes to talk to Scott personally, Moon stands up and pushes Sophie around the corner so she can talk to her. She asks why Sophie loves making people miserable and Sophie says she feels horrible about what she did, but Moon cuts her off and tells her this is exactly what she wanted because she always has to show everyone she's above them so she can control them. Moon then informs her that everybody is done with her and not to come sit by them at lunch or talk to them ever again before shoving her and leaving.

In The Ghost of You (2), she is hanging out in the hallway with Eliza and Brittany and mentions how they all need to hangout, but notices that Eliza seems distant. When Jarrod comes by and starts calling Eliza a slut for sleeping with guys, Moon sticks up for her by calling him a moron and saying Eliza hasn't slept with anybody, but when Eliza interjects and says she has, Jarrod calls her out in front of the whole hallway, causing Moon to tell him to mind his own business. After Eliza and Jarrod's argument gets intense and Jarrod brings Scott into it, calling him a faggot, Moon shoves him into a wall and threatens to rip off his balls and shove them down his throat. Brittany holds Moon back and tells her that he's not worth it as Jarrod laughs at her and walks away. She then tries to help Eliza figure out where Blake would be and looks worried for her.

In Cough Syrup, she walks into class with Caylee and Eliza and are discussing Sophie, in which Moon calls her a brat and says that she makes her so angry. When Jarrod starts making fun of Caylee's weight by calling her a cow and mooing at her, she tells him to shut the fuck up, asking if it's hard for him to be a good person. Eliza tells everyone to calm down and just ignore him, but Moon calls him out for bullying since he does this every day, but when Caylee looks embarrassed and asks them to forget it, Moon understands she doesn't want to cause a scene and quickly stops, apologizing.

She is later walking in the hall with Caylee and brings up that she should report Jarrod for bullying. Caylee says she doesn't want to be considered a snitch and since she's a junior, telling a teacher is considered babyish since most people just fight back. Moon tells her to fight back then, but Caylee says she's not that girl and won't let him turn her into one, which makes Moon proud of her for staying true to herself. Knowing that Caylee won't do anything to help herself, she goes to Liam and tells him what Jarrod is saying to his girlfriend. Liam tells her that he's going kick the shit out of the dude, but Moon is skeptical fighting will solve anything since Jarrod is tough and she doesn't think Liam could beat him.

Moon is later seen warning Dex to look out for his girlfriend, Sophie, since no one knows when the inner bitch will come out. Dex doesn't find it funny and tells her to quit it, annoying Moon since he can't see Sophie is truly the bad guy, not everyone else.

In Kiss With A Fist, she is at the lunch table when Ethan announces he's getting held back and feels bad for him, but tells him that he has to make up all the school he missed somehow.

In Panic Station (1), she witnesses Ethan grab Devon by the collar and then put him down and rushes over, asking if Ethan is tormenting him again. Devon says it was in good fun, confusing Moon who asks if they're friends now. Devon says they're besties which makes Moon happy, commenting on how dramatic their rivalry was.

In Panic Station (2), Moon is seen after the school shooting leaning on Alicia and witnessing the fight between Alicia and Danielle. After Alicia leaves, she comments how harsh that was. She then worries that her eating disorder is going to be worse after everything that's happened.

In 21 Guns (1), Moon is outside with her family who is fighting with Jamie over moving out. Moon tries to settle her mother down and explains just because Jamie is moving in with Jeremy doesn't mean she won't ever see her again, but her mother doesn't listen. Moon later calls Jamie while at her housewarming party and tells her that their mother is in the hospital after a suicide attempt and that she'll be alright, but she has to get there pronto. At the hospital, she is by her mom's side and tries to stop the argument going on, but to no avail.

In 21 Guns (2), she is at her locker when Angel comes and asks if she's going to pride after school. Moon tells her she can't since her father is making the whole family spend all of their time with her mother following her suicide attempt. Angel asks if she's alright, but Moon has no clue and complains about having to be around her 24/7. Angel is shocked by what she said and Moon explains she doesn't want to have to drop everything just because of her mother. Angel says that if she were in Moon's situation, we wouldn't leave her mother's side, making Moon believe that Angel thinks she's a bad person. Moon then asks Scott for his opinion and when he thinks she's being selfish, Moon starts to feel a bit guilty.

At lunch the next day, she is still going on about how she hates being around her mother all the time, causing Eric to tell her to suck it up and be there for her mother. Moon is upset by his statement, but Jamie agrees with him and tells her to stop stretching the truth since they're allowed to leave if they ask in advance. She then brings up that Moon had a huge fit when they wouldn't let her go to pride, but Moon interjects that Jamie snuck out with Jeremy, causing Jamie to get annoyed that Moon is oversharing again. Moon says that she thought her friends would be on her side, but Caylee says they just don't agree with her, causing Moon to pout and everyone to be annoyed with her.

In history class, Moon is talking to Danielle about how upset she was that no one would take her side, but Danielle says she was just acting bratty. Moon is offended by this and when their teacher comes by and asks if everything is okay, wanting them to stop talking, Moon tells him about her mother's suicide and how Danielle called her bratty, shocking Danielle. After their teacher walks away, Danielle asks why she would tell their teacher something that personal and thinks it's desperate and just goes to show how attention-seeking she is. Moon says she's not listening to Danielle anymore, calling her a bitch, and Danielle is fine by that. She is later complaining to Olivia and Keith and after she walks away, they along with many of her other friends start an anti-Moon group due to their annoyance with her.

21 guns p2

Moon's exchange with her mother.

Moon gets home a couple minutes late that day and her mother makes a big deal of it, saying that Jamie is always on time and wondering why she can't be. Moon tells her how she hates being at home all of the time and misses her friends, so her mother tells her that she should go live with them instead and Moon hurtfully goes to her room. At lunch the next day, Moon makes things worse for herself by complaining that everyone is there for Jamie when she has a problem, but not when Moon does, causing everyone to get annoyed again. Jamie drags Moon aside and tells her to stop saying stuff like that, confusing Moon. Jamie tells her how sick all of her friends are getting of her, but Moon says they're Jamie's friends and that she stole them all from her, asking why Jamie loves ruining her life so much. Jamie tells her that if everyone likes her more, it's because she doesn't act like a selfish bitch all of the time causing Moon to get very upset and shove her away, crying to herself. Jamie later gets all of Moon's friends to apologize to her just so Moon will stop acting so unbearable and when they do, Moon says she forgives them for acting like douchebags. Moon is then very happy that everyone is okay with her, not knowing it's all lies.

In If I Lose Myself, she answers the door when Jeremy comes to see Jamie and gets her for him, visibly unhappy with him. She then answers the door once again at 2 AM, very annoyed and gets Jamie again so she can talk to him, but tells her if she doesn't tell him not to come this late again, she'll send rottweiler's after him.

In Won't Go Home Without You, she is annoyed when Olivia and Troy keep making out at lunch and tell them to do it somewhere else some no one wants to see that while they're trying to eat. While out with Olivia and Troy, she agrees with Jamie that they have to ditch since they all hate Troy so much and does so. Later, when Olivia explains that all of Troy's rude remarks were just jokes, Moon says that she could have told them that to save a lot of drama. She later goes to apologize along with Caylee and Danielle and understands why Olivia wants them to all like Troy. After the others leave, Moon asks if Olivia's mother knows about him and thinks she needs to be honest about her home situation with him to keep things easy. She also tells her that her mother will find out sooner or later, so she's better off telling her herself.

In Long Way to Happy, Olivia calls Moon and tells her something is very wrong, making Moon think she is talking about how Dex and Eliza got together. Olivia stops her and tells her that her mother is happy that she is dating Troy, shocking Moon who then asks if her mother is dying or has cancer. Moon then changes her mind and says maybe Olivia is paranoid and her mother might actually be happy for her, but quickly changes back and assumed that she must be planning something. She advises Olivia to invite Troy over for dinner like her mother wants, but warn him about everything beforehand, just in case her mother is serious and wants to have a nice dinner, but to be prepared for the worst. Moon then tells her that she hopes her mother doesn't ruin her relationship and worries for her friend.

At school, she gives Olivia more hope that the dinner will go well despite not believing it herself and is disgusted when Dex and Eliza walk over, calling them tainted lovers under her breath. Olivia tells her that she's lucky they didn't hear her after they walk away and Moon says they should feel bad for what they did to Scott (Eliza dating Dex despite Scott's feelings for him). She then tells Olivia to not stress herself out over the dinner and that nothing is impossible before walking off.

In Your Love is My Drug, she is hanging out with her friends in the hallway and gets annoyed when Dex and Eliza just randomly split off from the group, saying she hates them together. Scott tells her to not bring that up, but Moon then asks how Eliza could be so inconsiderate towards Scott, not listening to the others who tell her to stop talking about it and telling Scott he needs to stand up for himself against her and tell her how he feels. Scott doesn't want to ruin their happiness just to make himself feel better, but Moon says that if he doesn't do anything about it, then she will. Scott immediately tells her to stay out of it, but Moon doesn't intend to.

In class, she sits next to Eliza and brings up how happy she and Dex seem. Eliza tells her how perfect everything is and Moon brings up how lucky she is that Scott gave her permission to date him. Eliza is confused as to why Moon would bring that up and says that Scott didn't like him that much anyway, but Moon tells her not to be so sure about that. Moon then brings up how different things would be if Scott told Eliza she couldn't date Dex, hinting that he and Dex might be together. Eliza starts picking up on the clues and asks her if Scott still has feelings for Dex, but Moon stops talking and says she'll have to talk to Scott about that, planting the seeds she meant to plant and walking away, leaving Eliza confused as to what's going on.

Moon sets her plan into motion by visiting Sophie at lunch and welcomes her back, assuring her she's not here to start any more trouble, but needs her help with something. Sophie is confused as to what Moon would need from her and says she's still mad at Dex, but is trying to move on when Moon asks her about her feelings towards him. Moon calls bullshit and says she's sure Sophie is planning some type of revenge on him, but that Moon needs revenge as well and they might be able to help each other. Moon explains that she wants to break Dex and Eliza up and she's sure Sophie does as well, so if they work together, they have a better chance of getting the job done. She explains that she wants to help Scott out and avoid a huge fight in the future when everything comes out. She then goes over her plan for Sophie to tell Dex she's still in love with him and can't stand to see him with someone else, hoping that'll make him break up with Eliza over the guilt for Sophie. Sophie is on board and Moon tells her it's going to go down the next morning before school, walking away and believing her plan is flaw-free.

The next morning, she is with Dex and Eliza and sees Sophie approaching, thinking her plan is about to go down. Before anything goes down, Sadie comes and asks Moon to help her with her jammed locker, confusing Moon as she goes and not knowing that Sophie is about to double-cross her. When she later sees Dex go off on Sophie, she understands something went wrong and goes to Sophie herself to see what. After realizing that Sophie tried to expose Dex as unstable and force Eliza to break up with him, she calls Sophie out for using her to start her own plan. Sophie doesn't deny it and Moon is upset, but realizes she can't be too upset since she was acting just as shady. She warns Sophie how close she is to the edge again and tells her to watch herself.

She is going to Scott's house after school with him, Dex, and Eliza and decides now is the time to refocus on her own plan. As she talk about all of the drama going on around them, she makes sure to bring up backstabbing friends while looking Eliza directly in the eye, sending a message. Eliza calls her out for bringing it up and Scott tries to divert the situation by saying Moon isn't starting anything, but Moon outright says that she is. She says that she hates how some people destroy other people's lives just to make their own better, asking Scott how he feels about that. Eliza then turns to Scott for his support as well, confusing Dex who is in the dark about everything. Scott then accuses Moon of ruining his life and tells him that she's just trying to help him since what Eliza did was wrong. Once out of earshot, Scott says he's over it and Dex has no idea Scott ever liked him and he wants it to stay that way. Moon then feels turned on since she was just trying to help him. At Scott's house, Moon warns Scott that Eliza is pissed at him, but he fires back by saying he's pissed at Moon. Moon tries to stand up for herself by saying she just wanted to make things right since Scott didn't want to, and Scott says he's over it and forgives Moon for what she did, but doesn't know if he can trust her again. Moon says that he can trust her, but Scott brings up how she went behind his back to scheme with Sophie and wants to have control of his own love life. Moon feels bad and decides she needs to stop helping people since all she does it make things worse.

In I'm A Slave 4 U (1), Moon is briefly seen at the lunch table pondering where everybody is when half of the regular people are missing.

In I'm A Slave 4 U (2), Moon heard Brittany yelling in the bathroom and runs in to see what's wrong. She mentions how everyone is talking about her sending her nude around the school and says how stupid of her that was. She then says that Scott and Chloe are trying to get people to delete the photo and later is there for Brittany after she stands up against everyone and owns her naked photo, saying how crazy that was of her. She then says they should all get food and leaves with everyone.

In This Too Shall Pass, Moon walks by Liam and Julia changing in the janitor's closet and thinks that they are having sex, getting immediately grossed out. Julia tries to tell her it isn't what it looks like, but she doesn't want to hear it and calls Julia out for having sex while she's already pregnant before walking away. At lunch, she talks about how gross Liam and Julia are, but everyone tells her to stop since Caylee is right there. Instead, Moon tells everyone they're not having sex, causing Caylee to leave and everyone to get mad at her for oversharing yet again. Moon then leaves after being yelled at by Jamie and says she's sick of her treating her like shit. Alicia follows her and asks how she knows Julia and Liam are having sex. Moon says that she saw them and doesn't know that Liam and Julia were listening. They come in and call her out for telling people their personal business. Julia says they aren't having sex, but Moon tells her to quit acting nice since everyone knows she's a bitch and a horrible person. Julia loses her chill and slaps Moon, just proving Moon's point who then walks away.

On the bus home, Liam asks where Jamie is and Moon says she's out with Jeremy. Liam then expect an apology from her, but Moon refuses to apologize since she was the one who got slapped. She then tells Liam he doesn't need people talking about him for him to look bad and Liam reveals to her that half of her friends only talk to her because they're friends with Jamie, not because they actually like her. Moon doesn't believe him and says that everyone has forgiven her for what she's done and Liam is now the one in the doghouse. She gets off the bus and looks like she's holding back tears, maybe starting to believe what Liam said to her.

In How You Love Me Now, still upset about what Liam told her earlier, Moon calls out Angel for asking to hang out with Jamie and not including her. Noticing that people are starting to get annoyed with her again, Jamie pulls Moon aside and says that she knows that she's jealous since her friends like Jamie more, but Moon cuts her off and explains they ony hang out with her since she's an upperclassmen and makes them look cool, not because they like her more, trying to make sense of it in her head. Jamie mocks her and goes back to her friends as Moon seethes on her own and says she can take something away from Jamie just like how Jamie took her friends as she leaves the mall alone.

When Jamie gets home, she sees that Moon told their parents about her engagement to Jeremy, enfuriating her. She tells Jamie that their parents deserve to know and later tells her to dump Jeremy since he cheated on her twice, but Jamie doesn't listen. Jamie tells Moon to never speak to her again and that she wants her out of her life, which Moon agrees to, their rivalry finally coming to a head.

In Carry On, Danielle asks her lunch table if there's any word from Jeremy about his singing audition and Moon says she hasn't heard anything, but since her and Jamie aren't talking, she wouldn't know anyways. Caylee tells her that Jamie will get over their fight and talk to her soon, but Moon is doubtful.

In Here's to Never Growing Up (1), she is on the prom committee and is having fun with blowing up balloons when Keith approaches her and asks her if she thinks Mr. Teller is strange, but she doesn't think he is. He later points out how creepy he is around Alicia, but Moon says that Alicia is smart and won't try to get with her 40 year old teacher. She breaks up the argument between Alicia and Keith and comments how dramatic they are.

After seeing Mr. Teller flirt with Alicia, she rushes to Keith and tells him she sees how creepy he is now and explains what she overheard. Keith wants to tell someone, but Moon decides they should talk to Alicia about it first. Instead, she finds Mr. Teller and threatens to accuse him of acting innappropriate with a student. Alicia hears and pulls Moon aside, angry she would say that to him. Alicia asks her to butt out, but Moon says she's just trying to help since she gets very weird vibes from him, but Alicia doesn't listen.

In Here's to Never Growing Up (2), Moon is shocked to see Alicia come to the clean-up the next day and isn't sure how they can keep her away from Mr. Teller now, especially since he's drunk. Moon calls him a pedo and mentions how in love with Alicia he is, who know sees what everyone was talking about and is creeped out when he starts staring at them. Moon gets her out of there before he can approach them. After Mr. Teller assigns himself with Alicia in his cleanup group and Keith and Moon in another, she and Keith freak out about how they can keep Alicia safe. Afterwards, Moon checks on Alicia who tells her Mr. Teller apologized for everything. Moon is unsure if she believes what he said, but shrugs it off so they can focus on plans for over the summer. After Alicia sees she's missing her purse, Moon figures she might have left it behind when she was cleaning and Alicia goes to check. Unbeknownst to Moon, Mr. Teller brutally rapes Alicia when she goes back into the hotel, ending the season.

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Klaus Brecki

Main Article: Klaus-Moon Relationship


Moon and Maverick in the sixth season.

Maverick Zephite

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  • Moon is one of the 14 characters to appear in 100 episodes or more. The others are DanielleScott, AliciaSophieJamieEricBrittanyEthanCayleeJuliaElizaAngel, and Dex.
  • Moon loses her virginity in Season 4 during her sophomore year to her then-boyfriend Klaus.
  • She went to the first ever FilmFridayz meeting.
  • She used to be into anime as a freshman.
  • She unknowingly predicted Julia's pregancy, she told her to tie her tubes up or she'll get pregnant by the end of the semester and Julia was already pregnant at the time unbeknownst to her.
  • She is the first main character to have a cancer scare. She thought she had uterine cancer, but it turned out to be endometriosis.
  • She took credit for a rumormongering Twitter account that exposed secrets in people's personal lives, Clearwater Secrets in order to receive money.
  • Despite being a regular in every season of the series, she didn't appear in a season premiere until the sixth season.


  • "Yeah, so funny..." (First Line)
  • "I thought I was better than jealousy...guess not."
  • "If there’s one thing that will take girl’s minds off anything, it’s boys."
  • "Ever call me that again and you’ll get a good look at your innards."
  • (To Jamie) "If I wasn’t your sister…I would have checked out a long time ago…"
  • (To Julia) "Maybe you should tie your tubes or you’ll be pregnant by the end of this semester."
  • "Don’t police officers have better things to do? You know, like catch criminals?"
  • (To Sophie): "I hope you know that everyone and I mean EVERYONE is done with you. Don’t bother sitting with us at lunch or talking to any of us because we are so over you and your drama."
  • "I always try to help, but I end up making everything worse…maybe I’ll learn to just keep out…"
  • (To Julia) "Hon, isn’t it unsafe to fuck while there’s already a bun in the oven?"