Me, Myself, & I
Season 6, Episode 6
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Air date October 5, 2016
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The sixth episode of Season 6.

Summary Edit

Tripp is determined to get his word across after a police officer shoots an unarmed black man and teams up with Nicole to bring his #BlackLivesMatter protest on a wider scale, but encouter's issues when the police officer turns out to be Siobhan's father. Meanwhile, Danielle plans her first school function as president, but is worried when feelings for Brad return after they are brought together on the project. And Julia finds it difficult to ignore her feelings for Hunt when Ariel tells her to stay away from him.

Main Plot Edit

After his first protest was shut down at school, Tripp plans another #BlackLivesMatter protest city-wide when a blakc man is unfairly shot by a police officer. But when Siobhan asks him to shut it down to save her father's image, will he choose his friend or his conscience?

Sub Plot Edit

Danielle decides to plan a Valentine's Day dance as her first school function as president and is teamed up with Brad who wants to build the decor. As they work together, she starts to realize her old feelings for him are returning, but with so much against them, is she willing to take the leap again?

Third Plot Edit

Julia starts flirting with Hunt when he comes back around again and Ariel takes notice, asking her to leave her brother alone and not get involved. But will Julia learn from her mistakes and listen or continue her boy crazy ways?

  • This episode is named after the song "Me, Myself, & I" by G-Eazy & Bebe Rexha.
  • This episode marks the start of the Julia-Hunt Relationship and Danielle and Brad's third relationship.
  • Siobhan announces she will be leaving Clearwater with her father.

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Sophie: I’ve seen a lot of shit happen in this town, but I’ve never seen it this insane…


Tripp: It’s time to bring this Black Lives Matter campaign city-wide! A black man was shot for no reason!

Peyton: People are losing their shit over this.

Siobhan: My dad didn’t mean to shoot that man! If you don’t stop this protest, he’ll be ruined forever, Tripp!

(Tripp looks terrified as a fight breaks out)


Danielle: I thought this dance would bring people together, but the city is tearing itself apart!

Brad: If anyone can fix things, it’s you.

Danielle: I can’t let myself get hurt again...

(Danielle and Brad are seen about to kiss)


Ariel: I want you to stay away from my brother!

Julia: I swear nothing is going on!

(Julia and Hunt are seen making out in the bathroom)

Ariel: Maybe you are the slut everyone says you are…

(Tripp is seen running after someone)

(Danielle is seen falling off scaffolding)

(Julia is seen running through the city at night)




  • Tripp: “Racism is all around us and I’ll be damned if I sit back and watch it happen any longer.”
  • Hunt: “I’m not feisty, I’m fergalicious.”
  • Danielle: “I don’t want to ever lose faith in myself again because of a boy. That goes against everything I stand for.”
  • Peyton: “Just because you get your heart broken doesn’t mean you’re stunting feminism. It’s okay to be hung up on a guy and still be a strong woman.”
  • Nicole: “Cable is never coming back. Ever. Because of his mistake. A mistake that was made because of the societal prejudices pounded into his brain for decades.”
  • Danielle: “I’m tired of being scared. I’m all in.”
  • Tripp: “I’m a 15 year old kid and because of people like you, I’m terrified to leave my house because even if I do nothing wrong, my life is still in danger by the people who are supposed to protect me.”
  • Candace: “You have to celebrate the small victories because they all lead to bigger ones.”