Lana Davis
FULL NAMED Lana Gabrielle Davis
NICKNAME(S) Barbie Doll (by Carly)

Drama Queen (by Keith)

D.O.B. 1998
FAMILY Kaye Davis (mother)
Maxwell Davis (father)
Unkown Brother (estranged)
Betty (grandmother; deceased)
RELATIONSHIPS Eric Stem (attraction)
Brendan Collinger (kissed)
Penn LaBelle (ex-boyfriend)
JOB Student
SCHOOL(S) Clearwater High School
AFFILIATION(S) Clearwater High Student Council
FIRST Glitter in the Air (414)
PORTRAYER Emma Roberts
Lana Davis is a Senior (Grade 12) at Clearwater High School who first arrives in the the second half of the fourth season. Lana comes from an extremely privileged family and was known as one of the most chic socialites at her old boarding school in LA. Following her father's move to Paris, she and her mother move to Clearwater to take a break from the glamor of LA for a more laid-back beachy experience. Lana is somewhat of a brat and will do absolutely anything she can to get what she wants. She is known to be a master manipulator and is looking to reign as Queen Bee at Clearwater just like she did at her old boarding school.

In the fifth season, her perfect world completely unravels as she discovers both that she had a brother with a disability that her mother sent off for adoption to keep her image up and also that her father never moved to Paris and is still living in LA, not wanting to be a part of her or her mother's life anymore. Feeling isolated, she starts to learn that money isn't everything and starts to genuinely make friends at Clearwater along with running aside former enemy Danielle Hooper for school president, which she eventually drops out of. In the season finale, she is involved in a hit-and-run accident that leaves her completely paralyzed from the waist down.

She is best friends with Danielle and good friends with Angel O'Brian, Eric Stem, Ethan Webber, Peyton Valentine, Alicia Borden, and Keith Rossen. She is portrayed by Emma Roberts

Character History Edit

Season 4 Edit


Lana meeting Eric.

In Glitter in the Air, Lana is first seen moving into her new house along with her mother and are greeted by Eric Stem and his mother who bring them a welcome basket. Before her mother gets the chance to introduce Lana, she pushes past her and shakes Jenna Stem's hand, telling them that they are going to love her. Eric asks why she thinks that and Lana responds by saying all of the boys do while winking at him, shocking Jenna. Lana and Eric's mother go inside, so Eric awkwardly asks Lana why she moved to Clearwater. Lana explains that her dad moved to Paris for the year for his business and her and her mother wanted to escape the paparazzi in LA. Eric asks her if she's famous and Lana is insulted that Eric doesn't know who she is. She explains that her father owns the biggest hotel chain in California while her mother is one of the world's biggest fashion designers. She also reveals she's a socialite back home and was on the cover of all the newspapers. She finished by saying it's tiring being a socialite and always in the spotlight, so her mom and her moved to Clearwater to take a break. Their mothers come back and Eric and his mom rush home, finding their new neighbors horrendous, but Lana's waves flirtatiously at Eric as he leaves.

The next day, Lana walks into Clearwater High for the first time, looking around and expecting people to recognize her, but is distraught when nobody does. She clears her throat very loudly, hoping to get people's attention and have them swarm her, but nobody gives her the time of day. Lana is irritated by people not knowing who she is and quickly finds a group of cute guys. She walks over and tells them it's her first day and could use some help finding her way around. Brendan offers to show her around if she shows him something else in return. Disgusted, Lana asks if there are any guys at this school who aren't pigs, and Micah offers to show her around, no strings attached. They walk off as Eric and his friends watch and can't believe she is for real.

She walks into her first class and takes the first empty chair she sees, still annoyed that no one is paying attention to her. She sits next to Harley who agrees with her after Lana makes a comment about Clearwater High being ratchet as fuck. Lana introduces herself as a socialite which shocks Harley. Lana explains how she expected people to know who she was and listen to her, but everyone here is too basic. Harley asks if she's looking for the queen bee title and explains to her that Danielle Hooper already has that honor. Lana mentions how she doesn't seem that intimidating, but Harley tells her she's a heartless, vindictive bitch. Lana isn't phased and comments how she can play the same way as class starts. Mr. Stein starts the class, but Lana clears her throat, expecting an announcement to the class about her. He asks her if her name is Lana and she responds by saying it is and that she's an LA socialite, annoying Mr. Stein who tells her he didn't ask for her life story and moves on with the class, annoying Lana even further. After hearing Danielle failed the test that was passed back, Lana sees an opening and leans over to talk to her. She tells Danielle how she's heard she's the HBIC at this school and how she was the queen bee at her old school, so maybe they could team up and be allies instead of enemies, trying to get in her good graces. Danielle is astounded by her ridiculous perception of the school and tells her this isn't Nazi Germany. Lana then offers to change her grade in the school's database, mentioning how she's been doing it for herself since elementary school. Danielle takes her up on her offer and agrees to put out a good word for her if she changes her grade. Lana then congratulates her on her A+ test, feeling like her mission is accomplished. Harley is confused and asks her why she's helping Danielle if she wants to dethrone her, so Lana explains she's keeping her enemies close and once she gets some ammunition against her, she can plan her attack. Lana then asks if Harley like Danielle, which Harley tells her she doesn't. Lana tells Harley they're going to get along just fine as she gives Danielle a very fake smile.

Lana is next seen hacking into the school's computer and successfully changing Danielle's grade. Soon, Mr. Hanson walks in and explains the system gets an alert when someone hacks it. Lana tries to blame her actions on peer pressure, but Mr. Hanson doesn't buy it. Lana quickly tries to save herself by saying it's her first day and a girl named Danielle told her this was initiation. She quickly makes up a story about how Danielle told her in order to get in with the popular kids, she had to change a grade in the school computer. She then tells him to check her record at her old school because she's never done a bad thing in her life and just wanted to fit in at her new school. Mr. Hanson believes her story and thinks Danielle is the problem, calling her down to his office and falling right into Lana's plot. She smirks and grabs her bag, walking down the hallway as all the guys watch her.

She is at the Hub after school and asks Carly if this is really the only coffee house in town, finding it sub-par to the ones back home. She orders a latte as Danielle and Peyton barge in and approach her. Danielle asks her what her problem is and Lana plays stupid. Danielle tells her that she's not a big socialite here like she was in LA and no one likes her here because she's a bitch. Lana says she's heard the same thing about her. Danielle then tries to prove a point by asking everyone in the Hub if they know Lana outside of school or have seen her at all. When no one knows who she is, Danielle explains that she won't get special privileges here like she did back home and her actions will now have real consequences. Lana shrugs her off and calls her a stupid bitch. Danielle and Peyton leave as Carly gives Lana her coffee, which she spits out after taking a sip. When everyone is looking at her and giving her mean glares, she calls her mom and tells her Clearwater sucks. Her mom says it'll take some getting used to, but Lana explains everyone hates her and it's only day 1. Her mom tells her once people get to know the real her, she'll be popular, but Lana insists she doesn't have time to let people know the real her. Her mom says they have other ways of swaying people's opinions of them and Lana realizes what her mom means, having an idea pop into her head. She hangs up on her mom and calls another number, telling them she'd like to place an order and that it's going to be a big one.

The next day, Lana is hanging up posters for a World Fair all around school and Eric notices as he passes by, asking what the posters are all about. Lana tells him she had an idea and it was okayed by the principal. She suddenly pulls out a megaphone and Eric is very confused. She makes an announcement to the hallway that after finals, everyone will be able to attend Clearwater's first World Fair, which everyone cheers for. Eric says he doesn't understand, so Lana explains this is an easy way to get everyone on her side. She then tries to kiss him and he pulls back, shocked by her action. She tells him that no guy hasn't wanted to kiss her before. Eric tells her he doesn't want to kiss her, so she assumes he's gay. Eric then goes off on her, explaining that his girlfriend died a week ago and that's why he doesn't want to kiss her, not because he's gay. He tells her that Danielle was right about her before storming off. She starts handing out flyers to kids, but looks very upset for Eric, not realizing the girl who died was his girlfriend.

In All About You, she runs into Micah at the gym and informs him that her mother is the chairman of the local ice skating competition and when she heard someone from Lana's school was involved, she wanted them to do a good job. She hands him a form for volunteer work helping teach kids to ice skate and says charity work on his resume will look really good. She then struts off as Micah is confused.

In Dream Catcher, she witnesses the fight between Moon Stellar and Julia Abbott and comments on how everyone at this school is a psychopath.

In Black Widow, her mom is dropping her off at school and asks if she's become the new queen bee off her school yet. Lana regrettably says she hasn't yet because the losers here obviously can't detect a true queen. Her mom frustratingly encourages her to get it together and try and date one of the most popular guys in school to get on everyone's radar. Lana tells her mother she knows what she's doing as she's done it before before walking into the school going unnoticed by everyone to her dismay, but promising herself that she'll soon be the queen bee.

Knowing Brendan Collinger might be her ticket to popularity, she drops her book in front of him and seductively picks it up to catch his attention. He asks if she's the new girl, but she replied by saying a gentleman would have picked up her book for her. Brendan assures her he's the biggest gentleman at the school, so she tells him to prove it and drops her book again on purpose. He picks it up, but refuses to give it to her and instead asks if she'd hang out with him sometime. She asks if he'll give her book back if she agrees, which he says yes. She agrees to hang out with him if he makes the plans and takes her book back, strutting away and commenting how easy that was as she goes to her locker. Eric, Alicia, Danielle, and Sophie walk up to her and ask her if she's involved with Brendan, warning her against it. Lana tells them she can make her own decisions, so the girls leave while Eric stays. She asks for his opinion on Brendan, but he says it shouldn't matter and she can decide for herself. Eric walks off as Lana watches him longingly and gets a text from Brendan making the plans, which she agrees to, despite not really wanting to go out with him.


Lana leaving lunch with her mother.

She is at lunch with her mother and updates her on the situation, saying she has a date with Brendan, but might have feelings for someone else. She tells her it's Eric and her mother freaks out, saying he's their neighbor and is poor. Her mother says she can't date someone below them since it would be an embarrassment, but Lana points out he's a much better guy than Brendan is. Her mother tells her she needs to date a man who will take her to the top and Eric is too hung up on his girlfriend's death to do anything with her life, which upsets Lana who insists she's not going to marry Eric, she's just interested in him since he's a nice guy and Brendan is not. Her mother puts her foot down and says she won't let her date Eric. Lana is furious and leaves the lunch in a fit.

Back from lunch, she sees Eric talking with Brad and Chloe and waves to get his attention, but he doesn't notice her to her disappointment. Brendan walks up to her and asks if she's excited for their date on Friday. She asks if this answers his question and brings him in for a kiss, which turns into a steamy makeout in the middle of the hallway. After they finish, he calls her feisty and she tells him he should see what she does on a mattress. She then walks over to Eric and asks for his chemistry notes, but he points out she's not even in chemistry and she admits she was just looking for an excuse to talk to him. Chloe warns Eric against talking to Lana, but Lana ignores her and asks for help with her math class, which Eric points out they have tutors for. Lana then asks if tutors do this and tries to kiss him, but he pushes her away and tells her to stay away from him. She tells him that no one ever says no to her as Brendan walks in after seeing them almost kiss and tells Eric to stay away from his girl. Lana says she barely knows his skeezy ass and that she isn't his girl. Eric calls Lana out in front of everyone and calls her psycho which Brendan agrees with as people start watching and laughing, embarrassing Lana and causing her to storm away into the bathroom.

She is later sitting alone with Angel after school and thanks her for staying with her. She says she must look pathetic since she's an LA socialite who has everything but is crying over a boy, but Angel insists she's not pathetic. She admits to Angel she's not as perfect as everyone thinks and admits her family is messed up, mentioning her mother won't let her date guys who are at a lower class than them. Lana then tells her the story of her first love who was very poor and when they started dating, she had to hide it from her mother. When she found out, she banned Lana from ever seeing him again and paid him money to never speak to her again, which he did. Lana then tells Angel she knows no one could ever love her as much as they love her money and how she got depressed after her boyfriend left and threatened to kill herself a few times, which caused her move to Clearwater as her mother thought getting away from him would get her spirits back up. She then admits to not even liking Eric that much, but she loved the thought of pissing her mother off. Angel tells her that she's really funny and should show that side more if she wants to run the school. Lana thanks Angel for talking with her and before she leaves, Lana asks her if they could hang out sometime since she's the only person at this school who doesn't hate her. Angel agrees and Lana feels better as she gets up and heads home.

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Penn LaBelle

  • Start Up: December 2013
  • Break Up: February 2014
    • Reason: Her mother paid him to leave her alone and he took the money.

Trivia Edit

  • She made her first appearance in the 100th episode of the series.
  • She is the the first character to be in a family of millionaires.
  • She has an interest in fashion, but more precisely wearing it, not making it like her mother.
  • The address of her old home is 637 Linen Lane, Los Angeles CA.
  • She is the current junior class president.

Quotes Edit

  • "I’m Lana Davis and you’re going to love me." (First Line)
  • “No one could ever love me as much as they love my money.”
  • “I’m not in the mood for filet mignon anymore. It tastes cheap.”
  • “When you have a lot of money, sometimes you realize your friends only like you for selfish reasons.”
  • "These losers apparently can’t detect a true queen from a foot away."
  • "You should see what I do on a mattress."