Keith Rossen
FULL NAME Keith Alexander Rossen
NICKNAME(S) K (by Chloe)
Spawn (by Eric)
Fag (by Justin)
Mr. Fuckboy (by Scott)
D.O.B. 1997
FAMILY Sandra Rossen (mother)
Xavier Rossen (father)
RELATIONSHIPS Gregory Hooper (hook-up)
Wyatt Zuckerman (ex-boyfriend)
Hank Pistol (ex-boyfriend)
Scott Taylor (former attraction; kissed)
Olivia Jerl (kissed)
Eric Stem (former attraction)
JOB Student
Employee at Pac Sun
Barista at The Hub
SCHOOL(S) Clearwater High School
FIRST Settle Down (201)

Keith Rossen is a Senior (Grade 12) at Clearwater High School and a regular character in the series. He was originally best friends with Scott Taylor in the eighth grade but after their romance is stopped by Scott's parents, he spread a rumor about Scott stealing from him, causing Scott to lose all his friends and starting their conflict which would last for years to come. He comes from a very privileged family and is not used to people saying no to him, as his parents gave him anything he wanted growing up except for their attention. His spoiled nature has followed him to his teen years where he now manipulates people into getting what he wants. These actions have intensified as his time on the show progresses. He is interested in fashion and has no intention of owning the family business like his parents want him to. He is considered one of the main antagonists.

In the third season, he gets Scott kicked out of his house after revealing their reignited romance to Scott's parents, which turns a lot of people off to him since he shows no remorse for it. In the fifth season, he unknowingly starts up a sexual relationship with Danielle's father, Greg. He later sends him to prison for pedophilia in order to get financial compensation to live on his own after his parents move to New York.

He has lost most of his best friends including Eric Stem, Chloe Kaven, Moon Stellar, and Brittany Brith He is currently close with fellow pariah Alicia Borden. He is enemies with many people, namely Scott Taylor, Danielle Hooper, Angel O'Brian, Olivia Jerl, Hank Pistol, and Wyatt Zuckerman. He is portrayed by Mitch Hewer.

Character HistoryEdit

Season 2 Edit


Keith at a party during his first episode.

In Settle Down, he and Eric are playing video games and are bored since they have been all break. They decide to do something crazy and Eric convinces him to go to his brother's party, even though Keith isn't interested. At the party, Keith stops a potential fight between Ethan and Eric and is surprised to hear Eric jumped him. Eric offers him a beer, but Keith doesn't want it and is annoyed when Eric says he's going to get drunk. After getting hit on by girls, Keith wants to leave but Eric doesn't want to and Eric's brother Justin starts making mean homophobic remarks which makes Keith mad. Justin then throws his beer all over Keith and he goes with Ethan to get a new shirt. He comes back and wants Eric to leave, but instead he is going streaking with his brother. Keith tries to stop them, but they make more homophobic remarks and Keith leaves the party in tears. Eric apologizes to him the next day and Keith accepts it and wants to hang out when he is sober. In I Knew You Were Trouble, he is seen in school for the first time by Scott, Eliza, Kat, and Blake and Scott explains to them that he and Keith used to be best friends, but got into a huge argument and are now enemies. Keith is seen hugging Chloe as Scott decides maybe it's time to let the past go. He later approaches Keith and tries to be friendly, but Keith wants no part of it at first. Keith is confused as to why Scott took so long to want to reconcile and Scott explains that after losing his old friends and gaining new ones, he realizes he misses Keith the most and wants to hang out. Keith brings up that Scott's parents hate him and Scott ignores him and asks to sit together at lunch, which Keith agrees to. At lunch, they start to act like friends again and Keith brings up all the fun times they used to have together. Scott then becomes curious and asks Keith if he ever harbored feelings for him, which Keith admits that he did and made fun of him and called him names to hide that in fear it would ruin their friendship. Keith then asks him the same question back and reveals that he knows Scott is gay as well. Scott admits to always having feelings for Keith and Keith starts laughing because they spent all this time hating each other instead of dating. Keith then asks if they can date, saying he wants to, but Scott would have to lose weight and get his parents on board first. This makes Scott both happy and upset as Keith leaves. After Scott reveals this to Moon, she asks Keith about it after worrying they're jumping into something too quick. Keith lies and tells Moon that Scott threw himself at Keith and got the idea they were going to be together out of nowhere, which leaves Moon confused. Later, Keith tries to talk to Scott in class, but Scott ignores him after hearing what he has been telling people about them getting together.

In Knock 'Em Out, Keith is at lunch with his friends telling them about how he now has a car even though he can't drive yet. He continues to gloat about how rich his family is and then leaves to get food as Scott realizes his life sucks compared to Keith's and Eliza convinces him to try and find a guy that would make even Keith jealous. When Scott's plan doesn't work out, he sees Keith flirting with a guy and is confused as to how Keith can even find guys to flirt with. Scott talks to Keith about the guy he was flirting with earlier and Keith reveals his name is Hank and he's a senior and that he came and started flirting with Keith first. He then runs off with him leaving Scott feel insecure. He later tells Olivia and Scott that he decided not to go anywhere with Hank because of the age difference.


Keith having feelings for Eric at lunch.

In Young Blood, Keith is upset that Hank left him for a guy his own age after Keith gave him a second chance and Eric comes to comfort him. Eric invites him to sleep over that night to cheer him up and Keith jokes about him having a gay guy sleep over, which Eric says he doesn't care about because he's comfortable around him and he hopes Keith is comfortable around him as well, which Keith says he does. Eric pats him on the shoulder and leaves as Moon comes and helps him up as Keith tells her he just got invited to sleep over the house of the guy he likes. Moon tells him that Eric doesn't like guys and Keith tells her that he's pretty sure he doesn't too, but is nervous to sleep over. Keith sits by Eric at lunch and Eric puts his arm around Keith and tells him that he's excited for their sleepover that night. Keith agrees and tells him they can do whatever Eric wants when Eric asks him. Eric then jokingly tells him that he knows something they can do before winking and laughing, turning Keith on, but not being serious. Keith then tells them that he has to pee and gets Chloe out of her class and tells her that he thinks Eric likes him. Chloe doesn't believe it, but Keith says that he's fit and attractive. Chloe explains that not every guy will like him because not every guy likes other guys and he should just be happy with having Eric as a friend. Keith says that he doesn't want to be just his friend anymore and Chloe warns him to act natural before going back to class.

They are later at Eric's house playing video games and Eric jokes about Keith being bad at it before taking off his shirt after getting hot. Keith is turned on and Eric makes sure it's okay with Keith that he's shirtless and gives him permission to stare at his body, which Keith says he won't do, but secretly does and looks happy. After they are done playing the game, Eric turns on the TV and asks what Keith wants to do as he sits right next to him. Keith senses Eric might be flirting, so he kisses him and Eric jumps back, saying he doesn't like Keith like that and isn't attracted to guys. Keith runs out completely embarrassed and looks mortified. Keith goes to Chloe's for advice and won't stop talking, so Chloe shuts his mouth and Keith gets a call from Hank, saying it might be a sign. He then answers it and tells Hank that he missed him. At school, Keith avoids Eric, but Eric runs up to him and asks if they can talk. Keith tells him that he doesn't have to worry and will stop talking to him, but Eric says he doesn't want that and apologizes for leading him on promising he wouldn't have flirted with him if he knew Keith actually liked him. Keith apologizes as well and tells Eric that he needs a guy as just a friend and Eric agrees to be that guy as they fist bump.

Kiss With A Fist

Keith in class calling out Scott.

In Kiss With A Fist, Keith approaches Chloe and Eric in the hall and tells them that he's now a taken man since Hank just asked him out. Eric and Chloe start to worry after they realize Hank is 19 and Keith is only 15. Eric brings up that if they had sex, it would be statutory rape. Keith tells them that no one is talking about sex and he's just dating him. Eric tells him that Hank is going to want sex and won't want to wait 3 years for Keith to be legal. Keith argues that if Hank loves him, he'll wait and it won't be rape because Keith will give his consent. Eric argues that the courts won't see it that way and Keith gets annoyed, saying they'll make sure no one knows if they have sex or not before thanking them for the lecture and walking away. In class, Scott brings up Keith's boyfriend and tells him that Hank is telling a bunch of people about them, which Keith finds cute. Scott then tells him that he's heard bad things about Hank and to be careful and Keith goes off on Scott calling him out on being jealous his life sucks while Keith's life is awesome since coming out and calling pathetic before going back to his work and leaving Scott shocked. Alicia later tells him to be careful as well and Keith tells her to stop worrying about Hank's age and to stop judging him. He tells Alicia that everything is fine between them as Hank comes and he introduces him to Alicia. He then leaves with him as Alicia look worried as they ditch the school to go out for lunch.

In the mall parking lot, Hank asks if the mall was okay for lunch and Keith tells him anywhere is good as long as he's with him. They then start to kiss passionately and Hank stops to ask if Keith wants to have sex. Remembering everyone telling him he may not be mature enough to date Hank, Keith decides to go for it and they start to have sex. Hank asks him one last time before they start and Keith tells him that he wants to lose his virginity to him and then have sex in Hank's car in the mall parking lot. The next day, Keith pulls Alicia into the janitor's closet and tells her that he had sex with Hank. Alicia is shocked and asks if they used a condom, which Keith then tells her they didn't, so Alicia tells Keith he needs to take an STD test since he's probably not Hank's first. Keith agrees and Alicia is astounded he would have sex with him a day after they started dating. Keith tells him that he knows Hank well enough and Alicia explains that she's worried for him because of how stupid he's acting with this guy. Keith tells her that she wanted him to act mature and he did, and now she doesn't think that was right either, confused as to what she wants him to do. She explains that acting mature doesn't mean having sex, it means being committed to the relationship before leaving. He goes to Mrs. Dayton for an STD test and goes to the bathroom with Eric to take it while Eric watches the door. After taking the test, Keith admits he acted stupid like Alicia said and Eric tells him it was just one mistake. After they see the test is negative, they hug in relief and leave the restroom with it as Chloe sees and freaks out, asking who's test it is. Keith doesn't want to be seen with it and lies, saying it's Scott's. When Chloe confronts Scott about it, Keith silently pleads for Scott to go on with the lie, which Scott does. After Chloe yells at Scott and leaves, Keith thanks him, but Scott tells him to save it and leaves. Keith calls Scott that night and thanks him for covering for him and also apologizes for treating him like crap. Scott accepts the apology as Hank calls Keith and he answers it. Hank asks if he wants to have sex again and Keith agrees, but tells Hank to get condoms this time.


Keith in the second season.

In Panic Station (2), he is running in gym with Alicia who is already exhausted after just starting. Keith tells her she might just need to eat and get some protein, asking when the last time she ate was. She tells him that the last time she ate was a few days ago, which shocks Keith. She explains she just wanted to be skinny for Troy who asked her out and he tells her that if he asked her out, he must like the whole package. She then falls over and almost passes out and Keith tries to help her up and is told by Mr. Teller to take her down to the nurse after seeing she is emaciated. Keith tells Alicia she can't starve herself because it's taking a toll on her body and takes her down to the nurse.

In 21 Guns (2), he is shit talking Moon along with Olivia, Caylee, Scott, and Danielle after looking for sympathy following her mother's suicide attempt. He agrees with the plan to ignore Moon until she stops seeking attention. He later apologizes to Moon for ignoring her along with the others after Jamie sets them up to do it so Moon doesn't feel so alone, but does so reluctantly and doesn't actually mean it.

In Long Way to Happy, Eric drags him into the boys locker room to try and bust Jarrod for the drugs he has in there. When they open it, they find a ton of drugs and Keith suggests they take a picture of them all, but Eric wants to go directly to the school which Keith opts out of doing.

In Waiting For the End, he is walking with Alicia when Hank comes up to him and tells him that he got his acceptance letter to the University of Colorado. Keith is shocked and Alicia points out that Colorado is really far away from Florida. Hank reassures Keith that they'll be able to do long distance and have to whole summer before that. He then leaves and kisses him. Keith then vents to Alicia about how his boyfriend is going to be halfway across the country and Alicia tells him that long distance can work. Keith is then unsure about whether it's worth it and isn't even sure if he loves Hank or not. Alicia advises him to figure that out before Hank figures it out for him and leaves Keith to contemplate his feelings. Later that day, they finish having sex in Hank's car and Keith brings up that their sex still feels the same and maybe they lost their spark. Hank is confused and asks if Keith wants to break up, which Keith can't give him an answer for. Hank then gets upset and kicks Keith out of his car and drives away, leaving Keith regretting what he just did. At his house, his parents are setting up for their dinner party that night and his mother asks where his boyfriend is, since they were supposed to meet him. Keith tells her that he's out, but he invited Olivia instead. He tries to talk to his mom about what happened, but she gets a phone call and leaves the room, leaving him to call Olivia and convince her to come instead.


Keith talking to Olivia after their kiss.

At the party, he is with Olivia getting food and discussing being single, which he says that he likes since he can fool around with more than one person. Olivia starts joking around and calling him a man-whore and suddenly, Keith kisses her, freaking out right afterwards and running away. The next day, Chloe comes after Keith invites her over because he's having an emergency and tells her about him kissing Olivia. She asks him if he felt anything during it, but he doesn't know how he feels about it. Chloe suggests he might be bisexual after all and Keith leaves to go talk to Olivia. He apologizes for leaving her alone at the party after the kiss and admits he is emotionally stressed after losing Hank and didn't actually mean to kiss her, but that he doesn't like her. She asks if they can keep it a secret so her boyfriend doesn't find out and Keith agrees, pinkie promising not to tell anyone.

In Carry On, Keith overhears a conversation between Scott and Alicia and asks them if they're talking about Coach Teller, since he's heard crazy rumors about him cheating on his wife. Alicia cuts him off and tells him that they're not real and if people keep spreading them, he could lose his job, very upset about it. Keith is confused as she leaves and then notices Scott's black eye, making a snarky comment about it as Scott rolls his eyes and leaves.

In Play With Fire, he and Alicia are putting up posters for Prom and he asks why they signed up for prom committee, so Alicia reminds him that they get community service hours and they can hang with Mr. Teller who is a lot of fun. Keith comments that Mr. Teller creeps him out which annoys Alicia. He then notices Sophie approaching them and lets the two girls talk. He then warns Alicia not to let Sophie back into her life so easy since she'll likely screw her over again.

In Here's to Never Growing Up (1), he is filling balloons for Prom with Alicia and mentions that it's cool they get to go to prom as freshmen for being on the committee and Alicia points out that they'll just be serving punch the whole time. After Alicia pops a balloon when she is distracted by Mr. Teller, Keith tells her to focus on the air pump, not his butt. Mr. Teller then comes over to them and tells them to work faster which annoys Keith who then notices him staring at a girl's butt, which strikes him as odd. Moon comes over to help him and he asks if Mr. Teller is strange at all, which Moon says no to. He then keeps watching Mr. Teller, suspicious of him. Later on, after hearing Teller and Alicia's conversation about her being his favorite student, he tells Moon that something is off about him, but Moon isn't worried since Alicia would never try to get with a 40 year old man. He advises Alicia not to be alone with him because he is creeping on her and Alicia gets upset. He tries to get Moon to back him up, but she tells him to butt out. Keith is then frustrated that no one sees what he sees. Before Prom starts, Moon overhears a creepy conversation between Teller and Keith and tells him that he was right all along about Teller being a pedo. Keith wants to tell someone about it, but Moon tells him she'll talk to Alicia first. At the dance, Alicia tells Keith he was right because Teller got upset when she wouldn't dance with him. Keith warns her to stay away from him and promises not to tell anyone and hugs her to calm her down.

In Here's to Never Growing Up (2), Mr. Teller is splitting up the members of the committee to clean sections of the hotel after prom and when Alicia gets chosen to be in Teller's group, Keith asks to switch places, but Teller tells him that's not allowed. Moon is worried when she leaves with him, but Keith says nothing can happen since there's people around everywhere. After Mr. Teller apologizes for his behavior with Alicia, she tells Keith and Moon and Keith wants to forget about it and enjoy their summer. Alicia realizes she forgot her purse in the hotel and Keith offers to go with her, but she tells him to go ahead. Unbeknownst to Keith, Alicia gets horribly raped by Mr. Teller when she goes back into the hotel.

Season 3Edit

In That's Not My Name, he is talking to Eric when Caylee comes and asks to speak to Eric, so Keith leaves to let them talk and fist bumps Eric goodbye.

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Hank Pistol

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Wyatt Zuckerman

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Trivia Edit

  • Keith lost his virginity to Hank as a freshman in Kiss With A Fist.
  • It is inferred that he went to Clearwater High in Season 1, but was not featured.
  • He is one of the 8 characters to appear in less than half the episodes of a season they were a regular in the whole time.
  • His first episode is the only season premiere he is present in.


  • "I know, we've been doing this all break." (First Line)
  • "It just seems like I’m at a much higher class than a bunch of crazed college students."
  • "Sorry, I’m gay. I like the dick."
  • "He basically threw himself at me, telling me how amazing I am and how we’re going to be together forever. It was kinda pathetic, so I left."
  • "Listen, I get that you’re jealous that since I came out my life has been perfect and since you came out your life has sucked, but trying to sabotage my love life won’t get you anywhere."
  • "I’m never single, single is boring."