Kat Whinnes
FULL NAME Katrina Whinnes
NICKNAME(S) Kat (by everyone)
Kitty (by Eliza)
Oprah (by Keith)
D.O.B. 1996
RELATIONSHIPS Brendan Collinger (kissed)
Blake Sommer (ex-boyfriend)
JOB Student

Employee at Arby's

SCHOOL(S) Clearwater High School
Clearwater Community College
AFFILIATION(S) Clearwater High Student Council
Clearwater High Newspaper
The Femme Fatale
FIRST Love Drunk (103)
PORTRAYER Victoria Justice
Kat Whinnes is a graduate of Clearwater High School in the Class of 2015 and a recurring character who appears in all seven seasons. She is opinionated, sassy, and true to herself. She is also good at helping people with their problems and is a frequent confidant for many of the main characters. During the first two seasons, she was known as a rebel who was into drugs, partying, and other crazy activity. In the third season, however; she mellows out and starts working on her future, taking a nursing class and distancing herself from the bad influences she hung out with. In the fifth season, she becomes the senior editor of the school paper and becomes the senior class president in the sixth. She is good friends with Eliza Bell, Dex Smith, Scott Taylor, Danielle Hooper, Angel O'Brian, Lindsay Miller, and the deceased Abby Ulmer. She has a conflict with Keith Rossen and a dislike for her ex-boyfriend Blake Sommer and his best friend Brendan Collinger, despite drunkingly kissing him at a party. She is portrayed by Victoria Justice.

Character HistoryEdit

Season 1 Edit

In Love Drunk, Eliza stops her and asks her if she can ask her a question about her ex-boyfriend, Blake. Kat agrees and Eliza asks if Blake is a bad boy since he's already bringing up sex even though they've only been talking a little while. Kat says that he smokes and drinks and is an idiot with his friends, but is sweet when he's alone with you. She then tells Eliza that he does expect to have sex, but that he's good at it and wishes her luck with him.

In This Is How I Disappear (1), she sees Blake freaking out when the search dogs come in the school for a random inspection and knows he's in trouble since he has pot in his locker. She explains this to Eliza when she is confused and tries to get Blake away from the situation and calm him down, but the dogs expose his drugs and he is caught. Kat comforts him as he freaks out. She goes to Eliza in the bathroom later that day and informs her that Blake got suspended for two weeks and that she shouldn't expect him to quit smoking pot so quickly when she can't quit cutting as fast. She then proves that she knows this from experience by showing Eliza her scars and telling Eliza to give Blake some time before leaving her alone.


Kat worried with Eliza during the drug search.

In This Is How I Disappear (2), she stops Eliza in the hall and scolds her for ignoring Blake and tells her that he needs her. Eliza doesn't listen and she tells her that she needs to give him another chance. Eliza tells her that she'll think about it before leaving. She is later seen by the guidance office and tells Eliza that they got called down to talk about Blake's drug problem. She tells Eliza that she is lying and telling the counselor that the drugs were his friends. She then gets very upset when Eliza doesn't want to lie to the counselor, saying she's a horrible girlfriend. After Eliza covers for him, Kat takes her statement back and is nicer to Eliza again.

In Eyes Open, she is walking to her lunch table with Eliza and informs her that Blake's new friend Jarrod will sit with them. After they have a short conversation with him, Eliza asks Kat if she thinks Jarrod was flirting with her and Kat didn't seem to notice and tells her that he's a cool guy. Eliza informs her the next day that Jarrod has been bugging her for nude pictures even though she keeps refusing him and that Kat should stop talking to him. Kat is worried about Blake and they both agree not to tell Blake about it since he's doing so well. Kat tells Eliza that she's there if she needs someone and they part ways. After the harrassing continues, Kat confronts him and tells him to leave Eliza along or he'll have to deal with her. She then comforts Eliza and tells her that if it continues, they have ammunition against him, which is the nude picture he sent to Eliza. She calls Eliza a fighter and they try to put this past them.


Kat during the first season.

In The Change, Eliza pulls her and Blake through the halls and won't tell them where she's taking them. She takes them to Scott and Chloe and informs them that she needs help because her brother is getting a sex change. Kat is shocked and seems hesitant about going to Illinois and trying to stop him. She goes with her anyway along with Blake, although Scott and Chloe don't go because they don't think it's Eliza say what he does with his life.

In Sick Muse, she tries to help Ethan after his drug abuse endangers a child. She tells him that if he's addicted, he shouldn't be ashamed since it happens to a lot of people. She also tells him that she can help him with whatever he needs, but he tells them that he doesn't have a drug problem.

In Two Kinds of Happiness, she is in science class with Blake and is shocked when she hears what he got on his test, which was a low F. She informs him that if he doesn't pass his midterm, he'll have to retake the class and he's making the real world harder for himself. He doesn't seem to listen and she gets frustrated. She rubs it in his face when the guidance counslor calls him down and tells him the same thing, saying that she was right to begin with. She is shocked when he tells her that he's not going to tell Eliza about this and tells him that it's her business too since she'll be embarrassed dating the guy who failed his sophomore year. She tells him that if he doesn't tell her, that she will and goes off to do so. Blake and Jarrod chase after her and stop Kat, who urges Blake to tell Eliza the truth. After Eliza tells Blake that she'll tutor him, Kat tells him that he better study up if he wants to keep his girlfriend. Eliza is later venting to her later and tells her that she can't date an idiot who fails and Kat understands, but is concerned that if Eliza breaks up with him, it might push him over the edge. She is later thrilled when Blake does well and him and Eliza make up.


Kat comforting Olivia.

In Force A Smile (1), she sees Olivia sitting away from the people in FilmFridayz and is confused, asking if she's in the group or not. Olivia tells her that she was until her mother made her quit it and Kat tries to make her feel better by saying she can leave her mother in 4 years.

In Force A Smile (2), she goes with the search to find Olivia after she runs away and is in the car with Tim, Eliza, Scott, and Chloe. She is worried after they have had no luck for an hour, but then remembers that during her talk with Olivia, she mentioned that she wanted to go live in San Diego and tells this to everyone. They then go to the train station to see if she is there. They find her and Kat is thrilled, saying that they all love her and want her to come home. She then doesn't know what to do after the cops take her home.

Season 2Edit

Midnight City

Kat at the party.

In Midnight City, she is at Tim's party and is talking with Olivia when Liam bumps into them and seems upset, so Kat asks if something is wrong, but he tells them that they wouldn't understand and leaves, concerning them.

In I Knew You Were Trouble, she walks into school as the new semester begins with Eliza, Blake, and Scott and tells Scott that it might be their time to find love when Eliza and Blake start kissing. She is then worried for Scott to get involved with Keith and says that since they have a complicated history, things might get messy. She later goes with Blake to try and help Ethan get out of his drug charges, but is skeptical about whether his plan will work.

In The Ghost of You (1), she walks to Eliza to her locker and is shocked to find out it is Eliza and Blake's six month anniversary since he never said anything about it to her. She asks Eliza if he could have forgotten it, but is proven wrong when balloons come out of her locker and Blake walks out. After he discusses their date that night and leaves, Kat hints that he might be talking about having sex. Eliza tells that Blake doesn't care about that stuff, but Kat believes otherwise. Kat sees her later in the day and tells her to have fun on her date and not to worry about the sex since it feel better when you're not nervous. She hugs her and tells her to not stress.
Kat s2

Kat in Season 2.

In The Ghost of You (1), she pulls up to Eliza's house and tells her that they have to go find Blake who is driving while on drugs and in danger. Eliza doesn't want to go since he broke her heart, but Kat convinces her since his life is more important. They argue in the car about Eliza not caring enough, but then see his car and stop by it. They see him crying in his car and Kat can't get him out of the car, so asks Eliza for help, but Eliza goes off on Blake and says she's done helping him. This upsets Kat profusely who helps Blake herself.

In Hurts Like Heaven, she is at Jeremy's party and stops Jarrod from being mean to Devon, saying he has no other friends. Jarrod doesn't listen however and shooes him away.

In Panic Station (1), she is shocked when Devon asks Jarrod for a gun at lunch and tells Devon that he's not giving him a gun unless he tells Jarrod why he needs it first. She is suspicious when Devon has $250 on him and he tells her that he's been planning this. After Devon leaves, she tells Jarrod that the situation seems shady and maybe it's not a good idea to sell the gun to him, but Jarrod doesn't listen.

In 21 Guns (2), Eliza cancels her sleepover at Kat's to go on a date with Josh and calls to say her grandmother is sick in the hospital which is why she can't go. Kat is worried for her and tells her that she was on her way to pick her up, but it's okay that she cancelled. She sees Eliza go off with Josh and is extremely upset that she lied. She calls her out on this the next day, but Eliza lies and says she didn't. Kat then tells Josh that she doesn't like him and not to make any wrong moves. Worried that something is not right about Josh, she gets Chloe to help her break into his locker and see what he's hiding. She hacks in and sees pictures of Eliza everywhere. Josh catches them and Kat slams the locker shut. He then gets in her face and tells her that if she tells Eliza about what she saw in there, she'll be sorry. After he leaves, Kat and Chloe are scared and backed against the wall since they can't tell her what they saw. Worried that he might hurt them, they decide that they have to find a way to scare Eliza about him without revealing his creepy obsession with her. Eliza later thanks her for helping her see who Josh really was and Kat forgives her since she was crazy in love.

In How You Love Me Now, she is smoking with Jarrod and Eric approaches them, wanting to speak to Jarrod about their conflict. Jarrod shooes her away which annoys Kat, so she tells Dex about what is going on with Eric and Jarrod.

Season 3Edit


Kat in the third season.

In Girl On Fire, she is waiting by the bus to go to the nursing program and tells Caylee that too many people signed up and some people need to be cut. In class, she asks her their teacher how he will determine who will be cut and he informs her that it will be by a test. Kat is excited since she studied her books all summer. Before the test starts, Kat talks to Caylee and tells her that she's not worried about being cut since she studied a lot. She then tells Caylee not to feel bad for the girls who are cut and only to worry about herself and rock the test. She also tells Caylee that she can sabotage people like others are doing.

In Stubborn Love, she is in nursing class and is confused on how to insert an IV, so Caylee shows her. She is then confused when Miranda says that their teacher is flirting with Caylee and giggles when they witness it again.

In Pills N Potions, she sees Miranda and Caylee talking about Caylee's relationship with their nursing teacher and asks them what they are talking about. Caylee changes the subject and tells her that they were talking about homework, which confuses Kat since they had none.

In I Know You Care, she buys weed from Angel for $150 in the girls bathroom and Kat notices how much money Angel has on her, commenting on it. She tells her that she's crazy to do that and leaves. She is later with Angel, Isaac, and Peyton and talking about Angel's car rental when Olivia comes and steals it, scaring Kat. She tells Abby what happened afterwards.

In Internet Killed the Video Star, she sees Julia on craigslist and asks her what she's doing, saying that it's a bad idea after Julia tells her she's looking for a roommate, saying that she might find a serial killer. She then tells Julia that there are other options for cash around Clearwater, referring to the email account girls can send nudes to to get paid, but Julia refuses. Kat says that desperate times call for desperate measures and that she doesn't go to funerals when Julia's roommate murders her.

In Vampire Money (1), she is called into the bathroom by Abby and sees her with Leah and Angel, asking what's going on. Abby asks if she's friends with Jarrod and Kat informs her that she's not anymore since she left the delinquent scene. She is shocked when Abby tells her that they need to get into his house. Abby explains that he's trying to pin all his drugs and crimes on her and that she needs Kat's help to get in his house to find information that can help her to stop it from happening. Kat agrees to help her because she is a good person, but tells them not to tell anyone about her involvement. She drives them to his house and tells them that he's at his family's house all night and found out by nonchalantly having a conversation with him. She lets them know that the key is in the mailbox and to have their phones ready in case she needs to warn them of something. She then stands watch in her car while they go inside and look. Jarrod comes by and she freaks out, texting Abby an SOS. She then tries to have a normal conversation with him saying that she thought he would be home, but he doesn't buy it and is suspicious. She goes to the end of the street where she picks up the other girls and they drive off before any of the others are seen. They then discuss what they found and are worried that he is going to know they were inside when Leah reveals she took something. She and Abby plan to go back to his room during school the next day and put it back. She helps try and solve the code on the paper Leah took, but doesn't get very far. The next day, she is in Jarrod's room with Abby and put the paper back. She comforts Abby when she is scared of what might happen to her and promises her that she won't let Jarrod's plan succeed.

In Vampire Money (2), she walks up to Eric and Abby and asks if they have any updates on the situation, but Eric tells her that they're done with it all. Kat remembers that they have to hide their involvement from Eric and goes with it. She later talks to Zak with Abby who is more invested in his girlfriend than his case and is worried when Abby tells her that their only option is to trust him when Eric won't let them get involved again. She is later recruited again by Abby who is being blackmailed with videos and texts from a blocked number. She asks why this is happening to her and goes with Abby and Leah back to the dance to stop Jarrod's plan. She finds the group again after Abby is arrested and the whole school witnesses it and tells them that it will go down in Clearwater history. She tries to stop the cops from taking her saying that she's innocent, but can't do much else. She stands in shock with Eric, Leah, Angel, and Zak and doesn't know what to do now that Abby is incarerated.

Season 4 Edit


Kat in Season 4.

In Know Your Enemy, Eliza finds Kat in the hallway and runs up to her, desperately needing advice. Kat sees how distressed Eliza looks and asks her what's wrong. Eliza explains that her boyfriend, Dex, is now friends with the guy Eliza has been cheating on him with. When Kat finds out Eliza is cheating on Dex with Brendan Collinger, she is disgusted and says he's a douche. Eliza says she had no idea and only knows he's good in bed, causing Kat to facepalm. Kat suggests Eliza bring up to Scott how Dex is becoming friends with someone who beat him up, thinking Scott would be upset and tell Dex to stay away from Brendan. Eliza finds the idea genius and Kat warns her not to lose a great guy like Dex because of someone as shitty as Brendan. She also tells Eliza to listen to the people who know what's good for her and pats her shoulder before walking away.

In Heaven Knows, Kat approaches Angel in the hallway and says hi, scaring a very tense Angel. Kat brings up how tense she looks and Angel explains she hasn't been sleeping lately, still paranoid about the gang and the part she played in it. Kat assures her the gang broke up the second Jarrod left town and that she barely had any involvement, so she has nothing to worry about. Angel notices Brendan and Blake having a serious conversation and pulls Kat along with her to listen in on what they're saying. After hearing them worry that Abby might get out of prison and that they have another girl to use as a scapegoat if she does, Angel becomes even more paranoid, but Kat assures her they had plenty of people working for them and they probably weren't talking about Angel. She tells Angel not to do anything to make things worse, but Angel won't hear it and storms off, leaving Kat worried about what she might do.

In With Every Heartbeat, she is listening to Brittany talk about how Devon wants her to testify for his early release from prison and seems against her going along with it, mentioning how his hard life doesn't excuse him almost killing Ethan. Brittany then thinks everyone deserves a second chance, but Kat isn't so sure when violence is concerned.

In Elastic Heart, Kat and Miranda hear that Caylee has been dating her nursing teacher and approach her, asking if it's true. Kat is very judgemental of her and says she thought better of her, suggesting that Caylee slept with him to get into the program. Dex comes and steps in, telling Kat and Miranda to lay off, which they do.

In Ain't No Rest For the Wicked (2), Kat is present as Abby reunites the Femme Fatale and tells them all that she and Eric are leaving town after finding out the gang are still after them. Kat is very upset and joins in on the group hug between the girls.

In Her Diamonds, Kat is walking through the hallway and passes Eliza, who says hi and mentions that she hasn't talked to Kat in forever. Kat avoids eye contact and tells her that's a good thing, furious with her like everyone else at Clearwater over the disgusting stunts she pulled throughout the semester. Eliza is shocked by Kat's response as she walks away.

Season 5 Edit

In Rise, she approaches Peyton and introduces herself, revealing she is the new senior advisor of the Clearwater High paper and that she would like to do an interview with her about her arts protest for an article. Peyton is excited and agrees, so Kat promises to email her details before walking off.

In Kill Your Heroes, Kat is present at the Hub when Peyton is arrested for being behind Clearwater Secrets. Kat mentions that just when everyone forgot about it, it came back into relevency again. She says this is going to make the front page of the school paper and starts taking notes as Peyton is escorted in handcuffs out of the Hub.

In Feeling Myself, Kat excitedly approaches Brittany and tells her she'd like to do a newpaper piece on her dress code protest and wants to do an interview. Brittany agrees and Kat thanks her for helping all of the girls at the school before walking off.

In Used to Love You, she is in class as Dex walks in looking terrified. She asks if everything is alright since he looks like he saw a ghost. After Dex says he heard from his dad who invited him to lunch, Kat asks him what's so bad about that. Dex explains he hasn't talked to his family much since dating and living with Scott and he's realizing how much he missed them. Kat tells him this is good then and he can go have fun with his family without any drama. Dex asks if it would be bad if he didn't tell Scott about it and explains how they tried to get him to move out before and Scott was scared he might. Dex then admits he's considering moving back home and Kat sympathizes with him and says it must be hard being away from home for so long. She then tells him to go to the lunch while Scott is working and not tell him about it unless he asks so he's not technically lying to him about it. Kat is happy for him as Dex gets excited to meet his family and goes back to writing down notes from the board.

In Wildest Dreams, Ethan stops Kat in the hall and asks her how the school presidential polls are looking since he is running. Kat tells him that he's gaining voters and says there's hope for him despite the popularity of Danielle and Lana's campaign. She advises him to play up his own popularity and he may pull off a win. Ethan thanks her, but asks why she's helping him if she's rooting for Danielle and Lana. Kat explains she has no problem giving tips to the underdog and winks at him before walking off.


Kat in the fifth season.

In Love Me or Leave Me, Kat is seen strutting down the runway at a practice for Keith's fashion show she is a part of. After he sends everyone out to put on their first outfits, Chloe and Kat run back out and say they're having trouble getting them on. Kat comments how she can't figure out this "space age shit" and how it seems more like art than clothes. Keith gets upset and reminds her clothes are art before Lana goes to help them.

Kat later sits down with Keith for an interview on his fashion show to be used for an article in the paper. Kat starts off the interview by congratulating him on being the first person to run a fashion show at Clearwater ever. She starts asking questions and thanks him for letting her be a part of the show as a model. Kat then asks if he's hoping this show will change the student body's negative perception of him, throwing Keith off. Kat mentions that he's had his fair share of scandals that have turned people off from him and he calls her out saying these questions have nothing to do with the fashion show. Kat explains that the article can't be all about the fashion show because people look for juicy details. Keith tells her that the school paper should be boring and that's why no one reads it. Kat says she wants it to be different as the new senior advisor and wants people to want to read it. She then calls him out and says people don't like him and this is his chance to change people's minds about him. Keith stops the interview which annoys Kat, saying this isn't going to help his reputation. He tells her he doesn't care and fires her as a model, commenting she can't strut for shit as he leaves the room. Kat looks very annoyed by his comment and the failure of the interview.

Kat is later seen behind the curtain at the disastrous fashion show following the huge blowup between Keith, his parents, and his older boyfriend. She is seen holding a tape recorder, having the entire fight on tape and looking very devious. The following day, Kat watches as Keith blames Scott for telling his parents about his 40-year-old boyfriend, but Kat comes and tells Keith it wasn't Scott. He asks her how she knows and she reveals she documented everything on tape. Keith asks her who told his parents, but she refuses to tell him. She also tells him that she has enough footage to write a killer story in the newspaper about what happened, but will respect his privacy and not do it. She tells him that's what a good person does, unlike him. He doesn't want to hear it, but she tells him that she hopes he learns from his mistakes one day. Keith walks away and Kat calls Eliza on the phone, saying she knows she blamed Scott for telling Keith's parents about his boyfriend, knowing Eliza was the one to actually do it. She admits that she still cares about Eliza, so she's keeping what she knows to herself, but wants Eliza to leave Scott alone because he's a good person and doesn't deserve anymore blackmail. Eliza tells Kat not to tell her what to do, but thanks her for not telling anyone it was her. Kat tells Eliza not to give her a reason to and hangs up.

In La Lune, Kat is preparing for an interview regarding the school presidential election with Danielle, but an argument breaks out between Danielle and Ethan beforehand when Ethan thinks Danielle sabotaged him by telling Principal Hanson about how he's been selling test answers for votes. Kat starts recording it and when Danielle calls her out on it, Kat apologizes and walks away. After the fight, Kat comments on how intense that was to Danielle. She then asks Danielle if she really did tell Hanson about the test answers, but Danielle says she didn't. Kat says she wouldn't judge her if she did, off the record. Danielle continues to say she didn't, but Kat knows Ethan doesn't believe her and warns Danielle that Ethan is going to leak some major shit on her and to be careful.

In This is Gospel (1), Kat approaches Angel in the Hub and asks if she can get a quote on the incident surrounding her, mentioning that they used to be friends, so she wants to give Angel the benefit of the doubt. Angel has no idea what incident she's talking about, so Kat shows Angel a video on instagram of Angel spray painting on Candace's car. Angel is shocked to see she was filmed doing this and Kat tells her Brendan posted it and shows her all the comments saying how gross Angel is. Angel tells Kat this isn't her and Kat says she knows, which is why she wanted to get a quote and maybe Angel can turn things around. Angel is upset that Kat is writing an article in the paper about it, but Kat explains that if she doesn't someone else will and Angel would rather have Kat do it. Kat suggests maybe Angel say she was drunk and asks what Candace did to make Angel so mad. Angel explains that she saw Candace kissing the guy she liked, and Kat tells her it was very petty what she did. Kat says that people might forgive her if she posts an apology on twitter and apologizes to Candace. Wyatt comes and gives Angel her coffee, commenting he may or may not have spit in it. Angel throws it in the trash and leaves as Kat looks sorry for her.

In Christmas (Baby Please Come Home), Kat is at Eric's Christmas party and excitedly runs over to Scott, saying how she hasn't seen him in forever as they hug. They walk off together, catching up.

In First of the Year, Kat is drunk at Lana's New Year's Eve party and stops her for a pic. They take a selfie and Lana tells her not to put that in the paper, which Kat promises she won't. As the clock strikes midnight as the new year begins, Kat and Brendan are seen making out and he tries touching her butt, but she smacks his hand away.

Season 6 Edit


Kat in Season 6.

In Guns For Hands, Kat walks into the bathroom and sees Eliza breathing very heavily over the sink. She runs over to her and asks if she's having some sort of attack, Eliza explains she's trying to calm herself down so she doesn't have another outburst due to her Intermittent Explosive Disorder and get put on mood stabilizers. Kat mentions that those turn people into zombies. She then asks Eliza what she's trying to get away from and Eliza explains that she thought people would understand when she got back that a lot of the things she did last semester she had no control over. Kat says that people probably don't understand that and admits she had no idea what IED was when she heard Eliza was diagnosed with it. Eliza asks why Kat is being so nice to her and Kat reveals her mom has schizophrenia and she understands she does things she doesn't really mean because of it, saying she never told Eliza that because she never asked. Eliza also admits not everything she did was because of the disorder, so Kat tells her to apologize for whatever wasn't. Kat tells her to get some new friends if they don't forgive her and tells her that she has one, meaning herself. Eliza is relieved to hear someone wants to be her friend and starts to cry, so Kat hugs her and tells her to show this side to people instead of the sassy one and they'll forgive her.

In Just Give Me A Reason, Kat tries to get a quote from Lana on her first day back from school after her hit and run accident, but Lana tells her not to start talking to her now just because she feels bad for her. Kat looks guilty for upsetting her as Lana wheels herself away in her wheelchair.

In Talking Body, Kat is seen taking part in the Clearwater annual beauty pageant in order to win money for college and backstage before the first reveal, she tells Candace how inspiring she is for having cancer and doing a beauty pageant. Candace asks her to keep it on the DL, but Kat tells her she would inspire so many people and the judges would totally give her the win because of it. Candace explains she wants the win because she deserves it, not because people feel sorry for her, which Kat understands and wishes her good luck.

In Me, Myself, & I, Kat is seen at the student council meeting and starts to get excited over Danielle's suggestion for a Valentine's Day dance. She starts texting dance committee members so they can get started on the props and rolls her eyes in annoyance when Ethan tells Danielle she'd better get a date for the dance despite being perpetually single. She gets all of the dance commitee to come and mentions to Danielle that her ex, Brad, is there because he runs the architecture club and will know how to build stuff they need. Kat mentions to Danielle that something might happen if she starts working too closely with Brad. When Danielle asks her if she invited Brad just because they used to date, Kat says she invited him because he's still into her and doesn't believe her when Danielle says she's too busy for boys. After hearing about the huge Black Lives Matter protest downtown from Peyton, Kat leaves the dance prep to get coverage of it for the school paper.

Season 7 Edit

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Blake Sommer


  • Kat is one of the 4 recurring characters who are students to appear in every season and never be billed as a regular.
  • She is not a virgin, as she told Eliza that she didn't have a problem with Blake wanting sex.
  • She is one of the four characters to cut themselves. The others are Eliza, Scott, and Olivia.
  • She was a part of the nursing program along with Caylee and Miranda.
  • She was part of the alliance Femme Fatale along with Abby, Leah, and Angel.
  • She was her senior class president and senior advisor of the school paper.
  • Despite only being a recurring character, she appeared in more than half of the episodes of Season 6.
  • She won prom queen at her senior prom and attended with Brendan, despite not liking him.


  • (to Eliza) "Hi, you're Moon's friend, right?" (First Line)
  • "Hey Jarrod, if you don’t stay the hell away from Eliza, you’ll have trouble with me, okay?"
  • "No, the real world is when you have a job and pay for taxes and have kids and pets and a mortgage. This is not the real world."
  • "History makes everything more complicated..."
  • (to Josh) "I don’t like you and I don’t like you dating my friend, so one false move and you’ll wake up in the middle of the Sahara. Zip up your pants cult boy."
  • "You can feel the desperation in the air."
  • (to Julia) "You’re just asking to room with a serial killer who’s gonna turn your skin into their new lampshade."
  • "I look for the juicy details, things people are actually interested in."
  • (to Keith) "I just want you to know that if I wanted to, I could write a killer story using the stuff I got last night behind the scenes of your fashion show. But I’m going to respect your privacy and opt out. That’s what it’s like to be a good person, Keith. Have to opportunity to ruin someone’s life, but not actually do it."
  • "People drift apart, but that doesn’t mean they can’t come back together."