Jamie Stellar
FULL NAME Jamie Ann Stellar
NICKNAME(S) Jame (by everyone)

Jamers (by Jeremy)
Jame (by everyone)

D.O.B. April 1996
HAIR COLOR Brown (dyed Blonde)
FAMILY Moon Stellar (adoptive sister)

Kate Stellar (adoptive mother)
Todd Stellar (adoptive father)
Eileen Stellar (adoptive grandmother; deceased)

RELATIONSHIPS Jeremy Litten (ex-fiance)
Noah (kissed)
Bernard Kale (hook-up)
Isaac Mantis (hook-up)
Tim Sharpe (kissed)
JOB Assistant at Perfekt Magazine
SCHOOL(S) Clearwater High School
Clearwater Community College
FIRST Anything Could Happen (101)
PORTRAYER AnnaSophia Robb

Jamie Stellar is a graduate of Clearwater High School in the Class of 2014. She starts out the series being the moral compass of the group and not having much drama outside her romantic endeavors with Jeremy, but soon shows her darker side and manages to turn everyone against Sophie after she starts spreading rumors about Jamie. In the second season, her storyline focuses on her relationship with Jeremy which later leads to an engagment. She also deals with the suicide attempt by her mother and losing Jeremy when he leaves her to become a star in Hollywood. In the third season, her story takes a dark turn when she sleeps with a guy she doesn't know and starts heavily drinking, soon becoming an alcoholic. It is later revealed she drank to deal with her adoption that she found out about and is sent to rehab. She relapses in the fifth season and drops out of college. After another stint in rehab, she returns to Clearwater in the seventh season presumably clean.  

Jamie is very opinionated and people-smart. She doesn't take crap from anyone and will tell people what's on her mind. She is also extremely stubborn and doesn't like to take advice from people, thinking she knows what's best for herself. She is also known to lash out when she is under stress and make hasty decisions. Overall, she is a good friends who makes mistakes, but always learns from them.  

She is best friends with Julia Abbott and Caylee Daniels and good friends with Liam Fithe, Scott Taylor, Tim Sharpe, and Trey Nitt. Additional friends include Danielle Hooper, Dex Smith, Sadie Carroll, Isaac Mantis, and Ethan Webber, although she has grown apart from them since graduating. She is enemies with Sophie Clark after initially being very good friends. She is also on bad terms with her old friend Eliza Bell. She is the adopted sister of Moon Stellar who she has a rocky relationship with. She is portrayed by AnnaSophia Robb. 

Character HistoryEdit

Season 1 Edit

In Anything Could Happen, she is first seen coming up to Sophie as she looks at the school and invites her to sit with her at lunch. Later, Sophie dicthes Jamie to sit with the popular crowd and Jamie is fine with it. At the end of the episode, Sophie wakes up after collapsing in the middle of the road and is at Jamie's. Danielle explains that Jamie and her picked up Sophie. Sophie then apologizes to Jamie for ditching her and hints that they will hang out that weekend and Jamie smiles and says they will.

In Let's Get it Started, she finds Sophie hilarious at the lunch table and later tries to stop Moon when she is asking her a bunch of personal questions. She talks to Moon and convinces her to be nice to Sophie and be less selfish over attention. She is happy when her sister follows her advice and is very excited to start FilmFridayz at the first meeting.


Jamie seeing Jeremy in the hall.

In Love Drunk, she is discussing boys with Julia, who is pushing for her to find a guy. Jamie reveals that she doesn't like anyone and doesn't seem to have any interest in dating. Jeremy comes by and talks to her about the new FilmFridayz video idea and Jamie immediately blushes. Julia figures out she likes him and tells her to go for it. Jamie seems embarrassed by it and nudges Julia when she teases her about it. Jamie ditches her lunch table that day to meet with Jeremy, but sees Julia talking to him and acting flirty and asks Caylee if that's weird, starting to get a little jealous. Caylee says she's just paranoid and Jamie agrees, shaking it of, but still having some doubts. She apologizes the next day about not meeting Jeremy at lunch and asks him to go to the smoothie shop after school that day. Jeremy tells her he already has plans with Julia, but they can hang out soon. Jamie tells him to have fun, but is shocked the second he leaves that Julia would steal him from her. Alicia comes by and asks what's wrong and Jamie tells her what happened, not believing that Julia would actually steal him. Alicia isn't so sure and tells Jamie to watch both of them like a hawk, which Jamie agrees she needs to do. 

In Fuckin' Perfect, she was sleeping over Caylee's house and when Caylee's pants don't fit her, she comforts her and tells her that she's gorgeous. At school, she and Caylee talk to Julia who is on a diet. Jamie tells her she doesn't need to be and when Julia accidentally criticizes Caylee, Jamie yells at her. Later, after Trey's fight with Isaac she goes into the bathroom to talk to her. She tells her that if she wants to be a boy, then she shouldn't care about what other people think and do what she wants. She drags Trey to Pride with her to help her self-esteem.


Jamie in the first season.

In Keep Holding On, she helps convince Ethan to ask out Danielle and tells him she's in the art room.

In This Is How I Disappear (1), she asks Jeremy to help him with a video project after school. At Pride, she is introduced to Scott and asks him to join FilmFridayz. When it is her time to speak, she tells everyone that she is confused about her sexuality.

In This Is How I Disappear (2), she is working on her video project and welcomes Julia when she comes in. After she leaves to go to the bathroom, Jamie takes her camera and starts looking at her footage. She sees Julia and Jeremy having sex and when Caylee walks in, Jamie acts like she doesn't care, which confuses Caylee. At FilmFridayz, Jeremy wants to talk with her and tells her that he has feelings for her and not Julia. She says that she likes him too, but they need to hang out for a while before starting a relationship, which he agrees to.

In Radar, Sophie tells her lunch table about Devon and Jamie tells her that maybe it's a good idea to stay away from him because he has some problems.


Jamie feeling insecure about dating Jeremy.

In You Da One, she asks Jeremy to hang out after school and he agrees. Caylee asks when they will start dating and she tells her that she doesn't want to make the first move. Caylee says that Jeremy isn't a mind reader and won't know that she's ready so Jamie agrees to ask him to homecoming after school. After school, she and Jeremy are playing video games and before she can ask him out, he starts making out with her, cutting her off. At school the next day, she asks Julia about it and wonders if he lost feelings for her. Julia tells her that he didn't and that she needs to just ask hm and not give him a chance to interupt. She finds Tim outside FilmFridayz and gives him advice about his situation with Sadie. Later on when he's drunk, Tim asks her to homecoming and she denies him and tells him to go to his car. She goes to get Jeremy, but he locks them in a closet and tries to have sex with her. She denies him as well and leaves, telling him to leave her alone. Jeremy later knocks on her door and tells her he wanted a reason for her to stay with him. She forgives him but tells him that they will have to hold off on dating again.

In Dancing On My Own (1), Sophie skypes her and asks her what to do about her attraction towards Abby. Jamie tells her to go for it because teens normally experiment with their sexualities.

In Eyes Open, she is at FilmFridayz and suggests that Jeremy be running for president in the new video concept. She interrupts Sadie's conversation with Jeremy to ask what scene she should be in and he tells her she can interview him. She pulls him away to help Julia with her scene, upsetting Sadie. The next day she is eating lunch with Jeremy and trying to tell him an idea she has, but keeps getting interrupted by Sadie. She tells her how rude she's being and Sadie takes Jeremy away. At the end of the day, Jamie is in a bad mood because of Sadie and Devon tries to get her to convince Jeremy to go along with his FilmFridayz idea and she snaps at him, upsetting Moon. At her house, she has Caylee over and leaves her and Moon alone to go finish the laundry.

In Personal Jesus, Caylee is sleeping over and they are talking about her relationship with Jeremy. Caylee feels dizzy and almost falls over so Jamie helps her to the bed. At school, Jamie and Julia try to convince Caylee to see a doctor and when she runs off to puke, they agree that if it gets any worse, they will call a doctor for her. She tries one more time to push her to see the doctor, but Caylee refuses again because she can't afford it and they head off for lunch. At lunch, Jamie tells everyone about her sickness and is surprised to find out that Sophie and Ethan are dating. In class, Caylee doesn't feel well and goes to the nurse so Mr. Stein sends Jamie to follow her and take her things. She witnesses Caylee fall down the stairs and faint and screams for help, scared for her friend. In the nurse's office, she comforts Caylee when she is scared and promises to always be there for her.


Jamie upset seeing Jeremy dancing with Julia.

In What You Waiting For?, Jeremy tells her he loves her and wants to be together, but she tells him that she wants to wait a little longer. At a party, she sees Jeremy flirting with Julia and doesn't want her to steal him again and realizes she has to get with him pronto. She pulls him into the bathroom and tells him that she loves him and wnats to be with him so they start to kiss. After Tim's car accident, she has Liam drive both her and Moon to the scene as soon as possible and when Scott leaves to break up with Harley, she asks if he wants her to come along, but he says no. She checks up on Tim and says she'll miss him at FilmFridayz after he quits. Then she goes to Scott's house along with Tim, Moon, Sadie, and Sophie for hot cocoa.
Want u back

Jamie finding out Jeremy cheated on her.

In Want U Back, she and Jeremy are flaunting their relationship through the halls and they talk about how happy they are and that nothing can stop them.. At a movie night, Julia leaves to pee and Jeremy tries to get closer to her, joking about sex. She admits that she's not ready for it and feels very insecure about it when Jeremy shows he isn't happy about that. A few days later, she and Jeremy are cuddling and Moon makes fun of them. Julia comes and talks about their breakup that Jeremy lied to her about, happy that they're staying friends. When Jamie finds out Jeremy lied to Julia about their breakup so he could have sex with her, she goes beserk and breaks up with him, leaving with Julia. He tries to apologize later that day, but she won't even look at him and calls him a douchebag.

In The Change, she is surpised to see Trey has changed his look and looks completely masculine. When Isaac comes and tries to stir up trouble, she tells him to leave and for Trey not to fight him. At FilmFridayz, she storms off after Sadie yells at everyone and runs into Trey, telling him not to go. Isaac comes and calls Trey a manlady which causes them to have a physical altercation that Jamie, once again, tries to stop. Trey runs off and Lauren and Jamie follow him because they know he will do something stupid. They try to calm him down, but he throws a chair at the girl's bathroom and shocks both Jamie and Lauren.

In Give Me All Your Luvin', she overhears Sophie having a conversation with Scott and Sadie about how abusive her mother is. When Sophie leaves, Jamie approaches them and tells them that they're neighbors and she's never heard any yelling or indication that her mom is evil. She then points out how many nice statuses her mother posts about Sophie on Facebook, saying that she's going to figure out why Sophie is lying to people about that. She talks to Ethan about it and tells him that if she's lying about that, she could be lying about other stuff and that he should be careful about trusting her. He tells her that one lie isn't going to completely break his trust in her, and Jamie understands and turns to leave, accidentally bumping into Jeremy and then avoiding him. Jamie soon starts to obsess over Sophie's lie and asks Danielle to tell her anything that Sophie says so that she can expose her for being a liar. Danielle tells her that unless she hasn't said one lie in her entire life, she needs to stop and get over it. She later sees Ethan looking upset and asks what is wrong, so he tells her that she was right about Sophie being a compulsive liar and that she lied about kissing Abby to him. This makes Jamie enraged that she would lie to Ethan about that and tells him it's the right thing to do when he thinks about dumping her. She then hugs him to make him feel better. Later that day, Jamie calls her out on everything and then loses her temper when Sophie tries to say that people are trying to make her look bad. She tells Sophie that everyone is going to find out she's a liar and a manipulator and goes back inside, not listening to Sophie's pleas of innocence. This leads Sophie to spread yet another rumor; this time about Jamie.

In Sick Muse, Jeremy is shaken after hearing Sophie's rumor about Jamie stalking him since their breakup and believes it. At Liam's house party, he starts flirting with Danielle in front of Jamie to send her a message, which she finds incredibly annoying. She talks to Caylee about it and says that she knows he's only flirting with a freshman to make her jealous, not knowing about the rumor being spread. He mentions this rumor to Caylee and she tries to tell him it's not true, but he doesn't believe her. After Caylee tells Jamie about the rumor, Jamie confronts Jeremy about it and tells him that it's not true and that she doesn't care if he believes her or not because she thinks he's a pig and if people around school start talking about it, she'll know it came from him. At school the next day, she asks Isaac where Jeremy heard she was stalking him, and when he tells her that he got it from Sophie, she starts to make sense of stuff and swears to get Sophie back. She is later sitting with her friends watching Ethan hang out with Blake after getting back into drugs and Jamie says that she thinks he's addicted and they could help him, but no one else seems to think they can do anything about it.


In Two Kinds of Happiness, Jamie is under a lot of stress and bumps into Sadie, apologizing. Sadie asks if she's alright and then tells her that she knows she's not when Jamie tries to act like she's fine. Jamie explains that her life has gotten out of control lately and she needs to get things back to normal and the only way to do that is to confront everyone who has wronged her. Sadie tells her that she admires her drive and says that she knows the two haven't been very friendly to each other, but that she thinks Jamie deserves the best. Jamie thanks her for her compliment and goes off to make changes in her life. When she sees Sophie in the hallway, she pulls her away from Abby and tells her that they need to talk. She calls Sophie out for calling the rumor and when Sophie tries to cover herself and say it wasn't her, Jamie tells her that she knows it was her because she's a pathetic freshman and that Jamie isn't wrapped around her finger like everyone else is. Sophie calls her insane and threatens her by saying that if she doesn't stay in line, another rumor might surface about her. Jamie is furious and when Caylee tries to make her feel better, Jamie doesn't think she understands what's going on and goes to Sadie because she does. Sadie tells her that she's not crazy and that she's crazy for going after a guy who wants to be with Jamie, revealing it to be Tim. Jamie is shocked by this information and goes to find him.

When she finds him, she starts to make out with him and when he questions her about it, she tells him that they both like each other, so they should keep making out. He stops her again and asks if they're dating, but Jamie tells him it's more like a friends with benefits. He tells her that he's not looking for that, so Jamie tries to tell him how complicated relationships can be. They decide that they want different things and to act like that never happened, so Jamie then calls Julia to tell her what happened. Meanwhile, Moon is lonely and wants to spend time with Jamie, but Jamie shrugs her off because she has to tell Julia what happened. Moon wants to know, but Jamie refuses to tell her. Moon then gets mad that she still trusts Julia after she went after Jeremy twice, but Jamie doesn't want to hear it. Moon then loses it on her and tells her that she's a control freak and that if they weren't related, she wouldn't have stayed with her this long. The statement hits Jamie and she tearfully walks away to find Jeremy.

At his locker, she tells him that she tried hating him, but that she couldn't because she loves him. They kiss and Jeremy apologizes for hooking up with Julia while Moon watches in disappointment. Jamie then goes to talk to Julia about it and is surprised when she already knows because of Moon. She explains that everything in her life was fine until she broke things off with Jeremy and that he may be the stability she needs. They then decide to hatch a plan to get revenge on Sophie before she backstabs Jamie again for getting back with Jeremy. She is later laying in the courtyard with Jeremy and asks if they can last this time, which he says they will. She tells him if he ever cheats again, she'll staple his ballsack to the ceiling which makes him laugh. She then asks for his help in taking down Sophie and he agrees after finding out she played him with the rumor about Jamie. They then kiss under the tree, Jamie finally at peace with almost everything in her life.

In Force A Smile (1), Abby goes to Jamie to find out more about Sophie's lies that everyone is talking about, but doesn't believe people are telling the truth. Jamie tells her that she's not going to waste her time on her if she's just talking to her to get information. Abby insists that she just wants to know what Sophie has done, so Jamie starts listing everything off, including when she told people that her and Abby made out. Abby starts acting weird and Jamie asks if Sophie didn't lie about that. Abby tells her that they did make out, but that Sophie swore she would never tell anyone about it. Jamie tells her that Sophie isn't a good person and Abby says that she wished it wasn't true. Jamie then asks if she can get Sophie to stop all the drama and Abby agrees to try. She then goes to Moon for help who is still mad that Jamie ignored her when she needed her. Jamie apologizes, but tells her that she really needs help exposing Sophie. Moon is then interested and Jamie explains that if they can find something out about her, they might be able to use it against her. Moon agrees to help, but only if Jamie takes the fall if their plan is exposed. Jamie agrees and they bump fists, finally making up. Jamie later finds Scott looking upset and checks to see what's wrong. He explains that Sophie told Eric about Scott's crush on him and how he's worried now that things will be awkward between them. Jamie tries to tell him that Eric won't care, but Scott is still upset. Jamie tells him that she did it to him because she knows he would never sink to her level, but Scott says that he would to get her back. Jamie then invites him to the club of people going against Sophie.


Jamie talking with Jeremy and Tim.

In Force A Smile (2), she gets the group of people looking for revenge against Sophie, who are Scott, Moon, and Ethan, and starts assigning jobs. She tells Scott to tell people what she did because people will believe and feel sorry for him, Moon to convince Danielle and Abby to turn on Sophie since those are her two closest friends, and for Ethan to tell people she slept with Abby while they were together. She then tells them all that Sophie is playing dirty, so they all can too. She is later talking to Jeremy and Tim about it who find it hilarious how everyone is going crazy, but that Sophie needs to be put in her place, making Jamie happy that her plan is working. After Sophie finds out the plan and that Jamie is behind it, she confronts her and tells her that she's done with her. Jamie says that everyone is better off without her and doesn't believe her when Sophie tries to say she didn't do anything again. Sophie then points out that what Jamie is doing is just as bad as what Sophie did and that makes her a heartless bitch too. This effects Jamie and when Moon comes and asks if she's okay, Jamie says that revenge isn't so sweet. Danielle finds Jamie who thinks that she's there to yell at her for what she did to Sophie, but Danielle informs her that she missed the car wash for Caylee's hospital funds after she is diagnosed with diabetes. Jamie realizes she's been so wrapped up in the drama that she hasn't been there for her friend and runs to find her, but instead finds Liam who calls her out for not being there. He then agrees to take Jamie with him to see Caylee in the hospital that night. The next day, Jamie goes to Sophie's locker and apologizes for acting just as bad as she did, but Sophie sticks with her story of doing nothing wrong. Jamie says that at leats she can admit when she does wrong unlike Sophie, but that she just wants the fighting to end. They then hug and make up and Jamie then leaves with Jeremy. She goes to Caylee's locker with Julia and Liam and tells her that they went to the hospital to see her, but that she already left. Caylee explains that she has diabetes and Jamie says they wouldn't know what they would do without her as they all hold hands and walk down the hallway together, finally ending all of the drama from the semester and focusing on each other.

Season 2Edit

Jamie s2

Jamie in Season 2.

In Settle Down, she is at the mall with her friends before school gets back after winter break and Caylee comments that she and Jamie will still be at Clearwater after everyone else they're with graduates and Jamie asks how she'll get through a whole year without Jeremy with her. He tells her that she'll have to find a way and they kiss. When Trey starts wondering about coming out as trans to his parents, Jamie says he has plenty of time to worry about that, but he should enjoy the last few days of vacation with his friends.

In Midnight City, she has Julia over her house who is venting about her mom nagging for her to get a job. Jamie worries that they might have money problems, but Julia doesn't think they do since she never brought it up to her. Jamie explains that Julia's mom seems stressed and that Julia needs to be there for her. Later, at Tim's party, she is annoyed when Julia is drunk and refuses to help her mother out by getting a job. When no one is agreeing with her, Julia leaves and Jamie tells Trey that Julia is stupid when she's drunk and wonders what they can do to help her understand why she's wrong. She later convinces Julia to help her mother out and they make up as well.

In I Knew You Were Trouble, Jamie calls Ethan ditchy when he shows up to lunch after skipping most of his classes throughout the day. After Hanson comes and tells Ethan to expect something at his house, Jamie tells him the only way to figure out what it is is to go home and see.

In Sweet Nothing, she is happy for Sadie when she hears that she got an internship and asks how it will effect her running FilmFridayz and if she'll be able to do both, which Sadie says that she will. Many members of the group approach Jamie and ask if she'll be the new leader of the group when everyone decides Sadie needs to be out. Jamie is surprised and flattered, but isn't sure she is ready for the responsilbility. After they push her more, she agrees and is weirded out when Devon hugs her in excitement. At the next meeting, she stands on a desk and makes a short speech about how she's the new leader. She also chooses her co-leaders, Julia and Liam, which makes Sophie furious since it was her who got Jamie the position in the first place.

In Bring Me to Life (1), Jamie sees Julia limping through the hallway and asks if she's okay. Julia tells her that she has cramps and Jamie mentions how periods suck. Jamie offers to take her to the nurse and Julia rejects the offer, saying she'll be okay. Jamie then questions if it's really her period since Caylee didn't know she had diabetes until she got checked. Julia then starts to get worried and promises she'll go to the doctor if it gets worse which makes Jamie feel better. At her lunch table, she congratulates Alicia for getting her crush, Trey, to tutor her and says that he'll fall for her since they'll be spending so much time together. Jamie sees Julia and Caylee sharing a moment, not knowing it's about how Julia might be pregnant and they keep the secret from her, so Jamie is oblivious. Jamie accidentally bumps into Julia, spilling everything out of her purse, including her pregnancy test. When Jamie sees it, she's shocked and to cover up her secret, Julia tells Jamie that the test is for Caylee. Jamie is shocked and surprised that she would have unprotected sex, but wonders why Caylee didn't tell her. Julia says it's because she gets judgy like she's doing now and Jamie apologizes, but asks if she should just wait for Caylee to tell her before saying anything and Julia says she should before running off. Later, Jamie confronts Caylee about being pregnant and Caylee keeps the story going for Julia's sake. Jamie gets annoyed with how Caylee doesn't seem to care and walks off, still not knowing it's Julia who might be pregnant.

In Bring Me to Life (2), she and Jeremy are talking about how he wants to throw a huge party and Jamie jokes that he's a party animal before Moon comes and pulls Jamie aside. Moon then tells her that Julia is pregnant, but that no one knows about it yet. Jamie is shocked, but then Moon reveals that the baby is Jeremy's which makes Jamie freak out even more. Confused about how Moon found this out, she reveals that she heard her talking about it in the bathroom with Caylee. Jamie then gets sick to her stomach and finally believes that Julia is a horrible friend like Moon has been saying all along. She then leaves to tell Julia what she needs to hear and Moon is happy that she finally managed to turn Jamie against Julia. When she finds Julia talking to Dex, she pushes her and calls her a bitch. Julia is confused at first until Jamie says that she knows Julia is pregnant with her boyfriend's baby. Dex runs off after being scared of them and Jamie tells her that she forgave her for sleeping with Jeremy, but keeping the secret of their kid from her is the last straw and she wants Julia out of her life for good. Jamie then leaves as Julia starts crying. She is later called by Tim and told to go to Julia's house quickly, which she does. She and Tim find Julia with a coat hanger about to give herself an abortion and Jamie tells her to stop. Jamie tries to ration with her by saying there are other ways to deal with the problem that she can help her with. Julia puts the hanger down and starts crying, so Jamie holds her and apologizes for being mad at her for not telling her about it when she still hadn't processed it yet. Jamie then admits to being a bitch and that she forgives Julia for everything. They then discuss Julia's options and laugh about how pregnant Julia will act. Jamie then promises to be there for her through everything.

In Knock 'Em Out, Jamie is at lunch and laughs at Leah who wanted to get high off of Caylee's diabetes medication. The next day, she goes to Dex after hearing he and Sophie might get together and warns him of the trouble she causes. He tells her that he believes her when she says she's changed, but Jamie says she'll believe it when she sees it. He then tells Jamie to mind her own business and leaves, which annoys Jamie who was just trying to help him. When Caylee gets suspended, she lies to her friends about it being because of a fight, but then Jamie tells her that she knows when she's lying and can tell she is. Caylee admits she's suspended her glucose tablets as drugs and Jamie is shocked, but wishes her luck in her suspension.


In Young Blood, Jamie comes to lunch and seems to be dozing off as she doesn't hear Danielle's question about FilmFridayz. Caylee asks if she's alive and Jamie tells her that she's fine, just tired from sleeping on a couch. Moon then tells everyone that their grandmother won't let them use the guest room which Jamie yells at her for because she didn't want people knowing they live in their grandmother's house and don't have their own rooms. She tells Moon to keep her big mouth shut and Moon leaves, angry at Jamie. She then apologizes to her friends and tells them she doesn't like people knowing about her family life, which they understand. She gets home that day and hears her mom and grandmother fighting about missed rent money and her grandmother threatening to kick them out. Jamie is then scared that they'll be homeless and doesn't know what to do. She tells Julia about this because Julia is about to be kicked out of her apartment and needs advice since she's not good with change. Julia then says it might put less of a strain on her family and might be a good thing. Jamie isn't sure whether or not to tell Moon and Julia convinces her it's a good idea to let her know and not keep her in the dark. Jamie thanks Julia and lets her know how much she loves her and they hug. Julia then leaves as Jamie tries to figure out how she's going to tell Moon.

Jamie comes out and says it straight to Moon who then goes crazy and asks her grandma about it. After Moon tells her grandma that she's dead to her, her grandma blames Jamie for telling her and wants her to leave her alone since she can't stand to look at her. Jamie leaves and cries in the bathroom as she sees things around her start to crumble again. At school the next day, she is cuddling with Jeremy in the lunchroom and tells him that he's the most important thing to her now that her family is falling apart. She then asks if when he moves out of his house, if she can move in with him to get away from the family drama and he agrees, saying he wouldn't want it any other way. Later, when Sophie tries to sit at her lunch table, Jamie and everyone else says she's not welcome there anymore after she broke Scott's heart by kissing his crush in front of him.

In The Ghost of You (1), Jeremy is singing a song about Jamie in front of the school and when he's done, she kisses him and tells him she loves him so much it drives her crazy. She then tells him out of all the mistakes she's made in her life, falling for Jeremy isn't one of them. He then asks if they can look for an apartment since he can't wait anymore and Jamie tells him that she's in. Jamie gets a call from Jeremy to meet him at the park and it's urgent, so she hurries up and asks him what's wrong. He starts talking about how much he loves her and then gets on one knee and proposes, making Jamie cry. She doesn't give an answer right away and tells him that it came out of nowhere, not knowing what she's going to say.


Jamie about to talk to Julia.

In The Ghost of You (2), Julia goes to Jamie's locker and Jamie tells her that Jeremy proposed to her. Julia is shocked and Jamie then tells her that she said yes. Julia finds it crazy since they're still in high school and things can change so quick, but Jamie gets upset since she thinks that Julia thinks they won't last. Julia then brings up when he cheated on her, but Jamie tells her that he apologized for that and tells her that she doesn't have to act like a jealous jerk, walking off. In class, Liam tells her that she can't get engaged to Jeremy because he doesn't think Jeremy is 100% serious about it. Jamie's annoyance increases and she tells him that she's done listening to people telling her what to do and that he's 110% serious about it. She starts to freak out and says that two of her best friends have said it won't work between them, but she knows that it will and that's all that matters. She then moves her seat to the back of the classroom and ignores Liam. Jeremy checks on her later and says that she's going to have to learn to deal with people thinking it's a bad idea since she still has to tell her parents. Jamie gets nervous since she forgot about telling them and Jeremy asks if she can tell them soon instead of later in the future, but Jamie tells him not to worry since they won't even get married until after she graduates. Jeremy complains that that's far away, but Jamie promises that nothing will change between now and then and they kiss. He tells her that she's worth the wait. She is walking home with Caylee and discussing how nervous she is to tell her parents since she already knows what their response will be. Caylee tells her that Jeremy is never over her house, so he'll never know if she told them or not and she can just wait to do it until closer to their actual wedding. Jamie calls her a genius and decides to go with that plan to avoid any futher conflict. She goes to his house and tells him that she told her parents and they think it's great. Jeremy is excited and spins her around in joy.

In Hurts Like Heaven, she is walking through the halls with Jeremy and her friends discussing the party Jeremy is throwing and making sure everything is arranged. Jamie says that she's excited for it since it'll be a good way to forget about all the drama and just have fun. At the party, she and Caylee cling to each other as they watch their boyfriends get drunk and promise that they'll stay sober. Tim tries to get them to loosen up, but Jamie tells him that peer pressure doesn't work on her. Julia comes into the party and Jamie tries to get Caylee to let her fight with Julia go so they can all have fun together. She keeps the secret of Jeremy's baby with her a secret from him like Julia asks when Jeremy tries to get details. She is then introduced to Troy, a new student and bonds with him since he plans on staying sober as well. When they start to notice the party is getting out of hand, Jamie asks for Jeremy to keep it under control so she doesn't have to bail him out of jail at 2:30 in the morning.

She is at the bar talking to Julia about her pregnancy and asks when she's going to start to show, but Julia doesn't want to discuss the topic. Jamie then tells her that she needs to take it seriously and wants to know when she's going to tell Jeremy. Julia tells her that she hasn't figured it out and Jamie urges her to tell him since it's important for him to know. Jeremy overhears and asks what they're hiding from him. Jamie freezes and doesn't know what to say, but Julia comes out and tells him right there. Jamie tells her that she could have laid it on more lightly. She then assures Jeremy that she isn't mad at him since it happened before they were dating, but Jeremy starts freaking out and runs away. When Sophie comes to the party, Jamie walks over to her and expects she's there to start drama. Sophie tries to stand up for herself, but Jamie says that she's a bad person and gets on a chair, starting to boo Sophie out of the party. Soon everyone joins in and Sophie runs out of the party crying. Jamie tries to comfort Jeremy when she sees him again, but he is too wasted to comprehend anything. She later breaks up Caylee and Julia's fight and then sees Jeremy stripping on top of the bar, running to tell the girls around him that he's taken. He jumps off the bar and starts making out with her and she pushes him off because he's too drunk. Soon, everyone starts getting drunk and Jamie has to deal with it since Jeremy is too wasted.

When Jeremy is recovering, she gets him aspirin. When she comes back and hears that Devon called the cops on the party, she tells Jeremy to rest and she'll clean up all the booze. She ends up cleaning the entire party and when Jeremy wakes up, she explains that when the cops came, she sweet-talked them into just giving them a warning for noise. Jeremy tries to bring up the baby, but Jamie tells him not to talk about it and that she's not mad about it. She then tells him that she's ready to have sex with him and they proceed to do so, Jamie losing her virginity to her boyfriend.

In Cough Syrup, she comforts Caylee after people start making mean comments about her weight and tells her that the amount she's lost is inspiring. She then tells Jarrod to fuck off when he comes and calls Caylee a cow again. She is later walking home with Caylee who asks her what love feels like. Jamie then figures out that Caylee thinks she loves Liam and explains what she thinks love feels like for her. She then tells Caylee to talk to Liam about how she feels and is happy for her.

In Kiss With A Fist, Jamie invites Ethan to come back to her lunch table, but then has to settle things between Ethan and Eric when they start fighting. She later passes by Ethan sitting outside the office after hearing he got held back and she says she's sorry it happened to him, but now he has a chance to prove himself. She then makes sure that she'll see him around when she goes to leave and when he promises he'll be around, she says that she'll see him soon.

In Panic Station (1), Sophie comes to apologize to both Julia and Jamie for everything that she's done, but Jamie tells her that she can never trust her again. Jamie says that she trusted Sophie and was there for her when no one else was, and Sophie repaid her by spreading rumors about Jamie and trying to ruin her relationship. Sophie starts getting irritated that no one will give her another chance and Jamie tells her to find new friends and stop embarrassing herself with her old ones.

In Panic Station (2), Jamie and Julia are trying to find a safe place to hide during the shooting and Jamie starts to worry about Jeremy after finding out one student was already shot. Julia tells her he's fine and not to worry. Jamie then tells her that they can hide in the bathroom for safety until the shooter is captured. They find Sophie on the floor with cuts down her wrists and blood all over the floor, not moving. Jeremy comes as the girls walk out and tell him not to go in there because Sophie is dead inside. Julia wants to get the nurse and Jeremy tries to stop her, but Jamie says that if Sophie is still alive, she doesn't have much time left and needs help. As Julia leaves, Jamie tells Jeremy that as much as she hates Sophie, she doesn't want her dead and Jeremy understands. After the lockdown is over, Jamie is with her friends and she assures Dex that Sophie will be fine since the doctors said so. She then agrees with Brad and Eric that they have to be there for Dex since he blames himself for Sophie's suicide attempt.

In 21 Guns (1), Jamie and Jeremy are moving boxes of her things into Jeremy's trunk and it is revealed that she is going to be moving into Jeremy's new apartment with him. Her family tells her that it's a big decision that she needs more time to think on, but she tells them that her mind is made up. Her mom tells her that the engagement is never going to last and Jamie tells her mom to stop crushing her dreams, but promises to visit and talk to Moon every day. They get in the car and start to drive off and Jeremy makes sure she's okay. Jamie tells him that it's time she stop doing whatever her parents tell her and grow up and is hopeful that this is going to work out. As they get to the apartment, they see that all of their friends have thrown them a surprise housewarming party and Jamie is thrilled and gracious. Liam tells Jamie that Ethan wishes he could come and Jamie asks how he's doing, so they inform her that he is recovering well and will be released soon. She goes to Jeremy and kisses him as they talk about how perfect things are. Jamie meets Julia on the back porch and thanks her for staying clear of Caylee so they don't start drama at the party. She then notices that Julia is starting to show and asks what she's going to do with the baby. Julia tells her that she's going to put it up for adoption so things aren't even weirder for Jamie and Jeremy and Jamie is confused about what she's talking about. Julia then says that when people move in together, sometimes it gets weird and things change. Jamie is confident that it won't happen, but Julia is skeptical which makes Jamie worry a little. She is slow dancing with Jeremy and asks for him to promise that nothing will change after they start living together. He promises as Jamie gets a call from Moon and steps outside. Jamie asks what's going on and invites Moon to the party so she can get away from their crazy parents. Moon then informs Jamie that their mother tried to kill herself and is in the hospital which shocks Jamie. She tells Moon that she's on her way and finds Jeremy to let him know. They start to go and Jeremy gets Eric to clear everyone out as they rush to the hospital.

21 guns p1

Jamie accusing her mother in the hospital.

They get into the hospital room and Jamie asks if her mom is okay and then calls her stupid for trying to kill herself. Her mother is offended and tells her that after losing her job, getting kicked out of their house, and losing her daughter that she couldn't take any more. Jamie doesn't buy it and tells her that she knows she tried to kill herself as a stunt to get Jamie to move back in. Everyone is shocked by Jamie's accusation, including Jeremy, but she stands by her stance. Jeremy takes her into the hallway to calm her down and is skeptical of what she's accusing her mother of doing. She then tells Jeremy that Sophie tried to kill herself for attention, but Jamie didn't give her any because of it, so she's not going to give her mom any either. Jeremy then makes her feel bad about it and she starts to regret her decision as she sees her mom crying in her hospital room, making Jamie feel guilty. She gets alone time with her mother in the hospital room and apologizes for what she said earlier. Jamie admits that she's been acting selfishly lately but only because things have never been going better for her. Her mother tells her that she's happy that she's in a good place, but wants her back home and that she's going to have to choose between her fiance and her family. Jamie is unsure about what choice to make and is lost. After meeting Jeremy in his car and letting him know that her mom is going to be okay, she tells him that they have to talk. She tells him that she's going to wait a few more weeks before moving in with him because her mom needs her. After Jeremy starts thinking they planned this to keep him and Jamie apart, she tells him that they're her family and they need her, so she has to be there for them. He gets very offended even though she tells him that they're not breaking up, she's just waiting a bit longer to move in with him. He tells her that she can ride home with her parents if she's going to pick them over him and pick up her stuff tomorrow from his apartment. He then drives off and she is left alone in the parking lot, shocked that her boyfriend would ditch her like this.

In 21 Guns (2), she starts fighting with Moon at lunch after Moon starts complaining about their parents and lying about how they never let them go anywhere. Jamie says that Moon needs to give them a heads up before going somewhere and wants to keep private matters private when Moon brings up Jamie sneaking out to meet with her boyfriend. Jamie later witnesses a fight between Moon and her mom over Moon hanging out with her friends and afterwards, Jamie tells her mom that she could have been nicer and she should warn Moon that all of her friends are angry with her over her drastic behavior lately. Her mom tells her not to tell her since she won't listen, but Jamie is sure she will. Jamie informs her lunch table that she and Jeremy got into a fight because she hasn't been texting him and that he doesn't understand how much stuff she has going on. Moon then complains that no one cares when Moon has a problem, but they do when Jamie does and everyone starts to get annoyed, so Jamie asks Moon to talk in private. In the bathroom, Jamie tells Moon to stop acting like a brat because all of her friends are getting annoyed and Moon tells her that they're more Jamie's friends since they like her more and accuses Jamie of stealing all of her friends. Jamie tells Moon that she would have more friends if she didn't act like a drama queen all the time and Moon tells her to leave, so Jamie does. She then gets Moon's friends to tell Moon that they love her so Moon will stop hating Jamie for taking her friends.

In If I Lose Myself, she is sitting at a table with her friends as Jeremy starts to read the letter he got from his dream school that he applied to. When he is too nervous to read it, Jamie refuses to and Isaac does. After finding out Jeremy didn't get accepted, Jamie comforts him and offers to come over later and help him fill out more applications, but Jeremy tells them all that he doesn't feel like seeing anyone. Caylee comes to Jamie for advice after finding out that Liam and Julia are hanging out and Jamie tells Caylee that she needs to hop on Liam's dick ASAP since Julia succeeded in stealing Jeremy from Jamie in the past and she doesn't want to see the same thing happen to Caylee. Jamie tells her to keep an eye on them since Liam might not actually be into Caylee after asking for them to take things slow. Jamie later sees Jeremy's friends teasing him and he tells her that they're taking him out that night to cheer him up and Jamie warns him not to get as crazy as he did at his party. Jeremy brings up Jamie moving in again, not caring about her mother's health and Jamie calls him out on it, saying he only cares about her moving in and not all the stuff she's going through with her family. She then tells him that he's losing it and walks away. He comes to her house later to talk to her, which she reluctantly agrees to. He gives her a key so that she can come by whenever she wants and she gets angry again after realizing he doesn't get what she's going through at all. She tells him that she can't leave her mom alone and she's the most important to her right now and if he loved her, he would understand that. They yell at each other and Jeremy's leaves, so Jamie lies to her mom about them being okay so she doesn't worry. He stops by again at 2 AM and they both apologize to each other and make up.

In Long Way to Happy, she talks to her friends and Trey about the girl he likes.

In Your Love is My Drug, Jamie tries to get Moon to drop her vendetta against Dex and Eliza after they get together and is proud of Scott after he says that he doesn't want to end their happiness just to increase his own. She and Scott then both tell Moon not to do anything to break them up. Jamie then passes by Julia and gives her a sweatshirt to help hide her baby bump. Jamie tells her that she can only hide it for so long and needs to tell her mom because she's running out of time. Julia then says she has to figure out what she's doing with it and Jamie is confused since Julia told her she was definitely giving it up, but Julia tells her that she's having second thoughts. Jamie then tells her that Jeremy would be upset if she kept it and she wouldn't be happy either since it would be a constant reminder of how Julia went against her, but that it's her baby and her decision. Jamie later catches her stashing drugs in Jeremy's locker after they disagree on what to do with the baby and Jamie gets mad that Julia is sabotaging her boyfriend. After Jeremy and Julia start fighting, Jamie tells them to stop because she's sick of their conflict and wants them to get along. Julia tells her that she's going to have to choose between her boyfriend and her best friend and Jamie refuses, leaving them to work things out themselves. Julia later visits Jamie and apologizes for asking her to choose and that she doesn't have to. She then tells her that she told her mom and now has to figure out what she's doing with it. Jamie and her hug and make up and Jamie promises to be on her side no matter what.

In I'm A Slave 4 U (1), Jamie is talking to Caylee about how Caylee wants to be a nurse when Jamie notices Julia and Liam talking and warns Caylee so she can break it up. Later on, Jamie conforts Caylee when she thinks Liam might be ditching her for Julia. Jamie tells her that he isn't and that he needs to realize he already has the best girl out there. When they catch Liam with Julia, Jamie is disappointed in Liam and tries to be there for Caylee. After Caylee goes off on him, Jamie congratulates her and tells her how awesome it was. At the Hub, Caylee and Julia get into a fight and Jamie tells them to be quieter so people don't stare. Jamie then scolds Julia for caring more about a boyfriend than her own baby and praises Caylee for not getting as dirty as Julia did because she's better than that.

In I'm A Slave 4 U (2), Jamie and Jeremy follow Caylee around school after her vicious break up with Liam after he leaves her for Julia. When Caylee says she doesn't need them around, Jamie tells her that she only thinks that because she hasn't seen them yet. When Liam and Julia come by and start to rub their relationship in Caylee's face, Jamie has to hold Caylee back from going off on them and tells her to calm down and deal with it another way. Jamie then calls Julia out on what she did and tells her that she's shocked she would do something like this. After a confrontation and Jeremy having to take Caylee away from the situation, Jamie hangs back and tells them that they're out of chances and can suck her dick and fuck off. They are both shocked by Jamie's statement.

After Caylee tells her about the horrible things both parties said to her, Jamie goes running through the halls trying to find them against Caylee's wishes. She finds them and pushes Liam into a locker, asking what his problem is. She starts to bash his head into the locker and is pulled off by Caylee and Julia. She then tells the two that their friendship is over and they need to leave Caylee alone. Liam calls her a cunt and Jeremy hears, punching Liam in the face for calling his girlfriend that. They then take off before Liam or Julia can make another move. They are in the lunchroom and Jamie stops Caylee from saying she deserves this for not fighting for her man. Jamie and Jeremy then start to argue about whether or not Caylee should get them back for what they did, as Jamie thinks she should just leave the situation alone. Jamie then witnesses Brittany's speech about her nudes leaking out and shushes Ethan when he makes comments towards her.

In Hurricane, Jamie sees Sadie talking to a guy and after they are done, Jamie asks Sadie about what it was about. Sadie tells her his name and that he asked her out and Jamie tells her that he looks familiar, but can't determine from where. Jamie then advises Sadie to take things slower since they just met and don't know each other and that it's okay if she goes to prom single since a lot of people do. She tells Sadie to focus on her video making instead of relationships, but Sadie doesn't seem to agree and walks away. Jamie then looks back at the guy Sadie was talking to, still thinking she knows him. After hearing that Sadie was going off with him, Jamie asks Eliza the name of the guy she was with last month and Eliza tells her it was Josh, who Sadie is with. Realizing that the guy was a creep, she runs to the parking lot to find Sadie and warn her. When she finds Sadie in his car, she tells Sadie to get out and Sadie tells her that she can't because he locked her in. Avoiding trouble, Josh lets Sadie out, who falls into Jamie's arms. Sadie then thanks Jamie for saving her from being possibly raped or assaulted and Jamie tells her to listen when she says not to go off with strange guys.

In This Too Shall Pass, she tries to tell Moon to stop when she goes into detail about seeing Liam and Julia having sex since Caylee is right there, but Moon doesn't listen, which causes Caylee to run off. Jamie then yells at Moon for not listening to her and goes after Caylee to comfort her.

How you love me now

Jamie discussing her wedding idea with Jeremy.

In How You Love Me Now, Jamie is hanging out with her freshman friends at the mall and doesn't care when Eliza calls her lame for hanging out with them. After Moon makes another comment about them liking Jamie more than her, Jamie pulls her aside and tries to talk to her about it, but Moon lies and says that she doesn't care anymore. After Moon leaves early, Jamie comes home and asks why she left. Moon says that she can't stand to be around her anymore and their parents come in, shocked that Jamie is engaged. Jamie is then furious that Moon told them, trying to explain that they aren't getting married soon and are waiting until after she graduates. Her family then tells her to dump him, but she refuses even after her parents say they'll get kicked out if her grandma finds out. Jamie says that she doesn't care since she hates living there anyway and her mom tells her to leave if she hates it so much, which she decides to do. She then looks at Moon and tells her not to ever speak to her again before going to her room. Jamie goes to Jeremy apartment and knocks on the door, telling him that she's finally moving in now that her parents are threatening to break them up. She then tells him that the only way to prevent it is to get married that day, which shocks Jeremy. She then reveals the plan to go to a place that gives ceremonies without proper certification, so that they won't know she's 17 and will marry them. She then tells him they can have a nice wedding in the summer, but for now, they just need to get it done so no one can pull them apart. Jeremy agrees and she starts to cry, excited and happy. They start to get ready for the preparations for the next day.

At school the next day, she brings Sadie and Caylee together and tells them that they're skipping school so she and Jeremy can marry. Her friends are shocked and she informs Caylee that she's the maid of honor. Sadie asks if Jeremy is okay with her being in the wedding party since they're not on the best of terms and Jamie says that they already talked about it and rushes them out the door since they have a lot to do. After all of her friends meet up with separate things for the wedding, the do a checklist and realize they forgot a veil, but Jamie tells them to forget it and get to the chapel. Behind the scenes of the wedding, Jamie and Caylee are freaking out and Jamie realizes that she and Julia always promised to be each other's maids of honor, but Caylee reminds her that things are different now. Jamie puts it out of her brain and rushes Caylee to the front so they can start. She starts to prepare herself as the music starts and Jeremy runs up to her and tells her that he can't go through with it, walking away as Jamie starts crying and her friends come back to see what's holding her up. She tells them that Jeremy left her at the altar and starts to sob, thinking he is dumping her. She finds him outside the chapel and asks why he's dumping her. He tells her that he doesn't want to marry her until they can do it right and legally and that he also got an audition for a TV show, Spotlight Stars, and has to go to California for it. Jamie realizes that the idea was a mistake and they say they will get married one day. She then suggests they go back to his apartment so she can unload her things and move in and then asks if he'll still have a drawer for her when he's famous from being on the show and he promises that he'll always have a drawer for her. They then get in his car and drive home as the back of the car is revealed to have "Just Married" ironically spray painted on it.

In Carry On, she is with Jeremy and Isaac at his audition for Spotlight Stars and tells him that he sounds great and the judges are crazy if they don't let him through to the next round. She then starts daydreaming about their lives travelling the world and he kisses her, promising it'll be a reality. They then get inside and she puts her arm around him as they walk to the audition room. In the audience before his audition, Jamie is ecstatic and makes Isaac hold her hand to calm her down. When he comes out only wearing a speedo to get noticed and remembered, Jamie is furious and shocked. Instead of congratulating him on getting through, she scolds him for flashing his body to the whole world. He tells her that he needs a hook to be remembered and she tells him that he'll be remembered for being a tool and people are going to think badly of him now and also her since she's dating him. She then expresses her fear of him leaving her for a hotter girl in LA and he tells her it would never happen and kisses her. After hearing of their free trip to LA, Jamie is excited until Jeremy brings up them being long distance and she runs off. He finds her in the back of his truck and she tells him that she didn't know they would be long distance for such a long time and isn't sure they'll make it, but Jeremy tells her that they will. They then proceed to have sex in the back of his car while he wears the speedo. Later on, they get their friends together and let them know about the trip they'll all take to LA together. When Sadie is confused that she's invited since Jeremy hates her, Jamie tells her that she is invited and hits Jeremy when he tries to say something. They then kiss, excited to take the trip together.

In Play With Fire, Sadie comes to her for help in getting Jeremy to be friends with her and again and Jamie yells at Jeremy for lying and treating Sadie badly, telling him to suck it up and forgive her, which ends up working.

In Here's to Never Growing Up (1), she is seen in a dressing room with Sadie and Lauren trying on dresses for Prom and when Sadie reveals her perfect dress, Jamie comments that she might be showing too much cleavage since she's going with a lesbian, but Sadie disregards her comments and decides to get it. They all hug in excitement for their night. She is later with Jeremy at their apartment getting ready and they kiss after he tells her that she looks like royalty. In the limo, they kiss again and Sadie teases that there's no sex in the limo as everyone has a great time. Once they get there, Jeremy and Jamie walk into Liam and Julia and see that Julia is wearing the same dress that Jamie is. Jamie tells her to take it off and accuses her of planning on wearing the same dress. Julia sarcastically says that she did in an evil plot to steal her boyfriend again and Jamie corrects her that Jeremy is her fiance. Julia then asks if the two of them are still playing house which sets Jamie off who threatens to hit Julia. Their boyfriends hold them back and tell them that they need to end their feud, but Jamie refuses to after what she did to Caylee. Julia tries to tell her that she doesn't know the whole story, but Jamie doesn't listen and informs them that Caylee skipped prom because she didn't feel like going without a date. Julia and Liam then leave and Tori high-fives Jamie for calling Julia out. Jamie then catches Tim talking to Carly and points out that she can't believe he almost slept with her. After noticing that he's drunk, Jamie leads him into the bathroom so he can splash water on his face. She and Jeremy then notice that the punch has alcohol in it and realize that it was Tim who did it. She tries to warn Sadie about it before she drinks it, but Sadie deliberately wants to get drunk. After Sadie and Sophie get into a fight, Jamie is astounded by the drama going on and wonders if everyone is drunk now. At the end of the night, the remaining prom party members talk about what happened and Jamie is annoyed with how many people left them.

In Here's to Never Growing Up (2), Jeremy and Liam work together to get Jamie, Caylee, and Julia to be friends again, which Jamie tries to fight when she realizes what Jeremy is doing. Julia tries to talk things out with Jamie, saying that she needs her around for her pregnancy, but Jamie refuses and tells Jeremy that he can be friends with Liam, but she's not going to talk to them. Behind the curtain at graduation, Jamie kisses Jeremy and tells him how proud of him she is. They then see a crying Sadie and go comfort her. She and Caylee sit together during graduation and Jamie tells her that she can't believe Julia wants to be friends again. Jeremy and Liam reveal that they made a slide show of memories including many pictures of Jamie, Caylee, and Julia together. They start to reminice and when Julia comes over and apologizes, Caylee and Jamie give in and say how much they missed her. They are then seen discussing Julia's baby together at a table. When the graduates throw up their hats, Jamie kisses Jeremy and applauds with everyone else. After the ceremony, the people going to Hollywood with Jeremy and Jamie are talking together and Jamie mentions that they have an extra spot to fill after Tim dropped out. Jamie says her goodbyes to Tim as he leaves for Arkansas along with the others.

In Clearwater Goes Hollywood, Jamie is with Jeremy at their apartment for his going away party as he leaves for Spotlight Stars and Jamie tells him that he has the voice of an angel when he is unsure of himself. She pulls him into their bedroom and tells him that she wants to have fun on their trip and that she doesn't want him to forget her when thousands of girls are screaming his name. He promises that they'll do lots of fun things together and he won't let the fame get to his head as they kiss. They are packing for the trip when Jamie comments that they should get more than 1 hotel room so that they can have sex and be able to say they fucked in Hollywood. They then start laughing and kissing as Jeremy's mother comes in and they are so startled, Jeremy drops Jamie on the floor. Jamie learns that Jeremy lied about how he pays for their apartment and that he actually doesn't use his own money, but money from his father. Jamie then says that she can get a job when his mom asks how Jamie will afford the apartment while Jeremy is away. After his mom leaves, Jamie is shocked by what she said and Jeremy reveals he has some things he has to tell her. He reveals that his dad is on a TV show and his money pays for their apartment, but now that they're cut off, Jamie says they have to get jobs and can't go on the trip. Jeremy convinces her to come with him, but she is upset that when she comes back and he's still there, she's going to have to deal with his mess on her own.

On the plane, Jeremy and their friends are trying to come up with a sob story he can tell the audience to get votes, but Jamie is sure that if he's just himself, he'll be able to get enough votes. When they land, Jeremy leaves to go to a rehearsal and Jamie reminds him that he told her they could check out the city. Jeremy tells her they'll do it later and Jamie begrudgingly goes with the others to check into the hotel and unpack. She goes to his rehearsal and sees him wearing revealing clothing and he explains that they want his image to have sex appeal, which Jamie snaps at. When Jeremy asks why she's suddenly against him being on the show, she tells him that she doesn't know where she'll be if he wins and that she doesn't want to ride his coattails all her life, she wants to be able to make her own decisions. She then storms off and doesn't listen when Jeremy tries to call her back to work things out. After the practice, they both apologize to each other and kiss. They then go out to dinner while their friends start to notice things going south between the two.

The next morning, they're at breakfast and Jamie tells him that she figured out everything that they'll do since it's his day off and that she found lots of romantic places to see. Suddenly, he gets a phone call and has to go to a dress rehearsal, leaving Jamie alone and furious. Instead, she goes out with Caylee. Jamie along with the others go to the first episode's taping and Jamie is even more furious when she sees that Jeremy lies about his mother dying a week ago so that he has a sob story. She then leaves and goes back to the hotel, interrupting Danielle's painting. Jamie starts packing and reveals to Danielle that she's going back home early since she doesn't want to be Jeremy's entourage and that he's going to have to choose between his dreams and her. It is revealed that she and Caylee went back to Clearwater together that night. She also moves her stuff out of Jeremy's apartment when he gets back to try and find her. He visits Jamie's house and Jeremy tells her that he thought she left over the tabloid that said he was with one of his co-stars. Jamie reveals that she didn't want to watch fame change Jeremy into someone she didn't like. She tells him to go back to Hollywood and win the show and she'll stay there. When Jeremy asks her if they're broken up, she says that they'll figure it out when he gets back, but that she won't change her Facebook relationship status yet. She closes the door as Jeremy leaves, hopeful to get things back to normal once the show is over.

Season 3Edit

In Summertime Sadness, she is at the park with some of her friends and has Dex push her on a swing, which makes Eliza extremely jealous.


Jamie talking with her mother.

In Honeymoon Avenue, Jamie watches Spotlight Stars and sees that Jeremy made it to the final 10. After it is over, she calls him and congratulates him, wanting to talk and catch up. He tells her that he is busy and asks if they can talk another time. Jamie annoyingly agrees after telling him she cleared her schedule so they could talk. Her mom comes in and notices that Jamie isn't talking to Jeremy like she planned, so Jamie tells her that he was busy. Jamie's mom then asks if she wants to go get smoothies at the Hub. Jamie agrees, but notices that her mother is acting weird. At the Hub, her mom asks her if her grandmother has told her anything recently and Jamie tells her that she hasn't, but figures that something is going on, asking her mom what it is. Her mother tells her that it's easier if she doesn't know and tells her to drink her smoothie as Jamie gets suspicious.

The next morning, Jamie sees her grandmother making breakfast and asks her why her mother actually tried to commit suicide, thinking it might have something to do with what her mom was hiding from her the night before. Her grandmother gets mad that Jamie would bring it up and tells her that she doesn't need to know when Jamie tries to figure out why she did it. Moon comes in after hearing the argument and asks what happened, so Jamie tries to explain that something is going on in the house and they still don't know what it is, but it must have been bad enough to make their mom want to kill herself. Moon then agrees with everyone that maybe they shouldn't know if it's that bad and Jamie starts to get irritated that no one will tell her anything. She tries to call Jeremy to talk to him about it, but only gets his voicemail and hangs up, When her mother passes by, she tells her that she wants to know what's going on and her mother agrees, but warns her that it's intense. Jamie assures her that she can handle it and her mom then explains that the reason they never got kicked out of her grandma's apartment is because she struck up a deal with her father that he would sleep with other women and actively try and find someone to leave his wife for because she hated her so much, which is the reason for her mom's suicide attempt. Jamie gets furious and leaves to go off on her grandma after getting her mother's permission who has been too afraid to do it yet. She catches her taking the laundry up the stairs and calls her out, asking how she could do that to her mother. She tells her grandma that she disgusts her and her grandma fires back by calling her a whore who is engaged in high school. After losing her temper, her grandma faints and tumbles down the stairs and Jamie and Moon both try to wake her up and check her pulse. It is revealed that she had a heart attack and Jamie feels horrible for starting the argument that led to it. After Jamie says that she killed her, her mother tells her that it wasn't her fault and hugs her. The family then realizes that they get her house and get to stay there for good. Jamie and her mom talk alone and her mom tells her not to fall in love because it will just ruin you. Jamie tells her that she is in love and her mom points out that her boyfriend is nowhere to be seen during this hard time and that he's too busy with his own life to care about her's. Jamie starts to think about this and calls him later that night, telling him about her grandmother's death. Jamie then calls him out on not being there for her and tells him that if he cared, he would call everyday and not "try" to skype her, he would do it. Jamie then breaks up with him and tells him that she's given up on love because all it does is hurt, but promises to keep watching him on the show. She then gets a call from Caylee who invites her to the mall, which Jamie agrees to. She stops herself from crying and tells herself that she'll be okay since she has great friends and family and doesn't need a fiance.

In Girl On Fire, Jamie walks up to her sister after seeing her have a weird look on her face during school and asks her why she looks constipated. Moon asks her if she's ever experienced knowing someone her entire life and suddenly having feelings for them. Jamie doesn't answer the question and tells Moon instead to stay away from men because they're nothing but trouble before walking away. She later calls Caylee and accidentally wakes her up, giving her advice on the test she has the next day.

In Wake Me Up, Julia comes to her and asks if she can stay with her after her mother ditches her and they lose their house. Jamie is more than happy to welcome Julia to stay and hugs her to try and make her feel better. After Jamie okays it with her mother, they go inside and tell Moon who is less than thrilled. Jamie then asks Julia what she's going to do about her baby since she's running out of time to make a decision and Julia admits she wants to keep it more and more, but can't if she's living with Jamie. Jamie tells her not to worry about it at the moment and helps her move in. That night, Liam calls and wants to speak with Julia, which Jamie gets annoyed with because it's 1 AM and scolds Liam for it when they sneak him in the window. She then gives them privacy and as Liam leaves, he wishes Jamie luck with living with her pregnant best friend. Jamie then asks Julia what he came over for, but Julia is too overwhelmed to explain.

At school the next day, Julia calls Jamie along with Liam and Caylee out of class to let them know she is leaving the state with her mother who is fleeing from the law. Jamie starts crying and hugs her best friend goodbye. After Julia leaves, Jamie is crying and tries to get comfort from Liam, but he storms off. Julia ends up staying in town and lives with Liam instead of Jamie.

In How to Be A Heartbreaker, Jamie is at her locker when Julia and Caylee comment how tired she looks and ask if she's gotten any sleep. Jamie comments that she did, she just isn't putting any effort into her appearance since nobody cares what she looks like, including herself. Julia and Caylee then start to ask her how long her post-breakup slump will last since they miss the crazy Jamie and Jamie says that she's fine, but Julia picks a leftover potato chip out of her hair and tells her otherwise. Julia wants them all to hang out, but Caylee bails to go hang out with her popular friends which makes Jamie realize just how much is changing around her. Later in the day, she buys a bottle of vodka from Jarrod and hides it in her bag. When he comments that she doesn't seem like that type of girl, she tells him that she doesn't know what type of girl she is anymore and then takes swigs in the bathroom. Julia finds her crying in the bathroom over her breakup and takes the vodka from her. She then insists they are going out to have fun that night and cheer Jamie up. Jamie agrees to go along with it and hugs Julia for being there for her.


Jamie talking to Bernard at the bar.

That night, they are hanging out at a sports bar and when Julia goes to the bathroom, Jamie takes the vodka out of Julia's purse and takes a sip. Bernard comments that she must be thirsty and Jamie gets embarrassed someone saw her. She introduces herself and Bernard offers to drink along with her since it's better having a drinking buddy when doing the hard stuff. Jamie blushes and goes along with Bernard, leaving Julia alone at the bar. The next morning, she wakes up next to Bernard in bed after Julia calls her and freaks out, realizing she slept with him. She quickly gets dressed and tells Julia she'll be there for second period and to meet her at her locker then before silently leaving the hotel room. She admits everything to Julia at school who is shocked, but tells her that everyone has been there at one point. Jamie points out that she hasn't because she's not that girl, but maybe she is now, admitting she has no idea who she is anymore before heading to class confused.

In Wonderwall (1), she is helping Scott and Moon blow up balloons for Dex's birthday party and teases Scott that he has a crush on Dex after hearing he's giving him one of his most valued possessions for his present. Scott denies it and mentions that Dex is straight, but Jamie tells him that she thinks he might be gay. She surprises Dex along with everyone else and is psyched when Eric comes with alcohol. After hearing Eliza complain about Dex wanting to drink, she tells her it's his choice and to leave it up to him and let it go. She then talks to Julia on the phone about her nursery and suggests Liam should help her with it since he wants to be involved. She later offers Eliza to sleep over her house to avoid her from worrying about what Dex will do with all his guy friends that night. Scott later admits he loves Dex and Jamie says they all saw that coming and wishes him luck since he's sleeping over his house, which she thinks might get messy. She later rushes to the hospital after hearing Julia might lose her baby and witnesses the death of the baby, standing in shock along with Caylee and Liam.

In Wonderwall (2), Jamie has Julia and Liam over after they finally find Julia after she runs away following the death of her baby. She holds a sobbing Julia who is devastated.


Jamie in the third season.

In Ray of Light, Jamie is staying home sick and answers her door to see Jeremy standing there with a bouquet of flowers. She is extremely confused and asks him why he's there, so he explains he got kicked off Spotlight Stars, which Jamie tells him she stopped watching. He tells her he wants to go back to the way things were, but then smells alcohol on her. She explains that she's hungover, not sick and slams the door in his face. He later returns with vodka and offers her to come drink it with him, but she refuses because she knows he's going to get her drunk and try to win her over. She tells him very aggressively to leave since she's never taking him back. She is later at the Hub with Tori and Caylee and a very drunk Jeremy comes in asking again for her to go back to him, but she refuses him yet again and tells him to go back to Hollywood. She tries to act happy he's gone, but secretly misses him.

In Stubborn Love, she is in the music store with Caylee talking about how they miss Julia when they bump into Caylee's nuring teacher who she introduces Jamie to. After he leaves, Jamie tells her that they're pretty friendly for student and teacher, but Caylee avoids the subject. She later teases her along with Miranda about how she likes her teacher. Caylee admits to her that they kissed and Jamie is shocked, warning her that if the school finds out, he'll be fired. Not wanting to get his job taken away, Caylee promises to stop it where it started and Jamie is relieved.

In Dark Horse (2), she breaks up a fight between Moon and Danielle.

In Forget Forever (1), she is driving with Julia to look at apartments now that Julia is moving back to the city. Jamie mentions that she knows Julia's mom stole money from the bank, but didn't know it was enough for an apartment and a car. She is then shocked to find out Julia is using the stolen money. Jamie soon understands after Julia discusses how her father took everything and she and her mother are left with nothing. She expresses her worry that Julia or her mother will get caught and is hesitant to believe her mother has everything under control. They meet with the realtor for the apartment who asks about Julia's baby. Julia tells her that it's dead and leaves Jamie to find out information on the apartment. Julia later calls Jamie and asks for a place to eat, so Jamie invites her over and gives her advice about pushing Liam away, telling her that he's hurting from her stillbirth as well and to take that into account. She later helps set the dinner table with Moon and Julia and pushes Moon to be nice to Julia. She later says goodbye to her as Julia leaves to spend the first night in her new apartment.

In Forget Forever (2), she visits Julia at the hospital Thanksgiving Day with Caylee after she has a stillbirth and comforts her. She also pushes for Julia to give Liam another chance after hearing he was the one to take care of her through it. Jamie and Caylee also state they're at the hospital to visit Trey, who is suffering from a concussion. She is later comforting Tori after hearing Trey thinks he's Trina again and says they need to focus on him getting better before they tell him the truth. She is shocked to see Tim back and say that they need to talk to Trey away from him parents. She visits Trey in his room and stops Tori from explaining everything to him since it might confuse him. She then leads Katie and Brianna out to let Tori and Trey have space.

In Pills N Potions, she is with Caylee in the hall discussing how she wants to graduate and get away from all the drama when Caylee ditches her to speak with Mr. Eichler. Afterwards, Jamie tells her that they can't be a thing after hearing Eichler is starting to flirt back. The next day, Jamie asks if Caylee kissed him since she knows the look on her face. Jamie is shocked when Caylee reveals she did kiss him and advises her of the consequences one more time before moving on and asking about how it happened.

In Do What U Want, she asks Moon about the guy she's heard that Moon is talking to and finds it ridiculous Moon is already crushing on him when she barely knows him. She tells her that he might be a psycho and since he's a foreign exchange student and going back home in a year, it'd be stupid for her to be with him. Moon tells Jamie that she makes her own decisions and runs off with him as Jamie calls her idiot and shakes her head. She is later drinking more vodka when Moon comes home and she quickly hides it. Moon tells her that she kissed Klaus which Jamie finds ridiculous. Jamie tells her that she knows nothing about love and relationships and Moon calls her out on being a drunk since Jeremy and her broke up, which Jamie denies, but thanks her for making her feel worse before heading to her room.


Jamie drinking with Tim.

In Uprising, she is sleeping when her mom comes in and wakes her up for school. Jamie asks if she can stay home and her mom tells her no since she's already missed almost a week worth of days in the month, thinking something is up. Her mom then warns that if Jamie isn't ready in 10 minutes, she's taking away her phone and leaves. Jamie sees Caylee texted her about being late and doesn't care, taking a swig of whiskey from her drawer instead. At school, Julia and Caylee come and warn her that Mr. Stein is furious she keeps missing his class, but Jamie doesn't care. Caylee then gives her a piece of gum and tells her that she smells like alcohol a mile away. Julia asks why she's drinking and Jamie tells her it's none of her business. Julia tells her that she doesn't want to see Jamie do something she'll regret and Jamie brings up when Julia slept with Jeremy, which Julia thought was in the past and gets angry. Jamie leaves them and Caylee and Julia talk about how worried they are about her. She skips school and goes to Tim's apartment where he gives her alcohol. He curiously asks her why she's been drinking, saying he didn't see her as that kind of girl and she tells him that a lot has been going on and she doesn't need a specific reason. Tim warns her that he doesn't want to drag her down with him and she tells him that she's already been dragged down and she liked drinking with him because he's chill. He tells her she should stop skipping school so she can go to college, but she doesn't care and drinks instead.

She returns to school and stumbles down the hallway, grabbing the attention of Caylee who asks her if she's okay. Jamie tells her she's going to puke and Caylee flags down Moon and convinces her to take Jamie to the bathroom and let her puke without anyone seeing. Jamie pukes in the bathroom as Moon explains her drinking problem to Danielle and Abby. Caylee and Moon then drag her outside the school and drop her off with Jeremy, who she doesn't want touching her, but Caylee and Moon put Jamie in his car. She asks why he's there for her but doesn't hear his answer because she passes out beforehand. She wakes up in her bed and Moon explains that she owes Jeremy since he saved her. Jamie asks why he's back and sees there are many missed calls from him on her phone, confused as to what is going on.

In I Know You Care, she is painting her nails with Caylee at Caylee's house and Caylee comments that this is the first time she's seen her sober in a while. Jamie comments that she doesn't drink all that often and then gets a text from Jeremy, admitting she hasn't spoken with him since he helped her the other day. She sees he texted her to put on channel 4 and sees the top 12 contestants from Spotlight Stars are performing Christmas songs. Jeremy is up and performs "All I Want For Christmas is You," but beforehand, tells the world it's for Jamie. She is shocked and tells Caylee she's going to have to come up with a better way to send him the message that she's done with him for good. She calls him to the Hub the next day and is furious he dedicated a song to her on national television because now if she doesn't take him back, she's a bitch to the world. He then tells her that he came to town to talk to her, but she probably forgot because she was too drunk, but she admits she remembers him saving her. After much convincing, Jamie gives in and holds Jeremy's hand as he begs her to take him. back. Jamie admits to feeling sparks still between them and he asks if he can make her dinner at his apartment that night. She finally agrees and he tells her to go back to class as she is shocked at what she just did. Back at school, Jamie explains to Julia what just happened, who is very excited and is already planning her and Jeremy's future now that they're back together. Jamie tells her it's one date and doesn't mean anything, getting stressed out that maybe Jeremy expects the same thing Julia does and takes a swig of vodka from her bag.

At Jeremy's apartment that night, Jamie is wasted and making out with Jeremy. When the stove timer goes off, she wants to keep kissing and is now visibly drunk, which Jeremy noticies. She brings up wanting to have sex and Jeremy refuses since she is too drunk. Jamie tries to convince him that she's just a little tipsy, but falls over and lands on the ground while trying to sit on the couch. He tells her that he hates that she had to get drunk to come over and ruined their last chance together. He then tells her to leave and calls Julia to pick her up as Jamie looks embarrassed. Julia drops her off at her house and has now sobered up and Julia tells her how worried she is about her. Jamie insists she's fine, but Julia points out that she can't even go on a date without getting drunk. Jamie gets upset that Julia thinks she's a drunk and tells her she doesn't have to listen to this anymore. Julia then says that she doesn't have to pick her up everytime she's too drunk to stand either and Jamie apologizes, saying she wanted to take the edge of her nerves for the date, but drank too much. Julia makes her promise not to drink anymore and Jamie goes inside, her mom asking where she'd been. Jamie admits she was at Jeremy's, but tells her she's not seeing him, but does still have feelings for him. Her mom starts trying to talk her out of it, but she tells her that she doesn't want to be judged for it and goes to her room.


Jamie trying to stop Jeremy from going.

Jeremy invites Jamie to speak at the Hub and admits that he spoke with Julia and Caylee who told him Jamie has been drinking like this for a while now. He tries to figure out what's wrong, but she tells him that nothing is wrong and she just likes drinking. When he tells her that this isn't her, she goes off and tells him that he doesn't know her anymore since he left for months to chase his dream and reveals she's upset he kicked her out the other night. Jeremy tells her that she's ruining her life, but she tells him it's already ruined. When he asks what she means, she is about to tell him something, but decides against it and tries to leave. Jeremy stops her and she tells him that she gave him another chance after he pined after her after breaking her heart and he ended up breaking her's, so she's done with him. She tells him that she did nothing wrong and he tells her that this shows how much help she really needs. Not wanting to listen to him anymore, she tells him goodbye and strats going home. She visits him that night and Liam answers the door, saying Jeremy doesn't want to see her. She pushes past him and sees boxes everywhere, asking what is going on. He tells her he's going back to LA to take back the record deal he gave up to come back and be with Jamie. Jamie is shocked he turned down a record deal for her and Jeremy points out that she couldn't give up booze for him in return which was sad. He then starts to leave and she tries to stop him, saying she'll change, but he doesn't believe her and leaves. She is then seen watching him pack up and go while crying.

In Same Love, her lunch table is discussing Scott returning to Keith after everything Keith did to him and Jamie says she doesn't like Keith at all. She then comforts Dex when Eliza gets mad at him for another stupid reason.

In Catch My Breath, Jamie is researching how to drop out of school when her mother comes in to get her laundry and sees, telling her that will never happen since she is going to make Jamie finish her last semester. Jamie is upset she can't make her own decisions and sets out to change her mother's mind. At the Hub the next day, she sees Isaac and hugs him after not seeing him for a while. She mentions that Jeremy was just in town and he reveals that he knew, but Jeremy never visited him and now is on to bigger and better things. Jamie tells him that he's changed, but so has she and maybe everyone has now. She then asks him about college and he says he might drop out and join an auto shop. She mentions that she's thinking of dropping out of high school as well, which he is shocked by since she's a brainiac, but she mentions again that people change. Isaac asks to hang out later that day, but Jamie tells him she has to take her SAT and he leaves, understanding that school comes first, but Jamie then starts to second guess her choice. On the way to the SAT, Julia and Caylee are studying and when they ask Jamie a question, she has no idea and reveals she never even studied, which annoys her friends. She then reveals to them she might drop out and they find the idea absurd, saying once again that it's not her, which causes her to snap and tell them it must be her since she's doing it. She then starts sipping vodka, which annoys her friends even more since she's about to take her SAT. Caylee gives her the study packet and tells her to study, so Jamie does so and rolls her eyes, drinking moere vodka while she does so. At the sign ins, she decides to skip it and calls Isaac, asking to pick her up and reveals ditching her SAT will show her mom she means business about dropping out.


Jamie and Isaac about to have sex in the pool.

Isaac and Jamie go to Isaac's father's hotel, which is abandoned due to upcoming renovations. They go to the pool and Isaac asks if she wants to go in, but she says she doesn't have a suit. Isaac says he doesn't either before stripping down to his boxers and jumping in. She then follows suit and jumps in as they start to discuss how they want to change being so innocent and sweet. They then start to make out and Jamie mentions she's never had sex in a pool, so Isaac takes off her bra and they continue to fuck in the pool. She later gets home and lies to her parents about how she was at the test. She then calls Caylee in her room who is upset she skipped her SAT, but Jamie tells her she's done caring and then starts texting Isaac about meeting up again as she opens a bottle of whiskey and drinking again.

In Misery Business (2), she sees Moon and Klaus making out in an empty classroom and calls them idiots as she rolls her eyes and walks away. Jamie mentions she saw them to Moon at lunch who is mad that Jamie was spying on her, but Jamie reveals all she had to do was walk by and she could have seen them. She tells Moon she can't be with a senior who is leaving the country in a year and Moon tells her she can't control her life and just because Jamie and Jeremy didn't work out doesn't mean her and Klaus won't. Jamie then calls her a bitch and tells her she's just trying to help as her friends want her to switch tables and avoid the argument. Moon tells her she doesn't need help from an alcoholic as their whole table is shocked and Moon goes back to a conversation with Danielle. A very fuming Danielle pours her milk all over Moon's head and calls her a bitch before storming off. Jamie later tells her parents off-screen about Moon new relationship. When Moon gets home and hears, she exposes Jamie's drinking to their mother in retaliation. Her mother is shocked as Moon also reveals Jamie skipped her SAT to drink and has empty booze bottles everywhere in her room. Her mother then goes with Jamie into her room and discovers the bottles. At school the next day, she barges into school and tells Moon she's being sent to rehab and refuses to acknowledge Moon as her sister. Moon is okay with it until Jamie tells her that they really aren't sisters and shows her adoption papers showing Jamie was adopted. Jamie then reveals that Moon thought she was drinking because of a break-up, but she's had a lot more going on Moon didn't know about. Moon then feels guilty for exposing her drinking, but Jamie says she doesn't care since they're nothing and walks away.

In I Write Sins Not Tragedies, Jamie is sneaking Caylee in through her window and explains she's under lockdown since her parents found out about her drinking and she's not allowed to talk to or see anyone. She then tells her that she wanted to see her one more time before going to rehab and Caylee is happy she's getting help and that it's a good thing, but Jamie says it's not since she can stop drinking anytime she wants to, she just chooses not to. She then asks for help with a plan to get her parents to not send her to rehab, but Caylee says she just needs to stop drinking. Jamie then asks if there's another way and Caylee says that if she needs one, she really should go to rehab. Jamie then says that just because she drinks, doesn't make her an alcoholic just like how Caylee has diabetes, but isn't fat. Caylee then tells her that she needs help and hopes rehab cures her bitchiness as well before leaving Jamie along to think of a plan herself. At the dinner table, her mom shows her the facility she's going to and Jamie says that she's not going. Her mom says she should have thought about the consequences before becoming an alcoholic and Jamie tells her she can stop but won't and that her and her father drove her to drink in the first place. Her mom asks why she thinks that, but she avoids the answer and calls her a shitty mother, going back to her room and causing her mom to cry. She calls Tim and asks to pick her up and sneak her out so she can figure something out, but he's worried her parents might call the police on him and thinks she should go to rehab, refusing to get involved. She hangs up and sees Jeremy's name in her contacts, tempted to call him for help, but decides against it and tells herself she can do this on her own as she starts packing a suitcase and planning her escape.


Jamie revealing her knowledge of her adoption to her parents.

As she is about to leave through her window, her parents come in and she stops, saying she's not going to rehab. Her mother shows her the multiple liquor bottles in her room and tells her no 17 year old girl should be drinking this much. Jamie then reveals she started drinking because she found her adoption papers and questions when her parents were going to tell her. They drop the discussion and tell her the taxi to take her to rehab will be there in a few hours. She is furious they refuse to say one word about it to her and Moon comes in. Jamie says that maybe everyone is right and maybe going away for a while will do her good. Jamie then reveals that she really fucked up and might not graduate now, but Moon assures her that if she works hard when she gets back, she'll be okay. She then says that she still has TV and a phone in rehab and getting away from everything will be good since it's only 6 weeks. She then hugs Moon who is surprised, but hugs her back. Jamie then apologizes for breaking her and Klaus up and admits it was the only thing she had control over, so she took advantage of it. Moon forgives her and they agree that they're still sisters, even if not by blood. Jamie then interrupts the touching moment by saying they'll hate each other in a month and Moon agrees as they both start laughing.

As the taxi pulls up to her driveway, Jamie grabs her stuff and reminds herself it's only for six weeks and not a big deal. Julia pulls up in her car before Jamie can go in and tells her she can't let her best friend go to rehab without saying goodbye first. Jamie is thrilled to see her and hugs her tightly as she apologizes for the way she's been acting, but promises she'll be back to normal when she gets back. Julia tells her that all she wants is for her to get better. Jamie then gets in the car and tells everyone she'll see them in six weeks as the car pulls away and she takes a deep breath, looking nervous, but relieved.

Season 4 Edit

In Know Your Enemy, Jamie returns to Clearwater High after her rehab treatment and is greeted with hugs by Julia, Caylee, and Liam who start asking her questions. She stops them and tell them that she just got back and isn't ready for 20 questions. Caylee apologizes and tells her that they were just worried because her drinking problem was serious and she corrects her that she had an adoption problem, not a drinking problem. Danielle and Peyton then come over and ask how she's doing and she freaks out, asking for some breathing room since she just got back before walking away. Moon sees her in the hall and is shocked she's back. Jamie explains that she got home after Moon left the house that morning and their mom drove her to school. Moon pushes for Jamie to tell her she is still sober and Jamie explains that people need to understand she didn't have a problem with alcohol, she had a problem with being lied to her whole life. After Moon tells her that their parents still aren't willing to discuss the matter, Jamie gets frustrated. Jamie then tells her that if she can't get answers from them, she'll get them herself and leaves school, saying she doesn't care when Moon warns her she can't miss much more school if she wants to graduate.

She goes to her house and asks her mom to tell her where she came from. Her mom tells her to go back to school and explains that her and Jamie's dad aren't ready to discuss it with her. Jamie retorts that they had 18 years to prepare and says she's going to find out herself then. Her mother tells her not to and tries to force her back to school, but Jamie tells her that she's not her mother and can't tell her what to do, so her mom locks herself in her room crying and Jamie calls Tim on the phone, asking him to meet. When he gets to her house, she asks if he can drive her to the adoption agency and Tim is unsure if she's ready for it, but she tells him that she wants people to stop babying her because she knows what's best for her. He explains that maybe she doesn't since she let herself turn into an alcoholic which he also blames himself for, but gives her a hard time after finding out her parents don't want her to go. After seeing he's not going to make things easy, Jamie fakes a panic attack and Tim goes inside to get her some water. When he is out of sight, she takes the car keys on the hood and drives off with his car.

Later that day, Jamie goes to Caylee's house and tells her and Julia she tried to find her parents and needs a place to stay. Caylee asks if she got kicked out and Jamie tells her she didn't, she just doesn't want to go back. Caylee then goes off on her about how she treats them like shit until she needs them and they aren't going to put up with it anymore. She then advises Jamie to get over her adoption and get her life together before slamming the door in her face. Tim and Liam then pull up in Liam's car and see Jamie crying. Tim goes off on her for stealing his car and she tells him to take it back and that it's perfectly fine. Tim tells her it's not fine and rehab can't help her mental problems, getting in her face as she cries and takes it and Julia and Caylee come outside to see what is going on. Tim explains that Jamie stole his car while Liam offers her a ride home, but she tells him she'd rather walk and tells everyone to go to hell. Liam then yells at her to stop pushing them all away and she admits to everyone that she was thrown into a garbage can by her parents who didn't want her and falls to her knees in a sobbing fit. Her friends all comfort and hug her and explain that her parents chose her and she needs to try to heal now that she knows the truth. She agrees and apologizes to everyone for her behavior the past few months. She then takes Liam up on the car ride home and promises him that she's going to get her shit together.


Jamie talking to Moon.

In her room that night, she is looking at the ceiling in her bed and Moon comes in asking if she's okay. Jamie tells her that she's not and that she should have listened to their parents and left her adoption alone. Jamie then tells Moon to just forget about it since she doesn't want to hear the truth. Moon asks if things are going to go back to normal now and Jamie tells her not normal, but they will get better. She then apologizes to Moon for all of the fighting and admits she's afraid she won't be able to go back to normal now that she knows the truth. Moon tells her where she goes from here is her choice and Jamie agrees as Moon leaves. She then picks up her phone and thinks about calling Jeremy, but decides against it and puts it back down, staring at her ceiling again.

In Ain't It Fun, Jamie is in the lunchroom with her friends and encourages Caylee to open her envelope from Brown. After finding out she was accepted, Jamie celebrates and announces it to everyone around. After noticing Julia wasn't as jubilant, she asks what's wrong and Julia admits she has no idea what she's doing for college. Jamie tells her that she's not the only one with nothing figured out and tells her not to focus on her whole life, but to figure out what she wants to do now. She tells her to stop worrying and that everything will fall into place, making Julia feel a bit better.

In Bad Blood, she is on the phone with Liam who tells her he's not coming into school and she tells him she'll bring him the community service logs later that day with Julia and tells him to feel better. They go and she gives him the paper and asks if he wants to go to the festival with them later. He tells them no and slams the door in their face, confused them both as to why he is so hostile.

In Glory and Gore, she is walking down the hall with Julia and Caylee and congratulates Caylee after finding out she is going to lose her virginity to Shawn that night, telling her to get it. She then warns her to make sure she's ready since a lot of girls lose it before they're really ready and she doesn't want that to happen to Caylee.


Jamie in season 4.

In With Every Heartbeat, she goes into the bathroom at her house and finds Moon on the floor in a puddle of blood. She freaks out and asks where she's bleeding from. Moon tells her it's from her vagina and Jamie tells her it's way too much for it to be her period. Moon then tells her she's also in a lot of pain and not the normal cramp. Jamie then tells her that these are all symptoms of cancer and is about to get their parents to take her to the hospital, but Moon tells her that she'll be fine. Jamie points out she's in a blood puddle, but Moon tells her she'll be fine and if it happens again she'll go. Jamie then makes her promise to let her know if it happens again and leaves her alone, worried sick. That day at school, she is at Scott's locker to wish him happy birthday and notices the hickey he has, asking who it's from.

After school, she calls for Moon and walks into her room crying on her bed. Jamie asks why she wasn't as school and Moon explains that Klaus has a baby mama back home who just gave birth. Jamie is then furious at him and threatens to kill him, but Moon says he's already back home but that she also lost her virginity to him and bled everywhere again. Jamie tells her it's normal to bleed her first time, but Moon points out it was like a fountain and it's yet another symptom of uterine cancer. Jamie then asks if she can call their parents this time since the family would fall apart if anything happened to her. Moon finally agrees and Jamie goes to call them. After Moon gets a diagnosis of uterine cancer, Jamie and her have a private moment and Jamie starts crying, shocked her sister is so sick. After Moon worries she might die, Jamie tells her that she is a fighter and will get through this. They then both start cracking jokes to lighten the mood and hug as they laugh.

In Elastic Heart, she is walking with Caylee in the hall and after hearing they get out of 8th period for a free concert, Jamie is excited they get to miss their physics quiz. When Shawn comes over and asks to speak with Caylee, Jamie knows what's going on and rolls her eyes that the two still have to hide around, but gives them alone time. In class, Jamie and her friends warn Caylee about how dangerous her relationship is getting and Caylee then retaliates by telling them that their relationships all sucked too, but she still supported them. Jamie says they're just looking out for her and Caylee says she can look out for herself. At the concert, Julia comes to Jamie and explains that she got kicked out of her apartment and still has feelings for Liam. Jamie is overwhelemd with everything and tells her that Caylee and Shawn were exposed and then asks if Julia living with Liam is the best idea, but that she's 100% behind whatever Julia does. She then skips the concert to help Julia move out. She calms Julia down when she starts worrying about her future again and disses her roommate on the way out while helping carrying all her things. When she sees Caylee at the Hub, she apologizes for her breakup and tells her that she deserves better. After people start teasing Caylee about dating a teacher, Jamie flips them off and tells Caylee she doesn't have to leave because of them.

In Bed of Lies, Jamie is comforting Julia after she is rejected by Liam so he can be with Caylee and tells her that she's not stupid for falling for him again. She tells Julia that she can stay with them for however long she needs and then leaves when she sees Liam walking over, letting the two talk.

In Ain't No Rest For the Wicked (1), she is waiting outside the guidance couselor's office with Julia to talk about college preparations. She is then intrigued when Dex admits he was talking about something else. When he admits to them that he's in love with Scott, they both start squealing and are excited, admitting that they've shipped them since before he even dated Eliza. When Dex is worried since Dex is pretending to be with Hank, Jamie tells him that Scott would leave Hank in a heartbeat since Dex is the love of his life. Jamie then tells him to ask him out at the dance since it would be romantic and she and Julia then help him plan what to do.

In Ain't No Rest For the Wicked (2), at the dance, she and Julia convince Dex to go along with their plan when he is nervous. She later hits Liam when he makes fun of Dex liking a guy, making Dex self-conscious. She tells Dex not to care what people think and to make himself happy for once. She talks to Scott later in the night and asks how serious he is about Hank, which he tells her he's not at all and is faking being with him. Jamie tells him to do whatever he has to to stay off the streets and have a place to stay. She then talks to him about Dex and tells him to go for him since he will make him happy. After Scott rejects Dex in fear of losing him if their relationship were to go south, she looks upset for both boys along with Julia.

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Jeremy Litten


Jamie and Jeremy in the third season.

Main Article: Jamie-Jeremy Relationship


  • Jamie is one of the 14 characters to appear in 100 episodes or more. The others are DanielleScott, AliciaSophieMoonEricBrittanyEthanCayleeJuliaElizaAngel, and Dex.
  • She lost her virginity in Season 2 to Jeremy as a junior.
  • She attended the first ever FilmFridayz meeting.
  • Despite her conflict with Sophie, she still saved her life along with Julia and Jeremy when she attempted suicide in the school bathroom.
  • She is the first person to get proposed to and to accept. Jeremy and her also become the first couple to get engaged.
  • She is the second character to become an alcoholic. The first being Tim Sharpe.
  • She is the first character to be adopted. Her real parents left her in a garbage can outside their apartment complex. The second was Peyton.


  • "If you're looking for adventure, this is the place to be." (First Line)
  • (To Sophie): "I’m glad that people are finally seeing you for what you are; a liar and a manipulator. You want everyone wrapped around your fingers, but it’s not going to work."
  • "I’m happy that he and Julia hit it off…literally."
  • "Hah! You just got catapulted into the seventh dimension, my friend."
  • (To Jeremy): "I’m not having sex with you in a janitor’s closet!!"
  • (To Jeremy): "That’s when I realized that…I love you…and I want to spend all my time with you."
  • (To Jeremy)"You fucked my best friend?!"
  • (To Julia) "You almost stabbed and killed your baby with a clothes hanger because you felt bad about it being my boyfriend’s…we’re good."
  • (To Julia): "I may say some mean things sometimes…but I would be lost without you."
  • (To Jeremy): "I’m not perfect, believe me. I’ve done so many things I regret now…but falling in love with you, isn’t one of them."
  • "The only way this bitch will have any fun is if she makes someone cry."
  • "Well it feels like you never want to be apart from them. You are constantly thinking about them and dreaming about them and wanting to be with them for every waking moment of your life. And when you see them…it feels like everything will be okay…that’s what love feels like."
  • "I don’t need my family controlling my every move anymore, I’m a big girl."
  • (To Julia): "No one said being pregnant with your best friend boyfriend’s baby was easy…"
  • "So many people have tried to rip us apart, but we’re still together."
  • (To Julia): "I know that you’re a huge whore. That’s the whole story."
  • (To Jeremy): "I just don’t want to follow your coattail! I moved in with you and ever since you pay for everything and make all the decisions and I just go along with all of it. I need to make my own decisions, Jer. If you win this…where am I going to be?"
  • "No one said it was easy to be a trophy wife…"
  • "I’m not that girl. But I guess I am now. I don’t even know who I am anymore…"
  • (To Jeremy): "Go back to Hollywood, go get that record deal, and make a name for yourself. But you’re going to have to do without me."
  • "Do I need a specific reason to drink? My best friend lost her baby a month ago, my grandmother is dead, I slept with a stranger, I’m a mess…"
  • "He’s not the same. Or maybe I’m not. Or maybe none of us are."
  • (To Isaac): "You know…I’ve never had sex in a pool before…"
  • (To Moon): "Karma’s a bitch, bitch."
  • (To Caylee): "Just because I drink, it doesn’t make me an alcoholic. Just because you have diabetes doesn’t make you fat."
  • "I don’t need HBO, I need everyone to stop calling me an alcoholic and just leave me alone!"
  • "I didn’t have a drinking problem, I had an adoption problem!"