Ethan Webber
FULL NAME Ethan Webber
NICKNAME(S) Eth (by everyone)

E (by Sophie)

D.O.B. 1997
FAMILY Patrick Webber (father)
Carl Stein (step-father)
Unknown Mother
RELATIONSHIPS Brittany Brith (ex-girlfriend)

Candace Jones (kissed; former attraction)
Sophie Clark (ex-girlfriend)
Danielle Hooper (kissed; former attraction)

JOB Student
SCHOOL(S) Clearwater High School
FIRST Let's Get it Started (102)
PORTRAYER Adam Irigoyen

Ethan Webber is a Junior (Grade 11) at Clearwater High School and one of the original thirteen characters. He used to be a rebel who would get into trouble for the thrill and fun of it, also turning to drugs to help him with his problems, borderlining on addiction. He has since turned a new leaf after a court hearing where he learned he must repeat his freshman year. He is now more focused on his future and doing well in school, but is still very cocky and isn't afraid to hurt people in order to save himself. He started a lacrosse team which was a big element of his storyline in Season 3. Following being shot during the school shooting done by the kid he bullied, he developed PTSD which he learned to deal with after a while, but still haunts him to this day.   

He runs for school president in the fifth season and ends up giving the position to Danielle, as he knows she would be better at it. It is also revealed his father is gay when he starts dating his teacher. He finally accepts his father and attends his wedding. During the seventh season, he decides to try to skip his Junior year to catch up with his friends and girlfriend so they can graduate together.  

He is good friends with Danielle Hooper, Scott Taylor, and the presumably deceased Olivia Jerl. He is also friends with former enemies Micah Quick and Eric Stem. He is in a long-term relationship with Brittany Brith. He is portrayed by Adam Irigoyen. 

Character HistoryEdit

Season 1 Edit

In Let's Get it Started, he is sitting at Moon's lunch table and finds Sophie hilarious. He is also at the FilmFridayz meeting and Jamie tells Jeremy that he had an amazing video idea.


Danielle, annoyed her friends are teasing her about being with Ethan.

In Love Drunk, he and Olivia are fooling around in class and throwing things at each other and when their teacher, Mr. Tucker, tells them to stop and gives them detention, Ethan retaliates by throwing a notebook at Mr. Tucker's back. He is then sent to the office and Olivia tries to cover up her laughing. At lunch, everyone is talking about how Jeremy and Jamie are perfect and Olivia tells Ethan he should date Danielle after he asks who would be good for him. At first everyone is arguing about whether they would be cute or not, and then Danielle tells him they should hang out after school. Ethan blows off his detention and tells her he'll see her then, despite Olivia's warning not to skip. The next day, he tells Olivia that his date with Danielle went fine, but she tells him that Mr. Hanson is looking for him. In his office, he starts acting like a smart-ass and pushing Mr. Hanson's buttons when he tells him that he can't skip detention. Mr. Hanson tells him it's either detention or expulsion and Ethan picks detention. Later that day, he and Liam are talking about his crush on Danielle and Liam tells him to make a move, so he does and tells her that they should hang out again. She agrees and he goes off to detention, trying to avoid expulsion.

In Fuckin' Perfect, Olivia is tutoring him in math and Sophie asks them if they want to hang out. They both reject her, but when Sophie asks Olivia why, she ditches Ethan and runs away, leaving him confused.


Danielle showing Ethan her artwork.

In Keep Holding On, he asks his friends where Danielle is and they tease him again about asking her out, which he is still nervous to do. They convince him to try, so he goes to the art room to talk to her. In the art room, he admires her art and listens to her story about her father. He is obviously very nervous to talk to her and when Brad walks in and they kiss and tell him they're dating, he gets very defensive. They leave to see Sadie and leave Ethan alone where he has a tantrum and destoys her art project in spite. In the parking lot, Ethan sees Danielle and Brad making out and Brad makes fun of him for liking her. Ethan loses it and tries to punch Brad who tries to fight back. Eric comes out and breaks up the fight by beating the crap out of Ethan. Danielle feels bad, but leaves with Eric and Brad before someone sees them, leaving Ethan in pain on the ground. Danielle tries to apologize to him about letting him get beat up, but Ethan won't talk to her and is happy that he ruined her project. She yells at him for being a jerk and walks away, but Ethan still looks unemotional. He is watching her and Brad later that day and Liam tells him it's creepy. Ethan promises to get revenge on Brad and break them up since he is sure Brad is just using her.

In This Is How I Disappear (1), Ethan doesn't understand why Scott is so upset about not being allowed to join Pride and tells him to join FilmFridayz.

In Radar, he tries to help out Sophie with her stalker, Devon. When Devon shows up, Ethan acts rude to him which upsets Danielle and Moon.

In You Da One, he sees Danielle crying by her locker and goes to cheer her up. When he learns Brad broke up with her and she doesn't have a date to Homecoming, he tells her that he would take her and she seems excited, but tells him to give her a day to think about it. At FilmFridayz, she tries to tell Ethan that she's getting back together with Brad, but when she sees he bought her a corsage, she feels too bad and kisses him instead. He is shocked and happy by it and she excuses herself to go talk to Brad. She tells him later on about her and Brad's reconciliation and he is pissed that she would kiss him and lead him on. She tries to explain herself, but he rudely tells her to leave.


Ethan watching Brad and Danielle kiss.

In Dancing On My Own (1), he is talking to Liam about how he needs to get revenge on both Danielle and Brad and how he wants both of them to feel hurt. At first, Liam isn't on board, but Ethan eventually convinces him to help. They talk later and Liam tells him not to cross any boundaries. Ethan comes up with a plan that involves him getting Danielle to go with him and dump Brad and then lead Danielle on. Liam makes Ethan promise to not do anything worse than that, and Ethan promises, but then reveals he was crossing his fingers. He is later smoking pot with Blake and realizes that Danielle is the one he wants to hurt, not Brad and comes up with another plan. He goes up to Alicia and asks her about her baby, which she doesn't have. He lies and tells her Danielle is telling everyone that Alicia is pregnant. Alicia gets pissed and wants revenge, so Ethan gets her on board with his plan. After his first plan fails with Alicia, she comments about how if anyone would be pregnant, it would be Danielle. This sparks another idea and Ethan asks how mean Alicia is willing to be. When she agrees to do whatever he wants, they leave to start to plan before the dance starts. They sneak out of the dance and Alicia opens up Danielle's locker so Ethan can change the dates of Danielle's periods in her calendar so she thinks she missed one. They go back to the dance and Liam asks about the original plan. Ethan tells him the new one which Liam doesn't agree with. Ethan watches Danielle and Brad dance and is excited to finish the plan.


Ethan lying to Danielle.

In Dancing On My Own (2), after Danielle looks at her calendar, he comments about a girl having her period at the dance and tells Danielle not to do the same. He watches and laughs as she tells Brad that she missed her period and might be pregnant. He finds her and Sadie at her locker and she is freaking out about possibly being pregnant. Ethan starts saying things that make her even more paranoid about it. He goes back into the dance and tells Brad that she's pregnant, fake comforting her after her and Brad fight about it again. Liam tells Brad the whole thing was a setup by Ethan and Brad runs up to him and punches him. They start fighting and Mr. Hanson comes and breaks it up, taking them to the office. He meets Danielle in the hallway after Alicia tells her the plan and screams at Ethan for ruining her relationship. He tells her he just wanted to hurt her and she leaves, too emotional to deal with him. In the office, he and Brad are also in with Abby and Sophie who were having sex. They all receive one week's suspension. Ethan doesn't seem to care and thinks it was worth it. He is going home with Liam and wonders how long he'll have to wait until he can date Danielle and Liam tells him she might never talk to him again. He sees her reunite with Brad and is upset his plan didn't work, but acknowledges that he will never have a chance with her.

Ethan in season 1

In Eyes Open, he keeps taunting Devon during FilmFridayz which everyone finds funny except for Moon. The next day, he and Liam make fun of Devon's singing and when Moon comes to defend him, Ethan is annoyed with her. When Devon is sitting alone at lunch and Moon goes to sit with him, Ethan wonders why because he is so weird and Sophie tells him to be nice.

In Personal Jesus, he is at Skate Night with Tim and Alicia and gets upset when he sees Danielle and Brad having fun. Alicia starts playing matchmaker and suggests he date Sophie. Ethan considers it and thinks it might work out. He asks her out and flirts with her the next day at her locker and at first she is enthusiastic about it, but then sees Danielle and doesn't want to date someone she hates, so she tells Ethan she'll get back to him. After getting grilled by Scott and Danielle for liking Ethan, Sophie decides to go against their wishes and accepts his offer to date. She is making out with him in the courtyard and starts feeling bad, but he reassures her that there's nothing wrong with them dating.

In What You Waiting For?, Ethan sees Scott reject Harley's kiss and comments about it. When Scott asks if that makes him a bad boyfriend, Ethan says it does. He later sells Tim weed when he needs something to help him with his stress.

In Want U Back, he helps Sophie and Danielle with their plan to get Devon to leave Danielle alone, but tells Sophie that he'll keep coming back.

In The Change, he dogpiles Alicia at FilmFridayz with many other members.


Ethan finding out about Sophie's lies.

In Give Me All Your Luvin', Jamie pulls Ethan aside and warns him that Sophie has been spreading lies lately. He doesn't seem to take it very seriously, but tells Jeremy that he's going to try to catch her in a lie the next time she tells one. He asks Abby, Eric, and Scott if they'd seen Sophie and Scott tells Ethan that Sophie almost kissed Abby. Ethan starts freaking out because his girlfriend is showing more interest in girls than in him and Scott offers to find out the whole story which makes Ethan feel better. He asks her about her encounter with Abby and she lies and said nothing happened between her and Abby. He gets upset since he knows she's been lying a lot and Jamie comforts him when he says he has to break up with her. Tim tells him that she lied about kissing Danielle as well which seals the deal for Ethan. He breaks up with her later that day and tells her he's done with her lies.

Sick muse

Ethan high while watching Sammy.

In Sick Muse, Ethan wants to hang out with Blake and get his mind off the breakup with Sophie, but Blake can't. He says that getting high is losing its charm so Jeremy asks him to watch his brother for cash. Ethan hesitantly agrees to babysit. He goes the next day and starts watching Jeremy's brother, Sammy. He brings up Sophie and becomes depressed again. When he can't take it anymore, he leaves Sammy inside and goes outside the smoke weed and forget about everything. He comes back extremely high and plays tag with Sammy, feeling happy again. He offers Sammy, who is only 7, the weed and Sammy is reluctant, so Ethan forces Sammy to smoke it. They start playing tag again, and Sammy passes out and starts having a seizure from the weed. Ethan starts freaking out and calls the cops and Jeremy. The medics come and take Sammy away, saying he'll be okay after he gets his stomach pumped. Ethan lies when they ask him if the weed was his and when Jeremy comes, he apologizes. Jeremy blows up on him and tells him he won't turn him in as long as he never talks to him again. Ethan agrees and feels ashamed of what he did. He sees people talking about what he did and denies that he has a drug addiction when his friends say they're worried about him. He wants to change and sets out to do so.

In Force A Smile (2), he is involved in Jamie's plan to take down Sophie. He is very excited to take her down and is assigned the task of telling everyone she slept with Abby while they were dating. When he tells Eric, he receives sympathy from him.

Season 2Edit

In Settle Down, he is at the same party as Eric and Keith and is drunk. He introduces himself to Keith and Eric tells Keith not to talk to Ethan. Ethan tries standing up for himself, but Eric and Keith walk away. After Keith gets beer spilled on him by Justin and Eric doesn't stand up for him, Ethan does and takes him to get a new shirt.

I Knew You Were Trouble

Scott talking with Ethan.


Ethan saying goodbye to Olivia.

In I Knew You Were Trouble, he walks into Mr. Tucker's class late and gets scolded and given detention. He says he doesn't care about the class and leaves, flipping the teacher off. After skipping many more classes, he goes to lunch and starts talking to his friends when Mr. Hanson comes and tells him to leave for skipping and also tells him he has something waiting for him at home. Ethan starts freaking out, wondering what it is and goes home to see. He and Blake get to his house and he has Blake read the letter. It says that since he's skipped so much school he is now suspended and put under house arrest and will also go to court. He starts freaking out and doesn't know what to do. Blake and Kat try to help the next day and talk to Mr. Hanson, but there's nothing they can do. He calls Olivia out of class so he can talk to her before he goes under house arrest. He says that he's messed up a lot and wants to change. She says goodbye and tells him that she better see him again soon, and he promises he'll be back eventually.

Danielle welcoming Ethan back.

In Kiss With A Fist, he returns to school and walks up to Liam, Danielle, and Scott. They are all excited to see him and he tells them he still has a suspension, but he has a court hearing tomorrow and his house arrest is over. He expects them to drop all the charges since he has been good under house arrest. He tries to go eat at his old lunch table, but with Eric eating there now, they continue their conflict and threaten to fight each other. He decides to leave and not risk his trial tomorrow. He passes Mr. Stein who tells him that he believes he can change and he has to set out and prove everyone wrong now. This gives Ethan confidence to come back and be a better person. At his court hearing he learns he will have to retake his freshman year to make up for the days he missed. Ethan is shocked and scared. He tells all his friends at school tomorrow who try to support him. Olivia jokes about it which upsets Ethan and he leaves. Jamie tells him he has a chance to redo everything he did wrong the first time and he starts seeing it as a blessing in disguise. He feels better about how his second year as a freshman will go.

In Panic Station (1), Devon sees that he is back in school and starts trash-talking him. Ethan tries to keep his cool, but when Devon says he should just die, he loses it and almost attacks him, but stops himself. Instead, he goes to Mrs. Dayton and tells her that he thinks Devon needs some mental help and to hold a meeting with him.

In Panic Station (2), Sophie tries to talk to him and is surpised when he actually talks back to her since no one else will. He says that he has nothing against her personally and is surpised when she says that she tried to kill herself. When Olivia comes and starts a very aggressive and physical fight with her, Ethan tries to stop it, but can't. Before class, Scott warns Ethan about Devon's hit list, but tells him he should be fine. Ethan is worried that it's not and is proven true when he runs into Devon in the hallway holding a gun. He tries to stop Devon from shooting, but calls him crazy and pushes Devon to the limit. Devon aims the gun at Ethan and fires, hitting him. People see him bleeding on the ground and are all afraid. After the shooting is over, the newscaster mentions that Ethan was the only one to get shot and is alive, but in critical condition.

Won't go home without you

Ethan talking with Mrs. Dayton.

In Won't Go Home Without You, he returns to Clearwater after recovery and is greeted by Liam. He quickly finds Mr. Hanson and talks to him about starting a lacrosse team at the school to occupy his time and mind and keep him out of trouble. Hanson likes the idea and tells him he will run it with the board. He is later walking alone in the hallway to the bathroom and sees Devon who is threatening him again. He starts freaking out and is snapped back into reality by Tim who tells him that Devon is in jail and he was hallucinating. He offers to take Ethan to the nurse, but Ethan says no and leaves, very shaken. He visits Blake once he hears that Blake's back in town and is annoyed when Blake immediately offers him drugs. Ethan stays true to the new person he is trying to become and tells Blake they can't be friends anymore, leaving him and feeling bad, but relieved. He is in the school bathroom and thinks he sees Devon again, but is it really Eric. Ethan starts freaking out so Eric punches him, accidentally hitting Ethan's head into the sink and knocking him out. Eric flees and Ethan believes it was really Devon. He talks to Mrs. Dayton who tells him that he is experiencing PTSD. Ethan admits that he is very scared about what Devon might do when he is released from jail, but Mrs. Dayton tells him to not worry until he needs to and gives a doctor he can talk to for his disorder. He bumps into Mr. Hanson who tells him the board passed the decision to have a lacrosse team, but that Ethan cannot be team captain since he will still be a freshman next year. This upsets Ethan since yet another thing goes wrong for him.

In Long Way to Happy, he approaches Olivia and Troy and warns them that Sophie is back at school. He is surprised to hear Olivia isn't going to get revenge on her at all and asks if they can study, but is turned down so he leaves. He is walking with Olivia in the hall later and knows she hasn't told Troy about her abusive mother. She is hesitant to, but he encourages her to tell him since she'll have to one time or another.

In I'm A Slave 4 U (1), Ethan is eating lunch with the condensed lunch table.
Ethan s2

Ethan in Season 2.

In I'm A Slave 4 U (2), he calls Brittany a slut when she is talking to the lunchroom about her nude photos that went around.

In Hurricane, he is doing community service for Mrs. Dayton and sees Sophie crying, so he checks up on her.

In This Too Shall Pass, he comments that he doubts Julia and Liam will be together for another month.

In How You Love Me Now, he overhears Scott and Brittany talking about Devon's upcoming trial and reveals that he is not allowed to testify since he was recently under house arrest and everything he says is null and void. He then tells Brittany that it's up to her to give them justice and tells her that she has to testify. After hearing about her panic attack, he talks to her again and tells her that this shows she still needs closure like he does and taking Devon to court will be the perfect solution. Despite Ethan's attempts to persuade her to go to court, Brittany ultimately decides against it.


Danielle eating lunch with Ethan.

In Carry On, he checks up on Danielle, assuming she knew about Brad and Chloe getting together. When he realizes she didn't know, he feels bad for bringing it up and shows her the two of them flirting. When she starts to tear up, he hugs her. He later sees her stressed over the matter and flirts with her, believing he finally has another chance with her. He attempts to kiss her, but she pushes him away and tells him she doesn't like him. He is confused as to why not and becomes increasingly frustrated with her until he reaches the point of calling her the C word, which gets him slapped. He still doesn't know what he did wrong.

In Play With Fire, Olivia asks him if he still talks to Blake which he answers yes. She then asks him to talk to him about his recent attempts to get Eliza back. Ethan agrees to talk to Blake about it and later runs up to Eliza and Olivia, saying that he found Blake who wants to talk to Eliza right away. After Eliza rejects Blake, Ethan tells him to leave and Ethan leaves moments later with Olivia to let Dex and Eliza talk things out.


Ethan talking to Blake again.

In Here's to Never Growing Up (1), he is playing video games with Liam and discussing prom which is happening that night. Out of nowhere, Blake calls Ethan and he is confused as to why, not answering and lying to Liam about who it was. When Blake then texts him, Liam checks his phone and sees Blake said that he needed Ethan now more than ever. Liam encourages Ethan to see what he needs despite Ethan's unwillingness since bros stick together. This makes Ethan think twice about Blake. He visits his house later on and is still hesitant to come in and give Blake another chance, but does so anyway. They start to make small talk and then Blake mentions the shooting and Ethan says that he's still terrified about when Devon gets out of jail that he will come after him again. He also tells Blake about his PTSD and to help, Blake gives him ecstacy tablets. At first, Ethan doesn't want them and claims that he's changed, but Blake tells him to take them just in case, so Ethan takes the bag and decides to stay longer at Blake's. That night, he thinks that he sees Devon outside his window and grabs a knife to protect himself. He tries to tell himself that it's all in his head, but lunges for Devon anyway, hitting the floor. In a frenzy, Ethan takes the pills to help the image of Devon go away. He is walking down the street much later and sees Devon again, starting to beat him up, but when "Devon" starts yelling, he realizes it's a random man that he has assaulted. He runs off in a hurry before he is caught. After taking all of the pills Blake supplied him with, he calls Blake, still high, and asks for more. Blake tells him the price and Ethan steals money out of his dad's wallet to pay for them, starting up his drug habit yet again.


Ethan denying the gang.

In Here's to Never Growing Up (2), he is smoking weed with Blake on his couch and talking about how he really is a bad guy, not caring what his friends will think when they find out he's reverted back to his old ways. Blake tells him about a gang he is in that he wants to introduce Ethan to and Ethan is psyched to get involved. After getting sober, they go to visit the gang "Front Line" and Ethan is much more nervous and hesitant now, telling Blake that he doesn't want to get involved since it seems like more trouble than he's interested in. He is at The Hub later on, high yet again. Olivia walks in and tries talking to him, but when she realizes that he's high, she is very disappointed in him and calls him a lost cause. Ethan is upset over this and slams his head on the table, feeling conflicted on whether to take the drugs and make Devon go away or deal with it on his own. He looks into the mirror once he gets to his house and realizes that he wants to stop taking drugs, calling Olivia, crying, and asking for help, which she agrees to. He goes to Blake's house the next day and tells him that they can't talk or be friends anymore since Ethan needs to get his life into order and he can't do that with Blake around. He feels bad, but walks away feeling optimistic about his future ahead.

Season 3Edit

In Summertime Sadness, is practicing lacrosse in his yard with Liam for his upcoming team which gets boring for Liam, who asks if they can stop. Ethan persists that they keep going because he wants all the practice he can get so he can be a good team captain. He then explains that it took a lot of convincing from both Ethan and Mrs. Dayton for Mr. Hanson to allow Ethan to be captain. They see a new guy moving into a house across the street and notice he's carrying a box of sports equipment, interested in befriending him so he could have help with his lacrosse team. Liam says he should go talk to him and Ethan says that he will. He visits the house later and finds Micah in the pool, introducing himself. He mentions how he saw Micah carrying sports equipment and invites him to join his team. Micah doesn't want to talk about it because he is more focused on flirting with the cute girl nearby. Ethan says they can talk about it later and warns Micah that the girl, Candace, is a bitch. Ethan tries again to talk about the team with Micah and rings his doorbell. Micah is disappointed to see Ethan since he was expecting Candace and when she walks up, Micah ignores Ethan and slams the door in his face, pissing him off. He later overhears his conversation with Candace about how he's a figure skater and says that it'd be a shame if anyone found out.

In How to Be A Heartbreaker, Sophie walks into her math class and sees Ethan there, confused of why he's in a sophomore math class since he's repeating freshman year. He explains that he tested out of freshman math and Sophie is happy to be able to see him, which annoys Danielle. He offers to tutor Sophie and help catch her up and the two start talking again. When their other friends start pushing for Sophie to tell them where she was all summer, Ethan tells her it's okay if she doesn't want to tell them. He is later tutoring her in her kitchen and explaining theta and beta to her. After she explained that she was in the mental institution over the summer, he asks her why and she says it's because of her multiple suicide attempts. She then apologizes for the way she treated him and he says that it's in the past and that he know she's different now. He calls her amazing and they both lean in for a kiss. Ethan is then confused and leaves in a hurry. He tells Alicia and Abby the next day about the kiss and is hesitant to tell Danielle since she still doesn't like Sophie. Abby tells Danielle and he says that he believes she's changed, but isn't sure how he feels about her just yet.

In Ray of Light, he is doing a science experiment with Olivia and they are having trouble with it. Their science teacher starts talking about parent-teacher conferences and Ethan says that his parents aren't going. After hearing that Olivia's mother has to go due to her low grade, he is worried for her and shows his support.

In Black Sheep, he and Sophie are talking about their stupid antics from freshman year and laughing. Micah approaches Ethan and asks him about practice, so Ethan tells him the time, more focused on Sophie. Micah says that he has a question, but Ethan blows it off to walk Sophie to her class. He starts the first practice for lacrosse as captain by introducing himself and saying he expects respect. He continues to go on about himself as Brendan talks to Micah about how awful Ethan is, turning him against him. Ethan then loudly tells them to do bicycle crunches, and Micah suggests they stretch first since it's better for the body, but Ethan yells at him and tells him to start the crunches, further upsetting Micah who is now convinced by Brendan to take away Ethan's captain position. At the next practice, they guys are all doing planks as Ethan watches and does nothing. Matt asks for a break and Ethan tells him no, so Brendan speaks up and says everyone is going to leave, so he calls them sissies and gives them a break. During the break, Micah puts a crushed ecstasy tablet in Ethan's gatorade. Ethan is later seen laughing a lot and dribbling a basketball instead of coaching, so everyone is confused, especially when Mr. Hanson comes in and Ethan continues his erratic behavior. Hanson brings in cops after Micah tips him off that Ethan is on drugs and the cops arrest him and take him out to their car outside.

In Clarity, Sophie is visiting Ethan in DH and is put into a small room with him to talk. Ethan mentions how good it feels to not have to wear handcuffs and they hug and kiss before sitting down. Ethan asks if people at school know about what happened to him, and Sophie says that some people do, but not everyone. She says that no one believes that he was sabotaged and he tells her that he doesn't blame them since he always messes things up and they have no reason to believe a thing he says. He then says that they belong together because they're both trying to get their lives together after being messed up for a long time. Ethan then asks Sophie if he can call her his girlfriend since they've been flirting a lot for over a month. Sophie doesn't give him an answer and Ethan thanks her for visiting him before hugging her one last time and going back to his cell. After realizing her sexuality and that she doesn't love Ethan, Sophie returns to the DH and has another visit with him. He tells her that he's being sent off the next day and that this is the last time she'll be able to see him for 3 months. Sophie then says that she doesn't believe him when he says he didn't mean to take E on purpose and he accepts it. He asks if she'll be waiting for him when he gets back and she tells him no since she knows she only likes girls now. He tells her they'll talk more when he gets back and is shipped off, looking upset when he gets on the truck.


Ethan confronting Micah in the hallway.

In I Write Sins Not Tragedies, Ethan is finally back in Clearwater after 3 months of being absent and gets out of a car, walking into the school gym and the lacrosse meeting. He clears his throat to draw attention to himself and everyone is shocked to see him, so he makes a comment to Micah about how it's a shame he couldn't get him sent off for 6 months instead. He tells the team that he is still a part of the team regardless of his absence and talked to Mr. Hanson about it. Blake and the other guys welcome him back, but Micah is upset and Ethan winks at him. The next day at school, his friends walk up to him and Danielle jokes that he can't stay at the school for longer than 2 months at a time. He then hugs her and Scott and says that was the last time he is going to be gone. Sophie says that he never told her he was coming back, and he comments that he didn't tell anyone. Everyone leaves them alone so they can talk and they have an awkward chat at first until Ethan speaks up and says that neither of them can help who she likes and that he got over it and is happy to see her happy. They hug and Sophie says he's a nice guy, and he says that he wants to meet her girlfriend and winks. He sees Micah at his locker and grabs him, saying he knows it was Micah who drugged him and got him locked up so he could take his captain spot. Micah says that he can't prove it, and Ethan says that he can play just as dirty to get the spot back.

He goes to Mrs. Dayton who asks him about his PTSD and Ethan says that he barely thinks of the shooting anymore, and doesn't freak out when he does. He then says he wants to be lacrosse captain again and needs her permission first for the athletic director. She is hesitant at first, but he convinces her to let him and is pumped. On the way to lacrosse, he bumps into Danielle who can tell he's planning something and wishes him luck. In the gym, he shows them his official slip that puts him back on the team and says he wants to be captain. Ethan then says he wants to win it back from Micah by playing him in three rounds of lacrosse and the winner gets to be captain. Micah agrees after his team forces him to and they shake on it. After two rounds, they are tied, but Ethan wins the final round and wins back his title of captain. Ethan is ecstatic and is cheered on by his whole team. He is later talking to Liam about it and says that Micah looks pretty pissed. He then sees Sophie and she introduces him to her girlfriend. Ethan tries to act nice, but is visibly disappointed to hear she'll be transferring to Clearwater next semester. When they leave, Ethan sighs and comments that he can't get everything he wants.

In Internet Killed the Video Star, Ethan is running drills at practice and comments that the guys are doing nice. He then tells Micah to run straighter lines and tells him to go again while the rest of the team is finished. He then tells them all to hit the showers and tells them good job. Throughout the whole episode, Micah tries to find a way to pin the nude email scandal that some of the lacrosse players started on Ethan and does so successfully by adding his email to the backup email with the help of Zak. The police and principal are talking to Ethan and when he is released, Micah is waiting for him. Ethan says that he didn't tell on the whole team, but also didn't say it was him that did it because it wasn't. He says that they don't believe him because of the email and asks Micah how many times he is going to ruin his life. He tells Micah that the team is going to be disbanded since Hanson thinks he had help and tells Micah he could go to jail for 5 years. He gets in Micah's face and tells him to watch his back before walking off.

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  • Ethan is one of the 14 characters to appear in 100 episodes or more. The others are DanielleScott, AliciaSophieJamieMoonEricBrittanyCayleeJuliaElizaAngel, and Dex.
  • Ethan is tied for the most plots in Season 1.
  • Ethan is a virgin.
  • He attended the very first FilmFridayz meeting.
  • He is one of the 5 characters to appear in every episode of a season along with AliciaDanielleSophie, and Eric.
  • He is one of the five characters to get suspended. The other three are Sophie Clark, Blake Sommer, Abby Ulmer, and Caylee Daniels.
  • He was downgraded to a recurring role in the first two blocks of season 2 due to him being under house arrest and obtaining injuries from the school shooting. The final block of the season he was bumped back up to a regular.
  • He is the first character to be both regular and recurring in one season. The second was Abby Ulmer and the third was Jeremy Litten.
  • He is the first character to ever get shot.
  • He had to repeat his freshman year (seasons 3-4).
  • He is the first character to be diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  • He had a long time crush on Danielle Hooper which started in the third episode and was still present as of Carry On (episode 50).
  • He has had a long time problem with drug use, having many relapses, but is currently sober.
  • Dispite being a regular in all of Season 3, he was absent throughout most of it and only appeared in 10 episodes. This makes him one of the 8 characters to appear in less than half the episodes of a season they were a regular in the whole time.
  • His personal email is


  • "She's freaking hilarious!" (First Line)
  • "Brad is a snake who is just ready to coil Danielle up and then move on to the next girl. I’m not going to let her get hurt, I don’t care that she hates me."
  • "So, Ms. Hooper, will you go to the dance with me?"
  • "So my girlfriend is more into girls than she is into me?"
  • "I’m back, bitches!"
  • "I always fuck up. It’s like the boy who cried wolf…and this time I’m finally telling the truth…but it’s too late."
  • "I messed up so much when I was younger. I put my entire life in jeopardy. I don’t want to be broke and living at home working at a fast food chain. That’s where I was headed and if I don’t work hard now, that’s where I might end up."