Eliza Bell
FULL NAME Eliza Nicolette Bell
NICKNAME(S) Ez (by Moon)
Lize (by Casey)
El (by Olivia)
Eliza Bangs (by Clearwater Secrets)
She-Devil (by Scott)
D.O.B. 1997
FAMILY Seth Bell (father)
Stephanie Bell (mother)
Casey Bell (sister; formerly brother)
Danny Bell (brother)
RELATIONSHIPS Dex Smith (ex-boyfriend)
Brendan Collinger (former affair;sexual)
Blake Sommer (ex-boyfriend)
Josh Yeldman (ex-boyfriend)
JOB Student
SCHOOL(S) Clearwater High School
FIRST Anything Could Happen (101)
PORTRAYER Ariana Grande
Eliza Bell is a Senior (Grade 12) at Clearwater High School. She is one of the original thirteen characters and was known to be the damsel in distress, yet has since taken a new-found independence where she wants to deal with her problems on her own. She is normally peppy and chill while with her friends, but has a darker side that she normally tries to cover up like when she had self-harm issues or slapped her boyfriend. Her darker side started showing more and more as the show progressed, becoming actually aggressive at times especially around her ex-boyfriend, Dex Smith, who she abused. Her aggressive and rude behavior lost her numerous friends and caused many conflicts. Things were made worse for her when she cheated on Dex and exposed to everyone, causing their breakup.  

In the fourth season, she discovered she was pregnant and didn't know who the father was, causing her to get an abortion. When this leaked to the school, Julia Abbott led a protest against her and many of her friends left her, all which led to her decision to be home-schooled the following school year. Despite being home-schooled, she finds herself consumed by the drama of her old high school, scheming against her former enemies and even going as far to destroying their property. Things come to a head when her outbursts become violent and she ends up blowing her mother's car up after a fight, causing her to be sent to the mental hospital where she is diagnosed with Intermittent Explosive Disorder, which explains many of her violent and crazy outbursts that have been going on since the third season. Following this news, she decides to step away from everything and focus on bettering herself.  

She returns to Clearwater in the sixth season and over time, regains all of her friends again. She even firmly cements herself in the main friend group of the series. After her close friend, Olivia, delivers her suicide note to her, she goes through a heavy grieving process.  

Eliza is newly best friends with Lana Davis and Angel O'Brian additional close friends include Scott Taylor, Moon StellarChloe Kaven, Brittany Brith, and the presumably deceased Olivia Jerl. She is enemies with Jarrod Keppler, Sophie Clark, and ex-boyfriends Blake Sommer and Josh Yeldman. She is portrayed by Ariana Grande. 

Character HistoryEdit

Season 1Edit

In Anything Could Happen, Scott comes up to her and asks if they can hang out, but she turns him down because she already has plans with Moon. When he tries to make plans for later in the week, she says she's very busy, but will get back to him and goes off to find her class, leaving him disappointed.

In Let's Get it Started, she is seen getting lunch with Moon who is complaining about the new girl, Sophie, and how everyone thinks she is amazing, which she disagrees with. Eliza asks her if she's jealous, but Moon says she isn't, she just doesn't see how they can stand her. Eliza asks what she's going to do about the situation in which Moon tells her she's going to find a way to make everyone hate Sophie the way she does. Eliza doesn't find it fair to do that to Sophie, but Moon says she doesn't care and says goodbye before joining her other friends. She later joins Eliza's table when she gets into an argument with the people at her's.

In Love Drunk, Moon walks into class and sees Eliza looking depressed, so she sits down next to her and asks her what's wrong. Eliza says that she's okay, but Moon doesn't believe it and comments that she's been acting this way all week. Eliza tells her that high school isn't like middle school the way she hoped it was and explains how she hates change and doesn't see anyone that much anymore. She also mentions how she and Gina got into a fight over the summer and Chloe ditched her for Gina afterwards, so Moon and Scott are the only people she gets to see anymore. Moon tells her that she and Scott aren't going anywhere, but Eliza isn't so sure because she turned Scott down to hang the other week and thinks she upset him. Moon tells her that Scott doesn't hold grudges and Eliza says she just wishes things were like last year and she got to see her friends. Moon tells her she was feeling lonely too and talked to this cute guy and now they're friends, so Eliza should try it. Eliza says she's not the girl who just talks to random guys, but Moon encourages her to, saying boys will take a girl's mind off of anything.

Later that day, Eliza is walking to class, distracted, and bumps into a boy, dropping her books everywhere. She apologizes and he says it's okay and helps her pick up her books. She introduces herself and he does as well, saying his name is Blake. He hands her her books and asks her if she's a freshman, which she says she is. He tells her that it gets easier, mentioning he's a sophomore and tells her to sit with him at lunch if she wants after finding out they share the same lunch mod. He walks off as Eliza blushes and Scott comes up, asking her who that was. She tells him that his name was Blake and she just met him. Scott recognizes his name and tells her that he's heard he's bad news. Eliza asks if she should stay away from him then, but Scott says that maybe the rumors aren't true and he's a good guy. She decides to give him a try and see what he's like, saying that she hopes he's not a pothead. Scott asks her if she likes him, but Eliza says she's not sure because she just met him and the only guy she's dated is someone online in the seventh grade. Scott mentions that he turned out to be fifty and gay, and Eliza says that she wants a boyfriend, saying Moon told her it would make her less depressed. Scott tells her that's not true because relationships bring drama, so Eliza decides to take things slow and see where they go.

In Keep Holding On, Olivia calls her over to talk after she gets into another fight with her mom. Eliza tells her that she could get a video of her mom hurting her, but that not only Olivia, but her siblings would be taken away as well. At school the next day, she's talking to Scott about Olivia's issue and then when she shows up, she asks how it went, giving her support.


Eliza when the drug search starts.

In This Is How I Disappear (1), she and Blake are messing around and he sees her cuts. He tells her to stop, but she refuses. Later, she and Moon are walking and she sees Blake smoking. She yells at him and tells him to stop before storming off. Blake later approaches her and tells her it wasn't cool for her to tell him that. She tells him that he did the same to her, but he insists it's different. They make up later on and he tells her that he got rid of all his drugs, but when a cop comes in with search dogs, they find his drugs. He is suspended and Eliza is mad that he lied.

In This Is How I Disappear (2), she tells Jamie and Moon that she needs time before she can talk to Blake again. At school, Kat tells her that Blake is a mess without her and that she needs to talk to him, but Eliza refuses. She gets a slip to talk to the guidance counselor about his drugs, but after Kat tells her that she's being a bad girlfriend, she covers for him and tells Ms. Dayton that the drugs weren't his. Moon also yells at her because she's cutting just to piss of Blake and not for the right reasons. This makes Eliza change her mind and she goes to see Blake. He is overjoyed to see her and she becomes very concerned when he is sobbing after being away from her.

In Radar, she sees Brittany staring at a guy and asks her who it is. When he gets her name wrong, she tells him to get closer with him.

In Dancing On My Own (1), at homecoming she tries to help Olivia find Scott but is confused because she was mad at him earlier. When Olivia tells her that she blames Harley for everything, Eliza tells it nothing was Harley's fault. 

In Dancing On My Own (2), she hears Olivia spreading lies about Harley and tells Moon because she doesn't want Scott getting hurt as a result. She along with Moon and Tim tell Scott she is lying and Eliza tells him that Olivia has loved him for a long time. After Olivia reconciles with Scott, she asks him if he's okay with her liking him and he tells her no, but she gives him hope that she will get over him.


Eliza telling Olivia about Jarrod.

In Eyes Open, Eliza sits with her normal lunch table and is fine when Blake's friend, Jarrod, joins them as well. She and Kat ask him about himself and seem to like him, but Eliza is taken aback when he comments on her hair. She asks Kat what she's heard about him and doesn't seem to trust him. Later that day she goes to drop off a science report and sees only Jarrod in the room, asking him to give the teacher the report when he shows up. He agrees and then asks for her number so she can send him pics. Eliza isn't sure what he means and he tells her he wants to see her body. Eliza refuses to sext with him and tells him to stay away from her after he talks vulgarly to her. She warns Kat about him the next day and refuses to tell Blake about it, worried it might push him over the edge. She's also worried because he has her number. Jarrod tries to get her to send him a picture again at her locker, saying he will stop talking to her if she sends one. She bumps into Olivia and drags her into the bathroom, telling her the story. Olivia tells her not to let him get to her and Eliza is clearly freaking out over the situation. He sends her a picture of his penis which freaks her out even more. He gets his friends to harrass her as well after school and she breaks down, crying outside the school. She gets Kat to talk to Jarrod and he stops harrassing her after Kat tells him she will tell Blake. Eliza feels weak making Kat talk to him, but Kat makes her feel in more control by saying she has ammunition against him with the picture he sent her.

In Personal Jesus, she gives Scott advice when he can't kiss Harley and when he realizes he might be gay, she tells him she will stand by him and not to worry about his friends because they shouldn't care.

In Want U Back, she witnesses Brittany and Levi get together and doesn't approve. When Brittany tries to talk to her and Chloe about it, they both tell her to breka up with him because their clashing religions will never work out. Brittany refuses to and insults Chloe. After Brittany walks away, Eliza seems very upset with her. Brittany later apologizes to Eliza and she seems to be over it anyway. When Levi asks Brittany to a church gathering, Eliza tries to get her to say no, but Brittany says yes anyway which annoys Eliza.


Eliza telling her friends about her brother.

In The Change, Eliza gets home and hears her parents talking about one of her brothers getting a sex change. She is shocked and runs up to her room. She tells Moon the next day and tells her he's making a big mistake. Moon feels differently and that Eliza should butt out, but Eliza says she has to talk him out of it. She enlists the help of Scott, Kat, Blake, and Chloe to go with her to Illinois and convince her brother to not get the surgery. They all agree which makes Eliza happy. She convinces her other brother to drive them to Illinois and starts freaking out when Scott tells her Moon is on her way because she knows she will try to convince her not to go. Moon does and Eliza becomes very frustrated, wanting to leave pronto. Scott and Chloe decide not to go, so she leaves with Danny, Kat, and Blake. They get to her brother's house and she tries to talk him out of it until she learns that this is nothing new, and that he has been transgender for a long time, her parents have just hidden everything from her. She realizes she needs to stop mkaing choices for other people when she doesn't even have her own life figured out and her brother tells her everything will fall into place. She hugs him and leaves. Back at Clearwater, Moon drags her to talk to Trey since he is going through what her brother is and he comforts her and makes her feel better about it. Chloe comes to apologize for leaving and Eliza reveals she isn't mad at Chloe or Scott and that she's going to focus on her own life from now on. They share a heartfelt moment and hug.

In Give Me All Your Luvin', Olivia comes to Eliza and is freaking out about Scott wanting to rebel and is scared he is going to do something stupid. Eliza tries to go by her new philosophy to let people make their own choices and tells this to Olivia, but Olivia reads it as Eliza not caring about Scott and is upset with her. After Olivia scares Scott into doing what she says, Scott is upset with her and tells Eliza this. Eliza goes to comfort Olivia who is a wreck and is scared he will never talk to her again. Eliza promises her she will talk to him about it. She does the next day and he tells her that he doesn't think he wants to be friends with her again. Eliza knows Olivia will go crazy if she knew he said that, so she tells her that Scott still does want to be friends, although she feels bad for lying to her afterwards.


Eliza in Season 1

In Two Kinds of Happiness, Kat rushes to tell Eliza about Blake's possible failure of his Sophomore year, but Blake intervenes and tells her. She is very concerned, but decides to be a supportive girlfriend and tells him she will help him study every night to help him. Unknowingly to her, this upsets Blake since she is treating him like a study buddy and not a boyfriend. That night, they are in his room studying and he tries to make a move while they are making out. She tells him she still won't have sex with him and he gets upset because she would rather study than make out. Eliza gets upset because she thought he was okay with it and leaves when he tells her they can make out or she can go. She is talking to Kat about it the next day and says she loves him, but she deserves better than a failure. She goes to break up with him, but he tells her he will study and ace his midterms if it will make her happy. This makes Eliza overjoyed and she decides to stay with him since he is willing to fight for her.

In Force A Smile (1), she is making out with Blake at Olivia's locker and when she tells them to stop, Eliza knows something is wrong. She tells Blake to give them privacy and sees Olivia's cuts. She tells her that her home life is getting worse and maybe she should get help. This upsets Olivia and she leaves. Scott and Chloe come and they talk about how they need to do something. While Eliza is worried about how Olivia is going to react, she knows it's the right thing to do, so she joins the other two.

In Force A Smile (2), Olivia's mom calls her and tells her that Olivia is missing and she needs a babysitter. Eliza immediately freaks out since she told the guidance counselor about her abusive mother earlier that day and runs to find Scott. She tells him what is going on and they set up a search crew to go out and find her. She takes a car with Tim, Scott, Kat, and Chloe and encourages them to keep searching when a few of them are getting tired. She gets hopeful when Kat remembers Olivia saying she wanted to go to San Diego. When she finds her at the train station, she hugs her and is confused when she won't come back with them. She along with her friends eventually convince her to come back, although she isn't happy about it. Eliza is happy to finally have found her friend.

Season 2Edit

Eliza s2

Eliza in Season 2.

In Midnight City, she is on the phone with Olivia and invites her to go to Tim's party with her. She also comforts her when Olivia can't go because of the police watching her every move. She orchestrates a plan with Moon to kidnap Olivia and take her to the party. Eliza climbs into Olivia's window and startles her and tells her they have to move quick since Moon is distracting the police. Eliza promises her a fun night and they leave. She isn't with Olivia at the party and mainly hangs around Moon. After the party, she goes with Olivia to help sneak her back into her house. Cop cars are surrounding her house and Eliza feels bad for her. She watches as Olivia talks to her father and agrees to sleep over his house with Olivia next time she's over.

In I Knew You Were Trouble, she walks into Clearwater for her second semester as a freshman with Scott and Blake soon joins them, so they kiss. She finds it surprising when Scott says he's going to try to befriend Keith again. After Scott and Keith's new conflict, he ignores him during class and turns to talk to Eliza. She tells Scott that love with come for him soon enough when he tells her he just wants a boyfriend.

In Sweet Nothing, she sits next to Brittany and finds it strange that Levi said he's hanging out with Blake that night when she's hanging out with him. After Brittany thinks that Levi is cheating, Eliza helps her in finding out the truth and sends Blake to distract Levi in the bathroom while she and Brittany looks through Levi's phone. They find out that he's been texting a girl named Layla and Brittany goes to cry in the bathroom, and rejects Eliza's offer to go with her.

In Knock 'Em Out, she is eating lunch with her friends and finds it annoying that Keith is gloating about how perfect his life is. Once everyone goes to get lunc except for her and Scott, she sees that he looks sad and questions him about it. When he tells her he's jealous about how perfect Keith's life is and hard hard his is, she understands and wants to help him get a kiss from a guy that would make Keith jealous. He tells her his plan the next day that involves Sadie making a video where he kisses a guy and loves it.

The Ghost of You 1

Eliza, worried after talking to Kat.

In The Ghost of You (1), she talks to Kat on the way to her locker about her six month anniversary with Blake and is worried he forgot when Kat says he hasn't mentioned planning anything. Her worries are entinguished when she opens her locker and heart balloons fly out. Blake comes by and tells her he would never forget. They share a passionate kiss before he leaves to plan their perfect evening. Eliza is ecstatic until Kat brings up that he's probably thinking about having sex since they haven't done it yet. Eliza tells her that Blake doesn't care about sex, but Kat warns her all guys are the same and they all want sex. This leaves Eliza feeling worried yet again. She asks Scott in class if it's weird they haven't had sex and he tells her it is, but they're a strong couple and don't need sex. He tells her not to have sex just because Kat and Blake want her to, but only if she feels she's ready and she seems to take the advice to heart. She asks Jarrod to talk to Blake about what he would do if Eliza didn't want to have sex. Little does she know that Jarrod is planning revenge for not sending him a nude. He tells her later that Blake was planning to have sex that night and would dump her if she didn't want to. Eliza decides to go along with it because she doesn't want to lose him and it's not that big of a deal. She doesn't know that Jarrod made it all up and never talked to Blake. She goes to Blake's locker and tells him that she's ready. He pulls out condoms and tells her got the stuff, so she kisses him and leaves. Kat congratulates her on stepping up and wishes her luck, which just gives Eliza more nerves. She goes to the bathroom and tries convincing herself she's ready, but starts sobbing instead while unbuttoning her shirt to reveal cleavage. She leaves the bathroom and heads off to find Blake. They are on his bed later and she is still freaking out, telling him she's just excited. He starts to unbutton her clothing and she looks terrified, but goes through with it.

In The Ghost of You (2), after they have sex, she is lying in bed, naked, with Blake and he is very satisfied. He leaves to go to the bathroom and Eliza starts sobbing into the pillow, ashamed of what she did. She finds Scott the next day and when he asks about her date, she starts crying and says she doesn't want to talk about it. He gets her to admit she had sex and he tells her that if she didn't want to do it, it was rape. Eliza doesn't think so, but Scott tells her he is exploiting her for sex. Eliza says she wants to forget about it and they walk away, not knowing Blake was around the corner listening. She is talking with Brittany and Moon later when Jarrod walks by and calls her a slutbag. Her friends try to stick up for her, but Jarrod reveals to them that she had sex with Eliza and that Blake ran away when he heard she didn't want to. The argument becomes heated when Jarrod screams that Eliza is a slutbag to the whole hallway and Moon pushes him into a wall. Eliza admits she made a mistake and that she needs to find Blake. She goes to his house where he is freaking out and rambling about how he can't believe she didn't want to have sex with him. She notices that he is high and calls him out on it. He tells her that he wants to have good sex with her that she wants back and starts feeling her up, but Eliza tells him no and pushes him back into his coffee table, which he breaks, when he won't stop touching her. She tells him that she's done before leaving and crying as she walks home. Kat finds her crying on her porch and tells her that Blake went off driving while he's high and that if she still cares about him at all, that she would go with her to find him. Eliza agrees, still caring about him, and hops in Kat's car to look for him. They are driving and Kat seems really worried while Eliza doesn't seem to care. Eliza spots his car and they get out to pick him up and keep him from driving. When he tells them to leave him alone, Eliza realizes she's done wasting her life on him since all he does is disappoint her and starts to walk away. On the way, she pulls out her knife to cut, but drops it down the sewer instead and continues walking in the rain. The next morning, she finds a letter from Blake on her windowsill telling her that he left the state and is sorry for being a bad boyfriend. She accepts his departure and smiles as she sees the sun rise.

In Cough Syrup, she is walking into German class with Moon and Caylee who are discussing how much they hate Sophie. Eliza suggests they give her a break, which the other two deny. When Jarrod starts making mean comments to Caylee about her weight, Eliza doesn't say much when everyone starts arguing with him since she knows what he can do to people and tells everyone to let it go, which is yet again denied.

In Panic Station (1), she is in German again and she is talking with Liam and Caylee about the locker searches going on and is happy that Jarrod is going to get busted, saying he deserves it.


Eliza meeting Josh outside in his car.

In 21 Guns (1), she is at the mall with Kat and ignoring her by texting someone else. Kat asks who it is and Eliza reveals it is a guy named Josh that she met and has been dating for 3 weeks. Kat is surprised she never said anything about him and Eliza said he wants to be kept a secret. Kat finds it shady, but Eliza trusts that he is a good guy. She is playing video games with him and asks if any of his friends know about her, which he replies with no. When he asks her the same question, she lies and says no one knows, but asks why they can't know, feeling like she's an embarrassment to him. He tells her it's because he thinks they won't like him and that she will find out why soon enough. This makes Eliza a little worried, but she drops the subject and goes back to the game. She is making dinner with Danny that night when Josh calls and tells her he's outside waiting for her. She gets Danny to cover for her by saying Olivia needs her help and in the car with Josh, he tells her that he is part of a Christian cult he wants to show her, She says that she is athiest, but he still wants to show her and she agrees to go. They go to a church where she meets the leader and becomes very uncomfortable. She asks to leave, but Josh tells her everyone will belittle her if she does and she is stuck there now. Eliza starts to get very scared, but stays with her boyfriend. After the meeting, they are making out and she agrees to go again if it makes him happy. She starts to unzip her dress, alluding that she wants to take things further, but Josh says he can't because it's a rule of the cult. When he asks her if she's had sex, she lies and says no, which makes him happy. Kat and Olivia come over later that night and Eliza tells them what happened. They both urge her to dump him since the cult is scary, but she is unsure what to do since she really likes him.

Eliza lying to Kat.

In, 21 Guns (2), Eliza is packing to sleep over at Kat's when Josh calls and tells her he wants to hang out that night, guilt tripping her into choosing him over Kat. Eliza calls Kat and tells her she has to cancel and visit her grandma in the hospital. Kat sees Eliza get in the car with Josh while driving to pick her up and knows she lied, calling her a bitch. She is making out with Josh in his car later that night and he unzips his pants, wanting her to give him a blowjob, which doesn't count as sex. Before she can, Kat comes up and yells at Eliza for ditching her. She also calls out Josh on his cult before leaving. Josh is furious that Eliza told someone and forces her out of the car. She is very hurt and holds back tears as she walks back inside. At school, Scott tries to make plans with her, but her mind is on other things. They run into Josh who is shocked she is friends with Scott. He calls him a fag and tells her to stay away from him because he is gay. Scott leaves and Eliza freaks out on Josh, asking what is wrong with him before running off, confused on what to do about him. After finding that Josh is obsessed with Eliza by breaking into his locker, but not being able to tell her that, Chloe lies to Eliza in class and tells her she needs to dump Josh because he wants her to be the new leader of the cult. Eliza is shocked, but they are interrupted when Josh comes, pulling her into the hallway. He demands to know what Chloe was telling her and Eliza tells him it was nothing, but asks him to be friends with Scott. When Josh refuses to, she tells him she doesn't want to be a part of the cult or be with him and asks him to stay away. Josh comes to her locker and asks her to come over, thinking they just had a fight. Eliza assures them they are broken up and not to talk to her anymore because he is creepy. She apologizes to Kat for ditching her and is forgiven, happy to be away from Josh.

In If I Lose Myself, she is walking with Scott and talking about his birthday party that night. She is excited to find out 4 other people are going and annoyed when Olivia ditches it to go out with her boyfriend. She assures Scott that it will still be fun, who is starting to doubt it. At the party, she is annoyed when Scott's parents won't leave them alone and explains to Dex how horrible they are. When they start to watch the movie, she suggests they do a cuddle puddle and is upset when she sees Dex paying more attention to and flirting with Scott. She starts getting annoyed when everyone is talking about Scott and Dex dating and walks off. Chloe notices and follows her, asking her if she likes Dex. Eliza says no, but is lying when she says so. Chloe tells her she can't help who she has feelings for, and Eliza looks conflicted about liking someone Scott has a chance with.

In Won't Go Home Without You, she is hanging out with Scott and Dex in Scott's garage and talking to Dex about all kinds of things while ignoring Scott who is trying to get in the conversation and not noticing when he is hurt. She finds Scott in the hall the next day and tells him that Dex doesn't like him, he likes her and that he asked her out. She asks for permission since she knows Scott liked him first and Scott hesitantly tells her she can date him. She freaks out and kisses him on the cheek to thank him before going over to Dex and hugging him. At the end of the day she is acting very cute with Dex and asks Scott to hang out with them the next day. Scott agrees and she is very happy.

In Long Way to Happy, she comforts Olivia after she is freaking out about asking Troy to dinner.

Your love is my drug

Eliza, yelling at Sophie after she insults Dex.

In Your Love is My Drug, she is walking with Dex, Moon, and Scott and want to hang out after school. She walks away with Dex after they decide on going to Scott's. Moon, who is pissed Eliza stole Dex from Scott, talks to Eliza in class and asks how her and Dex are. Eliza tells her how perfect they are and Moon comments how different things would be if Scott never gave her permission. Eliza wonders if Moon is hinting that Scott is still into Dex, but Moon won't tell her anything. This makes Eliza worried about Scott's feelings. After Moon tries to break them up using Sophie, Sophie takes matters into her own hands and tries to get revenge on Dex. She tells Eliza that all Dex does is hurt people which makes Eliza even more confused. She tells Dex about this who is pissed Sophie would do that and starts charging through people to find her. Eliza tries to stop him, but he doesn't listen. Eliza takes Dex's side when Sophie tries to reel her in and leaves with a fuming Dex and Scott. On the walk to Scott's house, Moon brings up that she hates people who turn on their best friends and glares at Eliza. Eliza is pissed Moon would bring that up and says she hates people who butt in. When her mom is there to pick her and Dex up, she hugs Scott goodbye, but passes by Moon who she is still pissed at.

In I'm A Slave 4 U (1), she is at a sleepover with Brittany and Chloe and they start to go on a webcam site called Omegle after Eliza complains of being bored. They see naked people and Eliza starts to question the website and is weirded out when Brittany starts showing cleaveage to find a boyfriend, calling her a slut jokingly. A few days later when she and Scott find out Brittany told a stranger online their information, she is pissed and wants her to stop talking to him, telling her she's done with her if she doesn't stop.

In I'm A Slave 4 U (2), she is proud of Brittany for standing up for herself after nude pictures of her go through the school. She then leaves with Dex.

In Hurricane, Sophie sees Eliza and Dex laughing together in the hallway and is jealous. Jamie later asks her about the creepy guy that she used to date, Josh, and thinks he might be going after Sadie.


Eliza seeing Sophie walk into her science class.

In This Too Shall Pass, she is talking to Angel in science class about how great at sex Dex is. Angel is surprised they only waited two weeks before sealing the deal. Eliza then admits that Dex was only a rebound at first, but she has developed true feelings for him now. They notice Sophie is walking into their classroom and realize that she transferred in. Eliza is nervous and doesn't want to talk to her, so she tries to hide her face from Sophie, but instead knocks her textbook onto the floor. Sophie walks by and picks it up for her, which surprises Eliza since she somewhat stole her boyfriend. Eliza advises Angel not to mention any of this to Dex and to just avoid Sophie at all costs, which Angel agrees to. Eliza is at her locker later that day and Sophie walks up to her saying that she wants them to be friends. Eliza is very uncomfortable and doesn't want to be seen with her, so she asks Sophie why she wants to so badly, still believing that she has a hidden agenda. When Sophie tells her that she can prove that she's not hiding anything, Eliza just walks away without giving her an answer or not. She rushes to class and sits next to Scott, telling him about the situation before Dex shows up. Scott tells her that maybe Sophie has changed and they quickly stop the conversation as Dex comes up to them and kisses Eliza on the head. Sophie seeks out Eliza again at her locker and Eliza has come to her last straw. She angrily tells Sophie to give it up because she does not want to be her friend. Olivia walks by and asks if Sophie is bothering her, in which Eliza replies that she is. Olivia punches Sophie out of nowhere and surprises Eliza who pulls Olivia away before she is caught. Eliza is waiting for Dex to talk to his teacher after school before they leave and spots Brittany. She explains to her the situation to get another opinion when Dex shows up behind her without her knowing, hearing everything. Eliza freaks out when she realizes he's heard everything and tries to explain herself, but Dex is upset she didn't trust his judgement and walks off. Eliza chases after him. She meets him at his car and apologizes, as does he. She decides to avoid the extra drama and not be Sophie's friend and they drive off.

In How You Love Me Now, she is at the mall with Dex, Jamie, and a few more of their friends. She calls Jamie lame for hanging out with freshmen and when Dex asks if that makes him lame, she gets annoyed and screams that he is in his face.

In Carry On, she is with Dex after school and notices Scott limping down the hallway with a black eye. She rushes over to him and asks what happened. She is shocked when she hears Jarrod beat him up and he's keeping it a secret and then slaps Dex for swearing, telling him not to again. She then helps take Scott to the nurse.


Eliza seeing all her boyfriends fighting.

In Play With Fire, she comes out of the shower and sees Danny in her room. He tells her that there's a weird car parked outside and she is shocked to see it is Josh. She tells Danny not to worry since he is harmless and then notices a letter on her bed from Blake saying that he wants her back. She starts to get really freaked out and doesn't know what's going on. She shows Olivia the next day and tells her that she thinks they are working together to get her back, but refuses to tell anyone else about it, especially Dex, because they are dangerous. She insists Olivia not tell anyone, but Olivia ends up telling Ethan, who is friends with Blake. Eliza is pulled out of lunch by Olivia and tells her that Ethan talked to Blake. Ethan tells them that Blake is at the school to talk to Eliza, who is extremely frazzled. She wants to find him and tell him to leave so Dex doesn't find out, but Blake comes up to her and starts talking about getting her back while touching her arm. Eliza yells at him to get off when Dex comes up, confused. Eliza threatens to call the cops if Blake doesn't leave, which works. Olivia and Ethan leave so Eliza and Dex can talk and he tells her that Blake tried to convince him that Eliza was his. She explains to him her history with Blake and that she has another ex working with him. Dex is shocked she didn't tell him, but she said it was to keep him safe. She isn't sure whether it was a good thing to tell him or not as she hugs him. She later gets annoyed because she wants to deal with it herself and Dex won't let her and tells this to Chloe on the phone that night. She tries to prove that she can take care of herself when Josh parks outside her house again and she rushes out to talk to him. She tells him to leave her alone because they're never getting back together and is shocked when he has no idea who Blake is, meaning they're not working together. She tells him one more time to leave her alone and then goes back inside, proud of herself that she handled the situation. The next morning, Dex meets up with her at her locker and wants to go to the police. Eliza says that she's taken care of it and that she doesn't want him getting involved, but Dex keeps insisting that he needs to and is afraid she's hiding something. Eliza it's not his business and he tells her she can't deal with it alone. This makes Eliza snap and she slaps him hard across the face. They are both shocked as she stomps away and feels guilty. She steps outside at the end of the day to see Josh, Blake, and Dex all fighting and staring at her. She loses her patience with them and calls them both out on how awful people they are. They finally give up and leave, Josh saying he'll be waiting for her to return. They are both sitting in Dex's car a little later and Eliza apologizes for slapping him after seeing the red mark that is still there. Dex forgives her, but fakes a smile after he touches it and feels pain again. They drive off and hope they never see those bastards again.

Season 3Edit


Eliza in the third season.

In Summertime Sadness, she is at the park with her friends and her boyfriend and tells Dex to stop doing backflips since she thinks he is going to get hurt. She gets jealous when Dex pushes Jamie on the swing and calls him to the woods to talk to him in private. When Dex tells her it's rude to ditch their group, she doesn't care and says she wants to be with him alone. He tries to kiss her, but she pulls back and tells him not in public, even though they are alone. When Dex points this out, she calls him annoying. He gets a call from his family who wants him home right away and Eliza is upset he left her. She questions Dex the next day as to why he didn't text her back the night before and he tells her that things with his family are hectic, but then refuses to tell her why, which annoys her. She calls him a buttface and he has enough of her name-calling so he leaves and she gets offended. Scott and Dex walks off and she starts to talk to Angel alone. She asks her why Dex isn't more open with her and Angel tells her it might be because she is mean to him sometimes. Eliza shrugs this off and reminds Angel how he flirted with Jamie the day before, but Angel tells her he wasn't flirting, but Eliza doesn't believe her. She has Dex over the next day and is playing video games and Dex starts to tell her about his brother going to the military and how upset he is over it, but Eliza isn't listening. She then asks him to hang out the next day, but feeling not important to her, Dex makes plans with Scott and tells her he has family stuff to do, which she says whatever to.

In Honeymoon Avenue, Eliza is hanging out with Brittany and Chloe and trying to figure out what they should do for the night. Eliza suggests they should go to Friday Night Skate, but Chloe and Brittany shut it down because of the shady people that go there, which Eliza then agrees with. Brittany gets a call she wants to keep secret, so she tells Eliza and Chloe to keep walking and she'll catch up to them, which they do. After walking for some time, Chloe notices Brittany is not behind them and spots her running across the street. Chloe tells Eliza to stay where she is, but Eliza is afraid of being left on her own. Chloe leaves her anyways and Eliza sits down on the sidewalk and waits for her friends.

The next day, Chloe is spying on Brittany at her house while Eliza is on the phone. Eliza asks if she's left yet, but Chloe says she hasn't. A car comes up and sees Chloe, quickly leaving and upsetting Brittany who comes outside to meet the car. Brittany explains the driver was Bernard, the 38-year-old guy she met online last year. Eliza is shocked to hear she's still talking to him and screams this through the phone, but Chloe hangs up on her so she can talk to Brittany alone. She later joins Chloe and Scott to do research on the guy to find out if he's dangerous or not and after Chloe gives her his full name, Eliza is shocked to see his name on a sexual predator website and that Brittany has been talking about them to him. This makes Eliza feel unsafe and upset that Brittany would put them in this situation. After Chloe calls Brittany and tries to get her to dump him, she leaves to try and break them up in person, but won't tell Eliza or Scott her plan, worrying Eliza.

In Girl On Fire, Eliza walks into class and overhears Moon telling Scott she has a crush on Eliza's older brother, Danny. Eliza is grossed out and asks Moon what is wrong with her before sitting in the back of the class to avoid her. Eliza is later seen at lunch with her friends as Moon walks up to her and asks if she's still allowed to sit there since Eliza is mad at her. Eliza says she can if she does one thing and asks her to go tell Carly she has a crush on Danny. Moon is shocked Eliza would ask her to do something like that and Eliza tells her that her crush on Danny is nasty. Moon retorts that Eliza is dating Scott's crush seconds before Dex comes over and asks what all the commotion is about. Moon changes the subject and says she'll sit somewhere else from now on. Eliza looks satisfied as Moon leaves and doesn't tell Dex what happened either.

After school, Eliza goes to Moon's house and apologizes for how she acted earlier. She explains that she thought Moon liking Danny meant that she was turning on Eliza for some reason. Moon asks Eliza why she thinks everyone is turning on her and why she's been acting so hostile lately. Eliza tells her that she's not acting hostile and everything is fine. Moon proves her point by saying freshman Eliza would have teased Moon for liking her brother, not try to backstab her for her. Eliza tells Moon that she's still the same person, but Moon tells her she's not so sure and closes the door, leaving Eliza looking hurt and confused.

In How to Be A Heartbreaker, she is at lunch with Scott, Dex, and Angel and is shocked to hear Sadie Carroll has a boyfriend. She feels sorry for the guy and tells Scott to just go and hang out with her and then they can make fun of everything she said after.

In Wonderwall (1), Eliza, along with all of Dex's other friends, are waiting at his house to surprise him with a birthday party. When Dex and Scott walk into the house, everyone screams "surprise." Eliza then walks up to Dex and kisses him, telling him that she loves him. He tells her he loves her back, visibly upsetting Scott. Eric shows up with alcohol and wants to get drunk, which Eliza finds annoying and rolls her eyes. Dex says she doesn't have to drink if she doesn't want to, but Eliza tells him she doesn't want him to drink either. Jamie tells Eliza to let Dex drink at his own party in a very annoyed tone, upsetting Eliza. Moon comforts Eliza by telling her she and Scott won't drink either. Dex is shocked to hear Scott won't drink, so Eliza says there's no way he would. Scott then surprises her by grabbing the bottle and taking a swig. Eliza later calls Angel, asking where she is because they're all drinking and she's all alone. Angel tells her she won't be able to make it and Eliza gets annoyed when Angel then hangs up on her. Eric then finished off the bottle of booze and everyone cheers except for Eliza, who is very visibly annoyed. Dex tells her it's okay because none of them are even drunk, but Eric mentions he's too drunk to drive. After Dex invites all the guys to sleep over, Eliza looks jealous and asks him if there's something he should tell her having all these guys spend the night at his house. Dex mentions that she can't and Jamie invites her to sleep over her house, but Eliza seems all but thrilled.

in Wonderwall (2), Scott goes to Eliza's basement and surprises her while she's watching TV. She is happy to see him and asks what he's doing here, so Scott says he heard some stuff that he needs to tell her. Scott tries to make a lie that would break up Dex and Eliza so he would have a chance with him instead, but can't go through with it. Eliza is confused after he tries to say he's cheating on her, but then takes it back. Scott tells her to forget everything he said, but she's even more confused and asks him if he's covering for Dex. Eliza gets mad and tells him that she's going to get to the bottom of whatever Scott just told her and knows something is up. She goes upstairs and slams the door, scaring Scott since his plan will be revealed.

In Ray of Light, Olivia drags Eliza into the bathroom and Eliza asks her what's going on. Olivia explains that she's had enough of her mom's abuse and she needs to put an end to it before she does the same thing to her younger siblings. Olivia calls child protective services and Eliza gets excited, grabbing Olivia's arm and telling her this will change her whole life. She asks what Olivia is going to do if this goes wrong, but Olivia says she has to at least try and save her younger siblings. Olivia starts reporting her mother and Eliza looks very happy and hopeful for her friend. After school, she is leaving with Olivia and Troy when a cop comes to question Olivia about her mother and before she goes, Eliza gives her a hug and wishes her luck, telling her that she can do this.


Eliza scared after seeing her father's abuse.

In Black Sheep, she and Dex are doing homework in the cafeteria and she starts getting frustrated with how hard geometry is. Dex tells her that she should see the math he is doing in pre-calc. Eliza says she wants to go back to doing the math Dex's little sister was doing the other night. Dex then asks Eliza if she likes his siblings and she tells him that his little sister is cute. He then asks her about his parents and she tells him she thinks they're nice. He asks her when he gets to meet her family, and Eliza is taken back by the question. Dex explains he's never met them except her brother and that he wants to, but Eliza says he doesn't want to meet them because they're weird. Dex persists that he wants to meet them, but Eliza dodges the situation and says she left her book in her locker. Dex stops her from leaving and apologizes for pushing the situation on her, but she says it's okay and that she just really needs the book. She rushes off and looks upset as she walks away.

The final bell rings and Eliza walks up to Moon, telling her that Dex is asking about her parents and she doesn't know what to do. Moon tells her to tell him the truth about them and not keep him in the dark, but Eliza says she doesn't want him to know her father is an alcoholic. Moon doesn't think it's that big of a deal and thinks Eliza should just tell Dex everything and be honest like a good girlfriend should be. Eliza instead decides she has to get her dad to quit like she's been trying to get him to do for years. Moon doesn't think she can get him to and thinks he needs serious therapy to get better, but Eliza is hellbent on getting him to stop, saying that Dex has a perfect family and she doesn't want him to see how messed up her's is. Moon doesn't think this is going to end well, but Eliza thinks differently and rushes off to put her plan into action as Moon rolls her eyes.

Eliza gets home from school and sees her dad watching TV and drinking whiskey, so she sits down next to him and tells him she heard drinking every day can kill the liver in 5 years. Her dad doesn't care, but Eliza tries to tell him that if he cuts back over time, eventually he'll have quit altogether. He asks her why he would want to do that and she tells him he should so that he can be healthy. Her dad tells her to go do her homework, but she tries to persist further. He yells at her to leave, so she does and goes to the kitchen. Danny asks her what she's trying to do, so Eliza explains Dex wants to come over, but she can't let him know her father is an alcoholic. Danny tells her there's no way she can get him to stop drinking, but Eliza isn't so sure. Danny tells her not to push him because it won't end well for any of them and leaves the room as Eliza watches her dad finish his whiskey. She then starts to grab all the bottles of alcohol in the house and starts pouring them in the sink. Her mother walks in and is shocked by what she's doing, but Eliza explains she can't see her dad the way he is anymore. Her mom starts to get frantic and explains this is just going to make things much worse because he's wanted to leave the family for a while and drinking is the only thing keeping him here. Eliza is shocked by this and when her dad calls for his wife to get him a beer, Eliza's mom asks if she dumped everything down the sink. Eliza says that she did and her mom gets very scared, telling her to go upstairs to her room and stay there. Instead of going upstairs, she spies on her parents and sees her mom take the blame for getting rid of all the alcohol. Her dad then hits her mom and Eliza runs to her room, horrified. Dex calls her and starts asking about her parents again, but she tells him she has to go and hangs up on him, collapsing on her bed and crying after seeing her dad abuse her mom the way he did.

Eliza later is seen getting off her bike and stopping at her sister's house who is outside getting the mail. When Casey sees her, she is shocked and asks her what she's doing there. Eliza asks if she can stay with her for a bit and is willing to pay rent. Casey is confused and asks if everything is okay at home. Eliza admits she saw their dad hit their mom and that his drinking is getting worse and she just can't be around it anymore. Casey tells Eliza there's a lot of stuff they hide from Eliza and Danny and tells her that their father kicked her out of the house for being transgender. Eliza gets very upset over this and Casey tells her he's been abusing their mother for years, but only does it when he's drunk. She then blames herself for his drinking getting worse and thinks it's because of her sex change. Eliza tells her she's not blaming her, she just needs to get out of the house. Casey tells her she can't live with her because she's moving to Tampa next week. Eliza asks if she can come, but Casey says that their mom needs her and she's the only one who can fix things. Eliza agrees to stay at home for the sake of their mom, but says that she wishes she got to run away like Casey is because she doesn't want to have to be brave. She then bikes off and leaves Casey feeling very guilty.

Eliza gets home and tries to tell Danny everything Casey told her, but is interrupted by her father who is extremely drunk. She tries to tell him to go away because she doesn't want to deal with him, but he gets angry and says he's just trying to welcome her home. Eliza tells him this is no home and runs upstairs, leaving Danny very worried.

In Stubborn Love, Dex hears a knock on his window and sees it's Eliza, so he opens it, mentioning she got there quick. Eliza notes that she was already halfway to his house when she asked if she could come over. He helps her through the window and into his room and tells her to be quiet so they don't get caught. She mentions that he says this every night, but they never get caught. Dex asks her how long this is going to go on for since she comes over every night now. Eliza says she just likes being with him and doesn't tell him about her own home issues when he asks if there's something going on with her. She kisses him and then they start to make out on his bed while she pulls a condom out of her bra. She asks if she's ready for him and jumps on top of him, unbuttoning his pants. Dex asks if she's sure she wants to have sex again since they just did it the night before and Eliza gets worried he doesn't want to. Dex says he does, he just wants to be sure she does as well. Eliza proves she wants to by kissing his neck and grabbing his crotch, getting very into it while Dex doesn't look as enthusiastic about it.

The next day, Dex looks worried about Eliza when he sees her sitting alone in class as he walks by. After class, Eliza runs up to him and hugs him, saying she missed him. Dex mentions they saw each other an hour ago, but Eliza doesn't care and says she wants to spend every second with him and stay safe with him. Dex is confused and asks why she wouldn't be safe, but she dodges the question and tries to make plans for that night, but Dex says he can't because he already made plans with Scott. Eliza gets very upset and says she needs him and is more important. Eliza starts getting furious and says he doesn't love her, but he says he does and just needs to show his friends some attention too. Eliza says she's done with him and calls him out for not caring about her feelings at all. Dex says if it's that big of a deal to her, she can come with them, but she refuses. He tries to hold her hand, but she yanks it away and slaps him across the face, saying she hates him before running off and leaving him very confused and upset.

At the end of the day, Eliza walks by Dex and says she's going to sit at home and do nothing because her boyfriend has better things to do. Dex gets mad and asks what is wrong with her. Eliza asks him the same thing and says she thought he loved her. He says he does, so Eliza tells him to come hang out with her because she was planning on having sex with him again. Dex gets even angrier because now she's trying to manipulate him with sex, but Eliza says she's not manipulating him, she's just trying to get him to be a good boyfriend because he's sucking at it. Dex says he does everything for her, but she says he doesn't do anything except make her feel awful about herself, which confuses Dex. She tells him he's the only thing that makes her happy and asks if he's ditching her because he wants to see her upset. Dex says she's not making any sense and Eliza retorts by saying he needs her because without her, he's just a stupid loser. He tells her to stop, but she tells him she doesn't care anymore and hates him. She punches him in the arm which slams him back into his locker and then runs off, leaving him confused and in pain.

The next day, he sees Eliza and Moon sitting together in class and walks up to them, but Moon says that Eliza doesn't want to talk to him. He tells her they have to talk about what happened, but she tells him to go away. She finally gives in and tells Moon to give them some privacy. Dex tries to apologize, but Eliza says she forgives him and isn't mad anymore and then asks if they're hanging out after school. Before he can answer, she tells him to get to class because he doesn't want to be late and kisses him before turning back to Moon, making Dex even more confused than he already was.


Eliza in the second half of Season 3.

In Pills N Potions, everyone is back after Thanksgiving break and Angel asks her lunch table is everyone had a boring break as well. Eliza says she didn't since she hung out with people, which upsets Angel because she was never invited. Later, Eliza comes and watches as Danielle calls out Angel for changing and tells Angel that she looks different. After everyone continues to call out Angel, she walks away and Eliza offers to go talk to her, following her. She asks her if everything is okay and Angel tells her everything is perfect. Eliza comments that she's suddenly wearing huge heels and showing lots of cleavage and just wanted to make sure. Angel then thanks her for being there only when it was convenient for her and walks away, leaving Eliza confused.

In Do What U Want, she and Moon are walking through the hall discussing Eliza and Dex's upcoming eight month anniversary. Moon is shocked Eliza isn't getting him anything, but Eliza corrects her and tells her she's giving him sex and that should be enough. Moon tries hinting that Eliza should get him something big by saying she heard he's going to do something big for her. This agitates Eliza who says she doesn't need or want anything big and he's being so annoying about the whole thing. Moon is surprised Eliza is mad at him for trying to do something nice, so Eliza admits she's sounding bitchy and doesn't know why she's so mad. Moon asks if she's happy with him and Eliza tells her that she is. Moon tells her that she doesn't act like it and before she can finish her statement, she accidentally walks into a guy and knocks his books all over the ground. Eliza stands by and watches as Moon apologizes and helps him and when he asks them for help finding his class, Eliza notices his accent and asks him if he's one of the new foreign exchange students. The guy says that he is from Germany and his name is Klaus. Moon then ditches Eliza to go help Klaus which Eliza finds annoying and rolls her eyes before going to class.

In Big Girls Don't Cry, Eliza walks up to Scott and Dex and asks Dex if he wants to hang out with her that night. Dex tells her that he and Scott are having a movie night, and when she asks if she can join, Scott tells her it's a guy's night and she can't, annoying Eliza who gives him a glare. Eliza whines that they haven't hung out in a couple of days, so Dex tells her they can hang out Sunday and reminds her that she's his #1 girl. Eliza comments that it doesn't feel that way, but they are interrupted when Dex is called to the principal's office. After Dex and Scott leave, Eliza slams Scott's locker shut and is furious with him for trying to steal her boyfriend.

After hearing the news that Dex's brother died while deployed in the army, she finds him with Scott and asks him if he's okay. He tells her that's a stupid question and Eliza feels bad. She tells Scott to give her and Dex some alone time since he needs her right now, but Scott tells her if he needed her, he would have come to her. Before they start a fight, Dex gets angry and tells them he needs them both and they need to learn to love him more than they hate each other. Eliza agrees and sits down with the other two as they all sit in an awkward silence. After a few minutes, Eliza gets a text from her mom saying she's outside waiting to pick her up. Eliza invites Dex to come over and be with her and when he tries to refuse, she tells him she's trying to be a good girlfriend and he keeps ignoring her. He gives in and goes with her, but wants her mom to give Scott a ride home so he doesn't have to walk in the cold. Eliza tells Scott that her mom is in a hurry, but he walks to school every day anyways. She then satisfyingly takes Dex away from Scott with a smirk on her face.

At Eliza's house, her family all tell Dex they're here for him for whatever he needs. He thanks them and heads to Eliza room, but Eliza follows and is upset all he could say was a half-hearted "thank you." Dex tells her he just wants to stop talking about what happened with his brother, and Eliza understands that everyone mourns in different ways. She tells him they can do whatever he wants, so he decides to play video games. While he's hooking up her Xbox, she starts giving him a back massage and asks him why he always runs away from his emotions. He explains he feels things a lot harder than most people, but he's learned to just put on a smile. She tells him she wishes he could be emotional around her like he is around Scott, showing her jealousy over their friendship. Dex tells her she should start treating him as well as Scott does and Eliza is completely taken aback by this statement. She then tells him he should have come to her when he heard the news about his brother, not Scott. He asks why she's so jealous of him and Eliza admits she's afraid Scott might love Dex more than she does. Dex is shocked to hear this and Eliza explains how Scott is infatuated with Dex and she's afraid Dex will leave her for Scott. Dex explains he's straight and has been hanging out with Scott because Eliza has been pulling away from him. Eliza explains she has a lot going on and she's been taking it out on Dex because it's easy. Dex tells her she needs to stop and then kisses her. Eliza then threatens him that if he ever chooses Scott over her again, she'll leave him and makes him promise not to do it again. He promises and Eliza is happy and starts to kiss him, but Dex is not into it.

In Same Love, Eliza and Dex are walking together in the hallway and she is complaining about how freshman don't know how to walk when suddenly she sees Scott walking towards them. She dodges him and gets very annoyed, asking if he's stalking them. Dex reminds her that he is their friend, but Eliza disregards this. Eric comes up to them and asks Dex for help on his science project, so Dex goes to help him, upsetting Eliza who tells Olivia that Dex is always so happy to see other people, but not her and that she already had to ask him to stop talking to Scott because of this. Olivia tells her that she's acting like a clingy monster which isn't attractive, but Eliza says she just doesn't want him to leave her. Olivia explains that guys need guy time and Scott and Dex need each other, but Eliza tells her he doesn't need guy time, he needs her time and explains that he's not over his brother's death yet, but is acting completely fine. Olivia mentions that guys don't like to show emotion, but if she shows she's supportive of him, he will around her. Olivia then tells her not to tell him who he can and can't talk to as they continue to walk together.

While eating lunch, Angel mentions that Scott doesn't sit with them anymore and is hanging out with his arch-nemesis, Keith. Dex is shocked by this, but to change his attention back to her, she reminds him that Scott needs other friends. After everyone at the table starts discussing how Keith has broken Scott's heart so many times, Dex starts to get worried and tells Eliza that maybe they should start talking to him again. Angel is confused and asks why they stopped, but Eliza gets annoyed and tells everyone to mind their own business. She then asks Dex if they can hang out that night, but Dex has plans with Eric. Eliza invites herself again, but Dex tells her they aren't inviting their girlfriends and are going to have a guy's night. Eliza asks what she's supposed to do, so Dex tells her to hang out with her friends and that he loves her, but needs time with his friends too. Eliza gets furious and pushes her food tray, telling him not to talk to her because he's annoying her. She then gets up and angrily storms off as everyone looks very annoyed with her. Angel follows her and tells her she didn't have to throw a temper tantrum, but Eliza tells her she's mad that Dex is ditching her for Eric. Angel tells her that she isn't Dex's whole life and he has other friends. Eliza tells her that Dex is her whole life, but Angel tells her that's not healthy. Eliza writes off her advice and tells her she wouldn't know since she's never had a boyfriend. She then walks away very upset.

Eliza sulks into her science class and joins Olivia and Alicia at a lab table, telling them that Dex blew her off for Eric. Olivia tells her that she doesn't own him and Eliza says she knows that, but she just wants him to want her as much as she wants him. Olivia then invites her to come to the beach with her that night while she does community service and while she isn't thrilled, she says she'll come. Their teacher tells them to get into lab pairs and Olivia and Alicia already partnered up, so Eliza starts looking for someone when she accidentally bumps into Brendan, knocking his books over. They both go to pick them up and almost bump heads, embarrassing them both. Brendan asks if she has a partner and she tells them she doesn't, so they decide to be partners.


Eliza at the beach.

Eliza meets Olivia at the beach later and while they're talking about why Olivia is there, Eliza is hit in the head with a Frisbee. Eliza rubs her head and is angry for a minute until she sees Brendan run over and apologize. She starts giggling and asks if he's stalking her. Olivia walks off to start collecting trash somewhere else and give them privacy, but keeps her eyes on them. Brendan tells her she looks gorgeous and tells her only says that to girls who he really means it about. Eliza is flattered, but tells him she has a boyfriend. Brendan lets her know it was just a compliment and Eliza gets embarrassed for thinking it meant something more. Brendan then suddenly lifts his shirt and asks Eliza if her boyfriend has abs like he does. Eliza laughs and tells him that he does as Olivia sees what's going on and rushes over, asking Eliza to help her pick up trash. Brendan tells Eliza he'll see her tomorrow in bio and asks if she still wants to be partners. Eliza tells him she does and says goodbye as Olivia drags her away. Eliza then asks her what that was about and Olivia calls her a hypocrite for stopping Dex from just talking to a girl, yet she was just flirting with Brendan. Eliza corrects her by saying she wasn't flirting, only he was, but that she told him she had a boyfriend. Olivia tells her she didn't know what would have happened if she didn't step in and Eliza gets annoyed and tells her she doesn't need to be judged right now before telling her to have fun cleaning up other people's trash and leaving.

The next day, Eliza and Brendan have to stay in the lab after class to finish their project because Brendan messed it up. He apologizes, but Eliza tells him it's okay and keeps looking for Dex who was supposed to pick her up after class. She gets a text saying he's with Brad and Chloe and she gets disappointed that he's ditching her again. She tells this to Brendan and says he's pulling away and she keeps trying to reel him back in, but it's just sending him further away. Brendan tells her he's crazy for not wanting to spend every moment with her because she's so gorgeous and sweet, which makes Eliza blush. Out of nowhere, Eliza kisses him and immediately is mad at herself for it, but Brendan tells her it's okay. Dex then walks up and asks if she's ready to go, so Eliza gets out of the situation and leaves with him and has Brendan finish up. Dex tries to kiss her as they leave, but she tells him that he's not making her feel wanted and tells him he's going to be all alone when she has enough and leaves him. Dex begs her to stay because he needs her and she tells him to start acting like it before kissing his nose and leaving. When she's around the corner, she looks horrified with what she did and feels horrible.

After school, Scott accidentally bumps into Eliza and Dex when they're all going out the door and when he apologizes, Eliza goes off on him and tells him to stop stalking them. Scott tells her he's not stalking them and is confused as to why they were friends two weeks ago but now they're not. Eliza says they need their privacy and tries to leave, but Scott tells her manipulating Dex the way she is will only lead her to being alone. Eliza then calls him a slut for running from Dex to Keith. Scott looks to Dex for help, but Dex tells him they just need some space from him, making Eliza extremely happy that he took her side.

In Catch My Breath, she is at Eric's birthday party and after Keith makes a sexual joke about blowing things, Eliza comments that no one needs to hear about what he and Scott do in their free time. She is then shocked and impressed when Eric gets a car from his parents

In I Write Sins Not Tragedies, Angel sits next to Dex and Eliza in class and asks if they heard what happened to Scott, meaning him being kicked out of his house after Keith revealed he was gay to his parents. Eliza says she heard, but doesn't seem very concerned. Angel asks how she couldn't care when they were best friends. Dex tries to tell Angel everything will be okay soon, but Angel tells him it won't and this is all their fault since Scott went to Keith because they ditched him. She calls them shitty human beings and leaves, which upsets Dex who now thinks Scott being homeless is because of him. Eliza tells him not to let Angel get to him and she's just angry she has to live with Scott now. Later, Dex reunites with Scott behind Eliza's back.


Eliza in the third season.

In Almost Is Never Enough, Eliza walks into Dex's class after it ends and sees him talking to her brother, Danny. She asks Danny if he's telling him any embarrassing stories about her and Danny mentions the time she puked on a girl at the fair, so she punches his arm and tells him to shut up as Dex laughs. Eliza then brings up the time they caught Danny trying on her princess dresses as revenge and he flicks her off before walking off. Eliza grabs the test Dex has in his hand and yells at him for getting an F. He says he'll do better on the next one, but she tells him he always says that and it never happens. She then asks if he's applied to any colleges yet and he says he has, but hasn't heard anything back yet. She tells him to get a tutor to help his grades, which Scott hears as he walks by and asks who needs one. Dex says that he does, but Eliza tells Scott he needs an actual one, not just a guy who gets straight A's. Scott suggests he does it since he won't make Dex pay and they both beg Eliza to let Scott do it, so she gives in, but tells them not to goof off. She then grabs Dex and pulls him away, saying he gets so annoying around Scott.

The next day, Eliza walks up to Scott's locker and tells him she knows he's trying to steal Dex away from her by tutoring him. Scott reminds her that he was friends with him before she started dating him and not everything is a conspiracy against her. Eliza says she knows he has feelings for him, but Scott tells her he doesn't anymore and that didn't give her the right to treat him or Dex the way she did. Eliza asks what she did to treat Dex badly and Scott calls her out for being both physically and mentally abusive but that no one notices because the girl is doing the abuse and society is sexist when it comes to that. Eliza denies being abusive and calls it wearing the pants. Scott tells her otherwise and mentions that he misses the old Eliza who used to be his best friend, which makes Eliza feel guilty about everything she did to him.

Eliza is later seen sitting on a bench alone and Dex comes and joins her, bringing up that he heard she and Scott got into a fight. Dex then asks if he ruined their friendship, and she says that he did. She then asks if she's more mean to him than she is nice and he tells her that she is. She then gets down on herself and says she worried so much about turning out like her father, but she's turned into a spitting image of him. Dex asks what she means and she admits that sometimes, she says and does stuff, but it's not consciously and it scares her, but it leaves her feeling better afterwards. She then admits of being scared of herself and what she might do, but Dex says he isn't scared of her, but needs for her and Scott to work things out. Eliza says she'll apologize for everything she's done and rests her head on him, thanking him for staying with her and thinks things are going to get better now.

In Vampire Money (2), she is seen at the Spring Fling with Dex on multiple occasions. When Abby storms into the bathroom after a fight with Eric, she finds Eliza and Brendan making out and Eliza asks for her to pretend she didn't see anything.

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Eliza seeing Dex show up at her door while she's with Brendan.

In Know Your Enemy, Eliza and Brendan are making out heavily in her bed and she stops him to ask if he has a condom. He asks if she wants to do it again, and starts to get one out of his wallet when she tells him she does. They are suddenly interrupted by a knock at her door and Dex starts calling her, which makes her panic, since she realizes Dex is outside her door and might catch them. Brendan asks what they should do and she leaves, telling Brendan that she'll keep Dex busy. She answers the door and asks Dex what's up, and he starts to dump his stressful time with his family on to her due to his brother's death and his father possibly getting sued by Sophie. He asks if she's busy and she hesitantly tells him she is not and starts freaking out as he walks into her house and towards her room, but is relieved when he enters and Brendan is gone. She tells him they can talk, but Dex tells her he'd rather just watch a movie. Eliza spots the condom still on the bed and quickly picks it up and tries to hide it, but Dex sees and misinterprets it as Eliza wanting to have sex with him, which he says he's not in the mood for. Eliza apologizes and tells him they can watch TV, thankful he is still oblivious to what just happened. She then gets a cute text from Brendan and blushes as she rests on Dex.

Eliza is at school the next day and bumps into Olivia, who's books fall. Eliza apologizes and hugs her, saying she hasn't seen her since before break started. Olivia tells her she was at her mom's every day, and Eliza apologizes, knowing she didn't have a good time. Olivia asks why she was rushing out of the chem lab and hopes it wasn't because she was making out with her side bae. Eliza tells her she was just picking up some assignments she missed. Olivia asks if her and Brendan are still a thing, and Eliza won't give her a definitive answer, saying it's none of her business. This annoys Olivia, who mentions how they used to tell each other everything, but things are different now since she's neglecting her perfect boyfriend for an asshole. Eliza tells her she's not neglecting Dex and to calm the shade, but Olivia presses that she's definitely betraying him. Eliza points out that this is why she doesn't tell Olivia things anymore, as she has become "Judge Judy." Olivia counters that she is being selfish and dumb and to just dump Dex if she doesn't want to be with him anymore, rather than cheating on him with someone she likes better. Eliza tells her that she still loves Dex, but he's been different since his brother died, but she doesn't blame him for it and still has feelings for him. Olivia tells her it's not fair she's stringing Dex along for the security and Brendan for the passion, but Eliza points out her and Brendan have only had sex four times. Olivia tells her it's wrong and she doesn't like it, but she won't tell anyone. Eliza is annoyed and leaves to find Dex, only to see him talking with Brendan, which Olivia finds comical and Eliza deems as Brendan planning something.

She confronts Brendan at his locker and asks why he was talking to Dex, and he says he was just telling him how awesome he thought his art was. Eliza tells him to cut it out and Brendan is confused as to why him and Dex can't be friends. Eliza asks him what he's trying to pull, but he says he isn't pulling anything. Eliza won't accept this and says it makes no sense for him to befriend the guy whose girlfriend he's fucking. Brendan tells her he's not going to say anything, but they are interrupted by Dex and Scott joining them. Dex asks Eliza if she knows Brendan, and Brendan says they've known each other for a while before walking off, leaving Eliza very stressed. Scott gets very upset, as he reminds Eliza and Dex that Brendan beat him up the year prior, which Eliza admits to forgetting. Eliza then makes nasty remarks at Sophie, who waves to them, and tells her she can't sue Dex's dad and then be all nice to them in person. Sophie tells her she might not even go through with it, but Eliza tells her she knows she'll do whatever she can to make Dex and her's lives miserable. Sophie then calls Dex's dad a prick for discriminating against her for being gay and Eliza tells her she should have beat the shit out of her the year before when she had the chance. Sophie tells her to do it and motions for her to punch her in the face, saying it's funny she suddenly cares about her boyfriend since everyone knows she abuses him. This sets Eliza off, who decks Sophie in the face and Dex and Scott jump in the hold Eliza back. Sophie apologizes to Dex, saying she isn't trying to start shit, and Dex tells her to leave as Scott asks Eliza what she's doing. She says she's defending her boyfriend, but Dex tells her everyone knows what his dad did was wrong. Eliza, still furious, says that Sophie must be lying, as she always tries to start shit. Dex tells her to calm down, which sets Eliza off even more, as she gets annoyed everyone accuses her of being awful to Dex, but then when she sticks up for him, she's still the bad guy. She storms off, leaving Dex and Scott very confused.

She later visits Dex at his locker and kisses him, apologizing for going bonkers and asks if they can hang out later. Dex tells her he wishes he could, but him and Brendan are hanging out, which concerns Eliza even more. She panics and leaves, running into Kat, who asks her what's wrong after seeing she is visibly upset. Eliza explains her situation, and Kat is disgusted that she would be having sex with Brendan, calling him a douche. Kat comes up with a plan to guilt Dex into not being friends with Brendan since he beat up Scott, and Scott is supposedly his best friend. Eliza finds the plan genius, and Kat warns her not to lose a great guy like Dex for a bad guy like Brendan. Eliza tells her that's what everyone keeps saying, and Kat tells her to listen to what the people around her are telling her for once in her life. Eliza ponders this, and is next seen with Brendan alone in a classroom. She asks him if he wants to hang out, but he tells her that she already knows he's hanging out with Dex. Eliza asks him to not be friends with him as she doesn't want Dex finding out about their affair. Brendan says he doesn't either, which is why he's befriending him, to make him less suspicious. Eliza tells him it's a dumb idea, but he points out that everything they've done so far is dumb too and they start to make out. Suddenly, Scott walks in and immediately freaks out. Eliza tries to tell him it isn't what it looks like, but Scott loses his mind and runs off and Eliza follows him, slapping him in the face to get him to calm down. Eliza tells him that they've been friends for a decade, and she needs him to keep this from Dex. Scott points out that she's treated him like crap for months, so why would he lie to his best friend for her, and Eliza tells him Dex is replacing him with Brendan anyways. This hits a nerve with Scott, and Eliza tells him she needs his help to stop them from being friends. She also points out how much Dex is going through, and him finding this out would make things so much worse. Eliza tells Scott to talk to Dex about how upset he is for hanging out with Brendan, but Scott won't do it unless she ends things with either guy. They shake on it, and Eliza adds fuel to the fire by telling Scott when Dex has said he's been hanging out with Eric, he's actually been hanging out with Brendan, which isn't true. This gets Scott very upset, as he reminisces on how people always leave him for someone better. Eliza apologizes to him for how awful his life is and how awful she was to him, but he needs to help Dex come back to his senses. She also tells him she never wanted him to know about the affair, as now he has a big secret to keep. Scott tells her if Dex ever finds out about the affair, he will take Dex's side, as she has screwed him too many times and walks away, leaving Eliza very frazzled.

She is later at the Hub with Scott and laments on how much she misses hanging out with him, and how she wants things to go back to normal. Scott agrees, and points out how she's getting coffee, despite never drinking it, but she says enough crazy stuff has happened, why not keep it going. They order their coffees, and Scott notices Dex and Brendan walk in, getting nervous about confronting Dex, but Eliza encourages him to stand up for himself and to not be a doormat. Scott confronts him and then leaves, and Eliza tells Dex that Scott is upset at him for befriending the guy who beat him up and accuses Dex of being an awful friend to Scott. Dex tells Brendan they can't be friends, and Brendan calls Scott a faggot, causing Dex to leave to find Scott and apologize. Eliza tells Brendan that he can't call Scott a faggot, which confuses Brendan, as he thought Eliza hated Scott anyways. Eliza explains that they were best friends for a long time, and even though they aren't anymore, he still means a lot to her. Eliza then calls Brendan out for trying to tell Dex about them, and Brendan admits he's starting to like her as more than just a booty call. Brendan then tells her she feels the same too, and is only staying with Dex so he doesn't go crazy and slit his wrists. Eliza tells him that's not true, but he tells her they have something special. Eliza tells him to stop, and admits to liking him as well, but she's not willing to give up on Dex for someone who beat up her friend. Brendan tells her that he's changed, and Eliza says that she has too, but not for the better, and if she stays with him, she'll just circle the drain. She tells him she needs time to think and leaves, leaving Brendan very upset.

Eliza then visits Dex's house and asks how he's doing mentally. He tells her he's not okay, and she tells him she wants to be there for him, as she knows she hasn't been the best girlfriend, but she just wants them to be okay. Dex tells them they are okay and hugs her tightly. It is then revealed she sent Brendan a text telling him they are over.

in Heaven Knows, she and Dex meet up with Scott and Eric, who is upset over Abby. Eliza assures him that everyone knows Abby is innocent and the cops will figure it out too soon enough. Eric isn't so sure, though.


Eliza in the fourth season.

In Ain't It Fun, Eliza is at the school late at night to retake a test and walks by Scott, who has a ton of his stuff with him. She asks what he's doing there, and he tells her that he's sleeping in the school. Eliza tells him he could sleep at Dex's and to stop being stubborn over forgiving him. When Scott refuses, as Dex has done him wrong too many times, Eliza takes the blame for it, saying she gave Dex an ultimatum between them. Scott points out that he chose Eliza, and Eliza apologizes again, as she knows how he feels about Dex, whether he wants to admit it or not, and that so many people have done him wrong, as he doesn't deserve it. She tells him to accept someone's help, and that he doesn't have to do everything on his own. Before he can respond, Danny walks up to them and tells Eliza it's time for them to go home. Eliza wishes Scott good luck as she leaves and he runs after her, asking if he can use her phone since his doesn't work anymore. He then calls someone and asks if he can spend the night, making Eliza happy.

In Glory and Gore, Eliza sees Scott and Dex together in the hallway at school, and looks surprised, asking them if they are on talking terms again. They say they are and are better than ever, so she asks what led to this, and Dex says they just talked things out, which she says is good, but seems a little worried. Dex mentions that Scott is the only person who tells him everything and knows everything, and Eliza gets even more worried, giving Scott a glare, unsure if he told Dex about Brendan or not. Dex then kisses Eliza and leaves for class and Eliza asks Scott if he told Dex, which he says he didn't. She reminds him that only him and Olivia know and she plans to keep it that way, not knowing that Dex was just around the corner listening.

Scott feels guilty and ends up telling Dex about Eliza and Brendan's affair, and Dex immediately finds Eliza and calls her out on it. Eliza pretends like she doesn't know what Dex is talking about, but when she knows he knows for sure, she asks him who told him. She knows it's Scott, and calls him out for betraying her just like he does with everyone else. Dex then yells at her and tells her to keep Scott out of it, since he was just being a good friend. Eliza tells him to stop yelling and they can figure things out later like they always do. Dex tells her they are done this time, and for good, shocking Eliza, who tells him he can't do this to her. Dex tells her that she had no problem cheating on him, so he has no problem leaving her now, and starts to leave, Eliza follows him, fuming, and tells him that Scott has been in love with him since they met, and she kept that secret for him since she's a good friend. Dex doesn't immediately believe her, and she tells him that Scott follows him around like a puppy because he is obsessed with him. Scott gets very upset and tells Eliza to shut up, but she asks him why she should since he had no problem telling Dex her secret. Dex then asks Scott if it's true, and Scott can't answer, but says "fuck you" to Eliza and storms off. Eliza looks satisfied that Scott is upset and tells Dex that if he forgives Scott, he can forgive her too, but Dex disagrees and is still furious at her, telling her goodbye for good before leaving. Olivia then tells Eliza that what she did was low, and she tells her she was just doing to Scott what he did to her. Olivia tells her she should have just admitted her mistakes, and Scott deserves a better friend than her. Olivia then leaves her alone, upset over everything that just happened.

Later in the episode, it is mentioned by Sophie that Eliza is going around the school and telling people that Dex is gay for Scott.

In With Every Heartbeat, Eliza approaches Scott and tells him that she forgives him for telling Dex about her affair. Scott counters this by saying he did the right thing, and doesn't need her forgiveness. Eliza tells him that he backstabbed her and ruined her relationship, but Scott tells her she ruined it herself when she cheated on him. This sets Eliza off, who tells him that it's sad he has to go around ruining other people's relationships because he's so depressed being single. Scott tells her that she can make him the villain all she wants, but he knows he did the right thing and knows she's the devil. Eliza tells him she shouldn't have cheated on Dex, but it wasn't Scott's place to tell him. Scott tells her that he was being a good friend to him, which Eliza hasn't been to him since she met Dex. Eliza tells him she doesn't want to fight, but Scott says he's not putting up with her shit anymore and leaves Eliza looking very upset.

In Call Me When You're Sober, she spots Dex and Sophie talking and calls them Clearwater's new couple and calls Dex out for moving on so fast, even though Sophie has a girlfriend.

In Bed of Lies, Eliza walks into the school and sees Chloe and Brittany, running up to join them and asks what's up with them. Brittany asks why she's talking to them, and Chloe says they're not friends after everything Eliza did. They walk away as Eliza pleads with them, and looks very hurt. She sees Olivia and asks her why everyone hates her. Olivia says since she became a mega bitch and hurt both Dex and Scott. Eliza admits she's done some bad stuff, but is still the same person, but Olivia points out the Eliza she knows wouldn't abuse her boyfriend or cheat on him. Eliza is disappointed that everything is being turned against her, but Olivia tells her if it is, it's because she did it to herself. Eliza asks if there's anything she can do to get her friends back, and Olivia tells her to try and fix things, which Eliza sets out to do, saying she misses having her friends.

She is walking in the hall and passes Brendan, who playfully nudges her in the breast, which gives Eliza a great deal of pain. Brendan apologizes and says he didn't think he nudged her that hard, and Eliza says that he didn't, they're just tender. This freaks Brendan out, and Eliza asks if they can talk, which Brendan is skeptical about, but Eliza apologizes for how things went. Brendan tells her he knew it wouldn't end well, and Eliza asks if they can get lunch sometime, but Brendan doesn't think it's a good idea, and thinks they should stay away from each other for a while to save each other's reputations. Eliza reluctantly agrees and apologizes for bothering him, but Brendan tells her he doesn't want to do this, they just have to. She walks away from him and overhears people talking about them getting back together now that she's done with Dex. This upsets her even more and she goes into the bathroom, holding back tears.

She approaches Dex later and asks him to talk, begging for just two minutes. Dex is reluctant, but Eliza tells him he always gives people more than they deserve, so to just do the same for her. He agrees and Eliza apologizes for cheating on him, but points out that he cheated on her too when he kissed Scott. Dex tells her it was after they broke up, but Eliza knows they kissed when they dated too, so gets upset when she realizes they're still kissing now. Dex admits he kissed Scott because Scott made him feel wanted, unlike her. He tells her it was wrong, but it was one kiss vs her fucking a guy multiple times. He gets very angry and tells her not to try to make him feel guilty for dumping her after everything she did. She starts gagging and admits she's felt very nauseous and tired lately from all the stress. Dex gets nervous and tells her to take a pregnancy test, since those are symptoms of pregnancy and they didn't use a condom every time they had sex. Eliza is adamant that she is not pregnant, and just came to try and patch things up. Dex tells her she's ruined everything and to stay away from him and Scott, since she ruins everything she touches and leaves her very upset and a little nervous over his pregnancy claims.

Eliza is later on her laptop looking very upset as Olivia and Troy walk by and ask her how getting all her friends back is going. She explains it's taken the back burner as a new problem has arose. Olivia sits down with her and Eliza admits she thinks she might be pregnant, as she's showing a lot of signs and admits her period is late, which she didn't even realize due to everything else going on. Moon walks by and Eliza asks her for help, asking if she can have one of Jamie's pregnancy tests. Moon is shocked to hear she might be pregnant and Eliza admits the father could be either Dex or Brendan, getting upset at herself for her stupidity. Moon tells her they can take it together that night and Eliza starts to think what everyone says about her is true.


Eliza seeing the positive pregnancy test.

That night, Eliza and Moon are sitting on her bed after she took the test, waiting to get the results. Danny walks in her room and asks if she knows where the advil is. When Eliza tells him that she doesn't, he goes to check in the bathroom, which is where her test is. Eliza and Moon freak out and try to reach the bathroom before him, but are too late and he holds up the pregnancy test, which is positive, asking whose this is. Eliza's feet give out and she falls to the ground as she sees the result. Danny starts to freak out as well, as he realizes it's her's. Eliza starts to cry and shake her head as Danny grills her on who the father is, and Eliza tells him she doesn't know, explaining it could be multiple people. Danny asks how she could be so stupid as she continues to cry and says she doesn't believe this is happening. Danny then laments how his presidency will be ruined when people find out his sister is pregnant and Moon calls him out for only thinking about himself. Eliza breaks up their tiff and tells them that this information doesn't leave this hallway, pointing out that not even her parents can know as her father might start drinking even worse. Danny tells her that people will find out eventually, but Eliza tells him that they won't since she's getting rid of it and runs to her room, slamming the door behind her and sobbing on her floor.

The next day, Eliza is at the Hub with Moon, who asks her if she's still getting an abortion. Eliza tells her that she's going now and asks if she'll go with her. Moon tells her she made up her mind too quickly and needs more time to make a decision. Eliza tells her that she wants the baby out of her now, and that Moon can't tell anyone about this, as the only thing worse than people finding out she was pregnant, would be people finding out she had an abortion. Moon agrees to go with her, but tells her that she thinks she's making a mistake. Eliza tells her that she feels dirty having the baby inside of her and not knowing who the father is, and that this is the only option if she doesn't want her life ruined. Moon tells her she could do it and knows she would be a good mom, but Eliza says she couldn't do it without a boyfriend or friends and that now, she finally hates herself as much as everyone else hates her. Moon tells her this is one mistake, and not to be so hard on herself, and they prepare to go, using Danny's car which he let Eliza borrow. As they leave, they hear the lacrosse team making fun of her to Brendan and laugh at her as she leaves. She then overhears the guys ask Brendan how good she was in bed, and Brendan lies and tells them she was awful, which she gets very hurt by and continues on to the clinic.

In the waiting room at the clinic, Eliza is wearing sunglasses so no one recognizes her and Moon assures her they'll knock her out so she doesn't feel anything. She then makes sure that her parents think she's spending the night at Moon's and asks Moon if she's judging her for doing this. Moon tells her she's not and a nurse comes to bring her back for the procedure. She hugs Moon before going back and taking a deep breath as she enters the room and the door shuts.

In Ain't No Rest For the Wicked (2), Eliza is at the Spring Fling and when Dex accidentally bumps into her, she tells him it's okay. He asks her if she's here with Brendan, and she tells him she's here alone. Eliza asks him if they can talk and she tries apologizing for cheating on him gets upset when she notices he's watching Scott the whole time, asking if he can listen to her for 5 seconds. Dex tells her he doesn't even owe her that, and she tells him to go spend time with his boyfriend then. She shoulder checks him and storms off, upset. She later looks completely shocked when Dex asks Scott to be his boyfriend in front of the entire school later on. 


Eliza in the latter half of Season 4.

In All About You, Eliza sits next to Dex at lunch and asks how he's been doing since being rejected by Scott. Dex tells her to mind her own business, but she points out everyone knows, so it's everyone's business. She points out that she warned Dex that Scott was a shitty person and he should have listened to her. Dex tells her to shut up and tells her that Scott is the greatest person he's ever met and she shouldn't say one more bad thing about him since for every bad thing about Scott, there are a hundred for her. Eliza tells him that they deserve each other and leaves. The next day at school, when Scott and Dex are showing off their new relationship to everyone at school, Eliza looks upset and bitter while everyone else cheers for them and says that she won't let this happen before storming off.

In Dream Catcher, Eliza is walking through the school with Moon and Keith, discussing how they are all miserable, Eliza because no one will shut up about how adorable Scott and Dex are now that they're together. Eliza mentions how they're lives suck, and Moon reminds them that at least they don't have cancer, bringing Eliza back down the earth, and telling Moon she probably doesn't have cancer. Alicia and Angel come up to them and invite them to a party and Moon gets mad at them for mentioning she has an important doctor's appointment to them, reminding them that she doesn't want anyone knowing she might have cancer and to keep their mouths shut. Eliza doesn't understand why she doesn't want anyone to know and feels guilty for bringing it up. 

After a series of events leads to Jamie finding Eliza's abortion paperwork in Moon's room and thinking it was Moon who had the abortion, which leads to Julia running a protest against Moon and her abortion at the school, Moon tells Eliza she needs to tell people it was actually her who had it to get the heat off of Moon. Eliza doesn't want to, since when people find out she might have cancer, they'll understand why she would have had it and not be mad at her like they would be at Eliza if they found out the truth. Moon asks her why she's being such a bitch to her after everything she did for her, and Eliza explains that people cannot find out the abortion was her's and not Moon's. Moon threatens to tell people if Eliza doesn't, and Eliza threatens to end her if she does that. Eliza admits to being a heartless bitch when Moon calls her one, and tells her that nothing will happen to Moon if she takes the fall, but Eliza's life will be over if she does. Eliza then leaves Moon crying over what is happening.

Moon later storms into the lunchroom, and up to Eliza, telling her that she is going to tell everyone the truth. Moon then gets on a table and announces to the room that Eliza has something to tell everyone. Eliza takes control of the situation and tells everyone that they should all band together and raise some money for Moon as she fights cancer. Everyone agrees and Moon tells everyone that she doesn't have cancer, so it won't be needed. Moon storms out, and Eliza follows her, trying to talk to her, but Moon calls her a disgusting person and karma will get her one day. Moon later tells Julia that it was Eliza who had the abortion.

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Blake and Eliza in season 2.

Blake Sommer

Main ArticleBlake-Eliza Relationship

Josh Yeldman

Main Article: Eliza-Josh Relationship

  • Start Up: 3 Weeks Prior to 21 Guns (1) (217)
  • Break Up: 21 Guns (2) (218)
    • Reason: He was too controlling and obsessive

      Eliza and Dex in season 2.

Dex Smith

Main Article: Dex-Eliza Relationship


  • Eliza is one of the 14 characters to appear in 100 episodes or more. The others are Danielle, ScottAliciaSophieJamie, MoonEricBrittanyEthanCayleeJulia, Angel, and Dex.
  • Eliza is tied for the most plots in Seasons 2 and 5.
  • She was the second character to self-harm. The first was Olivia and the third was Sophie and the fourth was Scott.
  • She lost her virginity to Blake while she was a fifteen year old freshman.
  • All of her boyfriends have been older than her.
  • She is the only character to appear in every opening sequence.
  • She is the first person to be physically abusive to their partner, the second was Maverick.
  • She is the second character to be pregnant, after Julia Abbott.
  • She is the first character to have an abortion.
  • It was never revealed who the father of her baby was.
  • She is the first character to be diagnosed with a mental illness, Intermittent Explosive Disorder. She would be followed by Angel, with bipolar disorder, and Dex, with depression.
  • While being one of the most prominent and well-liked characters in the first two seasons, her screentime and popularity decreased drastically since the third season. This is also when her mental disorder started to develop.


  • "Oh, hey Scott!" (First Line)
  • "I need to stop getting involved."
  • "You have your life all figured out, it’s me that doesn’t."
  • "I’m completely…utterly…100% done. I don’t care what happens to him or how many times he goes to jail. He is nothing but disappointment and heartbreak…and I can’t take it anymore."
  • (to Josh) "Let me say this so that it gets through your thick skull. You are a hypocritical, homophobic, creepy-ass fuck and I hate you! Stop talking to me, stop thinking I’m your girlfriend, and STOP being a creep!"
  • "I just want to deal with this myself. I’m sick of everyone trying to help me!"
  • "Josh, you’re a psycho cult leader who probably sacrificed three pigs to give you luck with me today. Blake, you’re probably on four different drugs right now. You’re both crazy."
  • "I wish I didn’t have to be this brave."
  • "I worry constantly about not ending up like my father. Yet, here I am. A spitting image of him."
  • (to Sophie) "I should have beat the shit out of you last year when I had the chance."
  • "Your “best friend” is also keeping secrets, Dex. You think I’m the only one? He’s been fucking MADLY IN LOVE WITH YOU since you guys met. And I kept that secret the whole time I dated you, because I’m a GOOD FRIEND."
  • "Having this baby in me…and not knowing who the father is…I feel dirty."

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