Dex Smith
FULL NAMED Dexter Smith
NICKNAME(S) Dex (by everyone)
DiDi (by Eric)

Butthead (by Eliza)
SlowMo (by Scott)

D.O.B. September 1996
FAMILY Gregory Smith (father)
Yvette Smith
Kaden Smith (brother; deceased)
Bianca Smith (sister)
RELATIONSHIPS Scott Taylor (ex-boyfriend)

Eliza Bell (ex-girlfriend)
Sophie Clark (ex-girlfriend)

JOB Student
SCHOOL(S) Clearwater High School
FIRST I Knew You Were Trouble (203)
PORTRAYER Chord Overstreet

Dexter (Dex) Smith is a graduate of Clearwater High School in the Class of 2015 who made his debut in the second season. After being a background character for the second season, he gradually becomes more integrated with the main cast throughout the following seasons, eventually becoming one of the most prominent characters by the fourth season. He is flirty and sarcastic, but extremely loyal and tries to make sure all his friends are loyal as well. He tends to expect too much from people, which leads him to be disappointed by people quite often. His extremely sensitive nature gets him hurt frequently and is an insecurity of his, thinking it makes him look not masculine enough. After an emotionally abusive and exhausting relationship with Sophie Clark, he enters a physically abusive relationship with Eliza Bell, which ends in him being cheated on and dumping her. Left broken and angry, he tries to prove his masculinity after being abused by beating up the guy Eliza cheated on him with, but soon loses this mindset and starts to realize his feelings for his best friend, Scott. He is hurt once again after Scott denies his feelings for him in front of the whole school to avoid being hurt by Dex again, leaving Dex broken yet again. Later on, they finally get together and Dex is finally happy.

Dex's constant feelings on inadequacy are a recurring plot on the series which has effected many of his relationships with people and caused him to not do well in school. It also caused him to cheat on his final exams and get caught, leading to him being held back and forced to repeat his senior year again. In the sixth season, he goes down a dark path and eventually is diagnosed with depression. This puts a strain on his and Scott's relationship and after ditching his graduation, he leaves Clearwater to figure out his life on his own.

He is best friends with Eric Stem and good friends with Jamie Stellar, Julia Abbott, Brad Craymer, Angel O'Brian, and his ex Sophie Clark along with the recently deceased Abby Ulmer. He is enemies with Eliza Bell, his long-time girlfriend who abused him along with Brendan Collinger, who she cheated on him with. He is currently dating the love of his life, Scott Taylor and is portrayed by Chord Overstreet.

Character HistoryEdit

Season 2 Edit

In I Knew You Were Trouble, he makes his first appearance as he walks into class and accidentally bumps into Scott's desk, knocking his binder over. He then picks it up and apologizes, walking to his seat, but catching the attention of Scott.

In Bring Me to Life (2), he is talking with Julia after class and she comments on how cool he is and how it sucks they haven't talked before. Dex comments that this is what happens when he's stuck sitting in the back of the class. Suddenly, Jamie comes out of nowhere and pushes Julia, calling her a bitch. Dex is shocked and not sure on what to do as the girls argue over Julia's pregnancy. Dex is stunned to hear Julia is pregnant and leaves, saying they're crazy.

In Knock 'Em Out, he is walking with Eric in the hallway and talking about how Dex wants to find a girlfriend. Dex asks Eric how he always gets girls and Eric informs him that he hangs around where girls usually are such as the bathrooms and mirrors, which Dex finds genius. While not paying attention, he bumps into Sophie and quickly apologizes. Sophie tells him it's fine and asks if he's a friend of Eric's, so Eric introduces Dex. She tells them she'll see them around and leaves as Dex looks mesmerized by her and tells Eric he's in love. Eric tells him that he just met her and that she's bad news due to her constant drama and backstabbing. Dex points out that everyone starts drama in high school and that maybe he's judging her without really getting to know her. Eric tells him that if he's smart, he'll stay away from her, but Dex says he's going to be stupid.

Dex watching Sophie in the hall.

He spots Sophie in the hallway and walks up to her, greeting her. She says hi back, but calls him Dom, embarrassing Dex who corrects her. She tells him that she's horrible with names and he tries to change the subject by asking her what's up, but she calls him out for flirting with her, much to his shock. She then asks him if people have said anything about her to him and explains that people won't let some of the things she's done in the past go. He assures her he only believes what he witnesses himself and doesn't feed into the drama people try and spread. She calls him perfect because he's not dramatic, but Dex points out he's far from perfect. She tells him that's a good thing because that means she has a better chance of being with him, but quickly is embarrassed by what she said and runs off, despite Dex saying it's okay. Disappointed that he let her go, he sighs and goes about his day.

The next day, Jamie approaches him and calls him out for not taking anyone's advice about Sophie after she bragged about how they were flirting. Dex tells her that he likes to form his own opinions on people and points out that she told him she's changed. Jamie doesn't buy it, but Dex calls her out for never even speaking to him before hearing Sophie talk to him and how she thinks she has any control on what he does. Jamie tells him she doesn't want to see Sophie ruin anyone else's life, but Dex tells her that she needs to figure out her own problems instead of sticking her nose in other people's business. He then walks off, leaving Jamie pissed at him. He goes to class and sits behind Julia, tapping her on the shoulder and asking if she could give him some advice. Julia agrees, so he asks if she's friends with Jamie. Thinking he might like her, Julia tells him that she's taken, but Dex explains he doesn't like Jamie, but that she told him to stay away from the girl he likes. Julia explains that Jamie and Sophie had major drama the last semester and never settled it. Dex asks if she thinks Sophie is bad news, but Julia refuses to tell him her opinion of Sophie because if he likes her, it shouldn't matter and he should go for it. Julia advises him to not let Jamie ruin his feelings for Sophie, and Dex agrees, texting Sophie.

He sees Sophie talking with Abby in the hall after class and asks if he can have a second alone with Sophie, which Abby obliges to. He takes Sophie's hand and tells her that he doesn't care what anyone thinks of her because he can't stop thinking about her and wants to know everything he can about her. Sophie asks if he's asking her out, but Dex just kisses her to answer her question. They then make out and officially get together.

In Young Blood, he is with Sophie and planning where they will meet between classes. He says that he knows they're meant to be together and are about to kiss but are interrupted by Scott. Sophie tries to introduce them, but they already know each other and fist bump. Scott starts talking about his crush on Tim and Dex is confused, but after Scott says he likes guys, Dex is fine with it. After Scott leaves, Dex laughs and tells her she has weird friends and that it's a good thing she and Dex don't have the same taste in guys. He then walks her to class. The next day after Sophie kissed Tim and ruined all her friendships, he sees Moon yelling at her and comforts her when she says everyone hates her for no reason. He tells her that he's there for her no matter what. She tells him she wants to be alone, so he kisses her and leaves, not knowing that she lied about kissing Tim.

In The Ghost of You (1), he is talking to and laughing with Jamie which causes Jeremy to get jealous.

In Hurts Like Heaven, he goes to Sophie's locker and sees her talking to Devon about going to Jeremy's party. She invites him, but he can't because he's going away for the weekend, but urges her to go so she will get cheered up.

In Cough Syrup, he sees Sophie crying at her locker and asks her what's wrong. She tells him that even Olivia hates her now, but he reminds her that she shouldn't care what people think of her. She tells him that's easy for him to say since all his friends are good with him, yet she only has 3 people left. He tells her to focus on those 3 and not the people who are going to make her upset. She tells him she wants everything to go back to normal, but he tells her that can't happen, so she's going to have to adjust to her new life. After saying it's not fair that everyone is mad at her, this sets Dex off who explains that she did horrible things to people, so she should expect them to not be okay with her. Sophie is shocked by his retort and tells him that she thought he was on her side. He explains that he is, but she can't think that she doesn't deserve what's happening to her. She calls him a horrible boyfriend and slams her locker, storming off and leaving Dex mad at himself for not just consoling her.

At lunch, Dex is venting to Eric about how Sophie won't stop moping about how everyone hates her. He tells him that Sophie doesn't think she's done anything wrong and it's annoying having a girlfriend who is constantly in a bad mood. Eric warns Dex not to let Sophie screw him over like she has everyone else, but Dex assures him that he's one of the only people she has left and she would never do that. This does get Dex thinking about if she's really worth all the depression and plans to talk to her about it. While walking in the hallway with her, Moon makes a rude comment in passing and he sticks up for her, telling Moon to stop it. Sophie rages about how she should just move schools, but Dex tells her she shouldn't. Sophie asks why she shouldn't since everyone hates her, but Dex reminds her that he doesn't. Sophie says he doesn't count since he's her boyfriend. Dex tells her he can't let this take over her life and he just wants her to feel better. She tells him that's not going to happen and leaves Dex looking emotional as he realize she doesn't want to get better.

Dex arguing with Sophie.

He is later waiting for her outside the bathroom while she cries, and when she finally emerges, he asks if she was just kidding when she told him she'd never be happy again. Sophie says she's not sure, so Dex explains he that he's not sure if he can be with someone who is constantly depressed all the time. Sophie is shocked by this and shrilly asks him if he even cares about her at all and that if he did, he wouldn't have said that. Dex is unsure how to fix the problem he just caused and Sophie tries to get him to say he would never leave her. Not wanting to lie, Dex doesn't say anything, upsetting Sophie even further who says she should go kill herself since he was all she had left. He follows her as she storms off and finds her crying on the stairs. Relieved that she's okay, he admits to being a bad boyfriend, but promises to be better and tells her that he was terrified when he thought she was going to hurt herself. She forgives him and he tells her he won't let her down again as they kiss and make up. She tells him that she doesn't know when she'll be happy again, but he tells her that she's worth the wait.

In Panic Station (1), he finds Sophie getting yelled at by Devon and witnesses him push her into a locker, setting Dex off. He asks if she's okay and tells her he's going to hurt Devon. She tries to stop him, but he tells her no one touches his girlfriend and chases after Devon. He grabs Devon's shoulders from behind and pulls him back, asking what is wrong with him. Devon punches Dex as Sophie tells them to stop. Devon tells Dex he doesn't want to mess with him and pulls out a gun from his bag, cocking it and scaring both Dex and Sophie. Devon walks away with it as Dex is almost paralyzed with fear. Dex says that they have to go to the office and tell them, but Sophie is hesitant since he could hurt them, so Dex decides not to.

He later goes to the office himself and tells them that he saw someone with a gun, giving them Devon's name and asking to be kept anonymous so Devon can't come after him. He tries calling Sophie, but she is attempting suicide and ignores his call, but doesn't go through with it.

In Panic Station (2), he hears that Sophie and Olivia got into a fight and is about to head to the office to see her when Eric comes and invites him over for a sleepover. Dex blows him off for Sophie and Eric gets mad and tells him that Sophie is not a good person and that he needs a reality check, leaving Dex upset. He gets to the office and hears about how Sophie tried to kill herself. He gets upset that she didn't even bother to tell him or consider his feelings if it were successful. He realizes what Eric has been trying to tell him for a long time and dumps her, not wanting to deal with her anymore. Following the shooting and Sophie's second suicide attempt which was very close to being successful, he feels horrible since it was his fault. Feeling incredible guilt and remorse, he leaves school early and his friends worry about him.

In 21 Guns (2), he and Scott are sitting together at lunch and it is revealed they have recently started bonding. Dex tells him that he's glad they started talking and that he's really cool. Scott agrees and says they should hang out, but Dex says they shouldn't. Scott is embarrassed and tells him that he's not hitting on him, but Dex tells him that he knows that, but has been going through a lot and wants to be alone for a while. Scott tells him that is he needs to talk, he's there, but Dex says he doesn't need to talk. The bell rings and Scott says he'll see him in class and awkwardly leaves as waves goodbye, but then frowns and asks himself why he can't get back to normal.

Scott and Eric watch Dex at his locker and talk about how depressed he's been and how they need to help him get over it. Eric walks over to him and asks how he's doing, so Dex says he's fine. Eric tells him he's worried about him and that if something is wrong, he can tell him. Dex says that he would and Eric leaves so he doesn't push him as Dex goes to the bathroom and prays in front of the sink, telling God he didn't mean to make Sophie try and kill herself and to give him a sign that he understands. He waits and nothing happens, so Dex starts to cry and says he's probably just talking to the walls as he throws his cross necklace in the trash and wipes his tears before leaving. He runs into Scott who is crying and Dex asks him what's wrong. Scott explains that a guy just made fun of him because he's gay, but he's just being dramatic and it's okay. Dex says it's not okay and finds the kid, punching him in the face. Scott tells Dex to stop and pulls him off of Josh, who is completely taken aback. Josh asks why Dex is defending that "fag," which makes Dex try and punch him again as Scott holds him back. Eric rushes to the scene and Dex explains what's going on. Eric scares Josh away as Scott thanks Dex for helping him, but tells him he didn't have to punch the guy. Dex says he was just teaching him a lesson, but Eric calls him out for fighting, which is something he never does. Dex tells Eric he's changed and needs to deal with it before apologizing to Scott again and leaving.

Eric approaches Dex later on and asks if what happened between him and Sophie is still bothering him. Upon hearing her name, Dex immediately bursts into tears and Eric hugs him, saying what happened to her wasn't his fault. Dex tells Eric he should have listened to him from the start and stayed away from her. Eric tries to comfort him by saying she's okay, but Dex says she's only okay on the outside and is still suffering on the inside. Eric says he and Scott hate seeing him like this and just want him to get better, but Dex says he's not sure he can after what happened. Dex immediately looks up, horrified, and Eric asks what's wrong. Dex points out that Sophie said the same thing about not knowing if she'll be okay again to him and is scared he's going to end up just like her. Eric says he won't since he's a good person and that he knows something that might help him. Dex agrees to whatever will help and hug again as Scott comes and joins in.


Dex talking to Sophie in the hospital.

Eric and Scott bring Dex to Sophie's hospital room and ask him if he's okay with seeing her. Dex says this is the closure he needs and walks in as Sophie gives him a snarky smile and says she was shocked when Eric said he was coming by. Dex apologizes for not being there for her and leading her to attempt suidice. Sophie explains to him that she would have done it anyway and that he was really good to her. Dex says that part of him wants to stay with her to make her happy, but the other half of him wants to be happy himself and he knows he can't be with her. Sophie asks which side he's going to listen to, so Dex tells her the second. Sophie understands and tells him to leave so they can pretend they don't know each other. Dex says goodbye and leaves, telling Eric and Scott he can finally move on knowing Sophie doesn't blame him for her suicide attempt. Scott and Dex then leave to get food as Eric talks to Sophie about the hell she put Dex through.

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Sophie and Dex in Season 2.

Sophie Clark

Main Article: Dex-Sophie Relationship

Eliza Bell


Eliza and Dex in season 2.

Main Article: Dex-Eliza Relationship

Scott Taylor


Dex and Scott in Season 4, after finally getting together.

Main Article: Dex-Scott Relationship


  • Dex is not a virgin, but who he lost it to is unknown. He did have sex with Eliza and Scott on multiple occasions.
  • He was the only new character in Season 2 that was not a freshman, coming in as a junior.
  • He was both physically and sexually abused by Eliza.
  • He is the second character to be held back after Ethan Webber.
  • He is known to throw himself into relationships without fully knowing the person he's getting with.
  • He met both Sophie and Scott by clumsily running into them, he ended up dating them both.
  • He is the first character to be diagnosed with depression.
  • He is the first character to be sexually fluid.


  • (to Scott) "Sorry about that, bro." (First Line)
  • "It’s high school, who doesn’t start drama?"
  • "Believe me, I’m far from perfect."
  • (to Sophie): "Eric was right…you’re nothing but a pathetic attention whore who doesn’t even appreciate the attention she does get!"
  • “I don’t need to forgive Scott. I don’t care how he feels about me because he’s a fucking great person who is always there for me. Unlike you who has been running around behind my back for months. I let you hit me and slap me and put me down…but I won’t let you cheat on me. Goodbye, Eliza. Have fun screwing your fuckboy.”

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