Danielle Hooper
FULL NAME Danielle Hooper
NICKNAME(S) Scream Queen (by Brad)
Dani (by her mother)
Energizer Bunny (by Abby)
Cupcake (by her father)
Miss President (by Ethan)
D.O.B. 1997
FAMILY Mary-Beth Hooper (mother)

Gregory Hooper (father)
Jessica (former step-mother)
Annabelle (step-sister)

RELATIONSHIPS Brady Wagner (ex-boyfriend)
Brad Craymer (ex-boyfriend)
Edward Teller (kissed)
Ethan Webber (kissed)
JOB Student
School President
Camp Counselor
SCHOOL(S) Clearwater High School
AFFILIATION(S) Rave Repellent
Clearwater High Student Council
FIRST Anything Could Happen (101)
PORTRAYER Bella Thorne

Danielle Hooper is a Senior (Grade 12) at Clearwater High School. She is one of the original thirteen characters and the unofficial Queen Bee of Clearwater. She is considered a bombshell by the boys at her school and many girls envy both her style and popularity. She is known to act without thinking things through which has gotten her into a lot of trouble in the past. Danielle used to be portrayed as a huge flirt, but after entering her first relationship with Brad Craymer, she became extremely committed and after it ended, she focused more on herself than boys. She can be rebellious at times, and never takes no for an answer which makes her come off as a brat. She is also somewhat spoiled and pampered by her mother which has made her very high-maintenance and diva-like and is found annoying by some people because of it, but she has a good heart and is willing to do absolutely anything for the people she cares about, even if it isn't convenient to her.  

She lives alone with her mother since her dad left them, but found him again at the end of the second season, establishing a bond with him again over time. After her mother's new boyfriend abused her, she moved in with her father until her mother broke up with him and got out of his blackmail plot. She befriended his daughter; however, and after he is sent to jail, her mother adopts her into the family. In the fifth season, she wins the election for school president which she holds until the seventh season, when an addiction to cocaine sends her on a downward spiral, losing her boyfriend, presidency, and respect of her family and friends.  

She is best friends with Lana Davis and Peyton Valentine, the latter being her adopted sister. Additional close friends include, Angel O'Brian, Scott Taylor, Eric Stem, Dex Smith, and the deceased Abby Ulmer. She has had rocky friendships with Ethan Webber, Moon Stellar and Sophie Clark but is currently on good terms with and close to all of them. She is currently enemies with her former best friend Alicia Borden. She is portrayed by Bella Thorne. 

Character HistoryEdit

Season 1 Edit

In Anything Could Happen, Danielle is sitting at the popular table with Sophie and Abby during her first day at Clearwater High. Later on, she is at a party hosted by Abby. Danielle and Alicia warn Sophie about how Abby is bad news and offer for her to hang out with them instead, since Abby is binge drinking and acting a mess, but Sophie leaves to go with Abby. Later on, she is leaving to sleep over at Jamie's and tries to offer Sophie a ride, but learns from Brad that she already left. Sophie wakes up in Jamie's room the next morning and asks Danielle what happened the night prior. Danielle explains to her that they found her in the middle of the road and they picked her up and took her back to Jamie's.

In Let's Get it Started, she finds Sophie hilarious at the lunch table and at FilmFridayz, she seems excited to be in the club.


Danielle, annoyed her friends are teasing her about being with Ethan.

In Love Drunk, she freaks out over Jamie and Jeremy's possible relationship and when everyone at her lunch table sets her up with Ethan, she finds it gross at first but then tells him to meet her in the parking lot after school so they can hang out. They hang out and Ethan ditches his detention which lands him in more trouble. He asks to hang out again the next day and she agrees and asks him to text her.

In Fuckin' Perfect, she goes to Olivia to investiage why Sophie told her she was being a bitch and finds out about Olivia's abusive mother. She is very concerned and tells Olivia to text her before she leaves.


Danielle showing Ethan her artwork.

In Keep Holding On, she is excited when Brad asks her out and tells Moon. Moon tells her that Ethan was going to ask her out that day too which surprises Danielle and makes her feel bad. She hears Olivia yelling in the bathroom and stops her to see what happened. Olivia says she is annoyed when other people say their moms are terrible because her's doesn't even care about her. Danielle tries to calm her down and tell her that her mom does care, but Olivia denies it and breaks free. She is later in the art room when Ethan walks in and compliments her. She tells him she needs practice so when she meets her artist father she can show him her abilities. Brad walks in and they kiss which surprises and upsets Ethan. She leaves with Brad to see Sadie about FilmFridayz. She is making out with Brad in the parking lot when Ethan comes and punches Brad. This upsets Danielle and after Eric beats up Ethan, she leaves with him and Brad so they don't get in trouble. She apologizes to Ethan about getting beat up but when he is rude to her, she gets mad and tells him not to talk to her again.

In This Is How I Disappear (1), she is at the lunch table when Olivia accidentally tells everyone Scott is bi. She is fine with it and tells him they won't kick him out because of it.

In This Is How I Disappear (2), she is at FilmFridayz complimenting both Harley and Scott over their relationship.

In Radar, Sophie asks her what it's like to have a boyfriend because she wants one and Danielle tells her not to rush into anything. She goes to FilmFridayz with Scott and Sophie and noticies a new guy. She pushes Sophie to talk to him and after he is a creep to her, Sophie drags Danielle to the bathroom to get away from him. When they get out, he scares them. The next day, Sophie is upset with Danielle for setting her up with Devon because he won't leave her alone and she tells Sophie to be nice to him because he doesn't have many friends. At lunch, Devon comes to sit with Sophie and when Ethan makes a rude remark to him, Danielle punches him in the side. She finds Devon alone in the choir room and talks to him about how he treats Sophie and how he needs to give people space. He refuses and runs off. When Sophie agrees to stay his friend but with rules, Danielle finds it rude and doesn't approve.

You da one

Scott helps Danielle choose her homecoming date.

In You Da One, she tells Alicia that there aren't any sparks between her and Brad anymore and minutes later, he breaks up with her and leaves her crying and without a date for homecoming. She is crying at her locker and Ethan comforts her and asks her to homecoming. She is excited and tells him she will get back to him. She runs into Brad's best friend Eric who also asks her out, catching her off guard. She denies him and runs into Sophie who she freaks out to. After Sophie names the traits of both, she considers taking them both but Sophie talks her out of it. At her locker, Brad asks to have her back and asks her to homecoming. Worried she will get her heart broken again, she tells him she will think about it. She invites Scott over to help her choose between the three guys and he tells her to pick the one that gives her the most sparks. She realizes she likes Brad still over Ethan but when Ethan asks her out again, she can't say no and kisses him. She runs away and finds Brad who asks if she's made her decision. She tells him that she wants to be with him and they reunite. She expresses her regret of kissing Ethan to Scott and Alicia and when Ethan refers to her as his homecoming date she tells him the truth. He gets mad and yells at her to leave, which she does.

In Dancing On My Own (1), she can be seen dancing with Brad at homecoming which upsets Ethan.


Danielle at the dance with Ethan.

In Dancing On My Own (2), Ethan lies about a girl having her period on the dancefloor so Danielle thinks she missed hers. She does and when she tells Brad, he gets worried she might be pregnant. She drags Sadie to her locker and sees that she is 3 weeks late after Ethan unknowingly changed the dates in her calendar. She gets very scared she might be pregnant. Ethan tells Brad who is upset Danielle didn't tell him and runs off asking for her not to talk to him. She starts crying in Sadie's arms. After Alicia finds out Ethan lied to her about Danielle spreading rumors about her, she tells Danielle everything and Danielle explodes. She screams at Ethan and runs off to find Brad. At the end, she is seen kissing Brad after everything is cleared up.

In Personal Jesus, she is at Skate Night with Brad. At school she is talking to Scott when Sophie comes up to them and tells them Ethan asked her out. They both tell her not to date him and Danielle refers to when he made her think she was pregnant. Sophie yells at them for trying to rule her life and Danielle gets mad at Sophie for not listening to her advice. At lunch, she awes over Julia's drawings and is concerned when she finds out Caylee is sick. After Sophie's relationship with Ethan is brought up, she calls her a slut.


Danielle upset that Devon won't leave her alone.

In Want U Back, she is partnered with Devon for a choir project and is jealous that Alicia's partner wasn't terrible. He invites himself over after school and she gets annoyed. At her house, her mother falls in love with Devon and invites him over for dinner. Danielle manages to push the dinner a night further and makes a plan with Alicia to invite Brad over as well so that Devon can't make a move. At the dinner, she and Brad are acting cute until Devon asks her to sing and calls her babe which upsets Brad and makes him leave. After Devon makes fun of Brad, she yells at him and locks herself in the bathroom. Realizing they need a new plan to get rid of Devon's attraction towards her, Alicia makes sure Deovn sees Danielle kissing Brad. He gets upset and when he asks her out later that day, she sternly rejects him but then tells Alicia she feels bad.

In The Change, she is coming up with a video idea along with other FilmFridayz members and after Sadie rejects their idea, Danielle calls her rude. At the chaotic FilmFridayz, she watches everyone dogpile Alicia and laughs along with them. She is pretty silent for the rest of the meeting but afterwards, she talks to a few members about choosing a new leader. She is worried about how the club will work without Jeremy and is very exicted to possibly have Jamie as the new leader.


Danielle in Season 1.

In Give Me All Your Luvin', Jamie tries to warn her about Sophie's lies, but Danielle blows her off and tells her not to make it such a big deal. She finds Sophie who tries to kiss her. Danielle immediately pulls away before the kiss happens and yells at Sophie, walking away.

In Sick Muse, she is at Liam's party and is excited when Jeremy shows up. Jeremy flirts with her to make Jamie jealous. He asks her out but she rudely denies him since all he cares about is sex, plus she already has a boyfriend.

In Force A Smile (1), she comforts Sophie after she finds out Jamie is telling people she's a liar. She later sees Olivia and Alicia before class and asks Olivia why she's crying. After she hears about the danger she could be in with her mother, Danielle offers her a place to stay, but instead Olivia runs off and Danielle tries to stop her.

In Force A Smile (2), she is at the car wash to help get Caylee money so she can see a doctor. She finds Jamie and tells her about it, also insulting her about how she's been too caught up in drama to pay attention to her friends.

Season 2Edit

Settle down3

Danielle's new goth look.

In Settle Down, she and Alicia are putting on heavy makeup in her room and Danielle expresses her interest in changing her look to something edgier. Alicia isn't sure about how Brad would take it, but Danielle assures her that he would love it. Her mother walks in and tells them to take it off since they look like hookers. Danielle tells her that everyone wears makeup like that, but her mom doesn't change her mind. The next day, she is at the mall with Sophie and Abby when she sees Hot Topic and wants to go in. Her friends don't like the store, but Danielle goes in and picks out a gothic style dress moments later.  She doesn't hesitate to buy it and doesn't even try it on, despite her friends' advice. She also buys tapers and plans on making her mom upset with her new style. She tries on the clothes when she gets home and shows her mother, who immediately tells her to take them off. Danielle argues that she's 15 and can make her own decisions, but her mother doesn't waver yet again and Danielle unreluctantly goes back to change out of them. In yet another attempt to go against her mother's wishes, she takes racy pictures of herself and shows them to Sophie, planning to post them onto Facebook. Sophie warns her that guys will respond to them and Brad might not like it, but Danielle says that he'll like the pictures and posts them anyway. She meets Brad at the mall later on in her new look and Brad is stunned, but not in the good way. She is very discouraged when he says that he doesn't like it since it will make other guys think she's a whore, but Danielle is upset that Brad thinks that he owns her. Brad walks off and leaves her alone and she is very mad. She comes home crying after their fight and her mom tells her that she knew this would happen and that she is grounded for disobeying her. Danielle gets annoyed that her mom didn't even try to console her and says that she hates life as she stomps off to her room. She is at the mall the next day with Alicia and has finally retired her grunge look. Alicia leaves as Brad approaches them and Danielle apologizes for her rebellious streak. Brad also apologizes for not supporting her and gives her a promise ring that symbolizes that they will never turn or cheat on each other. Danielle is blown away by it and kisses him, saying that the next semester is theirs as they lean on each other and walk off to get Alicia. 

In I Knew You Were Trouble, she overhears Jarrod acting like a perv to a new girl and intervenes, telling him to fuck off. The new girl, Angel, introduces herself as Danielle helps her find the main office. Angel starts talking about herself and Danielle drops her off at the office and wishes her luck on her first day. She is later walking to class when Angel reappears and follows her, skipping her study hall to talk to Danielle. She also invites Danielle to the mall after school, and while Danielle finds it strange that she's inviting someone she just met to hang out, she doesn't deny the offer. Later, they are at the mall looking at clothes when Angel stuffs a shirt into her bag. Danielle tells her that normal people pay for stuff, and Angel reveals that she's stealing it. She is caught by a clerk who threatens to call the cops if they don't leave and Danielle gets very annoyed by her actions. On the walk back to their houses, Angel offers Danielle weed and she rudely says she doesn't want any. She then says that she doesn't want to be friends with someone who is going to get her into trouble and Angel is saddened by this as Danielle walks away from her. At school the next day, Danielle sees Angel standing at her locker holding a cupcake. Angel apologizes about getting her in trouble and tells her she's done smoking and stealing. Danielle doesn't understand why she wants to be friends so badly and Angel says it's because she doesn't make them easily, but thinks that they could be a good pair. Danielle changes her mind about Angel and accepts her apology, giving her a second chance as they walk to class together. 

In Sweet Nothing, she is sitting with Brad, Abby, and Sophie and talking about a scene they are planning for FilmFridayz. Danielle says that she didn't like that Brad had to flirt with Sadie to get her to agree to let them do the scene, but was glad it worked. Brad and Abby go off to get food and Sophie starts to talk to Danielle about how she's going to make Abby her girlfriend, which Danielle is skeptical about despite Sophie's confidence. She is later seen arguing with Sophie at FilmFridayz about inviting Angel into their scene since it screws it all up. Sadie comes and yells at them for being too loud and Danielle along with her friends agree that Sadie is an awful leader and they need a new one. When Brad suggests he be the new leader, Danielle shoots him down and says it needs to be an upperclassmen, agreeing with everyone that Jamie would be best. When she hears that Sadie is disbanding the group after being kicked out, she approaches her at lunch with Scott and starts roasting her on why she would do that. When Sadie throws her food on the ground and leaves, she is discouraged that it's the end of the group, but starts working on a plan to save it.

In Bring Me to Life (1), she notices that Alicia is staring at someone at lunch and is shocked to find out it is Trey. She and Olivia both run up to her later that day and ask if she has talked to him since lunch. Alicia says that she hasn't and is afraid her mom won't let her date him because he's trans, which Danielle finds outrageous, but doubts that her mom would do. She then offers her support to her and is there for her when she calls her mom.

In Bring Me to Life (2), she is in class with Alicia and tells her that maybe Trey won't care that her mom doesn't want them to date.

In Knock 'Em Out, she questions Caylee about her sugar tablets for her diabetes and whether they taste good or not.

In Young Blood, she tries to talk to Jamie at lunch about FilmFridayz, but she is completely out of it and doesn't even hear her. At the meeting, Sophie suggests they have a fighting video and slaps Danielle playfully and she says that it's not funny. She then calls Sophie a bitch when she has a tantrum and leaves the room in fury after being yelled at. After the meeting, Liam tells Danielle and Scott to find Sophie because she left her stuff. They find her in the parking lot kissing Scott's crush, Tim. Scott is furious and Danielle can't believe that Sophie would betray him like that. She tells her that she is done giving her chances and advises her not to talk to anyone in their friend group anymore as she takes Scott away.  

In The Ghost of You (1), Danielle keeps Angel from falling asleep in class and asks her if she's coming to the party she's throwing that night. When Angel tells her she can't because she has a family dinner, Danielle understands and then takes her to the nurse when she sees how green Angel is. After watching her puke, Angel tells Danielle to get back to class so she doesn't miss too much and Danielle tells her to feel better.

In The Ghost of You (2), Danielle is reading a book at her desk and Angel comes by and smacks the desk to get her attention. Danielle is startled and Angel tells her that they need to leave school and go to her dad's office to catch his mistress. Danielle is on board and they rush off to get there on time. They are hiding in a closet inside his office when they see Tamara and Angel's dad talking. Once they finish, Angel goes and follows her, telling Danielle to stay put. Danielle starts to text, but gets bored and decides to explore the office building instead. She is walking and talking to herself about how she never wants a job in an office when she sees Angel's father and a mystery woman having sex in a closet. She starts to record it for proof with her phone. They are leaving the office as Angel talks about how she cussed out Tamara when Danielle sees the woman she saw having sex with Angel's dad, assuming it's Tamara. Angel tells her that it's not her and they both realize her dad is having sex with multiple women. Angel runs off in disgust and Danielle calls after the woman saying that she popped a button. 

A Year Without Rain

Danielle, crying as she looks at the ring.

In A Year Without Rain, she is sneaking around outside at night and sneaks into a house. A hand covers her mouth and she screams, but it is revealed to be Brad and his house. They kiss and lay down on the couch, talking about how much sneaking around they have been doing lately. She is putting on makeup the next morning before school when her mom asks if they can have a movie night. Danielle quickly says she can't go because Brad is having a party. Her mom says that she spends too much time with Brad and asks if he's more important than her family and friends, which Danielle doesn't answer because it's not what her mom wants to hear. Her mom says that she and Brad probably won't even end up together which makes Danielle upset and calls movie nights with her mom stupid as she leaves for school. That night, Danielle is changing and is in only her bra and underwear when Brad sneaks into her window. She says that she's changing, but Brad doesn't care and gets into bed with her. They snuggle and talk about how great it is that they don't have to have sex all the time because they have a closer bond. Then, they fall asleep in each other's arms. Her mom walks into her room the next morning and sees a half-naked Danielle with Brad, so she wakes them up by screaming her name. They both freak out and Brad starts apologizing as they both say nothing happened, but Danielle's mom is furious and yells for Brad to get out, which he does as Danielle holds back tears, scared about what will come next. She is sitting at the table across from her mom a little while later and reveals that she did have sex with Brad which makes her mom start to freak out that her daughter isn't innocent anymore. Danielle then lies that she used protection every time to save her mother any more grief, but then tries to leave to see Brad, but her mom stops her and says that she's never allowed to see Brad again and if she does, she'll get a restraining order and force him to move schools. Realizing the mess she's in, Danielle starts sobbing and runs to her room where she sees the promise ring that he gave her. She starts crying harder as she realizes they might not be able to be together anymore. Later that night, she sneaks off to his house and tells him what happened. He says that they can make it through, but Danielle isn't so sure, but Brad tells her that he's willing to fight for her and she agrees that she'll fight for him too. He then holds her as she cries. She calls him from her house and starts to talk when her mom comes into the line and says that she gets notifications anytime he calls her, so they can't use the phone. Danielle calls Alicia and says that her heart breaks not being able to talk to him. Alicia tells her if anyone can get through this it would be her and Brad and Danielle says that she's not going to give up on him.

In Hurts Like Heaven, Angel calls her saying she has more clues about her dad's mistresses and Danielle tells her that they're not detectives, but wishes her luck on finding more out. Angel tells both her and Isaac in school that her dad flipped out when she tried to use his computer so there must be bad stuff on it. Danielle finds it outrageous that Angel is going to hack into his computer and visit Tamara saying it will get her into more trouble. She then backs out of the plan so that she can go to Jeremy's party with Isaac. Later while the party is going on, Danielle calls her and invites her to come. Once Danielle sees that Sophie arrived at the party, she starts making mean comments towards her and tells her to leave. They find Angel who is totally wasted and Danielle asks what's wrong, so Angel reveals that her dad is a pedophile which Danielle finds shocking. Angel runs off and Isaac and Danielle plan to help both Angel and Jeremy who are drunk and decide that they're the designated partiers. She takes Angel home, but can't stop her when she runs into her house and yells about her dad being a pedophile to her mother. Danielle arrives and realizes what happened, but then comforting Angel when her parents start fighting and Angel realizes things are going to change. Danielle tells her that there's nothing she could have done to save their marriage. 

In Kiss With A Fist, she is talking about a video idea with Scott and Liam when she sees Ethan is back and welcomes him. She is surprised to hear he has to go to court and wonders how bad the verdict will be. She later tries to break up an argument between Ethan and Eric and sticks up for Ethan, saying that he's changed when Eric calls him a bad guy.


Danielle talking to Angel about Alicia.

In Panic Station (1), she arrives at lunch with Alicia and asks if she wants to get lunch with her. When Alicia says no, Danielle is worried because she hasn't eaten lunch in weeks, but goes to get lunch with Brad when Alicia says she's fine. She is later walking with Brad and expresses her worry towards Alicia because she's been acting weird lately, but doesn't think it's about Trey at all. She goes to the bathroom and hears someone puking in the stall, so asks them if they need the nurse. The person says no and Danielle realizes it's Alicia who barges out of the stall. Danielle stops her from getting away and asks if she was purging. After struggling, Alicia gives up and says that she was, pushing Danielle out of the way so she can get out of the bathroom. Danielle is scared for her friend and doesn't know what to do. The next day, Danielle tells Angel about what happened and how she doesn't know what to do because she thinks that Alicia has an eating disorder. They agree not to tell anyone else about it. She finds Alicia in the bathroom, crying, and tries to talk to her about a new guy she likes. Alicia says that she's not skinny enough for him to notice her, and Danielle says that the guy isn't worth it if she needs to be skinny to date him and tells her to start eating and stop purging, but Alicia says that she can't and walks off leaving Danielle sad for her friend and upset that she can't help her. 

In Panic Station (2), she is walking with Alicia before school and talking about the gun warning and police everywhere following the report that Devon was going to shoot up the school. She greets Troy as he takes Alicia away with him and then meets Angel, saying that she has a plan to get Troy and Alicia together which will also help her eating disorder. It is later revealed that the plan was to pay Troy to date her and when Alicia finds out, she is furious. When Devon arrives at the school with a gun and the school is put on lockdown, Danielle is one of the many students running through the halls looking for a place to hide. When she hears that someone was shot, she is afraid it may be Alicia who was in the nurse's office. Scott finds her and she convinces him to leave Brittany in the closet and go with her to find Alicia. She finds Alicia after the lockdown as she is about to get into her mom's car and leave and Alicia doesn't even want to look at her, saying that she knows what Danielle did and is so embarrassed that she had Troy get paid to date her. She calls her an awful friend and says that they're not friends anymore as she drives off. Danielle is heartbroken and feels awful guilt for what she did, saying that she just made things worse and can't even live with herself.

In 21 Guns (1), she is at lunch and comments that the bullet missed paralyzing Ethan by an inch when everyone is discussing his recovery.

In 21 Guns (2), she feels awkward at lunch when Jamie and Moon are fighting. She walks into history with Moon who is discussing how Jamie called her out at lunch and Danielle tells her that she was being a little bratty. Mr. Tucker asks them if everything is okay and Moon tells him about how her mom almost killed herself and Danielle isn't taking her side which shocks Danielle that she would tell the whole class something like that. She then tells Moon that she's desperate for attention and they stop talking to each other. She later gossips with many of Moon's other friends about how annoying she's being and suggests they stop talking to her until she stops being so desperate. She helps Jamie at lunch the next day when her and Jeremy are having problems and says that relationships are worth it and kisses Brad. Moon comments that they're helping Jamie but not her and Danielle gets very annoyed again. She is then forced by Jamie to tell Moon that they love her and Jamie equally despite her not feeling that way at all, but goes along with it for Jamie's sake. 

In Won't Go Home Without You, she comments on how Olivia and Troy are sucking face at lunch and says that she and Brad don't do that. While they are hanging out with Troy and Olivia to make her happy, she sticks up for FilmFridayz when Troy calls it stupid and feels bad when everyone ditches Angel along with Olivia and Troy. She stays behind for a second because she thinks it's mean, but Brad convinces her to leave with everyone else and she does. When Olivia finds them, she knows drama is about to happen and tells everyone that they should have listened to her after Olivia calls them all out on not giving Troy the proper chance. She stays behind again with Moon and Caylee to apologize personally to Olivia and she accepts.


Danielle getting turned down by Alicia again.

In Your Love is My Drug, she is assigned Alicia as a science partner, and tries to mend bridges with her by warmly greeting her, but Alicia still wants nothing to do with her and demands a new partner, which discourages Danielle, who still feels guilty for what she did. She sends Troy to try to talk to Alicia and convince her to take Danielle back, but it backfires and she is still upset with Danielle. She tries to talk to her personally again, but Alicia threatens to tell Principal Hanson that Danielle is harrassing her if she doesn't leave her alone, so Danielle sadly walks away. Angel tells Danielle the ultimatum Alicia gave her, which was to dump Brad in order to get Alicia back as a friend, which Danielle finds ridiculous. She plans to let Alicia know she's not taking the offer in a rude way. She approaches Alicia and starts making out with Brad to show her that she chooses him over her, saying she doesn't like the true colors that Alicia is starting to show. 

In I'm A Slave 4 U (1), she is eating dinner with her mother who brings up the new cute neighbor. Danielle is annoyed that she'd give her relationship advice and her mom brings up how awful Brad was, so Danielle tells her not to talk about him. Just then, he calls her and she covers her phone screen since her lock screen is him kissing her cheek. She lies and says it was Angel when her mom asks who it was. She talks to Brad the next day about how her mom tried to set her up with the new neighbor and he tells her to tell her that he's gay, but Danielle tells him that she wnats to tell her mom that they're still together. Brad immediately disregards the idea because he's afraid she'll put him in jail and walks away, leaving Danielle discouraged.


Danielle talking to her Mom about her neighbor.

At lunch, she pulls Angel aside to talk to her about the situation. Danielle starts rambling and Angel stops her, saying that she should tell her mom and try again. Brad walks over and says that if she wants to tell her mom, they can give it a try. Danielle is relieved to not have to keep them a secret any longer and plans to take Brad home with her that day and tell her mom. She walks inside her house without Brad and greets her mom, asking if they can talk. When her mom asks what about, Danielle says it's more about who as Brad walks in. Danielle asks to have a civil about their relationship, but her mom grabs the phone and threatens to call the police if he doesn't leave, so Brad is forced to leave and Danielle goes off on her mom about not letting her love the person she wants to. Her mom still doesn't want to hear the conversation and Danielle tells her that she will never be able to keep them apart as she runs to her room. She is crying in her room when Eric calls and tells her that Brad was hit by a car while riding his bike and has a collapsed lung and is in the hospital. Danielle jumps up and tells Eric that she'll meet him there. She runs downstairs and tells her mom that she needs to go to the hospital to see Brad, but her mom still will not let her be near him, despite him being very hurt. Danielle freaks out and says again that she can't keep them apart as she runs back to her room. She has Eric leave his phone next top Brad's head as he sleeps and he leaves. She falls asleep listening to his breathing and the hospital machines. 

Danielle breaking down as Brad breaks up with her.

In I'm A Slave 4 U (2), she is in class with Eric and wants to go see Brad in the hospital at lunch, but Eric says that they can't just walk there since it's too cold, so Danielle stops Jeremy in the hall and convinces him to drive them to the hospital at lunch. The three of them get there and see that Brad is awake and better than the day before. He reveals that he can't do soccer anymore and Danielle feels awful for him, but he says that he's been thinking a lot and wants to talk to her alone. He tells her right away that they need to break up and she automatically tries to convince him that they shouldn't. He tells her that her mom will never let them be together and that they deserve a relationship they don't have to hide. She tells him that her mom just needs more time to change and he says that 4 months is long enough. She runs out of the room crying before he can say anything else. She walks back into his room after some time and understands that they have to break up, but tells him that if they do, that it's final. He agrees and she wishes him luck with his surgery before bursting into tears and going back to Eric and Jeremy, asking if they can go back to school. At school, she is at her locker and bumps into Alicia, knocking all of her books over. She tries to pick them up, but Alicia hugs her tight before she can and tells her thta Eric told her about the breakup. She apologizes for being an awful friend and Danielle forgives her. Alicia invites her over, but Danielle says that she has somehting to do first. She goes home and tells her mom what happened, not believing that her mom would do something to make her so unhappy. Her mom tries to explain that it was never her intention, but Danielle tells her that she must be trying to make her as miserable as she felt when her husband left her, then saying that she is dead to her before going to Alicia's. 

In Hurricane, Angel has Danielle and Isaac meet her old best friend Felicity from when she was homeschooled. Felicity immediately hugs Danielle, which she finds awkward. When Danielle tries to sit down and moves Felicity's purse, she freaks out and says that she hates when people touch her stuff. Felicity and Angel both go to get coffee and Danielle comments on how strange she is and Isaac agrees. The next day at school, she sees Felicity in school and is freaked out that she's going to be there. She tells Angel that she feels like Felicity is trying to threaten her and take back Angel as her best friend and Angel gets annoyed that Danielle isn't giving her the proper chance. She tells Scott what's going on and that she needs proof that Felicity is threatening her, but Scott tells her it might just push Angel away more. Danielle ignores his warnings and goes to get proof. A few days later, Danielle meets Angel at The Hub to apologize about Felicity, not knowing that she and Angel got into a fight. Felicity comes out of nowhere and tells Danielle that she wants to talk privately with her, taking her outside. Danielle is scared at first, but Angel tells her to just talk and then they can get out of there. Outside, Felicity starts going mental about how Danielle ruined her friendship with Angel and Danielle calls her crazy. Felicity then takes out a knife and stabs Danielle in the stomach, who tries to speak, but finds it difficult through the pain. Angel runs out and sees Danielle is losing a lot of blood, so she calls the cops. Angel visits Danielle in the hospital who reveals that no extreme damage was done and that after stitches, she'd be let out after the weekend. Danielle tells Angel that she doesn't blame her for what happened, but that their next three sleepovers are at Angel's house, which she agrees to. 


Danielle eating lunch with Ethan.

In Carry On, she is getting dropped off at school by her mom who is trying to get Danielle to talk to her again. She tells her that she's making Danielle's favorite dinner and Danielle doesn't care, leaving and slamming the door. At lunch, she asks about Jeremy's audition, but everyone is acting weird. Ethan asks how she is, not knowing that she hadn't seen that Brad and Chloe are almost a couple. When he tells her, Danielle says that he can date who he wants, but sheds a tear. Ethan hugs her and she blames her mom again, saying she wants to make her miserable like her husband did and when her friends find that harsh, she leaves to go work on her art project. When she's at her locker later that day, she hears Brittany talking to Chloe about her dating Brad and slams her head into her locker. Ethan comes by to console her and she says that she should be over Brad, but she's not. Ethan tries to help by kissing her, but she pushes him away, asking why he did that. He says that it was to make her feel better because he still likes her and when she tells him that she isn't interested, he calls her a bitch. She tells him that she doesn't have to date him just because he likes her and he calls her a cunt. She slaps him and tells him not to call a girl that ever again before walking away in disgust. She gets home that day and sees her mom sitting at a table with Brad. She is shocked to find out her mom brought him back so they could reunite and Danielle would stop hating her. Danielle tells her mom that he's already with another girl and tells him to leave. He does and when her mom tries to apologize because she didn't know, Danielle tells her not to talk to her and goes to her room. Her mom comes up to talk to her and apologizes for everything, saying how bad she feels that Danielle hates her, but then Danielle says that she doesn't. She says that she forgives her mother and that she let Brad control her entire life for way too long, not knowing who she is without him. She then smashes her mirror with a hairbrush because she doesn't recognize the girl in it and her mom understands, taking her to the store to get a new mirror. They laugh about how she can't cook and reunite as mother and daughter.

In Play With Fire, Danielle saves Alicia from the guys making fun of her and questions why she would be friends with Sophie again after everything she did. Alicia tells her that they almost drove Sophie to suicide and Danielle said that she called quits on their friendship for good when she saw what she did to Scott. Alicia says that she doesn't give up on people that easily and goes off to find Sophie, Danielle still not understanding why.


Danielle talking to Alicia.

In Clearwater Goes Hollywood, Danielle is at her kitchen counter with Angel and they are both holding letters from a camp they signed up to be a counselor at over the summer. Danielle is very nervous to open it and doesn't want to open it, so her mom grabs it and tries to open it for her, but Danielle grabs it back and opens it herself. She is sad to learn she did not get the job, but Angel did. Angel tells Danielle she won't go and will stay in Clearwater with Danielle, but she tells her not to and wants her to go and make the cash. When Angel is still hesitant to go without her, Danielle says she'd be upset if Angel didn't go and that she would find something else to do over the summer. Angel recommends finding a guy, but Danielle says she's staying away from boys for a while and then decides to take Angel out for ice cream. On the way out, she looks at her letter again and is still upset, throwing it in the trash as she walks out. That night, she calls Alicia and wants to hang out with her, telling her the camp was a bust. Alicia tells her she can't hang out and when Danielle questions her on why she sounds upset, Alicia quickly hangs up. She starts getting discouraged about her summer being awesome until she sees a post Jeremy has on Facebook saying he has an extra ticket to Hollywood if anyone wants to go. She quickly lights up and runs downstairs to tell her mom she's going to Hollywood tomorrow. Her mom is a little skeptical at first, but Danielle tells her to imagine she's in her position and her mother decides to let her go as long as she talks to her everyday. Danielle is ecstatic and hugs her, then starts heading off to Jeremy's house to let him know she wants the ticket. When she gets there, she tells him she wants the ticket. He makes sure she knows they're leaving in 10 hours and she is aware, saying she needs the trip to make her summer the best ever and forget about all the stuff she went through during school. He tells her the ticket is her's and she hugs him before running back home to pack. On the plane, she helps Jeremy with his big story for Spotlight Stars and tells him that he should say his parents are dead and winning the show was their dying with. Jamie quickly squashes that idea, but Jeremy still considers it.

Once they are in Hollywood, Danielle is amazed and separates herself from the group, saying she's got pepper spray and they're not her parents. She goes to an art gallery and is on the phone with her mom talking about the flight when she sees a painting with her father's name on it. She hangs up on her mom and calls Angel, telling her what she found. Danielle then finds an address on it and Angel tells her she should go visit her dad, even though they haven't spoken in 3 years. Danielle decides she's going to visit him and can't believe she's seeing him again after he left. She follows the address and finds her father's personal art gallery. When she walks in, she sees a painting of her house and realizes she's still on his mind. Her father comes out and says "hi" to whoever is in his gallery. Danielle panics and runs out as her dad tries to find whoever was in there and Danielle feels stupid for not just saying hi, but goes back to the hotel. She is curious as to what he's doing now, so she brings Sadie back and forced her to go inside and find out about his life. When Sadie is done, she tells Danielle that he has a new wife and newborn child, which shocks Danielle and she is speechless. She is sitting outside of a cafe when Isaac finds her and invites her to the premiere of Spotlight Stars, but she rejects his offer and says she wants to sit and think, upset about her dad not reaching out to her. She tells Isaac she wants to make him happy and Isaac tells her to do what she loves and he will be proud of her. She then gets an idea and asks Isaac for $30. Danielle is alone in the hotel room with an easel and paint, wanting to paint something to show her dad and make him proud of her. Jamie barges in and interupts, saying she's leaving early because of Jeremy. When everyone returns to the room, she tells them Jamie left and what she said about Jeremy. She then tells everyone she is painting the next day and to keep the room empty while she works. Tori rudely tells her there are more important things and that they need to find Jamie, but Danielle tells them her plane is leaving before they will get there, but they don't listen. The next morning, she tells everyone to leave and when Tori tells her she can't do that, Danielle pushes them out and then gets started. Everyone returns to the room because they are leaving early that night and Jeremy asks her if she got the text about it and she said she did and he is lucky she was already done. She covers her painting with a sheet and asks Tori to pack for her while she goes off to do something. She goes to the gallery and drops off the painting, saying goodbye to Hollywood on the way out. The painting is revealed to be of her looking at her father from outside of the gallery and her father looking at her back. After the plane ride, they get on a bus to Jeremy's house and she complains about being on public transportation which annoys Tori even more. Back at Jeremy's apartment, he tries setting up a plan to get Jamie back, but Danielle says she needs to get home, so she gets in Jeremy's car and he drives her home. 

As Jeremy drops her off and she waves goodbye, she hesitates to go in and calls Scott, telling him what happened in Hollywood and asking for advice on how to face her mother about her father. Scott advises her to tell her the truth so she doesn't find out later and Danielle agrees, going inside. She is later sitting at the kitchen counter while her mother makes her hot chocolate and asks her about her trip and Danielle says she has to tell her something. After hesitating, she tells her mom about her dad's new life and her mom tells her that she's known about Jessica, her ex-husband's new wife for 7 years. She then tells Danielle that her father was with Jessica while he was married to her mother and Danielle is shocked and disgusted her mom would stay with her dad while he was cheating. Her mom tells her she wouldn't understand and Danielle says she doesn't before leaving her mother and going upstairs, shocked and upset. 

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In Summertime Sadness, she calls Alicia, but Alicia ignores it. The next day, she visits Alicia's house with Angel and when Alicia asks why they're there, Danielle says it's to check and see she isn't dead since she hasn't talked to them all summer. Alicia says she hasn't been in the mood to talk and Danielle finds it weird she's been this way for 2 months. Alicia then slams the door in their face and tells them to leave her alone. Danielle and Angel look concerned. Danielle doesn't leave and sits on the porch and when Alicia's mom comes home, she asks Danielle if Alicia is gone and Danielle tells her she's inside, but won't let her in. She urges Ms. Borden to get a therapist for Alicia because something bad must have happened and they continue to talk as Alicia watches through the window and is furious. Alicia calls Danielle later and Danielle says she's happy she called, but Alicia yells at her to mind her own business and hangs up. When Alicia is visiting her rapist's house, she has a panic attack and Danielle runs to her side and helps her, saying Eric texted Danielle and said he saw Alicia following someone. Danielle tries to figure out what's wrong, but Alicia just asks for Danielle to get out of there.They are sitting on the sidewalk later and Danielle gets Alicia to tell her about her rape. Danielle is disgusted when she hears it was their gym teacher who did it and wants to tell somebody, but Alicia tells her that she can't or he will kill her. Danielle promises not to tell anybody, but urges her to tell her mother. She then continues to comfort her. 

In That's Not My Name, she starts a band.

Danielle holding the band auditions.

In Wake Me Up, she passes by Olivia who is hiding behind a bush and asks her what she is doing. Not wanting to be seen, Olivia tells her to be quiet and pulls her down in the bush as well. She tells Danielle she is spying on her boyfriend, Troy, because she thinks he might be in a gang. When Danielle hears Troy and his friend talking shit about Scott, she gets out of the bush and confronts them about it. She calls them out on their homophobic remarks and sticks up for Scott, calling them stupid and then leaving. She checks up with Olivia on the situation with her boyfriend a few days later and Olivia explains he was just misunderstood, so Danielle asks if she loves him and when Olivia says yes, Danielle tells her not to let him go.

In How to Be A Heartbreaker, she is talking in the hall with Alicia, Eric, and Abby when they see Sophie is back at Clearwater and is shocked. When Abby decides to go help her find her classes, Danielle stops her and asks her if she can really trust Sophie, but Abby leaves with her anyway. Danielle then talks to Moon about Sophie's return and questions why she was gone all summer. She tells Moon she's going to find out. A few days later, Ethan tells her that he and Sophie made out and Danielle is disgusted. Sophie walks up to Danielle and Danielle asks her what she's thinking getting back with Ethan again. She explains to Sophie why she can't trust her and Sophie tells her she wants to prove to everyone she's good, so Danielle decides to give her one more chance. Julia then runs up to her and asks her why Sophie is back, but Danielle doesn't explain and says she hasn't seen Jamie when Julia asks her if she's seen her. At the end of the episode, Danielle is about to go to the bathroom, but hears Sophie inside talking to her mom. She is shocked to hear Sophie overdosed on heroine over the summer and was really in rehab. Danielle doesn't know what to do with the information and stands there in shock.

In You Know I'm No Good, Danielle asks Alicia if she's going to audition for the play and Alicia says she is. Danielle notes how happy Alicia's been lately and Alicia says she's just trying to move on which makes Danielle happy as she admits she was worried. They walk to class together. Danielle rushes to the bathroom and sees Alicia crying, hearing Mr. Teller is back at the school. Danielle says they can't let him work there and they need to get Alicia out of his class. Alicia then begins to have a panic attack and Danielle helps her by getting her water. She walks up to Alicia's locker later with Eric and Sophie and see her emptying it because she is leaving the school. Danielle tells the others she can handle the situation and then tells Alicia she can't give up and leave and let her rapist win, so she convinces Alicia to give her one day to fix everything. She goes into Mr. Teller's office and starts to flirt with him intensely, eventually getting him to make out with her. While they are kissing, she gets a photo of it and then tells him if he doesn't leave Alicia alone, she'll send it to Principal Hanson. Realizing he lost, Mr. Teller agrees and Danielle leaves, telling Alicia she has nothing to worry about anymore. Alicia hugs her and asks what she did, but Danielle tells her she doesn't want to know. Alicia thanks her again as she leaves and Danielle finds Moon crying on a bench, asking what's wrong. Moon explains she got into a fight and missed her bus, so Danielle gives Moon her phone to call her mom for a ride. Danielle then goes to get a drink and Moon turns on the phone, seeing the picture of Danielle kissing Mr. Teller. Moon is horrified as Danielle walks back and acts like nothing is wrong.

In Wonderwall (2), she texts Scott about how she heard he's in love with someone and his dad sees it, so he has to lie and say Danielle believes anything she hears and it isn't true. Danielle lets Angel come over that morning and gives her advice about her father. She also says that she's still upset with her mother from the summer. She goes to get dressed and promises to give Angel a fun day so she can forget about everything. She later goes over Angel's house with Sophie and see the police, so Danielle automatically knows Angel called the police on her father for his pedophilia and is shocked. She comforts Angel and then helps her when she has a panic attack after Danielle and Sophie tell her what happen to pedophiles in prison.

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Brad and Danielle in the second season.

Brad Craymer

Main Article: Brad-Danielle Relationship

  • First Relationship
  • Second Relationship
    • Start Up: You Da One (109)
    • Break Up: I'm A Slave 4 U (2) (224)
      • Reason: They realized they could never have a good relationship with Danielle's mother keeping them apart.

        Danielle and Brady in the seventh season.

  • Third Relationship
    • Start Up: Me, Myself, & I (606)
    • Break Up: New Romantics (609)
      • Reason: They found out their parents dated in high school and had a baby together.

Brady Wagner

Main Article: Danielle-Brady Relationship

  • Start Up: Prior to Heatstroke (701)
  • Break Up: Somebody Else (714)
    • Reason: Brady couldn't handle Danielle's cocaine addiction


  • Danielle is one of the 14 characters to appear in 100 episodes or more. The others are Scott, AliciaSophie, Jamie, Moon, Eric, Brittany, Ethan, Caylee, Julia, Eliza, Angel, and Dex.
    • She was the first character to reach the 100 episode milestone.
  • She has appeared in more episodes than any other character, currently appearing in 150.
  • She had the most amount of plots in Seasons 3 and 7 and is tied for the most plots in Season 2.
  • Danielle lost her virginity to Brad Craymer on her 15th birthday.
  • She attended the first ever FilmFridayz meeting.
  • She is one of the 7 characters to appear in every episode of a season along with AliciaSophieEthan, Eric, Scott, and Peyton.
    • She is first character to appear three seasons in a row without missing any episode.
  • She finds her father in Clearwater Goes Hollywood after he previously abandoned her and her mother.
  • She was the first person to know about Alicia's rape
  • She was the lead singer of the band she started, Rave Repellent.
  • She is the only character to appear in every season premiere.
  • She has appeared in biggest streak of episodes, appearing in every episode from 3x31-7x12, which is 86 episodes straight.
  • She is the first person who is revealed to have a gay parent, the second is Ethan.
  • She was the Clearwater High school president from to November 2014 to October 2015.
  • She is the fourth character to snort cocaine on screen, the first being Justin Stem, the second being Ariel Westbrook, and the third being Taylor Higgins


  • "Back off Alicia, she just got here." (First Line)
  • (to Ethan) "What kind of evil creation like myself would reject you?"
  • "Well you won’t see me denying a trip to the mall."
  • (to Sophie) "Don’t talk to me anymore, okay? Don’t talk to Scott or Brad or anyone because we are all DONE with your ass!"
  • "Don’t let the sandman take you! You have better things to do like learn about the Pythagorean theorem!"
  • "You’re caught red-handed you horny bastard…"
  • "Well at this point, we’ll be cussing out every bitch with fake boobs in the town! Your dad sure gets around."
  • "What the fuck is wrong with me being with someone who I love and loves me back?!"
  • "She’s just a home school, I can deal with her."
  • "I cannot believe I sunk this low…public transportation."
  • (to Brendan) "Being gay isn’t a disease, you can’t spread it…unlike your stupidity."
  • (to Sophie) "When I first met you, you were so cool and just fun to be around. I considered you my best friend for a while. Then you just went crazy, spreading lies, hurting people, throwing yourself at boys. You hurt so many people and I couldn’t stand to look at you anymore. You keep saying you’re a good girl again, but then you go do something bad again. Then you’re gone all summer at an insane asylum and now you’re back saying you’re good, but I don’t know anymore!"