"I used to think winning was everything. I thought I had to win every competition and sleep with the hottest guys and be the baddest bitch, but I don’t care about any of that anymore. Even if I made all those things come true, I still wasn’t happy.."-Carly on her prom night

Carly Vasquez
FULL NAME Carly Vasquez
NICKNAME(S) Metaphor Queen (by Zak)
D.O.B. 1996
FAMILY Rick Vasquez (brother)
Reagan Vasquez (brother-in-law)
RELATIONSHIPS Danny Bell (boyfriend)

Tim Sharpe (hook-up)

JOB Student
Barista at The Hub
SCHOOL(S) Columbia University
Clearwater High School
AFFILIATION(S) Clearwater Cheerleading Squad
FIRST Settle Down (201)
PORTRAYER Leighton Meester

Carly Vasquez is a graduate of Clearwater High School in the Class of 2014. She was a minor recurring character in the second season and played a bigger role in the third and fourth seasons as she and her boyfriend integrated into the main senior's clique. She was initially known to be slutty, malicious, and would go after any boy she could. She would also put school and responsibility to the side in order to party and have fun. Although, after becoming cheerleading captain and dating the class president, she has learned how to be responsible and has changed her life for the better, even getting into Columbia. She is currently in a relationship with Danny Bell and is best friends with Miranda Disch. She is good friends with Caylee Daniels, Jamie Stellar and Julia Abbott and portrayed by Leighton Meester.

Character HistoryEdit

Season 2Edit


Carly at Justin's party.

In Settle Down, she, along with Miranda notice Keith is alone at Justin's party and try to hit on him, but he rudely rejects them and calls them whores. They walk away, offended.

In 21 Guns (1), she is making out with Tim at Jamie and Jeremy's party and asks him if he has a condom. When he says he doesn't, she says they can do without one, but are then interrupted by Trey. She leaves and tells him to call her.

In If I Lose Myself, she is at the strip club and sees Jeremy looking upset. She tells him that she heard a woman at the end of the bar is a hooker and that it might cheer him up. He takes her advice.

In Here's to Never Growing Up (1), she sees Tim at the punch bowl and talks to him about his flask. When he dumps it in the punch bowl, she is shocked, but finds it funny.

Season 3Edit


Carly in Season 3.

In Honeymoon Avenue, she is running the cheerleading tryouts and when she sees Wendy walk in, she asks who she is, saying she has the perfect look for the team. She starts the tryouts by introducing herself as captain, but when Adrianna interrupts by catching Candace trying to sabotage Wendy's tryout with laxatives, Carly breaks it up and after hearing what Candace was going to do, tells her she will audition first and puts her on the spot. Candace does an amazing job and Carly congratulates her for it, saying she should expect to be on the team. When others object and call Candace mean, Carly says it doesn't matter. 

In Girl On Fire, she is seen talking to Danny and Moon, who has feelings for him. She later interrupts Danny and Moon's conversation by coming over and putting her hand on Danny's shoulder. Danny introduces her as his girlfriend and Carly compliments Moon's charity. 

In Do What U Want, she is working at the Hub and when Brittany comes in, she asks if she's the girl who sexted a while ago. Brittany says that she prefers to be called by her name and Carly apologizes and says she's still got great with customers. Brittany asks for a job application and Carly says that if she's looking for quick cash, this isn't the place to apply since the wage is awful, but goes and gets her an application anyways. Moon later sees her working and is disgusted since she's still not over her dating Danny. She is closing up shop later that night when she sees Tori pull in to the parking lot. Carly informs her that she left all the cash in the box, but Tori tells her to warn their boss that she quits. Carly is shocked and tells her that she's the best worker there and they need her, and Tori tells her that she might come back before driving away. 

In Uprising, she stops a small argument going on with her cheerleaders and tells them that they have a performance at the pep assembly and have to learn their routine. She is later seen performing with her other cheerleaders and looks shocked when they are interrupted by Candace's sex tape being shown to the school. 

In Same Love, she is leading a cheer practice and congratulates her team on how well they did, telling them they'll do great in the cheer tournament that weekend. She then sends them to locker rooms to go home. In the locker room, Carly taps on Candace's shoulder and tells her that the other girls don't feel comfortable changing in front of her since her lesbian sex tape came out. Candace tells her that she's not a lesbian, but Carly shakes it off and recommends she changes in the stall instead so everyone feels for comfortable. She is later seen giving Keith a coffee at the Hub.  

In Catch My Breath, she goes to Jamie and Isaac at the Hub and takes their orders. She then asks them if they know when Tori is coming back since the Hub is going downhill without her working there. They tell her they have no idea and she is disappointed. She is later having an interview with Eric for a job and tells him that she knows him well enough to hire him on the spot and that the place is doing awful with only 3 workers and only 1 person on a shift, but he'll get plenty of hours and a lot of money. He is interested still and she invites him to come that night and help her close so she can train him a bit and see how he does.  

That night, they are closing up and Carly goes in the back to restock while she lets Eric run the front thinking that no one will come in anymore. Instead, a guy who Eric's girlfriend owes money comes in and tries to rob the place, pointing a gun a Eric's head. Carly comes out of the stockroom and sees this, running back and calling 911 for help. The gunman asks Eric for the key to the register, but he honestly doesn't know where it is. Seconds before he is shot to death, Carly runs in and gives the key to Eric who gives the guy the money he asked for. After he leaves, Carly helps a distraught Eric up and tells him to leave before the police show up so Carly can take the blame for losing all their money since they won't fire her. Eric asks about his job, but Carly tells him to be happy he has his life and shoos him out.  

In Misery Business (1), she tries to talk to Candace about new cheer routines she's been working on, but Candace blows her off and goes to talk to Sophie, which annoys Carly. 

In Hard Out Here, she is working when Tori and Trey come in and Carly is ecstatic to see her saying that the shop ahs taken a huge hit since she left. Tori tells her that she's not staying, which disappoints Carly and she goes to get their orders. On the way back, she witnesses a romantic moment between the two and tells Tori that if she doesn't kiss Trey, she'll never forgive her. She is then happy when they kiss and seem fine again. 

In Internet Killed the Video Star, Carly and Miranda cut in line for caps and gowns to meet up with Julia, Caylee, and Liam and makes a mean remark about Jamie in rehab. She then tells them that she's happy to finally be almost out of high school and kisses Danny who is passing out the caps and gowns. She then leaves the others and waves goodbye. She gives Julia her order at the HUb that nigth and asks why she's there so late. Julia explains she's meeting her roommate and Carly offers her a job so she doesn't have to live with one. She then tells her if the craigslist person turns out to be a killer, to shoot her a glare so she can pull the alarm.  

In Vampire Money (1), she is handing out tickets to the dance as Danny takes the money. 

In Vampire Money (2), she is completely frazzled at the Hub when Ethan comes in and asks why she's not at the dance yet since she's going to be named Spring Fling queen. She tells him that she is almost done with her shift and hates her job, leaving to get his order. On the way back, she offers him a ride which he takes. She is accepting tickets at the dance and takes them from Eric and Abby. She is later announced to be Spring Fling Queen, but not seen.  

Season 4 Edit


Carly in the fourth season.

In Find You, she and Danny are at Leah's house party and when she sees Candace is there, she introduces Danny to her. She later tells Sophie she looks like she needs an espresso when she orders one at the Hub and makes it for her.

In Know Your Enemy, she is working and serves Eliza and Scott.

In Ain't It Fun, she sees a commotion in the hallway with Miranda and goes to see what's up. When she finds out everyone is cheering for Caylee after she gets into Brown, she congratulates her and is very excited for her friend. She is later working and serves Scott. When Keith comes in, he asks for his regular and she happily obliges.

In Bad Blood, she serves Danielle at the Hub and notices she has a bruise on her face, assuming she got into a fight with another girl and saying that she'd hate to see what the other girl looks like. Danielle doesn't explain or deny Carly's assumption and says she would too, making Carly laugh. She later watches as the freshman fight over the identity of Clearwater Secrets and when Eric says people just have to stop sending stuff in, Carly says that won't ever happen since the people at Clearwater crave drama.

In Glory and Gore, she serves Dex and Eric at the Hub and listens into their conversation about Dex's feelings for another guy and his possible sexuality. She chimes in that he might just have feelings for one specific guy and when they call her out for eavesdropping, she doesn't deny and asks them what else she's supposed to do all day. She explains that it's possible to fall for someone of the same gender and still be straight and explains her brother married a guy, but never liked another guy in his life. When Dex then denies his feelings for Scott, Carly doesn't believe it. When Angel and Alicia come and tell them about the fight club going on in the alley behind The Hub, they ask Carly if she's going to stop it since she works here, but she tells them she's been paid not to and winks before walking off.

During the fight club, she walks up to everyone and asks for her money, saying she won't say a word about this. Micah gives her the money and she asks him why guys always have to show off in front of each other and Micah explains it's because of ego. She tells him that this club can only end badly and leaves, rolling her eyes at their stupidity.

In Call Me When You're Sober, Carly is running the talent show the Hub is having and introduces Matt to the stage. After Rave Repellent performs, she and Danny come on stage and she announces that the winner will be announced soon. She comes back on stage soon and announces Rave Repellent won Clearwater the school dance, thanking them.

In Elastic Heart, she is in class with Caylee, Jamie, and Liam and comments that Caylee looks like she's glowing. Caylee explains she's back with her boyfriend and Carly says she knows a lover's glow from anywhere, asking who it is. Caylee doesn't tell them, which makes Carly nervous, so she tells Caylee if he can't introduce her to his friends, he won't introduce her to his mother either. Caylee says she doesn't understand, but Carly says she's been down that road before and gives Caylee a skeptical look. She tells Caylee not to get sassy just because she knows she's right and Caylee gets very upset, telling her not to act like she knows anything about her relationship. Carly doesn't want to deal with being yelled at and moves seats.

In Ain't No Rest For the Wicked (1), she locks the doors of the Hub after Abby runs in saying someone was chasing her and looks scared. She tells Abby that she probably scared them away, but offers to call the cops. She unlocks the door when she thinks it's safe, but tells everyone to keep their eyes peeled just to be safe.

In Ain't No Rest For the Wicked (2), she greets Julia, Jamie, and Dex as they enter the dance and tells them they're early. They ask if she needs any help with anything before it starts, but she tells them she's got everything covered and thanks them before running off.

In Glitter in the Air, she tells Lana that the Hub is the most popular coffee shop in town when she thinks it's gross and calls her a barbie doll when she orders a complicated drink. She looks furious when Lana spits it out the second she takes a sip, but doesn't say anything.

In Dream Catcher, she is with Miranda and tells Julia that she thought she was cool, disapproving of her rally against abortion. She also tells her she's making Danny look like the worst school president ever by doing this and is mad, giving her a dirty look as she walks away.

In Black Widow, Carly is leading the cheerleaders in a new routine and after they finish, she tells them how proud she is of them all, but reminds them that in a few weeks, she won't be there anymore. When Siobhan asks what they'll do then, she tells them all in the next couple of days she's going to pick her precedenter, so everyone step it up. Adrianna's phone goes off which annoys Carly who reminds her of their no phone rule

The next day, she and Wendy are there for Zak's first shift at the Hub and when Wendy has him make her a coffee that he makes to perfection, Carly is proud of him, but warns him of the crazy shit people order and that it takes a lot of practice to get it down. After Wendy leaves, but mentions Zak not needing this job for the money, Carly asks what she meant after the leaves. Zak tells her that Wendy found some checks he has and when Carly asks what they're for, he tells her that he's not even telling his girlfriend, so he's definitely not telling her. Carly understands, but tells him that keeping secrets is where the decline of a relationship starts and she'll give them a month before they fall apart. He tells her to get to school, which she does, wishing him luck as she goes. At school, she runs into Candace who is humiliated that people keep making fun of her for the singing video she posted and Carly asks what happened to the girl she knew who would demolish anyone in her path. Candace says she has a new agenda and is going to home to deal with things, making Carly feel sorry for her.

Later at the Hub, she tries to convince Zak to tell Wendy the truth again to no avail. She runs into Candace again and asks if everything is okay because she looks pissed. Candace talks about how you can't please anyone and Carly agrees, saying that the real world sucks, but cheers her up by saying she's chosen her to be the cheerleading captain for next year. She explains that her resiliance and drive make her perfect for the spot, plus she can out-perform all the other girls on the team as well. Candace thanks her and Carly asks for her not to let her down as she leaves Candace to celebrate.

In Ultraviolence, she apologizes to Eliza for having to go through the abuse she said she did with Dex along with her abortion and tells Danny that he'd better take care of his little sister.

In Wide Awake (1), Carly shows Liam and his friends a news cast about his upcoming trial against his father that is spinning the truth and Carly says she hates the media, feeling bad for Liam being stuck in the middle. When a car alarm goes off right outside the Hub, she goes outside to see what's going on and comes back in, saying that Liam's car has been spray painted. She looks upset for him and tells Tim she'll check the security footage and find out who did this, but Tim says he's too upset and overwhelmed to care right now.

In Wide Awake (2), Carly is at school the day after Liam's trial where he sent his father to prison and tries to show her support, but Liam asks for her to just go back to normal and not bring it up, and she understands, agreeing and telling him she'll see him later.

In My Everything, Carly covers Zak's shift so he and Liam can go and find out who is behind Clearwater Secrets. Jamie thanks her for doing so, but she says it's no problem since she wants them found after they tweeted that she and Danny had sex in a jacuzzi for their first time. Danielle asks if it was true and Carly says that it is, but told everyone it was bullshit. She then says she'll be there when they announce who it is and it'll be a huge school event. She leaves when Eliza comes in after sensing some trouble.

In Her Diamonds, she and Danny walk by Eliza at lunch who is eating alone after all of her friends left her due to her terrible behavior. Carly asks what she's done to try and fix things and is annoyed when Eliza tells her she hasn't done anything. Carly tells her she put herself in this situation and won't pity her as she and Danny walk away.

In I Will Never Let You Down, she walks into final exam day with Danny and approaches Jamie, Julia, Dex, Caylee, and Liam, excited that this is it for them and then they graduate. Later on, she is shocked that they held back Dex for cheating on his exams and when the rest of the seniors talk about how they're graduating in a week, she and Miranda hug and she reflects on their time together.

In The Edge of Glory (1), she is hanging out with Caylee, Jamie, and Liam on their last day and tells them that she's ready to leave. She then tells some sophomore girls to soak up their time there since it goes by fast and is shocked that Julia is still being considered for a college, thinking they were all done accepting students. On the way to class, she talks about prom and meets up with Danny, who she kisses. She reveals that her last high school goal is to be prom queen and tells Caylee and Liam to sign up to be on the ballot since everyone thinks they're adorable and they might win.

After the day is over, she and Danny meet up with their friends again and are excited that they're done. She then talks about the limo and preparations for prom. When Julia doesn't have a dress, she tells her that her aunt owns a shop and they could go that night and find something and the four girls leave. While they are dress shopping, Carly is confused why Jamie and Julia are crying and reminds them they have all summer to hang out and be together, promising she'll still have time for them even when she's at Columbia. She then goes to tell her aunt that Julia is going to buy a dress.

Before prom, she and her friends are getting ready at Liam's house and when Jamie is having trouble with her fake eyelashes, Carly reminds her that beauty is pain and helps her. When Julia comes and announces a special guest is coming with them, Carly is annoyed since they can't fit anyone else in the limo. She then takes the prom photo of them all and gets them moving so they can get food before the prom. As she gets there, she exclaims how beautiful it is and slow dances with Danny shortly after arriving.

In The Edge of Glory (2), she is the one to inform Caylee that Julia is being held hostage by her prom date who was really one of her mom's ex-boyfriend's who she stole money from. She is visibly upset with Jamie, but goes to see what is going on with Danny when everyone at the prom starts booing at him. She asks what is going on and Miranda informs her that Danny was hacking the prom ballot so that he and Carly won and Carly is shocked. Danny explains that he only did it so that Carly could win, but she explains she wouldn't want to win like that and thought Danny knew she wouldn't. Danny says that when she was in cheerleading, she would pull stunts to win, but Carly gets furious and defends herself, saying she was 16 then and isn't that person anymore. She then calls Danny a jerk and walks away with Miranda.

She is seen leaving the prom, overwhelmed with everything going on, and sees Danny standing by their limo, making her worried. She asks why he's out there and he explains he can't go back in after what he did and is completely embarrassed, but Carly explains it was just a few ballots and not as big of a deal as he's making it out to be. She then says that he won't even see any of these people again after tomorrow to make him feel better, but asks why he did it in the first place. He tells her that he wanted her night to be perfect and knew how much she wanted to be prom queen, so he wanted to make it happen, but she tells him that her night was already perfect since she was spending it with the people she loves the most and that she would love to win, but only if she won fair and square. She then says that she used to think winning was everything, but now knows that it's not since even when was was the best, she wasn't happy, but that Danny makes her happy now. They then kiss and Carly tells Danny that she forgives him and asks if they can go back in, but Danny is still nervous about everyone hating him. She tells him he's a public speaker and to work his magic. He says he'll go back in as long as Carly is on his side and she tells him she always will be, so they head back to prom.


Carly at her graduation.

Back inside the prom, Danny apologizes for what he did and Carly looks proud of him and excited when he announces that Liam and Caylee won. As the earthquake starts, she and Danny join Jamie and Jeremy under a table and she looks devastated that her prom is being destroyed before her eyes. As everyone is evacuated after it's over due to the structure of the hotel being questionable, she is mad and can't believe what happened. Jeremy tells her to just be happy she's alive and she agrees with him, but asks for a few minutes to mourn her prom. She later talks to Caylee about her winning prom queen and why she ran away and is relieved when they find out Julia is okay, talking about how insane their prom night has been. When Jeremy gives a speech about how lucky they all are to be alive after the earthquake, Carly realizes that he's right and hugs Danny, saying how grateful she is that they're both okay. As the seniors start to leave, she says how crazy it is that they're going to be done with this part of their lives by this time tomorrow.

At graduation, she is seen blowing Danny a kiss as he gets his diploma and walking the stage as she gets her's, excited. As the seniors all throw their caps into the air, she is seen kissing Danny afterwards and is seen at Caylee's graduation party. She is in the group photo for all of the seniors and looks happy.

Season 5 Edit

In Cool For the Summer, she is at Caylee's house along with Jamie helping Caylee pack for Brown. She stops Caylee when she throws her clothes into her bag and tells her if it's not folded nicely, it'll get wrinkled. She then talks about how within a week, she'll be in New York at Columbia and Caylee will be in Rhode Island at Brown, making Jamie feel like a loser for staying in Clearwater. The next day, she is working at the Hub and Caylee gets her last coffee from her, which they take a selfie of so it will always be documented. Carly says that she's really going to miss Caylee, but Caylee reminds her that they still have skype. Carly asks what Caylee's plans on her last day in Clearwater are and assumes Liam isn't on the agenda. Caylee says that she hasn't talked to him since prom night and doens't plan on changing things now, but Carly notices him come in and says she doesn't have a choice. Caylee ignores Liam and tells Carly to come to her house that night since she's having some people over, which Carly agrees to. Liam looks disappointed that Caylee didn't acknowledge him, but Carly tells him he should have expected that. Liam says he doesn't even know if they're broken up or not, but Carly says they haven't spoken in 3 months, he should assume they're done. Liam says he needs to hear her say those words, but Carly tells him that he hurt her a lot and she probably won't talk to him ever again, going back to work as Liam looks upset.

She is later at Caylee's surprise going away party and surprises her as she walks into the room along with everyone else. After hearing that she and Liam just had sex, she is shocked, but tells her that she deserves better. When Caylee is hesitant to go because of everything going on in her life, Carly says she can't be scared to try new things because she might miss out on the greatest experiences of her life. She then group hugs with everyone and as she leaves, she gives Carly another hug and wishes her luck in New York. Carly gives her the same for Rhode Island and jokes that there's probably stuff to do there as well. As Caylee hugs Liam goodbye, she and Jamie give each other a worried glance. When Caylee gets in her taxi to leave, she blows her a kiss goodbye along with everyone else.

In Fight Song, she is seen at Eliza's house talking to Danny's mom about how she and Danny are going to slay it at their colleges as they prepare to leave. She and Danny then leave for the airport together so they can depart for their separate colleges.

In One Last Time, she and Danny arrive at Liam's going away Thanksgiving banquet and she is very excited to see everyone after being away at college. She hugs Jamie and Julia and the three catch up. They are seen talking and when asked about New York City, Carly explains that it's everything she dreamed of. She then tells them that Clearwater might make them believe things won't ever get better, but they really do. She then asks about Moon's surgery and how she's doing as they continue to catch each other up.

In Christmas (Baby Please Come Home), she and Danny are briefly seen together in the montage at the end of the episode and are holding each other while watching a Christmas special with his family. She comments how she's missed being in his arms and Eliza rolls her eyes watching them being so lovey-dovey.

In First of the Year, Moon walks into the Hub and sees Carly back to working there. Carly explains she's working while on winter break and asks her how her surgery went. Moon explains her condition and Carly comments that she's looking great. After Moon tells her this is her first day off bed-rest, Carly offers her a free coffee and goes to make her favorite. While making the coffee, she notices Moon talking to Wendy and after she leaves, she comments how Moon is hanging out with sophomores now. Moon explains that her junior friends all want to party and get drunk all the time, but she's not about that life anymore. Carly agrees and tells her that she's been to so many college parties, she's sick of them and is a homebody now. She then tells Moon to slay it at the gala she was invited to.

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Danny Bell

Main Article: Carly-Danny Relationship


  • Her first two appearances were at parties and her third was at a bar.
  • It is unknown if she knew Maddie was an undercover cop and not a real hooker in If I Lose Myself.
  • She is the Clearwater Cheerleading Squad captain in the third and fourth seasons.
  • She saved Eric Stem's life in the episode Catch My Breath when he was held at gunpoint.
  • She is the second character to work at the Hub. The first was Tori and they were followed by Eric, Wyatt, and Keith.
  • She was named Spring Fling Queen of 2014.
  • She was in the running for Prom Queen, but was disqualified after Danny tried to mess with the ballots.
  • She was never meant to be a major character and was only supposed to appear in a few episodes, but ended up being one of the most prominent recurring characters.
  • Despite only being a recurring character in the fourth season, she appeared in 20 of the 26 episodes.


  • "What are you doing here all alone?" (First Line)
  • "Get her, tiger."
  • "The uh…the other girls don’t feel…comfortable changing in front of you…you know with the whole lesbian thing and all."
  • "This place is a ratchet mess."
  • "911, we’re being robbed. He has a gun and is pointing at my employee. HURRY."
  • "And if the craigslist person is really a killer, shoot me a glare and I’ll hit the alarm."
  • "Listen, just because you might have feelings for one guy doesn’t mean you have feelings for guys in general. You guys do know it’s possible to fall for a person of the same gender and still be straight, right?"
  • "Can you explain why men always try to show off in front of each other and out-tough each other?"
  • "I can tell a lover’s shimmer from anywhere."
  • "Hon, if a man can’t flaunt you to his friends, he won’t flaunt you to his mother."
  • "It only took one iceberg to sink the Titanic."
  • "Beauty is pain, sweetie. The quicker you learn that, the better."
  • "My night was already perfect because I was spending it with you and my friends. Would I love to be prom queen? Duh! But not like that…I only want it if I win fair and square."
  • "I used to think winning was everything. I thought I had to win every competition and sleep with the hottest guys and be the baddest bitch, but I don’t care about any of that anymore. Even if I made all those things come true, I still wasn’t happy."
  • "Trust me, this town might make you think that things will never get better, but they do. They really do."