Candace Jones
FULL NAME Candace Marie Jones
NICKNAME(S) Cand (by Wendy)
Candy Cane (by Sophie)
Miss Sexcapade (by Leah)
Angel (by Micah)
D.O.B. 1999
FAMILY Jocelyn Jones (mother)
Yanni Jones (father)
RELATIONSHIPS Micah Quick (boyfriend)
Tripp Nathanson (kissed; former attraction)
Charles Jennings (former attraction; kissed)
Ethan Webber (kissed; former attraction)
Sophie Clark (hook-up)
Lander Krevinsky (hook-up)
JOB Student
SCHOOL(S) Clearwater High School
AFFILIATION(S) Clearwater Cheerleading Squad
FIRST Summertime Sadness (301)

Candace Jones is a Junior (Grade 11) at Clearwater High School. She was originally on the cheerleading squad and is known to do whatever can to get her way and look at everyone else as below her, but has shown frequent moments of insecurity. She thinks appearance is everything and shows her dominance over other girls to get attention from guys. When she first comes to Clearwater her freshman year, she is a ruthless queen bee who treats her best friend, Wendy, like garbage, but shows that she is insecure about how likable Wendy is compared to her and how she might become more popular than her eventually. After ruling the school with boyfriend Micah for a good portion of the school year, it all comes crashing down after all her friends betray her, a video of a threesome she had is shown at a pep assembly, and her hook-up with a girl is the talk of the school. She tries to change her ways, but realizes that being a bitch is who she is, but she decides to bring this part of her out only to people who deserve it. She evenutally uses this to help Ethan and take down her ex-boyfriend who framed him and caused her downfall by filming their threesome.

After being in the background for the majority of Season 4, she once again loses her friends when she falsely accuses a teacher she likes of trying to rape her when he shoots her down. She returns to school and gains her friends back after they find out she had and beat cancer over the summer. Unfortunately, her cancer returns and is much more serious. After starting to believe she might not come out alive, she ends up going through a successful surgery and beat cancer once again.

She is best friends with Wendy McGee and is also frenemies with Adrianna Jupe and Siobhan Spicer. She is friends with Matt Malloy, Nicole Hoffman, Tripp Nathanson, Carly Vasquez, Ethan Webber, and Sabrina Rahal. She is currently in a relationship with Micah Quick. She is portrayed by Ryan Newman.

Character HistoryEdit

Season 3Edit

In Summertime Sadness, she is tanning outside in a bikini and catches the attention of Micah who is moving in. She sees him and winks, so to impress her he strips down to his trunks and jumps in his pool, but when he looks back at her, she is already back inside. Micah invites her over the next day and she comes with cookies, telling him that she wanted to welcome him with a gift. She is helping him unpack his stuff in his room and says his stuff is cool, so he starts showing off all his sports trophies. His mom comes in with a box that he was trying to hide from Candace, but she insists on seeing what's in it once he starts freaking out about it. She finds figure skating trophies and asks him if he figure skates. Not wanting to tell the truth, Micah pushes her out of his room and closes the door. The next day, she walks into his open gate and tells him that she isn't going to make fun of him because she finds thr fact that he figure skates attractive because it shows his soft side and confidence. She then initiates a kiss between them which turns into a makeout session.


Candace jealous over Wendy and Micah.

In Honeymoon Avenue, she is doing her makeup and getting ready for cheerleading auditions with Wendy, her best friend. Wendy starts to feel insecure about making the team and asks Candace if she will. Candace tells her that she's not super pretty or anything, so she has to work hard for it to have a shot. Wendy then tries to put on Candace's lipstick and Candace tells her it will wash her out because she is so pale and tells her to stick with lipgloss. Wendy then calls her pretty when Candace starts complimenting herself. Candace arrives at auditions the next day and runs into another freshman, Siobhan, who is nervous. Candace tells her she has to strut her way in, which Candace does, gaining the attention of fellow freshman, Adrianna. She tells Candace she is class president and when Candace didn't know there was one, Adrianna makes her feel stupid because of it. Further embarrassing Candace, when Wendy walks in, Carly, the cheer captain, tells her that she's perfect for the team and not even noticing Candace. When Adrianna asks Candace about who Wendy was, Candace tells her that she used to be her friend, showing that she was extremely jealous of her for once.

Candace further sees the girls showing a lot of attention to Wendy and to sabotage her, Candace goes over to Wendy's bag and is about to put laxatives in her water when Adrianna sees and walks over, asking Candace what she's doing. Candace tells her to mind her own business and gets nasty with her, so Adrianna almost fights her, but Carly breaks it up and calls Candace out on trying to sabotage Wendy. To punish her, she makes Candace audition on the spot, which Candace does terrifically. Her confidence starts to reappear after Carly tells her she can expect to see her name on the list. But, she realizes she may have messed up when all of the other girls give her evil glances. She sees Wendy with Siobhan later and talks to her privately, surprised she's not auditioning and apologizes for what she did. Wendy is upset and tells Candace that she's sick of being treated badly constantly, Candace says she can't help it and says that she has her back, inviting her to go get smoothies together. This manipulation wins Wendy back and they head out together after hugging. At the Hub, they run into Micah and Candace introduces him to Wendy. She then gets an email from Carly saying the names of who made the squad, seeing her name and becoming very excited. Wendy hugs her and Micah kisses her on the cheek and then leaves. Wendy mentions how cute he is and implies that she wants to flirt with him. Candace is surprised and looks extremely jealous, but bites her tongue.

In Wake Me Up, she wants to be partners with Wendy for their classes' project because Wendy always gets them the A, which yet again shows Wendy she is just using her. She actually gets partnered with Adrianna, who she is not on the best of terms with. When Wendy introduces Candace to Zak, her cute partner, Candace asks him if he ever plucks his eyebrows, not caring about him and going back to talk to Adrianna. Se notices Wendy was blushing when Zak left, however, and calls her out on it, knowing something is up with her. Wendy asks her about Zak later on and Wendy says that he's a freak because he hangs out with the freaks and tells Wendy not to freak out when she sees him because she doesn't even know him, suggesting he could be a serial killer. The next day, she is with Adrianna and they find Wendy crying in the bathroom, so Candace immediately thinks it has to do with Zak. When she hears that Wendy tried to kiss him, she is shocked and tells Wendy she has no idea how any of that works. When Wendy sets up a date with him, she makes comments about how gross she thinks he is and Adrianna tells her to shush, so Candace rolls her eyes as Wendy and Adrianna freak out. Later, she is in Wendy's room who is trying to find something to wear and she continues to make comments putting Zak down. She decides she doesn't want Wendy to go out with Zak and starts manipulating her again not to go on the date by telling her Zak is so unpopular, that she'd be the laughing stalk of the school if she were to date him. She tells Wendy that she has a big decision to make before leaving.

In You Know I'm No Good, Candace comments that she was right about Zak being a creep when she hears he's writing about Wendy. She is pushed away along with Micah by Adrinna when Zak walks over to talk to Wendy. She is later seen flirting with Wyatt by Keith.

In Black Sheep, she is walking with Micah and says that people might think they're dating soon if they're not careful, being sarcastic because she actually wants to date him. She tells him to ask her out and says they should go on a date after school that day, but Micah can't because of lacrosse practice. Wendy comes and links arms with Candace, who blows her off after she brings up Zak, too obsessed with her own romantic life. When Micah is looking for ideas to dethrone Ethan as captain, Candace suggests drugging the team and says it's worth a shot, half-kidding. She watches him admirably as he walks to class. Later, she calls him to ask how practice was, but after hearing that it's going late and they are being overworked, she tells Micah that's crazy and he needs to get rid of Ethan, offering her help, but warning how ruthless she can be. She tells Micah to use Brendan's weed to get Ethan high and out of the captain spot, but Micah takes this to the next level and gets Ethan high on ecstasy. After hearing about the police at the school, Candace brings Wendy there and tells Micah she didn't mean to go this far, but he is too happy about getting rid of him to care and kisses her. She tells him Ethan is going to juvey, but he doesn't care and manages to get the position of captain. Candace is excited for him and jumps in his arms, making out with him and ignoring Wendy. They decide to go out on a celebratory date and are both excited to become official and rule the school together.

In Stubborn Love, she is at the play auditions and calls the director who quit a loser. She then tells Wendy she never would have gotten a part anyway if she auditioned. After receiving a callback, she tells Sadie she won't regret it and is excited.


Candace at the callbacks.

In Clarity, Candace and Micah sit down at lunch with Adrianna and Siobhan, the latter who comments how happy Candace looks. Candace tells her she has her callback for Plaza Suite that day and explains her character, who is the lead. Wendy and Zak rush over to them, excited that Wendy got a callback for the play as well. When she says that it's for Karen Nash, Candace's role, everyone is silent and Candace comments that she'd never get the role. Adrianna hits Candace and assures Wendy that she could, but Siobhan interjects and reveals that Candace will get the role because Candace gets whatever she wants, which surprises Wendy. Wendy says may the best girl win and walks away and Candace says that she intends to and looks confident. She comes to cheer practice late and tells Carly that she has an audition in ten minutes. Adrianna suggests Candace give the role to Wendy since Candace already took cheer away from her too, but Candace finds it ridiculous and says she won't give up another popularity booster. Adrianna says that they're all going to be rooting for Wendy to get it and Candace gives her a dirty look as she walks away.

While practicing her lines with Micah, Zak comes and tells Candace to give Wendy the role, and Candace loses it. She tells him that Wendy is going to have to fight for something for once since everything she has is because of Candace. Zak retorts with an insult and Micah threatens to beat him up, so Candace tries to stop him, but Wendy comes and ends things. Candace tells Micah that Wendy has no chance of winning when she thinks Wendy is out of earshot, but Wendy hears and tells Candace that she's going to win this and says she's being a bad friend before walking off. Candace and Micah then laugh at her once she's gone. Behind the curtain right before her audition, Micah comforts Candace and says she's going to win and everyone knows it. He then tries to have sex with her and she is hesitant since they are at school, but Micah says it's okay since nobody is in the room yet. They start to make out and get undressed when the curtain rises and everyone is staring at them. They are both in shock and Micah drops her, apologizing. Sadie, the director, then decides to cast Candace because of her fearlessness and passion on stage and everyone else is shocked, but Candace is excited and hugs Micah. As she is leaving the school afterwards, she sees Wendy crying outside the school and approaches her, rudely asking why she's crying over a role. Wendy goes off on her saying that Candace only wants the role for the popularity and that she deserves it more. Wendy then tells Candace that she's done with her and has real friends now that appreciate her. Candace tries to act like she doesn't care, but looks upset once Wendy leaves.


Candace and Micah entering the play set.

In Dark Horse (1), she and Micah walk into the auditorium for practice and see chaos, so they talk to Scott and Sophie who are the new set directors since the old one got hurt. Micah helps Scott with the new props as Candace goes over to Sophie and starts helping her. Sophie asks to help lift her higher on a ladder so she can reach the rop of a pole, so Candace awkwardly lifts her higher by grabbing her ass. Micah walks over and is confused and Candace tells him to stop drooling as she helps Sophie down. They all go to finish the last 3 boxes and Sophie smiles at Candace, who smiles back, but is confused. At lunch, she sees Sophie by the vending machines and watches her. Her friends notice and ask if she's checking her out, so Candace immediately denies it and leaves to get an energy drink. She goes over to Sophie and says that if she needs any more help, Candace knows the set inside and out, so Sophie says they could work after school and Candace accidentally calls it a date. Sophie laughs it off and plays with Candace's hair, complimenting it and then leaving. Candace blushes and smiles as she watches her leave.

At play practice that day, she is confused when Sadie comes in on pills and asks if she's high. When Micah is leaving, he asks why Candace is staying and she tells him she wants to go over her lines a couple more times. They kiss goodbye and Candace goes back into the auditorium to meet up with Sophie. They move a couch and Candace asks if it looks good where it is, but Sophie looks at Candace and says it looks perfect, referring to her instead of the couch. They suddenly start to make out on the couch and when Candace realizes what she's doing, she stops it and tells Sophie she has a boyfriend, running off. Before she can leave, Adrianna stops her in the hallway and says she saw what happened, which horrifies Candace. She threatens to destroy Adrianna if she tells anybody what she saw and Adrianna isn't afraid, saying she wants an IOU from Candace that she can use anytime in exchange of her not telling anyone. Candace agrees and is relieved to keep the secret. The next day, they meet in the auditorium again and Candace tells Sophie that she doesn't understand what she's feeling or what's going on and Sophie says that Candace is going to have to figure out her feelings herself. She then tells Sophie that she cheated once, why not do it again, so they start to kiss.

In Dark Horse (2), Candace and Sophie are making out before school in the auditorium again on the day of the show and Sophie says she wants to take things farther, but won't because of Candace's boyfriend. Candace then talks about how confused she is about what she's feeling and talks to Sophie about her sexual orientation. Candace then leaves for class and Sophie wishes her good luck in the show. She meets Micah at his locker and kisses him, he asks if he's tasting her lesbian lover's lipstick and Candace is confused. He then admits that he knows about her and Sophie because Adrianna told him, but he's okay with it because he thinks it's awesome. Candace is relieved he's not mad, and he suggests that they all experiment together, alluding to having a threesome. Candace is shocked, but after he kisses her passionately, she's on board and leads him down the hall, saying they have time before the show.

She and Sophie are seen in Micah's room wearing only lingerie and Sophie is shocked she's going along with this, so Candace tells her it was her idea they take things further to begin with. Micah walks in the room in his underwear and nobody knows how to start it, so Candace rolls her eyes and takes off her bra, saying they shouldn't make it awkward and just have a good time. She puts each of their hands on her boobs and they all start to make out and get started. When they are done, they go to the school for the play and get in the auditorium just in time. They hear that Sadie is overdosing and Eric tells Sophie to call an ambulance, which Candace says the show must go on. Micah asks her to talk and brings her backstage. He tells her that he kind of regrets that since he wished their first time was alone and since Candace did more stuff with Sophie than with him. He tells her the next time they do it will be just them and kisses her head. Sophie comes around and comments that she seemed more into her than her boyfriend and Candace is embarassed. Candace performs as the lead of the play, which goes well and after it's over, Candace talks about how great it went. Micah congratulates her and kisses her, then going backstage for food. Sophie pulls her aside and tells her that her ex just texted her and she still wants to be with her, saying that she had fun with Candace and had a great night. She then wishes her luck with her boyfriend and kisses her cheek goodbye. Candace is left standing there in shock and doesn't know how she feels.

In Uprising, she comes into class and doesn't have anyone to talk to since Wendy has taken her friends. She talks to Siobhan and tells her that Wendy talks crap on her all the time. She says that Wendy comments that no guy would ever want to be with Siobhan and Siobhan is shocked. Candace tells her that she's lucky she has a friend like Siobhan that will tell her when people talk behind her back. Thinking she turned Siobhan against Wendy, she looks pleased with herself. Unbeknownst to Candace, Wendy and Zak have been planning revenge on her for her scheming and bitchiness all week. At the pep assembly, Candace is performing with the cheer team and when she is raised into the air and the center of attention, a video of her threesome with Micah and Sophie is played on the big screen behind her, which was taken by Micah and unknown by Candace. She is shocked and screams, once getting down, she runs out of the assembly hall in embarrassment as the whole school laughs at her. Micah finds her afterwards and asks who did it. Candace thinks it was Adrianna and tells him how embarrassed she is now that she was just outed. Micah tells her it's her fault for cheating in the first place, but Candace points out that it was Micah's idea in the first place. He dumps her for ruining his reputation and she pushes him back into a table, knocking him to the ground. She emphasizes that she is ruined, not him. She walks off and starts crying hysterically, finding Adrianna and about to go off on her. Wendy intervenes and says it was her who did the sabotage because she wanted Candace to know what it feels like to be shamed for once. Candace tells Wendy she's done with her and that Wendy got her wish, running off in tears.


In Same Love, she is at cheer practice and after it's over, she compliments Siobhan on her landing, but Siobhan doesn't want to talk to Candace since she tried to turn her against Wendy. When she reaches the locker room, Carly comes up and tells her that no one feels comfortable changing in front of Candace since she's a lesbian. Candace says that she's not a lesbian, but Carly shrugs it off and asks for her to change in the stalls. Candace goes and hears the girls talking about her. Feeling completely humiliated, she leans her head against the stall door and tries to stay strong. She sits alone at lunch and Sophie walks by, asking where her clique is. Candace tells her that they all turned on her and tells her about what happened at cheer practice, Sophie says it's ridiculous and that all Candace needs to do it think of something that could win back both her friends and the cheerleaders. Candace says that she regrets hooking up with Sophie, and Sophie says that she has an idea that could fix Candace's problems.

Candace is next seen in Principal Hanson's office and tells him that homophobia is present in the halls and that it needs to be stopped. She says that she wants to have a GSA Rally in the lunchroom and make the gay kids negatively affected by the video and ridicule following it not feel so worthless. He immediately agrees because it will stop the PTA parents from complaining about the video and shakes her hand. On the way out, she sees Zak in the office and tells him that she knows it was him who helped Wendy, but she won't get him back because she's going to rise above it all, but he doesn't believe her. She calls Sophie outside and checks on the progress on the flyers and buttons for the rally, nervous but excited to change.

At the rally the next day, she is passing out the flyers and buttons and promoting it by asking people to show their support. Moon and Sophie come by and have more merch since they are almost out and Candace talks about how much of a hit the rally is. She is pulled aside by Wyatt who thanks for her helping kids who aren't out of the closet yet like him and says that his sister was wrong about her. She reveals that his sister is Breean, a girl who Candace has teased. Candace tells him that she's changed and he asks her to keep the conversation between them. She is then pulled aside by Mr. Hanson who thanks her and informs her that the press are here to interview her. She gets upset and Abby and Sophie ask why, so she says that everyone thinks she's a hero, but she only did this to get her friends back, not for the actual cause. They tell her that it doesn't matter why she did it, she is still spreading awareness and positivity, but Candace isn't convinced. She is nervous when the news reporters come to interview her and tells Sophie that she doesn't know if she can do it, but Sophie encourages her and Candace asks how she looks for it. Adrianna comes up and apologizes for making her change in the stalls and says that she doesn't make any of the girls uncomfortable since Candace doesn't even know how she feels about girls and Candace thanks her. Adrianna says that it doesn't make them friends, and Candace comments that she still thinks Adrianna is a bitch. They both smile at each other as they pass and Danny thanks her for how good she's making him look as school president, showing her to the interviewer who starts right away and asks her what made her start the rally. Candace almost tells the truth about the video and losing her friends, and doesn't know what to say until she sees Wyatt and lies, saying that he was being teased because of his sexuality and she didn't think it was okay. After the interview, Wyatt runs over to her, freaking out that he was just outed on TV and calls her a bitch, flicking her off. Candace realizes what she did and feels awful, realizing that she just ruined someone else's life.

On the way to class, she hears Breean scolding her brother for being gay and goes over to her, calling her out and telling her shut up. She tells her off and explains that yelling at her brother won't fix his sexual orientation, calling her pathetic and a mongrel. The crowd that has formed starts cheering for her and Candace checks on Wyatt, asking if he's okay. After he goes ot talk to the guidance counselor, her friends walk up to her and she apologizes to them for everything, saying she can't act like she's not a bitch, but she can tone it down when it comes to them. They all agree to forgive her and walk away, except for Wendy who apologizes for starting everything and playing the video. Candace says that she deserved it and would have done the same thing. Wendy tells her that she's not ready to be friends with her again, but calls for a truce, which Candace agrees to. Candace then tells Wendy to be careful with high school since people aren't as nice as she is and Wendy smiles and thanks her. Thinking that everything is over, she goes to her locker, finally happy, but sees that someone has filled her locker with pictures of her and Sophie kissing with the words "lesbo" and "dyke" written all over them. Shocked, she is approached by Moon who tells her that it's all over social media as well. She starts to break down, but stops and says that she will destroy whoever did this and that this is the last person to mess with her, looking malicious and out for revenge yet again.


Candace being saved by Adrianna.

In Misery Business (1), she is running through the halls and bumps into Carly who wants to talk about a routine with her, but Candace says that she's too busy at the moment and keeps running. After finding Sophie, she asks if they can talk and shrugs off the jokes coming from her friends. They go off in private and Candace asks her if she's seen the picture going around and Sophie says that she has, so Candace asks what they're going to do about it. Sophie says that they're going to do nothing since people are always going to talk behind your back, but all you can do is shake it off. Candace reveals that she has to have a clean record if she wants to get into an ivy league school, which is why she didn't press charges when the video was shown. Sophie says that no one knows who started it, but Candace says that she's going to figure it out and even though Sophie already ruined her future, she doesn't want her's being ruined too. Sophie calls her a snob and Candace says that she's going to figure out who did this. At lunch, she is trying to figure out the source of the photo, but has no luck, so Adrianna asks her what she's going to do and Candace tells her about the guy named Liam that Sophie told her to talk to who is good with technology. She goes over to him and akss if he can help her, and he agrees to do it for $10, which satisfies her.

She is in the bathroom when Leah walks in and calls her a slut. She tries to get away, but is teased by jocks outside who want her to have sex with them. Adrianna comes by and saves her, asking for an update. Candace says that the email of the source of the photo is ambigous and impossible to find out who it's from. Adrianna wishes her luck and leaves her computer on, which Candace sees is logged into the email that Liam found, leading her to believe Adrianna is actually behind the photos. She finds Adrianna in the lunchroom later on and grabs her smoothie, pouring it all over Adrianna's head, who is shocked and confused. Candace accuses her of posting the pictures and Adrianna denies the claim, but Candace doesn't believe her. They start to fight, which draws a crowd and is quickly broken up by Mr. Stein and Mrs. Dayton and they are both sent down to the office. They storm out and Candace still believes Adrianna started the photo, but she is stopped by Micah who confesses to be behind the photo. He says that the lacrosse team used Adrianna's email after she left her computer logged in so no one would think it was them. She is furious that she gor a week's suspension and has a record because of his lies and calls him pathetic for not standing up for her against him team after they dated for two months. She says that she's done dating boys like him and is going to wait for a real man to come along before storming off.

In Misery Business (2), Zak goes to Candace's house and knocks on her door. She opens it and sees him, confused as to why he is there. He says that he knows she's still suspended and he could only find her here. He asks for her to talk to Wendy because she found out something she wasn't supposed to, but he doesn't want to lose her. Candace is intrigued and agrees to do so if he explains what happened and invites him in. She calls Wendy to meet her at the Hub later that day and she is confused to hear from Candace, buts sits with her. She tells Wendy to give Zak another chance because he loves her. Wendy asks why Candace is helping her and Candace says that she owes her a thousand favors and starts to leave, but tells Wendy to follow her heart and no one else. She passes Zak on the way out and winks at him as they pass, signifying that she got to Wendy.

In I Write Sins Not Tragedies, she overheard Micah talking to her friends about how Ethan is back and wants to murder him and says that a lot of other people do as well. She tells him that he's going to have to go along with the war since he started the fight and pitifully pats him on the shoulder as she leaves with her friends.

In Internet Killed the Video Star, she says that she thinks the girls doing the nude email account are trashy tells Micah that it's anonymous which is why it's so appealing to girls who need money. She then says that people on twitter are talking about a girl who sent a picture of her boobs and her friends start to gossip about it.

In Vampire Money (1), she is talking to Moon and Alicia and Ethan comes over, asking to talk to Candace in private. He says that he needs her help, but she says that she doesn't know him and says that she and Micah broke up a long time ago when he tells her that her boyfriend is ruining his life. He then reveals that Micah is behind the nude email account, which disgusts Candace and she tells him that she knows nothing about it, but admits to have something that could help Ethan's case against Micah. She promises to get back to him with it and walks away. After class, she pulls him into an empty classroom and hands him a DVD. Before she tells him what it is, she makes him promise not to watch it, and after he does she says it's the video on his computer of him having a threesome with her and Sophie. She says that since it's child pornography on his computer, he automatically gets charged for it. Ethan asks why she's helping him and she says it's because Micah is a huge dick.

In Vampire Money (2), she is at the Spring Fling with Ethan about to start their plan. Candace goes over to Micah and tells him to meet her in the AV room two songs from now. He does and when she gets him in, she blocks the door as Ethan shows himself and Micah realizes something is wrong. She tells Micah that Ethan has something to show him and when the video plays and Micah asks how he got it, Candace says that he had help. After Micah loses and agrees to confess about the nude email and say he was framing Ethan in order to avoid them showing the video to the police, Candace lets him leave and is thrilled to have gotten him back for what he did to her. She is later dancing with Ethan and says they're a good team. They bond over their reputations and how they both want to change and Candace asks if they can hang out again before he kisses her on the dancefloor and they continue to dance. When Micah sees Ethan dancing with Candace, he loses it and tries to beat him up and Candace tries to stop him, but they are quickly stopped by the police cars that come in the school parking lot. Candace is seen watching what is going on outside.

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Candace and Micah in the seventh season.

Micah Quick

Main Article: Candace-Micah Relationship

  • First Relationship
    • Start Up: Black Sheep (311)
    • Break Up: Uprising (320)
      • Reason: Candace's hook-up with Sophie was shown in front of the entire school.
  • Second Relationship


  • Although not specifically stated, it is likely she lost her virginity before she entered high school.
  • She drives a Ferrari and is the only girl at Clearwater High to do so.
  • She has skimpy photos on her facebook account.
  • She was a member of the very first threesome to ever be on the show.
  • She was one of the leads and played Karen Nash in Clearwater's 2013 fall play, Plaza Suite.
  • She has appeared in more episodes than any other character in the current sophomore class.
  • She is Christian.
  • She was the fifth character to have their vehicle purposely damaged, she had "Get Cancer" spray painted on her back window by Angel O'Brian. The first four were Hank, Liam, Scott, and Mrs. Bell.
  • She is the first character to have cancer.
  • She is revealed to have Sicilian ancestry.


  • "I’ve arrived." (First Line)
  • "One of the biggest misconceptions is that girls won’t like guys who have a soft side. We eat that shit up."
  • "You could wear overalls and he’d be pleased."
  • "With you as lacrosse captain and me on the cheerleading team, we are going to rule this school."
  • "I’m not giving her any special treatment. If she gets that role, it’ll be because she truly deserved it more than me and would be a better fit for it. But let’s be honest, I don’t think we’ll see that happen."
  • "Stop with the drama, we’re not acting yet."
  • "They all think I’m some sort of hero…but the only reason I did this was to clear my name and get my friends back."
  • "Listen, I can’t act like I’m not a bitch. I think I just proved to everyone that I am one."
  • "Take care of yourself, high school isn’t as nice as you are."
  • "You might be the captain, but you’re more like a doormat."
  • "Just listen to your heart and not what everyone else is saying."