Angel O'Brian
FULL NAMED Angelina O'Brian
NICKNAME(S) Angel (by everyone)
D.O.B. 1997
FAMILY Frank O'Brian (father)

Diane White (mother)

RELATIONSHIPS Tripp Nathanson (attraction)
Brendan Collinger (kissed)
JOB Student
SCHOOL(S) Clearwater High School
Gearfield High School

Beaumont Private School

FIRST I Knew You Were Trouble (203)
PORTRAYER Katelyn Tarver
Angel O'Brian is a Senior (Grade 12) at Clearwater High School and a regular character since the second season. Angel doesn't like to listen to authority and doesn't think before she acts which causes a lot of trouble for her. She values her friendships very much, but tends to hurt her friends by making decisions that benefit herself and sabotage them. Formerly a rebel and a troublemaker at her private school, she turns over a new leaf after transferring to Clearwater, becoming more friendly and behaved. After finding out her father is a pedophile and losing him, she becomes much more soft-spoken and untrusting of others. Her troublemaking ways return in the third season when she helps Abby sell drugs for money, using it for various things instead of giving it back to the gang. This later leads to Abby being blamed for it and killed in the fourth season, causing Angel much grief and guilt. She continues to spiral over the next season and is eventually diagnosed with bipolar disorder which she is still learning to live with.

She is currently best friends with Eliza Bell and Lana Davis. Additional friends include Danielle Hooper, Peyton Valentine, Isaac Mantis, Scott Taylor and Sophie Clark. She was friends with Olivia Jerl and Abby Ulmer before their deaths. She is portrayed by Katelyn Tarver.

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  • She is tied for the most plots in Season 3.
  • Angel is a virgin.
  • She is the only new female character to be a regular in Season 2 (Alicia was recurring in the first season).
  • She is the only character known to go to a private school or be homeschooled.
  • She was part of the alliance Femme Fatale along with Kat, Leah, and Abby.


  • "Excuse me, where is the main office?" (First Line)

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