"Sometimes not even the most elaborate, crazy, ass-kicking scheme can save you from fate."-Abby on the day of her death

Abby Ulmer
FULL NAME Abigail Taylor Ulmer
NICKNAME(S) Abb (by everyone)
Slutbag (by Justin)
D.O.B. March 18, 1997
D.O.D. May 1, 2014
FAMILY Anita Ulmer (Mother)
Christopher Ulmer (father)
RELATIONSHIPS Eric Stem (boyfriend until time of death)

Justin Stem (ex-boyfriend)
Sophie Clark (hook-up)

JOB Student
Drug Dealer
SCHOOL(S) Clearwater High School
Rave Repellent
The Front Line
FIRST Anything Could Happen (101)
LAST Ain't No Rest For the Wicked (2) (412)
Wide Awake (2) (420) (as a hallucination)
REASON Was shot and killed.
PORTRAYER Laura Marano

Abby Ulmer was a Sophomore (Grade 10) at Clearwater High School and a recurring character during the first two seasons, finally being upgraded to series regular in the second half of the third season. She used to be a party girl who would smoke, drink, and always break the rules, but has mellowed out since. This is mostly due to her long-time relationship with Eric Stem, who has toned her down. Since starting her sophomore year at Clearwater, she has become more caring, funny, and soft-spoken. She also is extremely loyal and has shown this through her turbulent friendship with Sophie Clark, sticking by her side even when no one else did. Her main storyline has been about what she's gone through since joining a gang to save her boyfriend from getting hurt by them. In the third season finale, she is arrested when she is framed for everything that it's leader has done. After getting out of prison, she and Eric plan to leave Clearwater and hide from the gang who is after them, but sadly, she was shot and killed before they were able to do so.

She was best friends with Sophie along with Danielle Hooper and Alicia Borden. She was also good friends with Leah Gerard and Angel O'Brian, both who helped her try to escape the gang along with Scott Taylor, Peyton Valentine, and Brad Craymer. She was enemies with Jarrod Keppler, the leader of the gang. She was portrayed by Laura Marano.

Character HistoryEdit

Season 1 Edit

In Anything Could Happen, she meets Sophie and invites her to a party that night. While she is at lunch with Sophie and her own posse, she gets embarrassed when Sophie questions their drinking and smoking and tells her she doesn't have to do any of that stuff. At the party, she is drinking and having fun and convinces Sophie to join in.

In Let's Get it Started, she is talking about how weird Trey's style change is in the bathroom with Leah. 

In Fuckin' Perfect, she invites Sophie and Olivia over for a sleepover and doesn't seem to mind when Olivia rejects the offer.

In Keep Holding On, she walks into the bathroom with Leah and invites her to FilmFridayz. When Leah starts complaining about her mother, Olivia goes off on her about how she doesn't know how lucky she is with her mom and Abby finds it weird.

In Radar, Abby is talking with her friends about having a party that night and suggests having it at Sophie's since they've never had one there before. After Devon invites himself, Abby leaves with the rest of her friends because they don't like him and apologizes to Sophie for leaving her with him.


Abby at homecoming.

In Dancing On My Own (1), she sneaks up behind Sophie and laughs. She asks Sophie to homecoming and wants to have a girl's night since neither of them have dates. She jokes that Sophie is all her's that night and walks off. They later skip class to go dress shopping and are in the changing room. Abby compliments the dress Sophie is wearing and then asks her to zip her up, not realizing that Sophie is starting to show signs of actually liking her. They are doing their hair the afternoon before homecoming and Abby says she wants Sophie's hair. Sophie tries to get Abby's take on a girl having a crush on her by asking what she would do in the situation. Abby says she'd be flattered and not freaked out at all. This gives Sophie the hope to go after Abby. At the dance, Abby interrupts Sophie and Eric talking about her and brings Sophie with her on the dancefloor to dance. After a couple minutes of dancing however, Abby starts to get depressed that her dream of dancing and kissing a guy at homecoming didn't come true. Sophie wants to make it come true and leads Abby off of the dancefloor.

In Dancing On My Own (2), the episode picks up with Sophie leading Abby through the halls of Clearwater and Abby being extremely confused. Sophie brings her into a closet and closes the door, telling her that she has feelings for her. Abby is confused and asks if Sophie is lesbian or bi, but Sophie doesn't know and admits she wants to kiss Abby. Abby doesn't know how to react and looks unsure. She tries to explain how she feels to Sophie, but Sophie loses hope and almost leaves, but Abby stops her. She admits that she's had thoughts about Sophie, but doesn't know if she's ready to do anything with her. Sophie coaxes her to try and Abby leans in, kissing her gently. They are both surprised by how it felt and then start to make out. They start to get intense and Sophie tries unzipping Abby's dress, but Abby stops her and says she's going too fast. Sophie brings up them dating and Abby tells her they could never date because it could ruin her image. Sophie gets upset that Abby led her on, but continues to kiss her. After a while, they have both taken off their dresses and Sophie tries to ask why Abby wouldn't date a girl, but Abby changes the subject by urging her to continue kissing. The principal walks in on them and immediately sends them to his office, outraged. Sophie freaks out, but Abby tells her to calm down. She is later seen in the office and given a suspension. After the dance, Sophie walks up to Abby and apologizes for getting her in trouble, but Abby didn't care. She tells Sophie she had fun and leaves, giving Sophie more hope.

In Eyes Open, Abby is seen at the FilmFridayz meeting.

In The Change, she is at the FilmFridayz meeting and is acting crazy, dogpiling Alicia along with many others. After the meeting, she talks with others about how Sadie needs to be taken down as leader and calls her a psycho.


Abby in Season 1

In Give Me All Your Luvin', Sophie is interested in Abby again and finds her outside smoking, asking if they could talk alone. She brings up homecoming to her and Abby tells her that she's has a thing with Eric and that they might start to date soon when Sophie wants to make out again. Abby tells her it's not a good idea and that they can't, saying she's her best friend and doesn't want anything to change that. She hugs her and leaves, not knowing that Sophie started telling people they made out again. She goes back to her friends and sees Ethan, telling him about his girlfriend just asking her to kiss again. Ethan is shocked and Abby tells him that she wouldn't do that to him, so Ethan is gracious. She tells them all that Sophie is having a hard time and they need to be there for her. She invites Scott to smoke again when he leaves with Olivia and leaves in a hurry when she realizes Olivia is pissed at Scott for smoking. She goes back to Scott after Olivia yells at him and tells him that was harsh of her, only upsetting her more when she overheard her saying that. After Olivia exposes to the whole hallway that Scott smoked, he gets upset and takes Abby back outside to smoke again.

In Force A Smile (1), Sophie comes crying to Abby and Danielle in the bathroom and tells them about Jamie spreading a bunch of rumors about her, which are actually true. Abby tells her that they know Jamie is lying and are there for her, hugging her. She also offers to talk to Jamie about it. She does so and at first is confrontational, demanding Jamie tell her what she has against Sophie and what she's done wrong. Once Jamie reveals that Sophie has been telling people she and Abby made out, Abby is shocked and tells Jamie that no one was supposed to know about that. She gets very upset and says that she didn't want it to be true that Sophie was the bad guy, but expected it and wants to talk to her about it. Abby confronts Sophie and tells her that she's upset Sophie told people about their fling. Sophie tries to lie again, but Abby calls her out and tells her to stop. Sophie gets upset and pushes her into a locker, so Abby fights back and it turns into a big fight which is broken up by Mr. Hanson and they are taken to the principal's office again. Abby then tells Sophie to change schools.

In Force A Smile (2), she is briefly seen when Moon is out campaigning against Sophie for Jamie and tells Abby more of the things Sophie has done, surprising her even more.

Season 2Edit

Abby s2

Abby in Season 2.

In Settle Down, she is at the mall with Danielle and Sophie and says that she wants to get a pair of platform shoes before they leave. Danielle says she wants to go into Hot Topic and Abby asks why, seeming very wary of the store. Inside, Abby looks very uncomfortable and when Danielle wants to get a gothy, ripped, black dress, she is very against it and confused when Danielle buys it without even trying it on. She then calls her insane when Danielle decides to get ear tapers.

In Sweet Nothing, she is planning a scene with Brad, Sophie, and Danielle for FilmFridayz and leaves the lunch table with Brad to get food. Sophie tells Danielle that she and Abby are going to become official soon, unbeknownst to Abby. She later talks to other group members about how bad Sadie is as leader and says she isn't making them feel welcome, thinking Jamie would be a much better leader. She later convinces Jamie to take over the club along with Sophie and Harley. After hearing that Sophie might be in charge as well, Abby thinks it will be weird. She comforts Sophie after Jamie doesn't give her any leadership and gets annoyed when Sophie brings up everything from last semester as the reason Jamie didn't elect her, saying she needs to forget about it.

In Knock 'Em Out, she is with Leah at lunch and leaves the table so Caylee can talk to her in private. She is also asked to leave by Dex when she is with Sophie, but says that she'll be listening from around the corner, wanting Sophie and Dex to get together.

In Young Blood, she is in science and sees Sophie come in, asking about Dex. She is happy that she is happy with him, but gets annoyed when Sophie brings up their fling at homecoming, saying she doesn't want to bring it up again. Sophie tries to convince her that she still thinks about it too, but Abby says she doesn't and goes to be science partners with Leah, calling Sophie a bitch for not letting it go.

In Cough Syrup, she walks out of a stall in the bathroom and fixes her bra in the mirror next to Caylee, making Caylee feel fat compared to her.

In Panic Station (1), she makes Alicia feel fat by doing the same thing in the locker room. Later, Alicia moves to Abby's lunch table after Caylee calls her out on her eating disorder.

In Your Love is My Drug, she is seen in science class sitting next to Alicia.

Waiting for the end

Abby coming onto Eric at the party.

In Waiting For the End, she walks up to Eric with Sophie and tells him that she is dating his brother, Justin, after meeting him in a coffeeshop. Eric tries to convince her not to date him because he cheats on all his girlfriends, but she tells him nothing will change her mind. She also informs him that she'll be at the party Justin is throwing that night and will see Eric there before walking off. Later on, at the party, she tells Justin to be nice to Eric when he starts ragging on him and then kisses Justin in front of Eric, saying she thinks Justin is great before walking off with him. After Abby gets drunk and Eric gets high at the party, they bump into each other and Abby starts flirting with him. She kisses him and asks if he has a condom after pushing him into a bedroom. Eric is hesitant to do anything when she is drunk, but she says she wants to and they continue to start to have sex. They are soon caught in the middle of having sex by Justin, who calls her a slutbag and tells her to leave. She puts her clothes back on and looks at Eric sympathetically before walking out.

In Hurricane, Abby asks Sophie if they can be science partners and when Sophie is surprised since she's always partners with Leah, Abby tells her that now she likes Sophie again and is glad they're still friends. Sophie instictly kisses Abby, but quickly apologizes. Abby says it's not a big deal and goes to get the lab equipment and comes back, excited to be partners with Sophie and calling her sugar lips. After school, Sophie runs into her and is surprised to see her. Abby tells her she's working with a charity and agrees to talk to Sophie. When Sophie tells her the kiss earlier that day wasn't just a friend kiss, Abby tells her that to her it was and asks her if she still thinks about homecoming. When Sophie says she does, Abby admits that on homecoming night, she was high on ecstasy because she was so embarrassed and upset to not have a real date which was the only reason she hooked up with Sophie. She also admits to really like Eric and Sophie tells her to go for it. They embrace and Abby asks her if she wants to help her with Eric, but Sophie leaves to patch things up with someone else.


Abby and Eric at The Hub.

In How You Love Me Now, Abby and Eric are on a date at the Hub and talking about how awkwardly they got together when Jarrod comments on how cute they are, sarcastically, and knocks their milkshake off the table. Eric starts arguing with him, but Abby gets in between them and forces Eric to leave, but not before he spits on Jarrod. They both run in a hurry and laugh about what happened, but Abby warns him to be careful since Jarrod is dangerous as they go for a moonlight walk. She catches them physically fighting the next day and breaks it up, bringing Eric inside the school and scorning him for making things worse. She expresses her worry that something bad will happen and hugs him when he is worried too. She, along with Dex try to get Eric to not talk to the gang member who wants to settle things, but he convinces them that it's the right thing to do and Abby unwillingly leaves with Dex.

In Play With Fire, she is hanging out with Sophie, Eric, and Brendan and smoking weed. When Alicia arrives, she is surprised to see her there because she didn't know Alicia smoked. She also calls Eric adorable when he comments on how he doesn't smoke weed. She can also tell that it is Alicia's first time smoking when she coughs after her first puff. They are later all high and joking around when Alicia's mom comes and busts them. Abby comforts Sophie and calms her down when she is freaking out about her mom finding out about her smoking. Danielle later mentions that Abby told her what happened.

Season 3Edit

In That's Not My Name, Abby is annoyed with Danielle's pencil tapping in class and asks her why she's so energetic. After hearing Danielle is stressed and wants to pick up a hobby, Abby tells her to start a band since she wrote songs over the summer and says it would keep her busy. She later decides to go with Abby's idea and tells Abby she'll play piano in the band. Abby later helps Danielle set up auditions using Eric's sound equipment and after they get shut down, tells her that she still has her and Harley for the band. When Danielle storms off, Abby starts returning the sound equipment back to Eric's car.

In How to Be A Heartbreaker, she is with Danielle, Eric, and Alicia in the hall and is shocked when they see Sophie walk into school. Abby tells her that they thought she moved away and goes to help her find her first class when she asks for help. Danielle holds her back and asks Abby if she thinks she can trust Sophie. Abby says she never said anything about trust and is just helping her out before going back with her. She later informs Danielle that Ethan and Sophie made out.


Abby fighting with Eric.

In Ray of Light, she is acting crazy in the hallway with Brendan when Eric finds them. She is excited to see him and when Eric asks her if she's high since she's acting like she is, she tells him she isn't and is just happy to be with him. After he brings up their six month anniversary date that day, she tells him she'll be there, but then runs off to go find Sophie. After she ditches the date, Eric finds her at her locker which she is stumbling to and she apologizes the second she sees him, saying she totally forgot. She denies that she is on drugs again and says she's just stressed. Eric doesn't believe her and she yanks her bag out of her locker in frustration, spilling pills all over the floor. She starts crying as Eric walks off in disgust and gets Alicia to help her pick the pills up. She then starts freaking out and tells Alicia that she can't say why she has the pills even though she wants to, but it's not what she thinks. She then runs off in a hurry.

She finds Eric later on and says that if he is going to break up with her, that he should get it over with. He tells her he doesn't want to break up and she tells him that she doesn't either, but that she has to tell him something big. She then admits that she is in the Front Line, Jarrod's gang. She goes into further detail and tells him that the gang was still going after Eric after last year and the only way to save him was for her to join and sell their drugs to people, but that they make her take the ones she doesn't sell which explains why she had to miss their six month date. Eric tells her she needs to stop, but she refuses because she'd never forgive herself if she did and something happened to Eric. Abby tells him that she's working on getting out of the gang without any harm to anyone and Eric picks her up and spins her around, saying he loves her. She says it back and he promises to get her out of this as he kisses her. They later meet with Zak who wants to help Abby and he tells her to start sucking at selling so she won't be useful to them anymore and will forget the whole situation altogether. She agrees and tells Eric that she knows they will get through this together.

In Black Sheep, she is with her band at the battle of the band stage to practice and is nervous, not even knowing what song they're playing. After they try to play and are awful, she tells Danielle that she's scared and doesn't know if she can do it. Danielle is frustrated and gives them all time to practice again, but she votes later on with the other band members to quit the band, much to Danielle's dismay.


Abby in the beginning of Season 3.

In Stubborn Love, she and Eric are at an acting troupe so they can find something else to do together after the collapse of their band, but Abby doesn't think she's much of an actress. After Eric says he wants to get the lead in the school play, she thinks he's crazy and asks why he needs to do all these crazy things to keep him busy. He says it's because he wants to keep life fun, and she says that she's not going to be in the school play and they kiss as he giggles and they leave. At the play auditions, she is surprised to see how crazy it is and asks why it is. After Eric has the plan to get Sadie to direct the play so he can automatically get the lead, she is disgusted to hear Sadie is coming back and finds his plan skeevy, but smart. She also brings down his hope of the plan working by reminding him of how awful Sadie is as a director and laughs as she leaves.

In Clarity, she is with Eric and Sophie at lunch and sees Sophie filling out an application, asking if she's getting a job. Sophie tells her it's a form to visit Ethan in juvey and Abby feels sorry for him while Eric says he deserves it. Eric then leaves to get food and Abby apologizes for him, reminding Sophie that him and Ethan have hated each other for years. Abby brings up the fact that Sophie is gonna be visiting her boyfriend in jail and Sophie vents to her about how she doesn't know if she wants to date Ethan, but ths situation is making her decide quickly. Abby comforts her, but lets her know she can't lead Ethan on and give him hope she'll be waiting for him when he gets out. 

She is later smoking weed with Sophie outside and hears about Sophie losing her girlfriend because of Ethan and recommends she remain single and figure out her sexuality for a while. Sophie tells her she's never felt anything definite with a guy before and Abby asks her if this is her way of saying she's lesbian. Sophie says that it is and Abby is happy she finally is happy with herself, hugging her and telling Sophie she called it when they first met. She gives her more advice on how to let Ethan down and is proud of her. 

In Dark Horse (1), Danielle walks into science class and notices everyone is staring at her. Abby lets her know it's because everyone found out she dated Mr. Teller (which was untrue) and tells her she already has a partner when Danielle asks if she would be her's for the lab.

In Dark Horse (2), Abby pulls Danielle into the bathroom and lets her know that everyone is talking about her, asking why she would date a teacher in the first place. Danielle tells her it's not true and she's covering for someone else. Abby tries to find out who, but Danielle won't tell her, leading Abby to believe whoever it was is very special to Danielle, but tells Danielle they might not be worth it. Two hours before the play is about to start, Eric is freaking out because Sadie, their director, is missing. Abby offers to be the director instead, but then Sadie comes in, obviously high. She tells Eric to lay off on her when she sees how messed up she is and later finds her overdosing in the bathroom, screaming for help and comforting a crying Scott who blames himself for it. After Sadie is taken away, Abby is proud of Eric when he gives Keith, who he took the role from to begin with, the lead and is happy when he makes her his co-director. She lets him know that what happened to Sadie wasn't his fault and they walk in to the auditorium to start the play, which turns out to be a success. 

In Pills N Potions, she is returning to school after Thanksgiving break with Sophie and discusses how the school year is almost half over, optimistic about how things are going. Sophie spots Eric coming and leaves as Eric runs up and kisses Abby. She tells him that she would rather have been with him for Thanksgiving than with her grandparents in DC, but Eric understands. Jarrod walks by and flirts with Abby, enfuriating Eric who Abby calms down. She tells him that she barely sees them anymore and rarely sells any drugs for them anymore, kissing him on the cheek and walking with him into the school. She then gets a text from Jarrod saying he has another big shipment for her and congratulates her on how much she sold in DC. She meets with him during class like he asked and he congratulates her in person, but she doesn't care and asks if she can go. He informs her that since she's their number 1 dealer, he's giving her more responsiblility, handing her a bag of heroine needles. She refuses to sell it since she's seen first-hand how it kills people. He tells her she has to and that they own her now, saying it should be easy for a bad girl like her to sell them. He walks away and Abby looks upset, telling herself she's not a bad girl anymore. 


Abby explaining herself to Eric.

In class, Abby is zoned out and Sophie gets her attention, telling her she didn't take the notes. Leah gives them to her and Abby insists everything is okay, she just has a lot on her mind. She gets out of class and sees Blake, telling him she can't sell what Jarrod gave her. Blake gives in and exchanges his pills for her heroine secretly, but the bag has over 100 pills in it, which Abby says she doesn't have the time to sell, but Blake doesn't care. Abby spots Zak and asks if she can speak to him in private, telling him that his plan isn't working, saying she might be even deeper in the gang than she was before. Zak tells her to give it time, but Abby is desperate and wants another option. Zak tells her that she'll have to pay the guys off in another way. When she gets home, she figures out a way to pay them off and sends Jarrod a nude. Eric comes and spots the bag of pills, worried that she lied to him about how much she still does for the gang. She promises him that this is her last bag and he believes her. They then have sex and Abby sees the response from Jarrod saying nudes won't get her out.  

The next day, she is venting to Alicia about everything and Eric walks up to them and asks Abby if she wants to come to the theater troupe later. He is interrupted by an angry girl who comes up to Abby and slaps her in the face. She tells Abby that if she sends her boyfriend another nude photo, that she'll murder her. Eric gets furious when he hears what Abby had to do to get out of the gang and goes to find them, so Abby chases after him. She finds him sitting on a bench and he tells her that he realized halfway that it was a bad idea. She sits down and apologizes profusely for sending the photo, but Eric is more mad that she lied to him that she was done. She tells him that she didn't want him to worry, but that she'll be completely honest from that point on. He tells her that she's going to have to prove it to him and walks away as Abby starts crying and Angel gets out of a cop car nearby. Abby asks what happened and Angel explains that she has $750 in fines for stealing things from the mall. Abby gets a great idea and tells Angel that she's going to need a way to get all that money and to sit down since she has a good solution. She goes to the gang later and proposes that someone take her place. Jarrod says that he'll give it a month and if the girl that Abby found can sell everything they give her, that they'll let Abby go. Zak tries to stop her from letting Angel get involved since she's ruining someone else's life, but Abby says it's someone else's turn since she needs to get her life in order. Zak is disgusted with her as she leaves, finally feeling free from the gang. 

In Uprising, she is in the bathroom with Danielle skipping the assembly when Jamie comes in, sick and vomiting. They ask Moon and Caylee what's wrong and are both sympathetic with them. 

In Big Girls Don't Cry, she is in the Hub with Sophie who reads her the post she is going to put on Facebook as her coming out. Abby says she likes it, but can tell Sophie is hesitant to post it and asks her what's wrong. Sophie says it seems too stereotypical for her and Abby says to wait until it feels right to come out to everyone. Sophie then sees an ad for Ladies' Night at the club downtown and Abby encourages her to go, asking if she wants her to tag along for support. Sophie says she wants to do it alone and Abby understands. She is later called to the Hub the next day by Alicia and asked to bring a morning after pill, which Abby says better not be for Alicia. When Alicia says that it is, Abby tells her to stop acting like a slut because she's not that girl, but Alicia protests that she might be now. Abby leaves, disappointed in her friend. 


Abby in the third season.

In I Know You Care, she is walking into school with Eric and says how great it is that Eric's parents let them use their car. She kisses him and then notices Jarrod coming there way, so she goes to talk to him. He tells her that there's a problem with the girl she hired to take her place and that she is horrible at selling. He tells her she's going to have to train or help her or else Abby is back in. She is extremely disappointed, but lies to Eric again when he asks if everything is okay, saying Jarrod just had a question. She sees Angel in class with a bunch of money and tells her she's not allowed to carry that much on her at once, saying that Angel doesn't understand how important this is. Angel informs her that she's using some of the money and Abby immediately tells her she can't and that the cut she's getting is all going to her fine for the police. Angel tells her that if they spent the money on themselves, they would be rich, but Abby tells her that they can't do that and anything wrong that Angel does, the blame gets put on Abby. Angel shrugs it off and tries to leave, so Abby grabs her arm and sternly tells her that she can't spend the money. Angel rolls her eyes and walks off, worrying Abby even more.  

Later on, after Abby hears of Angel spending the money, she confronts Angel, furious. Angel says that she's taking care of it and they'll work together to get the money back. Abby is hesitant at first, but Angel tells her she'll never get the money back without Abby's help, so Abby agrees yet again to help and be involved with the gang again.  

In Same Love, she is seen at the Gay-Straight Alliance rally and yells inspiring words, getting a round of applause from the audience, saying she's not too bad at this. She is later excited for Sophie and Candace when they hear they're being interviewed on TV. 

In Catch My Breath, she is at Eric's birthday party and is happy when he gets a new car. She later feels guilty when he brings up that all their gang problems are over, knowing that they aren't and she lied to him. She is later gossiping with Alicia and helps her when she almost gets sick. After hearing her symptoms of nausea and fatigue, she tells Alicia it might not be the flu since those are symptoms of pregnancy. Alicia tells her that she took the pill, but Abby says they're not 100% guarenteed to work. They drive her home when she has no other ride. She later goes on a double date with Keith and Scott the next day and reveal that her and Eric have been together for 8 months. She is happy to hear that Eric might be getting a job at the Hub and has a good time. He later calls her and tells her he got the job, so she is very excited. After getting held hostage at the Hub by one of the guys Angel jipped out of money, Eric knows that Abby is still involved with the gang and visits her house. He confronts her about what happened and she is shocked and apologizes, saying she never meant for any of this to happen and have been trying to make things right with Angel. She starts crying and tells Eric not to leave her. He says he'll never leave her, but that it's going to take time to get over this and they hug. Abby then asks if they're lives are in danger and Eric tells her that they'll be fine, but isn't sure himself.  

In Misery Business (1), she is briefly seen with her friends at lunch when Candace goes to Sophie for help and tells her friends to leave Candace alone when they start making jokes about her and Sophie's viral hookup. 

In I Write Sins Not Tragedies, she is one of the first people to greet Ethan when he returns from DH.  

In Internet Killed the Video Star, she is at Danielle's art show to support her and compliments her on how amazing it is. She is seen shocked when Peyton starts throwing paint on everything. 

In Almost Is Never Enough, Zak calls her when Liam helps Jarrod leave the state and tells her that their plan might have to start sooner than expected. Abby understands and hangs up.  

In Vampire Money (1), she is fixing her makeup in her locker mirror when she is approached by Zak who says they have to talk. He informs her that Jarrod is trying to leave the state and Abby gets worried about how much time they have to incriminate him for everything he's done. He reveals their plan for Abby to rejoin the gang to get insight on Jarrod's connections and Abby says that she can't believe she's going along with it. He tells her she has to get ahold of his plane ticket somehow so they know how much time they have and Abby understands. Eric comes by and sees her talking to Zak, asking what is going on and reminding her that she promised to not get involved again. She says that she has to if she's going to keep them safe. Eric doesn't want her to do anything, but Abby says she knows what she's doing and hugs him. She calls together Leah, Angel, and Kat to help her with her task and tells them that they have to break into Jarrod's house. They all get on board and are excited to do the mission, high fiving.  


Abby during the mission.

They pull up to Jarrod's house, who is out with family and Abby, Angel, and Leah go in while Kat waits outside and keeps watch. After getting the key out of the mailbox, they walk in and go to his room. Abby tells them to make sure everything looks the same way it did before they got there when they leave and they all start searching for the plane ticket and more information. Leah finds the ticket under his pillow and Abby takes a photo of it before putting it back where it came. They soon get a text from Kat saying that Jarrod is here and all start freaking out, not realizing that Leah grabbed a piece of paper before they sneak out the back door and down the street. They meet up with Kat and get back in her car before looking at the plane ticket and realizing they have two days before Jarrod leaves, which worries Abby profusely. After realizing Leah took something, Abby and Kat plan to go back the next day and put it back where it came from. She gets a call from Zak and tells him they may have found information when the paper Leah took has phone numbers on it. Zak tells her there's an emergency gang meeting going on and Abby needs to go to it. She argues with Eric about it, but convinces him that she needs to go and takes Leah with her.  

At the meeting, Abby gets closer to hear what's going on and is spotted. Jarrod asks her what she's doing and she tells him that she wants to help him with the fact that the gang has an insider revealing information, but Jarrod doesn't trust her. He tells her that if she comes near them again, he'll make her and Eric pay. She leaves and tells Leah what happened, saying that they have to figure out what the numbers mean before Jarrod leaves. At school, she and Leah go to Eric and Angel who figured out the code behind the numbers with the help of Scott and reveal they're phone numbers of either missing or dead people. This terrifies Abby and Eric tells them that they're done being involved for good and won't hear another word about it. Abby goes to Zak for help and tells him what they found out about the numbers, saying they have to arrest him. Zak tells her he has to go to the dance and Abby tells him that Eric expects her to be at the dance as well, but they have prior commitments. She goes to Jarrod's house with Kat during class to put the paper back and Abby asks how things got so messed up, saying she just wants things to go back to normal and not be so scared that something is going to happen to her or Eric all the time. They then leave to go dress shopping for the Spring Fling happening the next night. 

In Vampire Money (2), she and Eric are getting ready for the dance and Eric says he's excited to have a day away from the drama of the gang, but Abby knows that's not going to happen. She tells Eric that he looks like a prince and they kiss. She tells Eric to start the car while she freshens up and tries to call Zak, but gets his answering machine. She is frustrated and says that he better be dead or dying if he's not gonna answer her and gets her bag before leaving. After she's gone, someone steps out of her closet, listening to them the whole time. When Zak calls her back, she is upset she hasn't heard from him and he tells her that he'll see her at the dance. She calls him a shitty cop and he hangs up. At the dance, Zak walks up to Abby and Eric and Eric is mad that Abby isn't leaving it alone, so Abby tells him that she's just getting an update. Eric tells her if she's involved again that he's done and walks off. Zak tells them that he's been too busy with Wendy to do anything for the case and Abby and Kat are very annoyed, but realize they'll have to trust him as a cop since Eric won't let them do anything. Abby then goes to find Eric before he gets too mad at her.  


Abby and Eric trying to find Leah.

She and Eric are slow dancing on the dancefloor and she tells him that she loves him and he says it back. They get invited to Keith's after party and Eric says that they'll go, but Abby isn't so sure, but lies and says it sounds fun. Abby recieves a text saying that she's gonna take the fall for the gang and shows it to Angel and Eric, getting very nervous and panicked. Eric tells her that he thought this was over and Abby tells him that it isn't and asks what they're going to do. Angel tells Abby that she has to go to the gang spot like it tells her to do in the text and Eric tells her that he won't let her, but Angel goes off on him and tells him to let Abby do what needs to be done so she doesn't end up in jail. They split up and try to find Kat and Leah. Eric then finally lets Abby do what she wants and she thanks him. After finding Eliza make out with Brendan, she finds Leah and runs out of the dance even though Leah tells her if they leave, they can't get back in. They leave in a hurry, calling Zak and telling him what's going on. He tells them that he's caught up with Wendy and Abby tells him that he cares more about his girlfriend than his job and civil duty and hangs up on him, angrily. The five friends all meet at the Hub and find a video playing of footage of Abby selling drugs to people. Abby realizes that Jarrod is going to pin the whole thing on her so he can get away with it all and that she is guilty of selling drugs. Eric smashes the camera and Abby says that there's no way out of this, but Eric says that it's his fault that she joined the gang in the first place since she was keeping him safe and he won't let anything happen to her. She says that they have to find Zak and split up while Eric and Angel go to find Jarrod.  

Abby and Leah run back to the dance and run up to Zak, not being able to get back inside. They see him talking to Jarrod and Zak tells them that Jarrod has them completely cornered and he can't arrest Jarrod without Abby getting charged as well. She tells them to put out a warrant for him anyway and that she'll explain everything to the cops later. Zak does so and they wait to see how it'll work. When the cops come by, Zak, Abby, and Leah think it's for Jarrod, but Eric and Angel come and tell them that they're there for Abby since Jarrod planted all his drugs in Abby's room. They all aim guns at Abby who is petrified and tells them that someone framed her. They handcuff her and put her in the cop car and she starts sobbing as everyone from the dance comes and sees her being arrested. Humiliated and scared, she asks for Eric to help her as she is driven away in the cop car.  

Season 4 Edit

In Heaven Knows, she is in juvey doing laundry with her cell-mate Sandra discussing how they love laundry days since they get to leave. Sandra hopes they'll get to go outside that day, but Abby says she's not expecting anything anymore. Abby then explains that she's not giving up; however, and will get herself out of there. Sandra tells her that they all say that and yet they're all still there. Abby tells her that she didn't do what she was put in there for and when the police find that out, she'll be released, but Sandra explains that the police will never find out since they expect the worst of teenagers and she's going to be stuck like the rest. Abby tells her that's not good enough for her and she'll have to get herself out rather than waiting on the police. A fight breaks out between two girls which leads Abby getting hit and smashing her head on the washing machine, being knocked unconscious as the girls are stopped. She wakes up back in her cell with Sandra and they continue to discuss her being released. With a newfound will to do something, Abby finds someone that can help her get out and starts to plan how the truth will come out.


Abby getting released.

In the visitation room, she is handcuffed to the table as Blake walks in. He tells her she only has 10 minutes to talk to him, and she tells him that's more than enough. She then explains that he's her one shot out of juvie as he sits down. She tells him that she knows he knows she doesn't belong in there and that they both got screwed by Jarrod. She then tells him that he's never going to forgive himself if he lets her rot in juvie when he knows she's innocent. He agrees, but doesn't know what he can do without turning every member of the gang in. She explains that if he shows the police the messages between he and Jarrod where they plan to use her as the scapegoat, she'll get out and Blake will be safe since turning in the informaton will be his plea bargain. He asks what he'll get out of this and she tells him that she'll be forever grateful and will owe him for whatever he needs from her. He shakes her hand on it and tells her that they need all the help they can get after Jarrod left them high and dry, but tells her not to make him regret this. She promises he won't as he leaves and she starts to cry tears of joy. Later that day, she is released and Sandra is shocked as she is led down the halls with a smile on her face. After changing back into her own clothes, she is led out and told by an officer that he doesn't want to see her there again. She promises he'll never see her again and is led out to her parents, Danielle, and Sophie. They all greet her and are excited to see her released. When Danielle tells her that everyone at school misses her, Abby asks if people are still talking about her being arrested in front of everyone and Sophie tells her that they are, but everyone thinks it was badass. As they leave to get food, Abby asks where Eric is and they tell her he didn't answer any of their texts, so something important must be going on for him to miss her release. Abby is discouraged and tries to believe that.

Later that night at her house, she answers her door and sees Eric and Scott who welcome her home. She thanks them and kisses Eric as Scott gives them privacy. She tells him that she missed him and wants to know where he was when she was released. Eric explains he was at a party and had no phone reception and Abby tells him that she wishes he were there, but understands. She then explains how she was released and Eric gets upset she got herself involved with the gang members again. Abby tries to explain that he helped her get out and isn't a bad guy, but Eric says he wishes she came to him for help instead of Blake. Abby tells him there was nothing either of them could have done, so she had to get outside help. She asks why he can't just be happy she's out and he explains that he was the one that got her in and he wanted to be the one to get her out. She tells him it wasn't his fault she got sent to juvie and he tells her that he wanted to be her knight in shining armor instead of someone else. Abby then gets very mad that Eric is acting jealous that she used Blake to get out rather than rejoicing her release. She tells him to leave and stop acting jealous as she closes the door and is upset their reunion wasn't as she planned.


Abby in her fourth and final season.

In Ain't It Fun, she is at the Hub with Eric, Scott, and Sophie discussing Scott's next course of action after being kicked out of his house. Abby doesn't speak up when Scott asks if he can stay with one of them and tells him he doesn't have to go when Keith interrupts and tries to join them, but Scott leaves anyway.

In Bad Blood, she is at the Hub again, this time with Danielle after her mother's boyfriend slapped her. Abby is stunned at the mark it left and tells her that she has to tell her mom about it. When Danielle is unsure of what to do, she tells her that if he's willing to do this to her, he's willing to do it to her mother as well. When Peyton comes and assumes Danielle got into a fight, Danielle asks why everyone thinks that and Abby adds that she's the fiercest girl at Clearwater. After Peyton tells Danielle not to mention this to her mother, Abby and Danielle are both confused and Abby continues to push Danielle to tell her mother. She later sees the scene between Wendy and Micah and realizes along with everyone else that Clearwater Secrets isn't ending and someone is out there revealing all their secrets, alarmed.

In Glory and Gore, she is on a date with Eric at the Hub and Dex comes and wants to talk to Eric privately, so Abby leaves and talks with Alicia. After they hear about the fight club happening behind the Hub that night, Abby and Alicia ask Carly if she's going to stop it, but Carly tells them she was paid to keep it quiet, so she will. Abby thinks the idea is stupid which makes Dex uncomfortable since he is planning to go.

In With Every Heartbeat, she is at Scott's locker along with the rest of his friends and asks where he was since he missed first period. They then all wish him happy birthday and she along with Eric and Dex follow Scott after everyone else leaves to discuss his fake relationship he's having with the guy he's living with so he has a place to stay. Abby tries to tell him he doesn't have to do anything he's not ready for just for a place to stay and warns him it might go further than he expects. She encourages him to get a place of his own, but he tells her that's out of the question financially. She then asks if he's going to have a birthday party, which he says he's not because he doesn't have time. After he leaves, Abby feels sorry for him and wishes to help.

In Call Me When You're Sober, Abby is researching base jumping with Scott who is shocked Abby wants to do something so crazy. Abby explains that after being locked in a cell, she realized there's so much out in the world to do and she wants to be able to see and do it all. Scott still finds it scary and Abby asks if he'd be willing to do it with her. Scott sees Eric come and tells Abby that her boyfriend would love to take his place. When Abby tells him about it, Eric changes the subject and tells them about his new job at H&M which he got so they can save up to move out of Clearwater. Abby is confused and Eric explains that after everything that happened, they need to get as far away as possible. Abby tries to explain that it's all over with as Scott leaves and Eric takes his spot next to her, reminding her he got a gun pointed at him and people are still angry over the money Angel jipped from people. Abby tells him that's in the past and she has friends and family and dreams and she's not leaving. Eric tells her he's just trying to keep her safe and Abby tells him that for once she finally is and he needs to let that mess go before shutting her laptop and leaving.

She goes to class and sees Danielle and Peyton talking quietly, so she asks them what they're talking about. They ask her if she wants to be a part of the band they are starting for the open mic night competition that night. Abby is shocked they want to start it the night of the contest, but Danielle assures her they'll be fine since they'll be using an old Rave Repellent song Peyton remixed. Abby is then on board and tells them this is just what she needs to get back on track. They then all shake on it and Abby is excited to get the thrill she's been looking for since being released. After Eric hears about it, he asks her about it in the hallway and she tells him that she needs this fun in her life and they want to win a dance for the school. Eric pushes for her to look for a job instead, but she tells him to drop it since she's not leaving. When Eric won't drop the subject, Abby loses her temper and loudly tells Eric not to mention the gang anymore, getting the attention of the people around them. She looks embarrassed and tells him that the gang is over with after Jarrod left and that they're safe for the first time in a year and he needs to stop trying to ruin it. She then kisses him and leaves, trying to clear her head.


Abby performing at the contest with her band.

After practicing their song, Abby and the other band members are in love with their new song. After Danielle slays Harley who was looking for a place back in the band that Danielle denies her, Abby and Peyton start cracking up at how great it was seeing Harley get her just desserts. Danielle then starts talking about the band again and the possibility of them making a whole album, but Abby comments that she might not be around for that long, explaining how Eric wants them to move. Danielle asks her if she wants to move and Abby tells her that she doesn't, so Danielle tells her not to let a boy decide something so big in her life. Abby realizes that she's right and that she's staying and rocking the contest. They then practice the song again so they get it 100% perfect. At the contest, they finish their song and are proud of what they did. Abby asks if they've seen Eric at all, which no one says they have. Abby is then discouraged he didn't show up for her show just because he was mad about her refusing to move. The band ends up winning and Abby holds the trophy as everyone cheers for them. Abby looks extremely accomplished.

The next day, Abby sees Eric walking towards her and she tries to avoid him, but when he catches up with her asking what's wrong, she asks where he was last night. He tells her he was filling out paperwork for his job and she tells him that she expected him to see her win the contest. She then tells him that she's upset he missed one of the most important nights of her life to continue to plan their move that he decided on without her consent or agreement. He tells her she's not thinking right and instead singing a stupid song. This sets Abby off who explains that the song she sang was the one they wrote together and was about him and he missed it for his own selfish reasons. She asks why he can't understand and he asks the same thing, calling what she's doing stupid. She then says that the stupid thing she's doing is being with him and storms away in tears.

In Elastic Heart, she is auditioning for a fourth member of Rave Repellent with her bandmates and tells Candace they all agree it's a no for her, which upsets her. After hearing of her revenge plan later, she asks if they're going to stop it which they do. After playing the school assembly, they are given a cake for winning the school a dance and Abby trips Candace and tells her to have some cake, pushing her right into it in front of the whole school. When Candace tells her that she did that on purpose, Abby tells her that maybe she did and maybe she didn't as they then start to play.

In Bed of Lies, Abby helps Sophie with her plan to take down Lindsay and prove her innocence involving the drug bust that was planted on her. When she sees Sophie has heroine needles, she is concerned and asks where they are from. She watches for Lindsay as Sophie tries to put them in her purse and gets concerned when Sophie gets them stuck and Lindsay returns. When Lindsay is a few feet away, Abby yanks Sophie away from the bag to try and hide the plan, but when she yanks her, Sophie drops the needles all over the floor, getting the attention of everyone in the cafeteria. She then regrets getting involved.

In Ain't No Rest For the Wicked (1), Abby enters the gymnasium while it is being turned into the dance they won along with her band and thinks it looks amazing, astounded by how elaborate it is. She tells the workers and dance committee to keep up the good work and Mr. Hanson comes over to them, asking if they'd perform a few songs since the dance is dedicated to them. Abby and the girls agree and she informs him that they've been working on new songs they think are amazing. As Danielle and Peyton talk about how popular this band is making them, Abby gets a call from her mother and goes outside to take it. Her mom asks if she needs a ride home and Abby notices a strange car parked in front of the school that is following her. She tells her mom that Danielle is driving them home and that she has to go once she notices the car really is following her. She looks scared and runs back into the school after trying to see who is in it and they drive away. When she gets home, she tells her mom about how they need to practice a lot more now that they're playing at the dance. Her mother offers to take her dress shopping, but she tells her that she's just going to wear a dress she already has since she doesn't even have a date. Her mom is shocked that she isn't going with Eric and Abby informs her that they had a big fight and haven't spoken since. Her mom tells her that she shouldn't let one fight ruin what they have since she loves him. Abby tells her that she isn't sure Eric even wants to talk to her and her mom tells her there's only one way to find out. She calls him and he says that he was planning on calling her so they could figure their relationship out before the dance. She then asks to meet at the Hub and leaves to meet him.


Eric and Abby reuniting.

On her way to the Hub, she's walking in an alley and starts hearing footsteps behind her. She turns around and sees a shadow of somebody watching her. She tells them to leave her alone and starts to run, but sees them following her and that it's a guy in a hoodie. She screams for them to get away from her and runs all the way to the Hub where she slams the door behind her and tells Carly to lock the doors because someone is after her. Everyone gives her weird looks as Eric runs up to see if she's okay. Carly locks the doors, but doesn't see anyone around, but leaves the doors locked just in case. Abby is panting and scared and sits down with Eric who is comforting her. Eric tells her to tell them what happened and she said she saw someone following her in the alley and she's seen him before. Carly wants to call the police, but Abby tells her she's probably just overreacting and to forget about it. Carly then unlocks the door as Abby rests her head on the table trying to catch her breath. Eric asks where she's seen the guy before and Abby recalls seeing a guy in a hoodie around a lot recently, but didn't think much of it until being following by a car and seeing him chase her in the alley. Eric asks if she thinks he's connected to the gang and Abby says she doesn't know what else it could pertain to. She tells him that she's scared because she really thought the mess was over after she went to juvey. Eric reminds her that a guy came and put a gun to his face because of the money Angel stole from people. Abby remembers thta, but doesn't understand why they would be coming after her. Eric explains that she got the blame for it, which Abby doesn't think is fair. Eric suggests they go to the cops, but Abby says it'll just anger the guy even more and maybe they really should leave town if they're not safe anymore. They kiss and both apologize about their fight. Eric pushes for them to leave again, but Abby isn't sure she can leave, but understands that it would make sense. She tells Eric she's just going to focus on her performance on the dance and Eric is nervous for her.

Abby and Eric go back to her house later that night and agree not to fight again after going into her room and sitting down on her bed. They then decide to have sex and start to make out when Abby's phone goes off. When she answers it, all she hears is elevator music and someone breathing heavily on the other line. She tells them to get a life and hangs up, stressed again that someone is after her and knows her phone number. She tells him that she hasn't been safe since the second she joined the gang and doesn't know what being safe feels like anymore. She then decides that they really do need to leave and start new lives for a while until everything blows over. He asks her when she wants to leave and she tells him she wants to leave the next day since they're getting closer to her and aren't waiting around, so they shouldn't either. Eric agrees and is ready to start over together, kissing her again and proceeding to have sex.

The next morning, Abby tells her bandmates that Eric spent the night and that they're back to normal. When they bring up their performance at the dance, Abby asks if she can tell them something that they can't tell anyone. She proceeds to tell them about her and Eric's plan to leave Clearwater until it's safe for them again and that she's going to miss the performance. She tells them that she'll be back in two years maybe and her friends are shocked, but understand. They then convince her to stay until after the performance so it can be their last goodbye and Abby can shine for one last time in town. She agrees and leaves to tell Eric they're staying longer, which she isn't sure he's up for. In class, someone messages her a photo of herself in class taken from outside the school and she freaks out, leaving to calm down in the bathroom. On her way, she bumps into Angel who sees how upset she is and asks what's wrong. Abby explains that she has to leave town because of Angel's mistakes and Angel gets away with everything scotch free. Angel offers to help her, but Abby tells her that she's done enough and calls Eric from the bathroom, changing her mind about leaving later and saying they have to leave that night. He calms her down and agrees, saying they'll pack together that night. While they are packing, Eric convinces her that staying one more night will be good for her and before she can answer, she gets another call from the stalker's number, throwing her phone at the wall and breaking it. He tells her that she needs to calm down and they have to do everything right or else it won't work. They decide to leave after her performance and he holds her tightly to calm her down.

In Ain't No Rest For the Wicked (2), it's the next day and Eric and Abby leave school after their last day. He asks if she has all of her things ready to go and she tells him that she does and is shocked that they'll be out of their hometown in another 8 hours. She says how much she's going to miss it and Eric asks if she's nervous about performing at the dance. She tells him that she isn't because even if they suck, she won't be around to hear about it. Their friends come and wish her good luck before Danielle and Peyton take Abby to practice and she kisses him goodbye, saying she'll meet him at the dance.


Abby and Eric slow dancing.

She is getting ready with Peyton, Danielle, Angel, and Sophie and as they start to leave, both Danielle and Abby start crying as they realize this is their last night together. They both say how much they love each other and Abby says Danielle is like her sister as everyone else looks confused. Peyton clears everyone out of the room so Danielle and Abby can talk privately and Abby promises she'll be back the second she knows it's safe. Danielle tries to convince her to just go to the police, but Abby says that Eric would never be on board with it and that everything is already set up. They then agree that they need to rock the dance and high five as they join the other girls. When she greets Eric at the dance, he is stunned by how amazing she looks and tells her that. She tells him that he cleans up nice as well and they slow dance. He asks how she's doing and she says that she's okay and knows this is the best option, but then brings up Danielle points about going to the police. Eric brings up the risks with that plan and Abby realizes that as long as she's Abby Ulmer, they'll still be after her no matter what the police do. They kiss and Abby tells him that she'd never let anything happen to him after he tells her that he's going to do whatever he can to keep her safe. She rests her head on his shoulder and they continue to slow dance. As she performs for the last time with her friends, she looks for Eric in the crowd and is upset when she sees he isn't watching her yet again. She expresses her anger with him afterwards and he tells her that he has an explanation and tells her that he's being harrassed by the same person that was harrassing her now as well. She is shocked and they figure out they've been calling Eric now instead of Abby, thinking that they may have switched their target to Eric. Abby promises him that they're going to be okay and kisses him on the head. They then know it's time to leave and go to say their goodbyes.

She explains what's going on to Leah, Angel, and Kat and thanks them for everything they did to help her. She explains that even after all of their great plans and schemes, that she's still in trouble and that not even an amazing plan can save you from fate. Angel blames herself and Abby apologizes for going off on her the other day and that she doesn't blame her. They have a group hug and makes sure none of them mention her plan to anyone since it would ruin everything. They all agree and Abby thanks them all again before she says goodbye to her bandmates. Danielle and Peyton try to get her to stay until the dance is over, but she says that they have to leave now and that she's going to miss them, but not to end Rave Repellent just because she's gone. She says goodbye one last time and part ways as Abby cries and greets Eric on the way out, holding each other. They leave Clearwater and start walking down the street to Eric's car to finish the plan and leave. They exchange "I love you's" and a stranger approaches them from behind calling them cute. Eric and Abby try to get away from him, but he pulls out a gun and cocks it, freaking out both Abby and Eric when they realize they're finally caught. The stranger tells them he's not backing out since someone is paying him way too much to do this. Abby tries to tell him not to do it because they're wrong, but the guy tells her to shut the fuck up and aims the gun at Eric's head. He shoots as Abby screams no and jumps in front of Eric, sending them both to the ground. Eric sees his arm bleeding where he was shot, but then notices Abby isn't moving. He rolls her over and sees she was shot straight through the head trying to save him. He screams in agony and fury at the loss of his girlfriend as sirens are heard and the stranger is gone.

In Wide Awake (2), Abby is seen by Angel who is hallucinating due to taking too many sleeping pills. Abby leads Angel to her grave where Angel breaks down over the guilt she feels towards Abby's death.

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Abby and Eric in Season 3.

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  • Abby is tied for the most plots in Season 3.
  • She is the first regular character to die.
  • She lost her virginity to Eric in Waiting For the End when she was a freshman.
  • She has made at least one major appearance in every block except 2B.
  • Her epitath reads "As beautiful in death as she was in life."
  • She played the keyboard in the band Rave Repellent.
  • She was an active member of FilmFridayz.
  • She is the first girl to be in a gang.
  • She used to be in a popular clique who partied and smoked a lot, but has grown up and become more responsible since then.
  • She became a regular character in the second half of Season 3 after previously being a recurring character since the first episode.
  • She knew Sophie was gay when she first met her, although Sophie didn't come out for another year and a half.
  • She co-directed the 2014 school play, Plaza Suite, along with her boyfriend.
  • She was part of the alliance Femme Fatale along with Kat, Leah, and Angel.
  • Season 3 ends with her being arrested for all of Jarrod's crimes.
  • She was killed by Hector Morris, who was paid as a hitman.


  • (to Sophie) "Is this yours?" (First Line)
  • "ERIC NO!" (Final Line)
  • "Wouldn’t I be the hottest lesbian ever. All the porn agencies would be begging for me to sign with them."
  • "Where there are whores in short dresses there are always horny guys not too far away."
  • "Well I’m not like most girls, am I?"
  • (to Eric) "Six months is like forever. We’ve been together forever."
  • (to Eric) "I wanted to be there with you so badly, but I couldn’t. Because if I stop doing this, they’re going to come after you again."
  • (to Sophie) "So visiting your boyfriend in prison? I think they have a show for that."
  • "I went from average high school girl to Spencer Hastings in three days."
  • "I miss just being a normal girl. And I miss hanging out with Eric without the gang being brought up every time. And I miss kissing him and not wondering if it’ll be the last time I do."
  • "I don’t see any apparent threats around except for the mass amounts of people with gonorrhea at this school."
  • "I don’t even know what safe feels like anymore…"
  • "Sometimes not even the most elaborate, crazy, ass-kicking scheme can save you from fate."

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